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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 975 - Dao Spreads the World (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The half-moon days passed by in a hurry.

Like that white horse, the traces of years passed in time, and the Canaan College crowd was looking forward to it in every way.

The mood was excited and nervous.

If they were able to call Elder Jiang's attention, they could not say that they would be able to obtain supreme divine power and become a generation of great powerhouses.

It would not be a problem at all.

Everything was bound to be rewarded, so after learning that Jiang was going to preach, the crowd in the Canaan Academy was looking forward to it.

Perhaps... perhaps they could listen to Elder Jiang's Dao.

They just didn't know what his Dao was, or why he was abbot.

Of course.

The Dao of Immortality was also shown to them for the first time, and in the past, no one in the Dou Qi Continent knew what Jiang lacked the knowledge to cultivate.


For their children and grandchildren who all practiced dou qi, the Immortal Way was a special way of cultivation.

If it was possible, maybe they could learn it.

And then they would definitely be able to become the strongest and ask for the world, standing at the top of this world was not impossible.

Especially after Su Qian's propaganda, the students of Canaan Academy became even more excited.

Immortal Dao!

But what is a fairway?

What is immortality?

Jiang lack's disciple, Xiao Yan, was also said to be an immortal cultivator, but these days, many disciples of Canaan Academy had gone to him to ask about immortal cultivation matters and had been stonewalled by him.

Frankly speaking, Xiao Yan was a bit depressed.

"If only Master and I could cultivate the Dao of Immortality in this world, it would be so good."

Unfortunately, Jiang Xiao wanted to spread the Dao to the world.

Although he was also extremely in favor of it, he still felt a bit bewildered in his heart and still cried a bit.

Perhaps it might not necessarily be a bad thing after the Dao was spread throughout the world, "At that time, I, Xiao Yan, as Master's only personal disciple, will be destined to take charge of the Dao Sect's existence in the future."

Regarding the issue of envisioning the Dao Sect, Jiang Chi had actually considered it long ago and had spoken with Xiao Yan.

In the future, he wanted to design the Dao Sect on the Dou Qi Continent, he wanted to preach the world, and he wanted the Dou Qi cultivation in this world to be eliminated from this world.

Let the Dao of Immortality take root.

After a short fifteen days, Jiang Xiao finally came out of his retreat, and he was about to preach the world.

In the Canaan Academy, on the arena.

There was already a large Dao character written on it, which was made by Haibodong, and as soon as he heard that Jiang was going to preach the Dao, he felt that the world was all right.

If he was able to gain some insight this time, he might be able to become a strong person equivalent to a Dou Zong.

Xiao Yan, on the other hand, was watching from the side.

He secretly watched and said, "I hope that Master's sermon will be helpful to me as well."

Of course, this was certain.

He was cultivating non-stop, and the true energy mana in his body was spinning unceasingly, and an aura of heaven and earth was slowly surging from the endless void around him.

Today was the day that Jiang Jiang would preach, "Immortal Dao, endless spells and magical powers, countless lifespans, cultivating to the end might allow one to live forever and never die."

At the thought of becoming an immortal, even Xiao Yan, who had experienced the incident of crossing over, was great when faced with this kind of attraction.

He was a character who was going to become an immortal.

On this day, Jiang Ji was sitting on a futon in the arena, looking calmly at the people who had come to hear the sermon.

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "The art of cultivating immortality is to draw the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth for one's own use and refine it..."

As Jiang Lack's words slowly rang out, a not-so-subtle voice resounded throughout the Canaan Academy's arena.

Immediately after.

The voice spread throughout the entire arena.

The sermon was also considered to have officially begun, and this time, Jiang Jiang spoke in great detail, from what was immortal cultivation, to the most basic cultivation methods, to advanced cultivation methods.

Finally, it went on to the various realms and magical powers, as well as the various benefits of cultivating Immortality.

At one point, it was only said that many people were delighted and incomparably eager to become a generation of immortal cultivators.

Wouldn't there be a chance for immortality as well?


In the future they will all get that endless life span, it's exciting to think about.

Live to the end to be that remaining king, or they'll all be crushed into the earth by time.

To live is hope.

There is a future.

With such thoughts in mind, many of the Canaan College students in the Canaan College arena who originally practiced Dou Qi were now thinking of abandoning the Dou Qi cultivation method.

What was dou qi, it was just the most shallow cultivation method.

After Jiang Xiao's explanation, they already understood that cultivating Immortality was the right way, the way of kings.

Those who cultivated Dou Qi could at most live a few thousand years, while those with poor qualifications could only live a few hundred years, or even a few decades.

After a short comparison, they realized that cultivating Immortal was better than practicing Dou Qi.

This was because cultivating Immortal could gain more life span, which would also allow them to have countless possibilities in the future.

Although the Dao of Immortality was hard to find, and although it was also difficult to become immortal, it was still easy to get started in cultivation, and one could at least gain a few thousand years of life.

That was why the students in the Canaan College arena at this moment were all looking forward to it and began to run the basic Immortal Cultivation cultivation methods that Jiang Jian had taught them.

"So there are so many benefits to immortal cultivation, it's simply a gospel for my generation."

"Elder Jiang is really a good man, after he brings the cultivation method, the Dou Qi Road will definitely be full of immortal cultivators in the future, and the Dou Qi cultivation is about to fall from the peak to the bottom."

