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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 976 - I'm Going to Central China (Seeking Subscriptions)

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In the continent of Dou Qi, it was Central China that was the center of the world, the place that the world loved.

There were outstanding people there, there were also magnificent styles there, and even more endless heavenly pride existed there.

At the same time, there were also many Dou Qi cultivation sects, families, and various forces.

Such as the Starfall Pavilion, such as the Eight Ancient Clans, such as the Pill Tower, the Hall of Souls, and so on.

There were many opportunities, but at the same time, there were also many dangers, and there were infinite possibilities in the future, but there was also the possibility of never returning.

These were all very possible.

Jiang Chi looked calm and asked indifferently, "This seat wishes to go to Central State, if there are any of you who don't want to go, you can go without."

After saying that he looked at everyone indifferently and continued, "You should know that Central State is not the Black Pointe Domain, it might not be too far from the Gama Empire.

But it's hard to say if it's far from Central China.

Perhaps it would take years to even use flying, so you'd have to need a temporal teleportation channel to perhaps have a chance to pass through quickly."

As Jiang Lack's words faintly came out, Xiao Yan and the others became a bit stunned, and he could not help but say, "Master, are you saying that you want to leave this place?"

Central Texas?

They had heard all about it, but a place like Zhongzhou was nice but far away, and it might not be the right place for them.

When they thought about it, they started to retreat in their hearts.

It wouldn't be easy to come back for a trip then.

So Jiang Xiao's words made Xiao Yan and the others a little hesitant, his homeland was hard to leave, and now there wasn't the terrible oppression of the original, so he only wanted to stay in the Canaan Academy.

As for the others.

Hai Bodong was pale and frowning inwardly as well, apparently also disliking going to Central China.

Yun Yun was similarly hesitant, or torn.

Zhongzhou was just too far away, and there was no telling if there was a chance to come back from this trip, or maybe never.

After all, a place like Central State was preferred by strong people like Jiang Lack.

And the Black Cape Domain was just a relatively barren place.

But for Yun Yun, who had never been out of the Gama Empire, and now that she was asked to go to Central State, to a more distant place, she was a bit rejected in her heart.

After all, Central China was really too far away.

So far away that it wasn't easy to go back and forth once, and it was basically impossible to even travel between the two places on a regular basis.

Even after becoming a strong person, even after cultivating immortality.

Moreover, she was still the Patriarch of the Yun Lan Sect, and no matter what, she couldn't abandon the Yun Lan Sect and run away to Central China.

That would be too meaningless.

Thus, Yun Yun was the first to say, "My lord, I... I'd rather stay in the Gama Empire, a place like Central State might not be suitable for me."

Even though she liked Jiang Chi very much, even though her heart wanted to follow Jiang Chi, as the head of a family, and as a woman who didn't like to go out, she still felt that a place like the Gama Empire was better.

It didn't matter if it was on the wrong side.

She didn't like going out anyway, and her current Dou Huang cultivation would be enough in the Gama Empire.

Moreover, there was still the Canaan Academy to look after her, so I don't think there would be anything wrong.

Jiang Ji nodded and said, "Alright, you can stay if you want to, this seat has already passed on the Immortal Dao cultivation method to you, so you can go back and work hard to cultivate in the future.

The Dou Qi One, in the end, has fallen short, not being able to dual cultivate your life and gain a longer life, this is the original sin ah."

If you can't live forever, and you can't remain immortal, then what use is there for the cultivation method of Dou Qi.

In the future, the Way of Immortality was the dominant cultivation method, and this divine means was countless, with strong and overbearing wrists.

"But I..."

Yun Yun wanted to show her heart, wanted to say the delayed words in her heart, but she didn't know how to say them when the words came to her lips.

At this time.

Hai Bodong also stood up and said apologetically, "My lord, I... I don't want to go to Zhongzhou either.

As you know, I, Haibodong, was originally only a Dou Huang's talent, and even after turning to Immortal Dao, I won't improve much.

Moreover, I don't have any ambitions or thoughts of traveling the world, I just want to live my life guarding my one acre of land.

In the Gama Empire or the Black Pointe Domain would be fine, but Central China is just too far away."


Jiang Mo nodded calmly, Yun Yun and Hai Bodong's reluctance to go was expected of him.

Rather, it didn't matter.

He was only asking them what they thought about it this time, it was all by choice, there were pros and cons to it, and each could only comment and experience it.

He could not say anything else.

If you don't go then just don't go.

For the General, Yun Yun and Haibodong did not follow him to Zhongzhou, then he had nothing to lose.

On the side.

There was a celestial battle going on in Xiao Yan's mind.

On the one hand, he wanted to see it and walk around; but on the other hand, because it did not have the oppressive feeling of chaos, there was naturally no incentive to drive him to Central State.

Perhaps to him, Central China was just a more prosperous place that existed only in legends.

Whether it was the Gama Empire or the Black Pointe Domain, it might not be as rich or as vast, but with his Xiao Yan's current cultivation and strength, it was enough to establish himself here.

And once he went to Central State, it would be hard to say.

Although he knew that Xiao Kaoru was from Central State, at least at this moment, Xiao Kaoru was still a student of the Canaan Academy, so he wanted to accompany her.

Or rather, wait until there was a chance to go to Central State later.

He did not want to go right now anyway.

