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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 973 - Falling Heartburn (Seeking Subscription)

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Canaan Academy, within the Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower.

Jiang Ji's eyebrows locked up and murmured, "Just now, it might be because my breath wasn't converging, so this Falling Heart Inferno doesn't dare to approach me at all."

Just like any other foreign fire, the Falling Heart Inferno had already given birth to spiritual intelligence.

So it was afraid.

After all, he, Jiang Chi, was powerful.

Once upon a time, this Falling Heartitis was also subdued, so this Falling Heartitis's temper might be violent.

But it didn't matter.

But because of that hint of curiosity, it stayed back.

It was gradually not afraid anymore.

But it didn't know that it was already wandering on the edge of death, and Jiang Gou was not a good person.

Just waiting for that Falling Heart Infection to get a little closer, he could have that Grand Master's Vajra Bracelet inside his body ready to collect it.

And with that Grand Master's methods, the Falling Heart Infection probably wouldn't even have a chance to resist.

At this moment, he was silently watching the fire dragon under the magma.

His heart, on the other hand, was blissfully happy.

"You won't be able to escape even if you flee to the ends of the earth, hehehehe!" Jiang Qian was satisfied.

He also knew that Falling Heartitis was watching, but this watching should end before long, "Even if you were born with a spiritual intelligence, you definitely don't have much of one."

Like a seven or eight year old child, he would naturally maintain a deep sense of curiosity and would come over when the time came.

Once it was far enough away, he would be able to have the Vajra Bracelets Grand Master collect it.

"It's hard to say whether the Vajra Bracelets Grand Master will destroy you or keep you by then."

He was in charge anyway.

Nor did he want to be in charge of anything, the Vajra Bracelets Grand Master had many secrets that he didn't even know so far.

Waiting quietly, he, Jiang Someone, was waiting for the rabbit.

And this time the Falling Heart Infection really fell for it, while the fire dragon it turned into slowly swam over.

A curious baby looked at Jiang Xiao, or carefully measured, it didn't seem to understand that Jiang Xiao's breath was strong last moment, and now it was actually completely absent, like an ordinary person.

"Enough distance, Master Vajra Bracelet charge most of its origin." Jiang Chi said indifferently, "At any rate, we should leave some thoughts for the Canaan Academy, we can't call this Heaven Burning Refining Tower's function broken."

Only needing most of this Falling Heart Inferno's World Origin Power, he could break through to the Great Dao Merging Realm.

Everything was enough.


With a flash of white light, the fire dragon created by the Falling Heart Infection instantly disappeared, but it was directly charged away by the diamond bracelet inside his body.


Immediately after that, a light appeared.

It was that World Origin Force.

It surged towards Jiang Ji with a light invisible to ordinary people, terrifyingly fast and somewhat brutal.

Jiang Chi looked slightly moved and muttered to himself, "You can't escape your final fate after all, after passing through the World Origin Power you obtained, I'll be able to possess a lot of energy, and breaking through will naturally be no problem."

As for the Falling Heart Infection, Jiang Qian had no idea what the Vajra Bracelets did with it.

The remaining small portion of the origin power reincarnated into a reduced version of the Falling Heart Infection, falling into the magma like a lotus flower.

Rapidly burning, Jiang Jiang said, "This way, although the origin of the Falling Heart Inferno has become less, and although it has weakened the function of the Sky Burning Refining Tower, it can at least allow the Sky Burning Refining Tower to continue to exist."

In this way, he, Jiang Someone, had fulfilled his original promise.

Sort of solving a major matter for the Canaan Academy.

In the future, if someone came to the Sky Burning Refining Tower to cultivate, although the power of the Sky Burning Refining Tower would be reduced, it would definitely be smoother.

Thinking of this Jiang Jiang's mood was one of joy as he muttered, "With my current cultivation, and with the Nine Pieces of Dao Kung Fu of the Great Perfection of the Merging Realm, I will definitely be able to successfully break through."

He was overjoyed.

He had actually made all preparations, as long as he could break through, and he had already made arrangements on the Canaan Academy's side.

Absolutely will not treat Canaan Academy badly is that, the Sky Burning Refining Tower he has already finished repairing.

"The next thing I have to do is to continue refining the origin force, hopefully I can refine it as soon as possible, and then break through to the Haphazard Realm in one fell swoop, right?"

After all, he, Jiang Someone, had been in this realm for a long time, and he was looking forward to it incomparably.

The Falling Heart Fever was collected away by the Vajra Bracelets, and the essence of it was naturally incorporated into the Nine Daoist Powers.

Sitting down cross-legged, Jiang Jiang looked calm and began to refine the World Origin Force bit by bit.

No matter what he had built up his cultivation on, no matter what kind of strength he had, the World Origin Power would definitely forcefully push him to the peak.

That was the fundamental.

It was impossible to do nothing in cultivation, and now Jiang Xiao felt that it was the most difficult to keep refining it.

The World Origin Force was slowly being refined in Jiang Kou's body, as if there was terrifying power in his body.

It surged and surged, and for a time it was like a stormy wind and torrential downpour.


Many people felt a terrifying momentum suddenly come out of the Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower, surging out ragingly.

