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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 968 - Ground Hogs and Tile Dogs (Seeking Subscriptions)

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What about the Canaan College Law Enforcement Team?

With someone as strong as Jiang Liao backing him up, Haibodong felt no fear at all, because Jiang Liao was someone who could overpower even a strong three-star Dou Zun.

How could he be a simple person.


A bunch of chickens and dogs, that's all!

Honestly speaking, how could it be that Hai Bodong didn't take these people to heart, they were all just ordinary people, so why should he take them to heart?

Even though the strongest of these people were already at the Dou Huang level of cultivation, it still wasn't enough in his eyes.

One had to know which one of their party was not at the cultivation level of Dou Huang or above.

Even he, Hai Bodong, was equivalent to a nine-star Dou Huang.


His terrifying aura was suddenly like a storm, vastly routed down, terrifying and extraordinary.

It was not even good enough to be overbearing.

It also caused those law enforcement teams across the street to be slightly startled, and in the next moment, they all changed their faces.

So shocked.

A Dou Huang, actually a Dou Huang, or a nine-star Dou Huang.

Haibodong glanced coldly at those law enforcement officers and whirled, "Suppress!"

The mouth only gently drank out these two words, but the seal in his hand was quickly pinched, the means violent.

A streak of ice-colored light burst out from his hand, calling those disciples of the Canaan Academy's law enforcement team to look black.

They all said in their hearts, "You old man is actually a nine-star Dou Huang, you should have said so earlier."

Even the most arrogant students knew at the moment that a nine-star Dou Huang level powerhouse was definitely not something they could handle.

Even if there was the Canaan Academy's no-fly order here, they could only laugh bitterly, it couldn't be helped, who let them be weak.

Weakness was the original sin.

The so-called rules, that was the binding of the strong to the weak, definitely not the binding of the weak to the strong.

This was true no matter which world it was.

Jiang Xiao had a deep understanding of this.

"Quick, go inform the elders of the academy, these people are too strong, they're looking for trouble."

"Heavens, one of the people opening the way is a Nine Star Dou Huang, the ones behind him haven't even made a move yet."

"I don't know when exactly our Canaan Academy has offended such strong people, if they really are the academy's enemies, that's a real boo-boo."

It would definitely be scary.

At this moment.

Even the incomparably proud disciples of the law enforcement team had to acknowledge the strength of Jiang Lack's group.

Once they did, the consequences would be different.

They were almost spitting out old blood.

This was probably the first time.


And this scene was watched by many Canaan College students, admiring Haibodong's courage even more.

"They actually dared to even touch the law enforcement team, that's awesome, I'm afraid they don't want to hang around Canaan Academy in the future?"

"What strong people, I don't know where they came from, did they come to Canaan College to find trouble."

For a moment.

The entire Canaan Academy was like a pot exploding.

The unknown number of students were in awe of the arrival of Jiang Xiao's group.

Of course there were also those who were happy and those who were afraid.

There were even more confused ones.

It turned out that in their eyes unstoppable, that high up in the law enforcement team personnel, they were actually so vulnerable.

It was suppressed by someone's momentum.

Many people rejoiced also precisely because the law enforcement officers were so annoying, and now they were finally being punished.

"When really the wheel of wind and water changes."

"No, this is clearly called thirty years east of the river and thirty years west of the river."

"The reputation of the Canaan College Enforcement Team is finished."

"Don't forget, even if they fail, they're still above us."


That's a bad thing.

Many people grudgingly went to look at the man.

And at this moment.

There were quite a few elders in the Canaan Academy as well.

He needed to be in charge of almost all the big and small matters of the academy, while that headmaster was purely a hands-off person.

He might not even come to the Canaan Academy once every few decades.

Because he was only a Dou Zong.

So much so that it was not without reason that Canaan Academy was still standing in the center of the Black Pointe Domain for so many years.

But now.

He, Su Qian, had no bottom at all in his heart.

Because he was very scared up.

Even if he was a Dou Zong cultivator, he had to be condensed, "That Nine Star Dou Emperor is not enough to be feared, although he's a Dou Emperor, he's still far from a Dou Zong, so it's not enough to be feared.

The rest of those two women, one of them is a three-star Dou Huang and the other is equivalent to a five-star Dou Huang, but they aren't afraid.

But only the man in the middle who looks plain and unimpressive I can't see through, who exactly is he?"

In Su Qian's eyes, it was as if Jiang Jian was just an ordinary mortal, with no cultivation or strength, nor was there a great terror in his body.

This was just a first glance.

But he saw Jiang Chi flying in midair without relying on the help of others, and he was still stable, "This shows that he is definitely not as simple as just a mortal, he must be a cultivator, and a very strong one at that."

