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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 970 - It's Over Before It Begins (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Canaan Academy.

Jiang Chi indifferently looked at Su Qian and the two people he brought before him, it was obvious that these two were the so-called cards of the Canaan Academy.

Namely, Thousand Hundred Two Elders.

Thousand Mu and Hundred Lie, these two people were the Canaan Academy's last means of card.

They were also the only two strong Dou Zun of the Canaan Academy, but they were only one or two stars.

They were a bit different from Old Man Muybone's three-star Dou Zun, so Jiang Jiang wasn't afraid at all.

It was just a one-star Dou Zun and a two-star Dou Zun.

He started after this Thousand Wood and Hundred Lie came in.

Naturally, Su Qian didn't know that he told everything to this Thousand Wood and Hundred Lie, and the Thousand and Hundred Second Elder was naturally angry.

So he followed Su Qian to see who was so terrifying that he even dared to come to the Canaan Academy.

Do you really think that their Canaan Academy is fake.

One must know that the two of them were genuine Dou Zun powerhouses, and in places like the Black Pointe Domain, they were supreme powerhouses.

Existences that could control the life and death of others with a single word, so they felt that they were incredibly strong.

Those who dared to come to the Canaan Academy to break in would all die.

However, the moment they entered the council hall, they felt a heavy pressure coming from them.

Immediately afterwards, the two of them felt their entire body freeze with dou qi, and then their entire body froze.

They could no longer move their dou qi, as if the dou qi in their bodies had been inexplicably imprisoned.


Before they could say anything else, they heard Su Qian say, "My lord, I wonder when you will begin?"

After all, it was a competition between strong people, after all, it was also a rare opportunity, if we could get the elders, teachers, and students of the academy to listen to it, maybe a little enlightenment.

It might be better if they could take the opportunity to break through.

After all, a strong man like Jiang Chi and the means of a thousand second elders were definitely enough for them to learn something.

It was just that Jiang Qiao smiled slightly and said, "No harm done, are all of you from Canaan Academy already here?

A thousand two old men, two strong Dou Zun, are not bad, but it's not enough.

The contest hasn't started yet, but it's actually over."

Jiang Mo's faint words were spoken with a calm look, and the contest would not be necessary.

Because it was over before it had even started, ever since the moment that Canaan Academy's thousands of second elders had come in, they had already fallen into Jiang Lack's eyes.

So this victory and defeat had already been split.

Su Qian: "........"

Jiang Qiao's words made him a bit stunned and said under his breath, "It hasn't even started yet, why is it ending?"

It sounds a bit mysterious.

Where is the end without the beginning and where is the end without the beginning?

He turned his head towards Thousand Hundred and Two Lao in puzzlement and said, "Thousand Hundred and Two Lao, why aren't you guys talking?"

It's okay to say something.

What's the point of not saying anything like this, he can't understand anything ah.

In his heart, he couldn't help but feel a little depressed, and continued to ask, "This Lord Jiang is a remarkable cultivator, but I also want to see the contest between you."

Thousand Hundred Second Elder: "......."

But they said nothing, and still stood quietly, as if that was all they could do.

Not saying a single word, or not daring to say anything, it was not good to say anything.

The Thousand Hundred Second Elder didn't say a single word, instead, Su Qian's face was frozen, and he said under his breath, "Things might have changed a bit, ah, has something happened to the Thousand Hundred Second Elder?"

As soon as this thought came up, it lingered in his mind.

Perhaps something had really happened to the Thousand Hundred Second Elder.

"But... but they're both strong Dou Zun, does that mean..."

Another thought suddenly popped up in Su Qian's heart, perhaps Jiang Qian was stronger than Dou Zun.

Thousands of two old men were no match.

Was this the end without the beginning?

He was startled and looked at Jiang lacking in amazement, "My lord, is it you...?"

What did this lord do?

Is he already so good at it?

"If he was really able to calm down two Dou Zun realm powerhouses in silence..."

Su Qian felt numb at the thought that Jiang Lack could easily suppress a strong Dou Zun.

If that was the case, then Jiang Lack's strength might be a bit terrifying.

He felt ugly and gloomy at the thought, "In that case, wouldn't I have offended a big man?"

A time when I just felt my brain and heart light up and looked bitter.

Things just became more and more helpless.

He suddenly said, "My lord, you'd better tell me directly, what kind of cultivation are you?"

Originally, he had wanted to find a thousand and two old men to try out Jiang Liao's strength, but now it seemed that Jiang Liao was even stronger than he had imagined.

This was a bit bitter.

The matter of the Canaan Academy's hidden scriptures had to continue, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

So he looked at the Thousand Hundred Second Olds once more and said, "Second Olds, are you all right?"

At this time, Jiang Xiao coughed and took away the momentum on his body, and the pressure on the thousand and two old men loosened.

They were only able to move and speak now, and they had all been suppressed by Jiang's Qi before, and they had no way to deal with it.

Dou Zun.

Even the Thousand Hundred Second Elders, who were the last card of the Canaan Academy, were nothing in front of Jiang Lack.

They were all no match for Jiang Lack.

Without making a move, he quietly suppressed their two Dou Zun level powerhouses.

This was definitely not something ordinary people could compare to.

So terrifying.

