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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 971 - Honorary Elder (Seeking Subscription)

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The hallowed ability to crush the Dou Zun strong man, holding a discussion already reflects his sincerity, and now you Su Qian is going back on his word?


Do you think he's easy to bully?

He gave Su Qian a cold glance, the cold, cold light in his heart suddenly flickered, and his killing intent did not diminish a bit.

There was no concealment either.

Su Qian was startled, his face was a bit ugly, "No good, this lord is afraid that he is going to be angry."

He hurriedly said, "Your Excellency misunderstood, I... I just want your Excellency to be the Honorary Elder of my Canaan Academy, no other intention."


Jiang Mo was stunned and pondered, "That's fine, but while I can promise you, I will never do anything for your Canaan Academy."

Asking him to fulfill his duties as an elder was an impossible task.

He, Jiang Someone, was not willing.

After this Canaan College matter was over, he would be going to Central State, but he wouldn't have that much time to get involved in the affairs of Canaan College.

Su Qian, on the other hand, was busy nodding his head at the words, "Your Excellency, don't worry, an Honorary Elder is just a reputation, and apart from having the same status as my dean, you don't need to pay anything.

Of course, if your lordship is capable and has the opportunity, please help the Canaan Academy.

So Su Qian would be grateful."

To be able to befriend such a strong person was a great honor for him, Su Qian, and even for the entire Canaan Academy.

Therefore, he deeply bowed down towards Jiang Ji.

At this time, Jiang Jiang looked slightly moved and said, "And let this seat take a look at the Canaan Academy's Hidden Merit Pavilion first, as for the Heaven Burning Refining Tower, we'll talk about it later."

He wasn't going to go now anyway.

Raising the merit method was imperative, and it was also something that had to be resolved at the moment.

"Yes, Elder Jiang please!"

Su Qian hurriedly said, "The Canaan Academy's Hidden Merit Pavilion is in a special space, and over the years our Canaan Academy has collected quite a few good merit methods and fighting techniques."

"Well, you and don't worry, I won't touch any of the techniques and doujutsu within the Hidden Merit Pavilion, I'm just looking at them."

Jiang Ji said, "Instead, I will leave some of the techniques behind, so if any of you are fortunate enough, you can get them."

After saying that, Jiang Qian followed behind Su Qian and left, looking calm and expectant.

"This time, I should have broken through from the late stage of the Merging Dao Realm to the great completion of the Merging Dao Realm."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Hehe, once I break through my strength will be on a higher level, and I will have the strength to go to Central State then."

So he had to go see the Canaan Academy's hidden scriptures.

He had a calm face.

Slowly walked towards the Hidden Scripture Pavilion and said, "Su Qian, you don't need to follow, the throne has its own way in."

Su Qian: "........"



Su Qian nodded and answered, and in his heart, he cried and laughed, thinking, "This elder is really special."

Since he didn't want him to lead the way, then forget it.

He cried and laughed in his heart.

Of course, looking somewhat depressed as well, he continued, "Then Elder Jiang, you take your time to see, I'll leave now."

Jiang Ji nodded up casually and then looked at the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, his heart was very beautiful.

"Tsk tsk."

Once he entered the Hidden Scripture Pavilion, Jiang Ji was shocked, "What a nice place, it looks like there should be quite a few techniques and fighting skills."

These things would allow him to gain quite a bit of World Origin Power, and would also allow him to get a new upgrade in the grade of his Ninth Grade Dao Kung Fu.

When the time came, it would be a great benefit.

Then when he went to collect that foreign fire, he would be able to smoothly break through to the Great Perfection of Haphazard Dao Realm.

It would be considered complete in this way.

Jiang Ji was very satisfied in his heart, and then he whirled around and said, "The Canaan Academy's Hidden Scripture Pavilion is truly rich in books, and it should be able to give me an upgrade to my Ninth Grade Dao Kung Fu."

After the words ended, Jiang Qian disappeared into the Hidden Merit Pavilion by himself.

Su Qian opened his mouth and wanted to say something but couldn't, and then he left.

Jiang Lack was the boss here.

A person who could step on the entire Canaan Academy was by no means a simple person.

"I hope my decision is correct." Su Qianxin said, "The Canaan Academy was once famous throughout the Dou Qi Continent and was the first-rate cultivation school in the Dou Qi Continent, but after today, the Canaan Academy has already fallen."

So much so that Jiang Kang was all ready to step down.

It was really calling him up in his heart.

He had made Jiang Hou an honorary elder in Canaan Academy, and it was nothing more than wanting to use his strength to greatly advertise.

Even if there was even a hint of Jiang Hou's good intentions in the future, that would be the success of Canaan Academy.


It should be said that it was lucky.

Su Qian's heart was filled with great expectation, and he hoped that one day he would be able to break through the Dou Zong.

After all, Dou Zong was a bit too weak.

Thinking of this, Su Qian suddenly thought of something, "I wonder what kind of cultivation this Elder Jiang is, what kind of realm is he in that he doesn't even care about a thousand or two star Dou Zun powerhouse?"

The ability to crush two Dou Zun, at least it should be a high level Dou Zun.

It was possible that it was even stronger.

This kind of thing would probably not be said even if he went to ask the thousand and two honorary elders, after all, they were actually very faceless in the council hall before.

Su Qian probably couldn't have imagined that ever since Jiang Xiao had become the Honorary Elder of the Canaan Academy, he hadn't been idle.

This favor definitely had to be honored.

He also didn't want to destroy the Canaan Academy to the fullest, lest he wouldn't be able to look good when the time came.