So strong that he, Grand Elder Su Qian, couldn't even see through it.

Great Elder ah.

It was really terrifyingly powerful.

For a while, Su Qian's face became more and more ugly.

However, there were elders who had a different view.

"Hmph, how audacious, these people dare to trespass into our Canaan Academy and openly injure our law enforcement students, what an outrage!"

"The punishment must be severe and serious!"

"These people are so defiant, what do they think this place is, their own backyard?"

"Another group of people who want to provoke our famous Canaan Academy, they really don't know what they're doing, if Canaan Academy was so easy to break into, it wouldn't be Canaan Academy anymore."

"No matter who they are, I suggest that they be dealt with strictly, after all, rules are rules, and since flying is forbidden here, they must be strictly enforced, otherwise who else will be willing to abide by them in the future?"


Such words rang out from the mouths of those elders around Su Qian, and also sounded a bit cryptic to Su Qian.

His facial skin twitched slightly as he said in his heart, "You guys are only at the peak of Dou Huang or one or two stars of Dou Zong, and you're just so defiant?"

Said he didn't even know what to say to that.

It was so depressing.

If things were this easy to resolve, he wouldn't have been so slow to make a move, and he wouldn't have been brooding over a resolute solution.

It was because of the bad solution and the powerful nature of the man in the middle that he didn't do anything.

And yet, he wanted to observe a little more.

"And taking action isn't the only option, ah." He laughed bitterly and said indifferently, "All of you just go away for a while, the one who is here is not good enough.

Do you think that someone has to be only a nine-star Dou Huang cultivator, and how would he dare to trespass into our Canaan Academy?

It's better for all of you to think carefully before you think about it."

Su Qian rudely scolded, strong people were not to be blasphemed, what if someone heard about it and thus angered the entire Canaan Academy.

Although their Canaan College background wasn't weak, and although their Canaan College wasn't bad in terms of strength, they would try to keep a low profile as much as possible, which was what Su Qian had always advocated.

Unfortunately, it was not implemented.

The academy's disciples were still my way, still very arrogant and indifferent.

Especially those in the law enforcement team.

Now that they've kicked the iron plate, I guess.

"Elder, aren't you afraid?"

"Yes, Elder, you're the pillar of our Canaan Academy, you can't say such discouraging things."

"Where are these people strong, a nine-star Dou Huang, a three-star Dou Huang, another one is about a five-star Dou Huang, and the remaining one is just an ordinary person."

"The Great Elder must be suspicious because his cultivation has gone wrong recently."


For a moment.

Su Qian didn't even know what to say, his face was livid and depressed.

These elders were still all just like that group of law enforcement team members, all of them were only looking at the surface, "The world is drunk and I'm awake, this is really not a taste that can be enjoyed by anyone."

He felt that there was a need to clean up the Canaan Academy in the future, which seemed to be the most important thing to mention everyone's thoughts by the way.

"Otherwise the only thing that will be cultivated will be some arrogant people." Su Qian had already made up his mind that he would carry out ideological education after this incident.

No matter if it was a teacher or a student.

He would have to do it both ways.

Otherwise, Canaan Academy might have to fold in their hands sooner or later, but back then, Dean Mang Tianzhu had made it very clear when he gave the account that he should manage Canaan Academy properly.

If he didn't manage it well, then something would definitely happen.

And the words of those people around him also made him feel that it was because he had failed to manage it properly.

At this moment.

Jiang Qiao and his group continued on their way, and only when they were close to the Canaan Academy did he ask condescendingly, "Of all of you, who is in charge of the Canaan Academy?"

Su Qian sighed helplessly, so he had to say before all the other elders spoke, "My name is Canaan College Grand Elder Su Qian, and I am the administrator of Canaan College, and the absence of the dean is my call."

He slightly arched his hand towards Jiang Chi, heart after saying really, then continued: "I do not know who you are, what is the purpose of coming to our Canaan College?

The Canaan Academy doesn't seem to have a grudge against Your Excellency, right?"

He remembered that Canaan Academy had never offended a character like Jiang Chi, so there should be no hatred or enmity.

Who knew that Jiang Xiao said in a cold voice, "I heard that Canaan Academy had a reputation in the past and had trained many strong people for the Dou Qi Continent.

So I came to have a look and admire the elegance of the Canaan College.

But just now, I was disgusted by your Canaan Academy's law enforcement team, so I also have hatred and enmity."

It was a bit far-fetched to say so, but he still couldn't help but secretly scold those people from the law enforcement team in his heart, why don't they have any eyesight at all.

Net causing trouble.

Jiang Qiao's words made Su Qian feel numb and didn't know how to respond.


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