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  • 粉妆夺谋 / Pink Conspiracy100%

    Singing while riding a horse, young and handsome. When her eyes laid their first glance at him, she knew that in this lifetime, this youth would not walk out of her heart.She’s the young lady of the General’s Manor. When the enemy country invades, her father was called upon in desperation and hurries to the battlefield. She secretly followed her father to battle. When her father and brothers were injured, she struck back with a series of tactics and won over the enemy’s army.The enemy had retreated, the empire’s land was protected, the Emperor was very happy, and heavily rewarded the General’s Manor.While she was returning to the Imperial City, she overhears that the Emperor and Empress Dowager want to select a man from the Imperial City’s Manors to marry Lady Su of the General’s Manor.Before her, she has 3 elder brothers, but unfortunately no sisters.From the gossips, in the Imperial City there are two man, who are the top candidates for marrying her.One is from the imperial family, royalty, always idle and only knows how to eat, sing, drink, and have fun. A prodigal who’s been raised crooked with no one to control him.
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    жанры: Harem, Martial Arts, Romance

    тэги: Ancient Times, Aristocracy, Beautiful Female Lead, family, Friendship, Medical Knowledge, Politics, Royalty

  • 悠哉兽世:狼夫么么哒 / Beauty and the Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO100%

    Going for a swim, she ends up in an ancient wild Beast World and ends up being brought home by a handsome wolf.She wants to stick to the handsome wolf, stock some salt, farm some land, look at some handsome men and grow old like that, but the handsome wolf pounces on her every day.What? He wants her to have babies?NO~ NO~ NO~ There is no happy ending to interspecies marriages, hurry and let go of me handsome wolf~
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    жанры: Adventure, Comedy, Harem, Romance

    тэги: Ancient Times, Beastkin, Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Possessive Characters, Reverse Harem, Werebeasts

  • 史上最强赘婿 / History’s Strongest Husband100%

    The little handsome son-in-law passed through a world as waste material and the husband of a wealthy family. But because of his lacking aptitude, the wealthy family had driven him out. So he worked hard and found a more powerful family’s thighs to hold onto. Soon enough, he became the strongest son-in-law and husband in history.In this world, it was impossible to practice martial arts. It was futile so he might as well take advantage of his wife’s thighs and maintain a comfortable and leisure lifestyle.He’ll train his wife to become the strongest and best person in the world.“Whoever dares to provoke me, let my wife kill you!”
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    жанры: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance

    тэги: Ancient Times, Arrogant Characters, Books, Royalty, Wars, Wealthy Characters, Wishes

  • The Romance of Tiger and Rose / 传闻中的陈芊芊100%

    Chen Xiao Qian is a seventh-rate screenwriter who has worked hard to create a large production female-led costume drama. It could have been successfully filmed but failed because of actor Han Ming Xing’s reservations about the script.Feeling resentful, Chen Xiao Qian vows to prove the strength of her script and accidentally gets stuck in a parallel world living out her script. She becomes the 3rd Princess Chen Qian Qian of Hua Yuan City.Originally a princess who is an insignificant side character with a bad reputation that could not live further than three episodes, she changes her fate to survive. In order to live, she takes matters into her own hand to change her fate.She gets caught in between the arrogant and black-bellied prince Han Shuo and the practically perfect Pei Heng. Along the way, she finally grows up and learns to love.
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    жанры: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Romance

    тэги: Acting, Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Cute Protagonist, Doting Parents, Family Conflict, Transmigration

  • 万道成神 / Ten Thousand Paths to Becoming a God100%

    With the flick of sleeves, it overturns.With a thrust of punch, it shatters!It’s a vast world filled with adept martial artists!The ancient clash of the titans brings forth the wrath from heaven.“They send down the thunder, they send down the fire! ”They bolted the continents separating them into a land of 9 countries covering the 18 provinces, and the world therefore, ushers into the era resonating with the Dark Ages.However, as the things run downhills, rise forth the cultivator team comprising the big deals.Ye Shang, a young villager with a cinder burning in his heart thus, set off into the world of cultivation. A life-changing mystery! A competition for the throne! The winner becomes king!What’s in store for him?
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    жанры: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts

    тэги: Ancient Times, Body Tempering, Character Growth, Fast Cultivation, Heaven Immortals, Monsters, Polygamy

  • 御妖至尊 / The Venerable Monster Tamer100%

    In this magical world, people brought holding bags, raising monster beasts, controlling monster weapons, nurturing monster plants, and taking pride in climbing to the ultimate rank of monster tamers.Red Owl, Black Crane, Ink Unicorn, Bloody Night Bat, Heavenly Fox, Green Pheasant, Phoenix… countless monsters spread across heaven and earth, lived in mountains and rivers, waiting for you to conquer. Drunk Snow Blade, Sunflower Needle, Compliant Staff… countless monster weapons were waiting for you to control. Thunder Vine, Ginseng Fruit, Peach Tree… countless monster plants were waiting for you to nurture. Chu Yun was an Explorer. He has discovered a secret, but died an unwilling death. Opening his eyes again, he found that he was returned to 23 years ago. It all started again, and he was determined to make up for all his regrets, chase his dreams, and embark on a different path of becoming mighty. The lovely Heavenly Fox loli, the beautiful Lamia woman, the pure Lotus Fairy, the innocent Rabbit Demon girl, the sexy Scorpion sister… one by one was added to the harem. The Star Sea Dragon Palace, the Abyss of the Sea’s Eye, the Tomb of Ghost King… many Legendary Places were hidden, waiting to be excavated. The world’s trend was constantly changing, many heroes appeared… he would witness them one by one, then overcome them one by one!
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    жанры: Action, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Supernatural

    тэги: Ancient Times, Appearance Changes, Calm Protagonist, Cultivation, Dao Comprehension, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Weak to Strong