Su Qian's group of people who were originally guarding the outside of the Sky Burning Refining Pagoda suddenly stared at it.

They muttered to themselves, "This... isn't this Elder Jiang already breaking through?"

Hai Bodong on the side was admiringly tight, while Xiao Yan tsked and secretly said, "Master is Master, he actually got his hands on the different fires of the Canaan Academy."

After Pill Dust Pill Elder's explanation, Xiao Yan naturally knew what was in the Sky Burning Refining Tower.

It was because of this that Xiao Yan admired his own master, who really did whatever he could for the Exotic Flame.

"It looks like Master should be about to break through, but I just don't know how strong he is."

Once Xiao Yan thought that Jiang Liao's strength might not be able to compare to Dou Zun, but since Hai Bodong had spoken to him a few days ago about the events that had happened in the Black Point Domain, he had been surprised by his own master Jiang Liao's methods.

Even Dou Zun's strongest person was directly suppressed, this kind of strength was a bit beyond Xiao Yan's imagination, and he felt that Jiang Liao might be even stronger than he had imagined.

"Duke Xiao, according to what you have seen, how strong is your master?"

At this time, Su Qian asked curiously at the side.

Xiao Yan, on the other hand, shook his head slightly, indicating that he did not know either, "Master's strength has not been shown and he has not said anything, but I think there are very few people in this world who can make him exert his full strength."

Su Qian: "........"

He was stunned and looked appalled.

I thought to myself, "Your assessment is a bit too high, although he, Su, does not know the exact strength of Jiang Lack's cultivation, and although he also feels that Jiang Lack is strong, he always feels that it is not as mysterious as Xiao Yan said."

He did not deny that Jiang Lack was strong, but felt that Jiang Lack might not be too strong, after all, he was so young.

As for why Jiang Lack would break through in their Canaan Academy's Sky Burning Refining Tower, Su Qian felt that it must be the effect of the Sky Burning Refining Tower itself.

Otherwise, this possibility wouldn't have arisen.

It was presumably because of the Heaven Burning Refining Tower that caused Jiang Lack's current breakthrough in cultivation.

"It's really good."

In the Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower, Jiang Chi had already refined a portion of the World Origin Force, and felt lofty when he was in a relaxed mood.

Looking excited.

He had to know that this was a rare opportunity to integrate the effects of the Falling Heart Infection into the Nine Daoist Techniques, and then use the World Origin Power obtained from the Vajra Bracelets to improve his self-strength.

Now he had felt the true qi in his body surging, as if it was constantly filling his body.

It was churning and tumbling.

It was as if the terrifying power was tyrannizing, but fortunately it was relatively mild, and with the power of his Ninth Grade Dao Kung now, he could easily suppress it.

"After I completely refine these origin forces, I should be able to improve my own cultivation,"

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "I'm bound to reach the Great Perfection of Merging Dao Realm."

A breakthrough was a certainty.

If the Falling Heart Inferno still had a spiritual mind, it probably wouldn't have expected to have such a great effect on him, and it probably wouldn't have expected Jiang to be so strong.

After all, his strength was a bit too terrifying, and because of Falling Heart Inferno's contribution, the current Jiang Lack's strength was extraordinary.

Rather, it was called delightful.

"One last refinement, then I'll set about preparing for the breakthrough."

Jiang Chi secretly thought, "At this moment I have reached the most crucial moment, the next step is to cultivate hard."

The opportunity for a breakthrough had arrived.

He rather looked forward to it, followed by a slight movement in his appearance and an excited and nervous face.

Whether or not they could make a true breakthrough would depend on their respective creations.

As the light in Jiang Qian's hand turned, the divine energy suddenly rotated, and the momentum in his body was expanding in a terrifying way.



It was as if a fierce beast had swept over, so terrifying and overbearing that it was truly a bit surprising.

If there were outsiders present, they would have been able to see the golden light winding up on Jiang Di's body, as if it were a divine dragon.

From time to time, there were also streaks of red and blue, white and cyan light appearing.

Those were precisely the various colors of different fires that Jiang Chi had incorporated, and now they were considered to be functional teasers to form one.

"The heavens and earth are made, I shall be supreme!"

As those World Origin Powers were refined by him, with the ever-expanding light and momentum in his body, Jiang Chi could clearly feel the increase in his own strength.


Suddenly, it was as if something had been broken inside him, and Jiang Xiao knew that it was his own shackles, now broken by him.

It had also managed to break through to the current Great Perfection of the Merging Realm.

As his Qi soared, as his own strength increased, he suddenly felt that it was now different from before.

"If before I could easily suppress a Dou Zun level powerhouse with a thought, then now I can easily suppress a Dou Sheng powerhouse."

Even as strong as a Dou Sheng he could suppress it, "In other words, I'm actually an invincible existence in this splendid and colorful Dou Qi Continent?"


Once this kind of result was achieved, even Jiang Lack himself was a bit startled.

How lonely it was to be invincible.

He suddenly felt that the world behind him was also becoming more and more boring, too invincible to show his efforts to be bored himself.

I wonder how Xiao Yan and the others would feel if they knew about this scene.


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