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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 972 - Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower (Seeking Subscription)

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Blackhorn Domain.

In the Canaan Academy, the age of the existence of the Sky Burning Refining Tower was no longer verifiable, at least not that Jiang Xiao could remember.

What he was going to this time was precisely the Sky Burning Refining Tower.

Or rather, the foreign fire that existed within it, the one called Falling Heart Fever really called out to him to yearn for it.

"If I can collect the Falling Heart Inferno, then my cultivation will definitely break through to the Great Perfection of the Merging Realm, and now I've felt the opportunity to break through soon."

Jiang Ji muttered to himself, "Once I become a Great Perfection of the Merging Dao Realm, I will completely have the possibility to ask for the Immortal Dao and become an Immortal."

Maybe he could become an immortal within this world.

That Hao Ran Immortal Sect's Sovereign, Jiang Ji, had never seen him before, "But he is no more than a Dao Merging Realm, which is similar to me nowadays, the Dao Merging Realm is the Dao of Immortality, and I am now close to touching the threshold."

You know, above the merging realm can be a real immortal's realm, although it's a very low level kind.

But the level of life is completely different, and the metamorphosis is completely different as well.

--Jiang Kou once understood that it was called a human immortal.

This pagoda was exclusively used by the disciples of Canaan Academy for their cultivation, and every time those who had the strength to enter here for cultivation possessed nothing more than sufficient fire points, but now Jiang Chi didn't need that so-called fire point.

He walked into the Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower with a swagger of his own.

The Falling Heart Infection was even more delightful, and it could be said that Xiao Yan's radical change had originally started from here.

The Falling Heart Inflammation, ranked fourteenth on the list of different fires, can be used by anyone who swallows its flame and refines it, and the dou qi in his body can be quenched by it all the time, so the Falling Heart Inflammation is also known as a cultivation cheat.

It was because of this function that the Canaan Academy built a Heaven Burning Refining Tower to feed the Canaan Academy disciples' cultivation, allowing them to quench their dou qi.

Perhaps this was also the original intent of the Canaan Academy, which was established in the Black Pointe Domain from the very beginning.

After all, the place where this Fallen Heart Eye survived was not simple.

Although Jiang Kou didn't fully remember it, he still vaguely remembered that there was a different cave here, which seemed different.

But it didn't seem like it was time to open it now.

Falling Heart Fever, this fire was originally born in the magma world beneath the Canaan Academy's inner courtyard's Sky Burning Refining Tower, and was a flame that possessed a different function.

In the original story, after being refined by Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan found a second Falling Heart Flame in the magma world that was in its infancy.

Jiang Ji naturally would not go to the Magma World now, he felt that it was not the right time yet, so he planned to hold back a little.

Anyway, just remember it in his mind.

In the original Xiao Yan's groping, he also played the function of summoning the heart fire of the Falling Heart Inflame, which could distract the opponent to suppress the heart fire during the battle, and the person with lower strength would directly spontaneously combust, originally Xiao Yan used this method to kill half of the disciples of Yun Lan Sect, and after that, several different kinds of fires converged to become a new type of high-grade different fire.

Jiang Chi could naturally do this function as well, and probably even better than Xiao Yan, he was going to incorporate this function of the Falling Heart Inferno into the Ninth Grade Dao Gong.

"When the time comes, as long as the enemy is not paying attention, he will definitely be able to ignite himself as long as his own strength is not strong enough to suppress the heart fire."

Jiang was filled with confidence, feeling hopeful that he would break through.

In particular, he became increasingly happy after feeling the hot Qi of Falling Heartburn from the Sky Burning Refining Tower.

Jiang pondered secretly, "The Falling Heart Inferno possesses extraordinary power and is actually owned by the Canaan Academy, and I'm an elder of the Canaan Academy, even if I'm only an honorary elder.

So I can't completely take away the Falling Heartitis..."

Once all of them were taken away, it would be a bad thing for the entire Canaan Academy as well.

After all, his goal was not to destroy Canaan Academy.

Fire was born from the heart and hardened the bones.

This was the Falling Heart Fever.

Claimed to be a cheat sheet for cultivation, it could speed up cultivation and also constantly harden dou qi.

Once the heartburn has been successfully refined, a kind of heart fire will be continuously generated in the body, and this heart fire will not need to be controlled autonomously, it will burn the Dou Qi in the body every moment.

This is the important reason for Xiao Yan's rise.

Jiang Ji was aware of this, which was why he had come to Canaan Academy to look for this Falling Heart Inferno, "Although the Falling Heart Inferno is in the Sky Burning Refining Tower, with my Jiang Someone skills, I should be able to get it out and collect only half of it."

According to Jiang Chi's thoughts, there was still a young Meteoric Heartitis in that Magma World, and it could be cultivated by the Canaan Academy later.

In addition, those who refined the Falling Heart Infection, in between these near non-stop quenching, it was as if their bodies were in a state of cultivation all the time.

Moreover, this state of cultivation was even more effective than normal day-to-day cultivation, and this kind of cultivation would naturally be far higher than that of ordinary times.

So, call it cheat fire from the heart, quenching the qi and refining the bones.

The magma lake below the Canaan College Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower as the origin, has produced two.

This variety of information flashed in Jiang Di's mind.

He looked calm and natural, and now he was the only one in the entire Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower, and with his own senses, Jiang Chi easily walked to a place of magma within the tower.

"This should be the place where the Falling Heart Fever exists." Jiang Ke carefully sized it up, and in his heart, he was somewhat looking forward to this Falling Heart Infection coming.