After thinking it through, Xiao Yan said, "Master, I probably don't want to go to Central State at the moment either, how about waiting for the day when I want to go to Central State and then go with you?"

He wasn't even ready for it now, after all, in a place like Zhongzhou, where people were so wonderful and magnificent, ordinary people could only become useless if they went there.

"Fine." Jiang Jiang continued to nod and said, "With your boy's current condition, I'm afraid he'll only accompany your little girlfriend."

He could understand though.

Xiao Yan needed to stay by Xiao Kaoru's side, which was what a man should do, so Jiang Kou didn't blame him at all.

If you don't go, just don't go.

He, Jiang Someone, could go to Central China by himself anyway.

It was no big deal.

To Qingscale, Jiang Liao was her heart and soul, her home.

She was just a maid, and she also cherished her status as a maid.

Qing Scales said, "Don't worry, Duke, Qing Scales won't hold you back, I will definitely take good care of you."


Some sufferings and sins could be solved by strength, but some sufferings and sins could not be solved by strength.

But it seemed good to have a little maid accompanying him on this journey, at least it could relieve boredom, so that one wouldn't be too bored.

After the personnel was decided, Jiang Xiao would be ready to go and pack up, after all, it might take several days to return after this trip to Central China.

The magma world beneath the Sky Burning Refining Tower he would have to set up properly, as well as leave some opportunities behind to await the arrival of those who were fortunate enough to be there.

Count it as a little means left behind by him, Jiang.

It was at this time that the old man came out, "Fellow Daoist Jiang, I will also accompany you to Zhongzhou.

You should also know that I'm originally from Central State, having single-handedly established the Starfall Pavilion.

It was only because of some unforeseen circumstances that my flesh was destroyed later.

Killing Han Feng earlier was considered revenge, but there was actually a Soul Hall and Soul Clan behind it, and they were my true enemies.

So, please, Daoist friend, you must take me to Zhongzhou."

While Jiang Ji heard this, he said with a raised eyebrow, "Pill Elder, with your current cultivation, I'm afraid that you can't go to take revenge yet.

Although the means of the Immortal Dao are mysterious and unpredictable, that Soul Hall and the Soul Clan are not good matchmakers either."

Jiang Ji's words made him ponder a little for a moment, and he couldn't help but frown, "What you say is indeed a problem, Daoist Jiang.

But you don't know, Daoist Jiang, I used to have some connections in Central State and I also created the Starfall Pavilion, so I thought that old friend of mine would help me as well."

That old friend of his was also the founder of the Star Falling Pavilion, a Dou Zun strong man.

But to take revenge with a mere Dou Zun strong man, with that friendship he Pill Dust had in the Pill Tower, it might not be enough.

It wasn't enough to counter the Soul Hall and the Soul Clan, after all, that Soul Hall had countless strong people, and the Soul Clan behind that was one of the Eight Ancient Clans.

Jiang Kou remembered that in the original story, the Soul Clan had exterminated several other clans with the power of a single clan.

That was why he said that if Pill Elder wanted to take revenge, it might not be enough with his current cultivation and strength.

Pill Dust Pill Elder understood this as well, and he nodded faintly, "You're right, Fellow Daoist Jiang, but I'm at least from Zhongzhou, and with such a great revenge on my hands, how can I not take revenge?"

Vengeance for killing, life and death, no less.

He understood.

Jiang Chi nodded, but suddenly said, "Don't worry, I'll help you, it's just the Hall of Souls, I don't care about even that Soul Clan."

In his Jiang Chi's eyes, even that high and mighty Soul Clan was nothing, the Ancient Eight Clans were nothing more than an inheritance that was just a little bit longer.

But in reality, his current cultivation was enough to deal with all the risks, and the strength of the Great Perfection of the Merging Realm gave him enough capital and strength.

Pill Dust was slightly stunned at his words, and said, "So thank you, Fellow Daoist, I will definitely be grateful."

To be able to meet Jiang Chi, Pill Dust felt that this was the greatest luck and chance in his life.

This person he couldn't see through and couldn't understand what he was thinking, sometimes his tactics were overbearing and spicy, but he treated people sincerely at the same time.

"Such a complex side is shown in one person, I really don't know how he cultivates."

The mind could actually withstand it?

Pill Dust felt that he didn't have this kind of skill anyway, and he was deeply envious, secretly looking forward to Jiang Lack's help.

"Perhaps, with Daoist Jiang's help, it will be much easier for me to seek revenge on the Soul Hall and Soul Clan."

Pill Dust thought so in his heart, "When Daoist Jiang makes a move, it will be safe to say that his Soul Hall and Soul Clan won't be able to see enough."

Pill Dust still had confidence in this, after all, he couldn't even see through Jiang Qian's strength, he was at least equivalent to a strong Dou Sheng.

Of course, this was only an assessment judgment of Pill Dust Pill Elder.

A few days later.

The wind was gusting, not a good weather, probably because the heavens also knew that being apart was not a good thing, so it was specially still raining.

The clouds surged and moved.

Between the wind and the clouds, the atmosphere was somewhat subdued.

Jiang Jiang was quite calm in his heart, he had seen this kind of parting so often that he was used to it.

Naturally, it became calm.

He, this is a long way to Zhongzhou, only one person, one sword, one maid, plus one soul.

Slowly walking in the void in that autumn breeze, like a shadow, he disappeared between the worlds in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Yan and the others watched indifferently, while their thoughts were somewhat complicated.


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