"That's right, that's right, that's what we think too, can't you see that all the teachers and elders of the academy have started practicing the cultivation method of immortality."

"So what are we waiting for, let's start cultivating as well."

Those students in the arena got excited, thinking that this Elder Jiang's arrival would make them miserable.

Because they wouldn't be able to enter the Sky Burning Refining Tower to cultivate for a very long time.

But now, they felt happy to be students of the Canaan Academy, as there was a new path of cultivation in front of them.

If Jiang lacked existence, they might not even know what the path of immortal cultivation was.

But now in the entire Black Pointe Domain, they, the Canaan Academy students, were the only ones who could hear the Dao up close.

Listening to Jiang Jiang talk about the vastness of the Dao of Immortality, the infinite magical spells and so on.

Then they were also in high spirits.

Wouldn't it be even better if they could one day become immortal and soar to feathers as well.

The future seemed to be all in the longing.

In the future, the Dao of Immortality would definitely be promoted, and there would definitely be countless encounters with immortals passing by like a swarm of locusts crossing the sky.

They were thrilled at the thought of that sight, after all, cultivating Dou Qi required a Dou Wang or higher to fly.

The Immortal Dao, however, did not have to be like this, only needing enough True Qi mana to meet the flying and achieve the Royal Sword Immortal.

It was exciting to think about.

This kind of cultivation was what was truly called cultivation, and the past was all fake and didn't count.

Dou Qi?

Now, in the eyes of these people, that was nothing more than the most superficial method of cultivation, and there were many dou qi techniques that were not beneficial to the self.

Cultivating Immortality was different.

It was a brand new path of cultivation, and one that could call for hope.

"I want to cultivate immortality, no one will stand in my way, that bullshit dou qi cultivation is just a bit too low."

"I can't believe that after living for so many years, I can still see this brand new path of cultivation, the path to immortality..."

"I hope to transform my body's dou qi into true mana sooner, and then I'll be able to fly with my sword and become an Imperial Sword Immortal, hahaha!"

"To cultivate immortality and desire eternal life, immortality is the fundamental ah, then what is a Dou Zun, Dou Sheng, Dou Di?"

"I wish I could become immortal."


The idea of becoming immortal with the sword, supreme and supreme, made them excited to think about it.

Especially after hearing Jiang Ji preach, they felt that cultivating immortality was at least much better than cultivating dou qi.

If they could, they would like to transform their own Dou Qi into true mana right now, and then clean up their belongings to see if they could refine a sword.

They might also be able to become the first immortal to fly with a sword.

You know, there are many geniuses in this Canaan Academy, and it's impossible to say that those geniuses will be able to cultivate to become Immortals.

--After all, cultivating immortality was a novelty to them, and there were infinite possibilities in the future.

If they were to ascend to the upper realm one day.


It's exciting to think about.

You know that normally only Dou Di strong men could ascend and leave this world to go to a Middle World.

Ordinary people, on the other hand, didn't have that opportunity.

But cultivating immortality was different, this was a different way of cultivation from Dou Qi and Dou Technique, this was a way of drawing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for one's own use, double cultivating with one's life, and taking meditation and comprehending the Dao as the root.

Only then can one cultivate into immortality.

Anyway, that's how these Canaan College people heard what Jiang Gou said, and all the benefits of immortality cultivation were momentarily spelled out in Jiang Gou.

The entire Canaan College arena, those teachers, students, and elders who originally belonged to the Canaan College, all began to cultivate at the moment.

Jiang Notch had already passed down the most basic method of cultivating immortality, the highest one could cultivate to the Jindan realm and achieve Jindan Realm.

So at the moment, these people were all able to practice.

Of course.

If they needed to cultivate further, they might have to go to the future Dao Sect, that immortal cultivation sect that Jiang lacked was going to put Xiao Yan in charge of.

The Dao Sect was very necessary to exist.

At the very least, it could allow those immortal cultivators to be a force for Xiao Yan, and was considered a gift from Jiang Lack as his master.

At this moment.

Jiang Chi was calmly saying, "This seat has been preaching for more than a month, the wonders of the Immortal Dao need to be experienced by yourselves.

I now declare this sermon to be over.

The Dao could not be passed on lightly, and the Law could not be passed on six ears.

Otherwise, how could they know how hard it was to cultivate immortality ah.

Jiang Chi pretended to be mysterious and continued to smile, "Alright, if there is anything you do not understand or are confused about, you can ask Hai Bodong and Xiao Yan, the two of them will carefully explain it to you."

Hai Bodong and Xiao Yan: "........"

Both of them were a bit confused by the news.

Of course, Haibodong and Xiao Yan were actually clear that this was Jiang Qian giving them a chance, a chance to establish their authority.

They cultivated first, so they were seniors.

The hierarchy of esteem in the Immortal World was so strict that it was even more terrifying than the Dou Qi Continent, it was simply a terrifying rule.

A few days later.

Calm was restored in the Canaan Academy, and Jiang Xiao had gathered Xiao Yan, Hai Bodong, Yun Yun, Qing Scales and the others together.

He said indifferently, "This time when the Canaan Academy is done, I will be preparing to go to Central State, so..."


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