There was no telling how much of the World Origin Power this divine Exotic Fire could he allow him to gain.

Jiang Jiang was somewhat looking forward to it anyway.

What if it could allow him to continuously break through, after all, he was now at the late stage of the Merging Realm, and any further breakthrough would be the completion of the Merging Realm.

He slowly walked on the edge of the magma, with his current divine sense not being able to fully see the results of the world underneath the magma, he could only vaguely see that there was a fire dragon wandering in the magma.

It was as if it had a spiritual nature.

It seemed as if it had become sperm, as if it had already given birth to wisdom.

"Interesting, this Falling Heartitis actually has spiritual intelligence, although wiping out a sentient being is a sin, I, Jiang Sheng, am not a good person in the first place."

At least he never felt good about himself.

How many different fires Jiang Hou had within the Magma World was unknown, but this was definitely a place of treasure, "So I promised Su Qian to be an honorary elder of the Canaan Academy, but it's actually a preparation for the future.

Although I can go in quietly, although I can also do it by force, it might be better if I have a better layer of identity to hide behind."

Since it was possible to keep a low profile, let's try to keep it as low as possible.

Anyway, Jiang Chi felt that low profile was the best, the Sky Burning Refining Tower was already open, and there was Su Qian outside to stop the students from entering or leaving.

The Thousand Hundred Two Elders also looked extremely heavy as they gazed at Jiang Chi, who had entered the Sky Burning Refining Tower.

They actually all knew that Jiang Chi's purpose for coming here should also be for the different fires in the Heaven Burning Refining Tower.

Naturally, the existence of that Falling Heart Inferno could not be hidden from the Thousand and Hundred Elders, and even people like Su Qian knew about it, not to mention Thousand Wood and Hundred Lie who were strong Dou Zun.

"Su Qian, do you think he can succeed?"

Reverend Thousand Woods frowned and asked, "This person's strength is unfathomable, even we can be easily suppressed by him, let alone others."

Hundred Lie Hundred Elders at the side also said, "Although you made him the Honorary Elder of our Canaan Academy, Little Su Qian, I don't know if this arrangement is right or wrong."

Su Qian: "........"

He was a depressed man.

Smiling bitterly, he said, "I don't know about that, but do you guys think that even if I don't let him be an honorary elder of Canaan Academy, can we fight against him with our strength?"

The answer is naturally no.

If it couldn't be stopped, then why couldn't it be resolved peacefully, "Maybe he'll even look after our Canaan Academy for the sake of this Honorary Elder."

You know that Canaan Academy couldn't even do a single-handed job in this part of the Black Pointe Domain, let alone in comparison to the entire Dou Qi Continent, it was a heavenly sac.

It was frightening to think about.

This was something Su Qian understood very well, and naturally, Thousand Hundred Second Elder was also very clear.

"This is how the weak can only cling to the strong and obey them, or else they can only be destroyed."

"I don't know where the dean is, but if he were here, perhaps my Canaan Academy wouldn't have fallen into this situation."

"I think that person is at least at the Dou Sheng level, otherwise there would never have been a scene like this."


Outside, the crowd of Thousand Hundred Two Elders and Su Qian Yi were talking to each other, and they had mixed emotions about the sudden appearance of the man Jiang Chi, as if they had endless things to say.

Anyone who was pressured by a young man would only be so angry that they would vomit blood, after all, Jiang Liao was really strong.

Su Qian was not an opponent, and neither was Thousand Hundred Second Elder.

Su Qian and the others looked at each other at the news, he hastily arched his hand towards Xiao Yan and said, "It would be great if Mr. Xiao could speak for our Canaan Academy, but..."

Xiao Yan frowned and asked, "Does your Canaan Academy have any other ideas?"

This is too much.

Who knew that Su Qian accosted him and said, "Mr. Xiao, it's like this, I feel that Mr. Xiao, you have extraordinary talent and can also become a genius teacher of my Canaan Academy, I wonder what you think, Mr. Xiao?"

It would naturally be better if Jiang Liao and Xiao Yan could be brought into the Canaan Academy's camp.

Although Jiang Liao was a young man's appearance, his style of acting was all rather sophisticated, which really made Su Qian uneasy.

"This Xiao Yan is different, he is just an ordinary young generation, he still finds it refreshing to have him come to Canaan Academy as a teacher, so that he can successfully keep Elder Jiang as well."

Having a strong person to look after, whether it was for the individual or for the entire Canaan Academy, it was a great good thing.

There was definitely more to gain in the future than what one could imagine.

"As a teacher?"

Xiao Yan was startled after hearing this, but he was startled and continued, "Elder Su has a good idea, so you can brazenly ask my master to help the Canaan Academy, right?"

He's not stupid.

He understood these principles with a little bit.

It was as expected.

Looking at Su Qian, who accosted and was still quite embarrassed, Xiao Yan continued, "I want the Canaan Academy to take care of my Xiao Family to the best of its ability, I wonder what the Elders think?"

The only thing he was relieved about was the entire Xiao family.

But no matter what, it was his home.

The Xiao family.

He, Xiao Yan, would forever have the same surname as the Xiao family, and this was a fact that could not be changed.

Su Qian was stunned at the words, but he immediately nodded and said, "Alright, I agree to your conditions."

Inside the Sky Burning Refining Tower.

Jiang Qian did not know that Xiao Yan had sold himself, but he was currently standing next to the magma contemplating the fire dragon that was hesitant to come over, and he had to gather his breath.

Then prepared to wait for the rabbit!


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