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  • 九阳剑圣 / Nine Yang Sword Saint100%

    Freshman student Yang Dingtian possesses the Nine Yang Body, found only 1 in million. His Yang Fire is incomparably vigorous and thus, he cannot be near a female’s charms for his entire life. On the night of his 19th birthday, he decided to bid farewell to his virgin life. After stealing and tasting the forbidden fruit, he spontaneously combusted as the result!In death he crossed over to another world; a world that held respect for Martial Power. His, originally, catastrophic Nine Yang Body was the Nine Yang Body that couldn’t be seen in a millennium! He was saved by a mysterious old man when he was at his last moments and the old man received him for a disciple, then betrothed his daughter to him. Thus, in this odd way, Yang Dingtian became the successor of the largest clan under Heaven, and became the number-one-beauty-under-heaven’s fiance.
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    жанры: Action, Harem, Sci-fi

    тэги: Army Building, Beautiful Female Lead, Bloodlines, Cultivation, Politics, Sword Wielder, Wars, Weak to Strong

  • 粉妆夺谋 / Pink Conspiracy100%

    Singing while riding a horse, young and handsome. When her eyes laid their first glance at him, she knew that in this lifetime, this youth would not walk out of her heart.She’s the young lady of the General’s Manor. When the enemy country invades, her father was called upon in desperation and hurries to the battlefield. She secretly followed her father to battle. When her father and brothers were injured, she struck back with a series of tactics and won over the enemy’s army.The enemy had retreated, the empire’s land was protected, the Emperor was very happy, and heavily rewarded the General’s Manor.While she was returning to the Imperial City, she overhears that the Emperor and Empress Dowager want to select a man from the Imperial City’s Manors to marry Lady Su of the General’s Manor.Before her, she has 3 elder brothers, but unfortunately no sisters.From the gossips, in the Imperial City there are two man, who are the top candidates for marrying her.One is from the imperial family, royalty, always idle and only knows how to eat, sing, drink, and have fun. A prodigal who’s been raised crooked with no one to control him.
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    жанры: Harem, Martial Arts, Romance

    тэги: Ancient Times, Aristocracy, Beautiful Female Lead, family, Friendship, Medical Knowledge, Politics, Royalty

  • 长生不死 / Immortal100%

    Once I’ve become Immortal, then my attempt to conquer the world shall begin.I, Zhong Shan, in order establish a supreme heavenly dynasty, must marshal all the luck that I can gather to cleanse my own karma. Then I will have the strength to fight heaven itself, create a new world, and live forever.First: FateSecond: LuckThird: Feng ShuiFour: Cultivate Inner Virtue.Five: FameTo gain eternal life.To obtain fame, one must establish a heavenly dynasty and amass the luck of the world!To cultivate inner virtue, one must establish holy sites and accumulate an immeasurable amount of merit!To cultivate Feng Shui one must learn to communicate between yin and yang and control the powers of heaven and earth!To cultivate luck! To cultivate fate!Ask the whole world, who can have eternal life!
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    жанры: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance, Tragedy

    тэги: Adopted Children, Artifacts, Betrayal, Kingdom Building, Politics, Polygamy, Strategist, Wars

  • 我的董事长老婆 / My C.E.O Wife100%

    Mercenary King Qin Chuan returns back to the city and is arranged by his fiancé to work as a security guard in the super department store.Accidentally he is drawn into the struggle with the department store.What is mine don’t touch, what is not mine you also put it down for me!After three years continues the legend of the security guard. Watch how the little security guard dominate the city~Temporary every day 9-11pm, morning 9 evening 5, weekends midnight.
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    жанры: Action, Adventure, Harem, Martial Arts, Romance

    тэги: Arranged Marriage, Beautiful Female Lead, Cultivation, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Politics, Polygamy, Wealthy Characters

  • 星河大帝 / Emperor of The Cosmos100%

    When humans step into the Galactic Era, the ancient art of cultivation thrives once again.Regardless of the time, cultivation is never obsolete. In the Vajracchedika-prajna-paramita Sutra (a Buddhist scripture), Subhuti (expounder of emptiness) asked Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism,“How does one control his heart to become a buddha?”This one sentence reveals the essence of cultivation: mastery over one’s heart.The heart is very powerful, which is the reason why the Monkey King is also called the ‘Heart Monkey’. Everyone’s heart is like a Monkey King; mastering the monkey, one can become something else.Allow me to demonstrate to you the essence of cultivation.
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    жанры: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, School Life

    тэги: Aliens, Artifact Crafting, Body Tempering, Cultivation, Hypnotism, Mind Control, Modern Day, Politics, Weak to Strong

  • 傲世九重天 / Transcending the Nine Heavens103.9%

    Chu Yang, the Ninth Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, sacrificed almost everything he had for the sake of improving his martial arts, including the love of his life. After spending three years locating the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, he was ambushed by all sides at that very place. Mortally injured with no means of escape, Chu Yang executed a sacrificial technique by plunging the Nine Tribulations Sword into his very own heart. “With the blood of my heart, ten thousand tribulations will collapse!”After witnessing the death of all his ambushers, Chu Yang’s vision began to darken. At a distance, moments before his death, he saw the mastermind who had plotted his downfall — Mo Tian Ji. With that, his eyes finally closed.However, with a start, Chu Yang once again awoke to find that he had returned to when he was sixteen years of age! Furthermore, the Sword Spirit of the Nine Tribulations Sword now resided within his Dantian, the energy center of his body! From that very moment, Chu Yang would then begin to right all of his past regrets, and carve his very own legend by fulfilling his destiny as the final Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and defeating the Heavenly Devils beyond the realm of the Nine Heavens Continent.
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    жанры: Harem, Martial Arts

    тэги: Artifacts, Cultivation, Herbalist, Male Protagonist, Multiple Realms, Politics, Polygamy, Wars, Weak to Strong

  • 我的庄园 / My Ranch104.1%

    Blue sky, white clouds, lazily lying on the beach, while feeling the gentle breeze coming from the sea. Hounds at the side with marine animals chasing each other around. Cups of unrivaled wine from his personal winery with cuts of prime A grade steaks readily around. For others, life is all about pursuing money, power, and fame, but for Jiang Hai, this type of lifestyle is what he constantly dreamed of.
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    жанры: Action, Harem, Romance

    тэги: Animal Rearing, Beast Companions, Bloodlines, Domestic Affairs, Modern Day, Politics, Polygamy, Wealthy Characters