Just thinking about it made my forehead break out in cold sweat, how strong this person had to be.

Su Qian was also a bit dumbfounded now as he muttered, "It looks like this powerful existence is even more powerful than I imagined, right?"

He had no tears to cry.

Some of them got helpless, "The three conditions he said earlier have to be agreed to now."

He had no choice.

However, Su Qian suddenly thought, "This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it might be a great good thing for me, or for the Canaan Academy."


Su Qian thought of an idea, or a possibility.

Since this guy surnamed Jiang was so strong, and since he had all these kinds of strength, did it mean that he and the others had other opportunities.

A chance to succeed.

He, Su Qian, was only a three-star Dou Zong cultivator, and had been stuck in this realm for many years.

It was as if he had seen hope when he saw Jiang Lack.

Perhaps he had a chance to get a word or two of guidance from this lord and break through.

--After all, such legends were spread a lot in the Dou Qi Continent, and the fact that Jiang Chi had already agreed to negotiate his way here made Su Qian even more hopeful.


At this time, the Thousand Hundred Two Olds also finally came back to their senses and smiled bitterly at Jiang Chi for a while.

For them, today was probably the most terrifying thing they had ever encountered.

Originally, they had followed Su Qian in high spirits, and had come here with hopes of a contest.

But who knew.

As soon as they took their first step into this place, before they could even say a word, they felt the heavy pressure on their bodies.

That's right, Jiang Xiao was indeed not wrong.

It was true that they were over before they even started, and it was also true that they were no match for Jiang Liao.

The heart was inexplicably depressed.

Although this depression hadn't been able to be said yet, and there might not be a chance to say it again.

Facing Jiang Chi, after a glance at each other, the thousand two old men had to say, "Senior, I wonder if you are..."

They had never seen Jiang Xiao anyway, as if this person didn't exist.

It was a bit of a crying shame, the Canaan College that had stood on the Dou Qi Continent for countless years had actually ended up like this.

Thousand Second Elder really did not expect it.

With indifference in his heart, he secretly said, "This contest has not even begun, but it's actually over."

They two Dou Zun level powerhouses didn't even have the qualifications to become someone's opponent.

This had to be a great irony, at least for the Thousand Hundred Two Elders.

But they didn't dare to say anything to Jiang Chi, their hearts were inexplicably bitter, and they didn't dare to accuse anything.

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "There is no need for the two of you to be polite, since Elder Su Qianda previously asked you to compete with me, do you think there is still a need?"

Naturally, there were none.

It was so depressing.

It was fortunate that they were the ones who had seen it, or else a burst of hard dislike would have definitely angered Jiang Lack and how they would have died then.

Jiang Chi didn't reply to the words of the Thousand Hundred Second Elders, he only smiled faintly, "You don't know who this seat is even if you say so, you will also know what methods this seat has, and as for the purpose of this seat's visit, Elder Su Qianda also knows."

Upon hearing the words, the thousand two elders looked over at Su Qian.

Su Qian could only nod his head and said, "The purpose of this lord's visit, I have already told you, the Thousand Hundred Second Elders, and because of that, I intend to let you make some moves."

It was truly helpless to the extreme.

Even a thousand two-star Dou Zun level Dou Zun was actually no match, knowing that in a place like the Black Cape Domain, a nine-star Dou Zun was a super strong man, in charge of one side of the force.

As for the Dou Zong, it was for sitting purposes.

In other words, the Canaan College was different, he Su Qian Hall, a three-star Dou Zong powerhouse, actually had to come out to preside over the situation.

However, Dou Zun level powerhouses were really a bit scary, and were also all super cards for one side of the force.

Not true.

Other powers basically didn't have Dou Zun powerhouses.

That is, their Canaan Academy.

After thinking it through, Su Qian couldn't help but smile bitterly, "It seems that it's fitting that my Canaan Academy should have this calamity."

He couldn't help but be a bit bitter.

The look was depressing.

For a while, he was also a bit weepy and depressed, "It seems that having the two Dou Zun seniors take action is not going to work, the only way to salvage this matter for now is to try to salvage it as much as possible."

Su Qian's eyebrows raised and he looked strange.

He was now well aware of the Canaan Academy's situation, "As he generally said, if we really don't agree to those two conditions of his, I'm afraid that with his skills he can also turn our Canaan Academy upside down."


There's no way to dodge it.

Since it can't be dodged then forget it.


Su Qian's eyes flashed with light, secretly saying, "If... if I can pull this Lord Jiang into the scope of the Canaan Academy, perhaps....

It's not a bad thing."

Su Qian felt good about it and was in a good mood, but would Jiang Xiao really agree to them?

That would require a question mark.

This question was not in Su Qian's mind, he was actually afraid, if he angered this Lord Jiang as a result, wouldn't it be even worse.

"It's just that I have to give it a try no matter what."

He thought clearly in his heart, this matter was related to the survival of the Canaan Academy, it was vital and could not be ignored.

After a few breaths of time, Su Qian had a decision in his heart, "My lord, I have agreed to all of the conditions you previously stated on behalf of Canaan Academy, but..."

"But what?"

Jiang Ji's face was set and he asked with a cold gaze, "Doesn't Elder Su Qian have other ideas?"

Su Qian: "........"

He was at a loss for words.


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