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Novel だから俺は〇〇なんかじゃない!~高嶺の花をナンパから助けたら正体がばれました~ / I Told You I’m Not 〇〇!! ~When I Helped Out the Most Beautiful Girl in My Class, My Identity Got Found Out~ Read Online

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I told you I’m not 〇〇!! ~When I helped out the most beautiful girl in my class, my identity got found out~

I, Hiura Seiya aim to live like a mob.

How much of a mob I want to be? The grade will affect my future so I am doing my best on that but I came to school early so that no one would notice me and keep my head buried in the book so that I can blend into the background! I only have one friend in my class! it might be bad for me to say this but the guy I talk to is not a handsome guy or anything, he’s just a single frame in the classroom……..I have been living such a plain life like that but I actually have a secret, I am in a modelling business.

My daily life began to crumble one day when I am heading back home from work and saved Ehashi Reika, a girl in my class who was being hit on in the street.

[What are you reading?],
[Want to head home together?].


Was I found out? At school, my face is always being hidden by the bang so there shouldn’t be any trace that link me to my original appearance, how did she know? At this rate I will change class from a mob into an annoying guy instead!

[No, you must have confused me with someone else].


A story of a sneaky boi eluding a girl……at least he intends to.


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Table of contents:

Title Стат. Active. Ready
1. Prologuedone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
2. mob high school students have an ordinary school life.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
3. mob high school students do the work.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
4. mob high school students may be insensitive.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
5. mob high school students are family oriented.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
6. mob high school students help from picking updone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
7. super beautiful girls can help.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
8. super beautiful girls are sentdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
9. super beautiful girls noticedone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
10. mob high school students get a glimpsedone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
11. mob high school students are inviteddone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
12.Mob high school students walk with a beautiful girldone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
13. mob high school students shoppingdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
14.Mob high school students stand out.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
15. Mob high schoolers will not live in peace...done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
16. mob high school students get involved.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
17.The active girl asks questions about the super beautiful girl.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
18.The active girl makes a plan.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
19. mob high school students talk to each other.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
20. mob high school students bump into each otherdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
21. mob high school students thinkdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
22. mob high schoolers can't say no.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
23. mob high school students make a promisedone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
24. mob high school students are surprised.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
25. mob high school students gather.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
26. mob high school students have a study group.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
27. mob high school students bet.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
28. mob high school students lose.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
29. mob high school students can't escape.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
30. mob high school students go cashless.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
31. mob high school students make me angry.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
32. mob high school students have a takoyaki party.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
33. mob high school students do Russian takoyakidone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
34. mob high school students become friends.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
35.Epilogue.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
36.Prologuedone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
37. high school students in supporting roles are sleight of handdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
38. supporting high school students make a promisedone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
39. supporting high school students sense the change.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
40.If it's a VR thing, it's a story like a bulletin board episodedone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
41. supporting high school students serve.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
42. supporting high school students are on fire.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
43. supporting high school students move.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
44. supporting high school students taking pictures of the high school studentsdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
45. high school students in a supporting role watch a dolphin show.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
46. high school students in supporting roles are lunchdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
47. high school students in supporting roles buy souvenirsdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
48. supporting high school students leave.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
49.Super beautiful girls register.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
50. high school students in a supporting role are headeddone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
51. supporting high school students arrive at the mall.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
52. supporting high school students choose their clothes.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
53. supporting high school students this story is only important in the beginning.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
54. take the leeks off of Negitoro!done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
55.High school students playing a crane game in a supporting roledone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
56. high school students in a supporting role play music games (drum washing machine)done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
57. high school students in supporting roles go home.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
58. supporting high school students finish the test.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
59. high school students in a supporting role are on their way home.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
60. supporting high school students are late.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
61.Supporting high school students shootdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
62. supporting high school students talk to the manager.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
63.swimsuit!done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
64.High school students in supporting roles play the same umbrella.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
65. famous high school students are best as usual.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
66.Elegant and gorgeous summer vacation of a super beautiful girldone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
67....a beautiful girl...you too?done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
68.I wanted to write the last 10 sentences or so.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
69.I picked my swimsuit.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
70.super beautiful girl watches shootingdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
71.Super beautiful girls go to the pool.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
72. high school students in supporting roles go to the pool.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
73.I want the supporting high school students to change places.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
74.High school students in supporting roles pass each other.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
75. supporting high school students are upset.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
76. supporting high school students....done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
77. high school students in supporting roles ******.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
78.Epilogue.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
79.Prologue.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
80. popular high school students go out with their sister.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
81.High school students are kind.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
82. High school students who are popular with the public go out for sweetsdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
83. popular high school students are the standard? That's what it's all about!done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
84.I was too flippant and wrote too much.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
85.How's the story going?done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
86. popular high school students are askeddone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
87.This is a good guy.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
88.Bump.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
89.Ikemesodone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
90.Confession.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
91.Pursuit.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
92. mob high school students think deeply.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
93.The popular high school students are going home.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
94. popular high school students drive cars.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
95....my room....is gone!done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
96. in the park.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
97.Monologue.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
98.The time when Misaki's fan base increasesdone11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
99. high school students in supporting roles return to their apartments.done11 mon.100% (1 / 1)read
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