Hai Bodong, Yun Yun, Qing Scales and the others had been settled by Su Qian, and there were many students and teachers in the Canaan Academy who were outraged and felt that Su Qian's actions were unfair, but all of them were suppressed.

By virtue of Su Qian's three star Dou Zong cultivation and his identity as the Grand Elder of Canaan Academy, it was enough to suppress them.

A few days later.

Xiao Yan arrived at the Canaan Academy and managed to meet up with Hai Bodong and the others, and his arrival gave the arrogant students in the academy a chance.

-- An opportunity to want revenge.

After all, they happened to learn that Xiao Yan was a disciple of Jiang Lack.

As the saying goes, when a father's debt is repaid by his son, the master's debt naturally has to be repaid by Xiao Yan as well, and since they cannot directly come to the door to look for trouble, they come up with another tactic to challenge Xiao Yan.

So they came up with another trick to challenge Xiao Yan. All sorts of provocative tactics were used one after another to force Xiao Yan to fight.

In the end, it was bitterly disappointing, but it was a great gain, and it also held the last line of defense, so it didn't make Jiang lack's face be lost.

Jiang Chi looked at the rows of bookshelves in front of him with a faint satisfaction, "Well, with so many techniques and fighting skills, it should be enough for me to raise my Ninth Grade Daoist Kung Fu to the Hedao Realm Great Perfection."

That would be good too.

He would then be able to use a portion of his World Origin Force to push his Ninth Grade Daoist Kung Fu until he reached the Great Perfection of the Closing Dao Realm.

The honorary elders of the Canaan Academy were really useful.

At least since Jiang Xiao had entered the Hidden Merit Pavilion, no one from the academy had come over to look for trouble, nor did he sleep much to say anything else.

Another day.

Calm had returned to the Canaan Academy.

But Jiang Chi's strange aura burst out, "The Ninth Grade Daoist Skill has reached the Hedao Realm Perfection, and now that I'm operating the Ninth Grade Daoist Skill, I can have some effect.

But that's still not enough.

I still need more world origin power heaps, hardened with the magical energy of origin power to push my cultivation up."

It was impossible to make him cultivate.

He also didn't want to cultivate, nor did he want to comprehend the Dao, especially the harder things got the further he went.

It just became more and more apparent that cultivation was an incredibly difficult thing to do.

It was impossible to cultivate, and in this lifetime, he, Jiang Someone, didn't want to cultivate.

How much better to directly push with the World Origin Force.

Pushing to the peak.

He didn't even need to comprehend the Great Dao himself.


On this day the entire Canaan Academy felt Jiang's scent and their faces were cold.

It was as if they were choking in their hearts.

Some were embarrassed and depressed, looking at Jiang Lack who was also a young man, but it was different when compared to them.

There was no gap before there was no comparison, but now there was a comparison naturally, and now the gap between them was growing.

There was envy, and jealousy was equally present.

Many people were envious, many looked flat.

For a while, the entire Canaan Academy was lively, calling people well shocked.

Su Qian's appearance was the most complicated.

He looked at the phantom breath that came out and said in his heart, "That Elder Jiang's breath has become much stronger again, although I don't know how strong he is, but it's terrifying."

Terrifying enough to suppress him.

This was depressing and embarrassing to watch.

Jiang lacked a cold look as he walked out of the Canaan Academy's Hidden Merit Pavilion and also muttered to himself, "This time I can safely go to the Heaven Burning Refining Tower and take a look."

Take a look at the legendary Exotic Fire Falling Heart Inferno, a divine exotic fire that could elevate one's state of mind and refine dou qi impurities.

Perhaps there would be a different view.

He slowly arrived at the council hall and said, "You all have come neatly, good."

Jiang Ji smiled and thought, "It's a good thing that these people have come like this, it saves a lot of effort."

If he was going to enter the Sky Burning Refining Tower, he would naturally need all the people who had previously entered the Sky Burning Refining Tower to come out, or else it wouldn't be good if something bad happened.

And at the same time.

That was to declare Jiang Chi as an honorary elder, although it was only an honorary elder, but he valued it, in case he got Jiang Chi's pleasure and instructed him a sentence or two, that would be good too.

And so the idea came to him.

Although honorary elders weren't important, Su Qian still attached great importance to it, and he solemnly announced, "Gentlemen, Lord Jiang has agreed to be our Canaan Academy's honorary elder, in the future, when you see Elder Jiang, you will be treated as if you were seeing Lord Dean, understand?"

The crowd: "..."

Once they heard Su Qian's words, they were confused.

They were stunned.

Thinking, "Elder Jiang?

Of course.

It was useless for them to ponder any more.

It was an ironclad fact that no voice was no voice, and weak strength was weak strength.

It was also unchangeable.

Three days later.

Jiang Chi and Su Qian discussed that he would enter the Sky Burning Refining Tower on this day, so to avoid spreading to the students of the academy, he told everyone to come out.

Even those who were proud and arrogant, even those who sent their pride and untamed disciples, were all driven out.

Although Su Qian didn't know what method Jiang Chi was going to use to resolve the matter of the Sky Burning Refining Tower, he thought that with this Elder Jiang's strength, it should be enough to easily deal with it.

The calm face revealed a strange color.

Jiang Chi slowly entered the Sky Burning Refining Tower under the attention of Hai Bodong, Xiao Yan and the others.

It was said that this Heavenly Burning Refining Tower was also produced by the Falling Heart Inferno, and to the people of Canaan Academy, this was equivalent to a treasure ground for cultivation, which was of great benefit to people's cultivation.

Jiang Mo looked calm, and the eyes that seemed to be somewhat ancient suddenly revealed a hint of anticipation.

He was somewhat looking forward to what was going to happen next.

Foreign Fire!

That's his chance to break through!


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