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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1341 - Finally Hitting the Road (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Tang Sanzang's heart began to become complicated, and after Jiang Fei broke the key to this, he felt like he was carrying a heavy burden.

It was thick.

A badly handled one might not be able to finish the matter of the degree.

That wasn't necessarily a good thing, specifically he didn't think about it.

It was just that Tang Sanzang hadn't expected things to be this complicated no matter what, and he seemed to be involved in a very scary vortex.


That's not necessarily a good thing.

He silently thought to himself, "I'm just a monk, just a monk, no politics involved ah."

Originally, Tang Sanzang felt that his thoughts were very simple, he really just wanted to be very ordinary to the world.

That was all.

And didn't think much about it.

But now.

After Jiang Fei broke the key to this, his heart became a bit baffled.


A heavy heart.

Suddenly, he felt that he was carrying a heavy burden, resulting in a lot of pressure.

It made him feel depressed and sad, and his mood wasn't exactly beautiful.

Not good to be whole.

"Sanzang, now you're thinking clearly."

Jiang Jian continued, "The complexity of this is definitely not something you can imagine.

And ah.

When you retrieve the True Sutra, will these rulers of the upper class stop you from preaching the Buddha?

You know, there's more than a little bit of method, and if people really try to stop you, the consequences will be unimaginable."


Once again.

Tang Sanzang felt the gravity of the situation, and his heart felt heavy.

It was depressing.

He felt that he was still weak and didn't think that much about it, so he shouldn't get involved.

However, according to what Jiang lacked, he couldn't even get involved without getting involved.

As long as he retrieved the true scriptures, as long as he started preaching the Dharma, he would definitely offend many people.

At that time, these people might have other ideas.

This was not good.

He had no way to deal with it, so he could only ask Jiang Chi, "Inspector Jiang, I wonder if you have any solutions?"

He can't help it anyway.

Feeling the pain.

He hadn't meant to, and Naylor didn't think this was going to be the way he thought it was going to be.

How did things get to this state.

Jiang Gou's look was strange, "Sanzang, not that I'm talking about you, although saving the world's heavens is good, those sutras in Buddhism are somewhat unrealistic.

To be frank.

This world, after all, is the world of ordinary people, and it's a bunch of mortals living here after all.

It's good and there's nothing wrong with you wanting to ease the world, wanting to ease people out of their suffering.

But bar.

I think you need to think through the problem of how you are going to preach the true scriptures after you get them back.

And that, is the purpose of the banquet that this official has called for today, previously His Majesty he also meant this."

Tang Sanzang: "........"

He had to admit that he felt that Jiang Liao was right, and that he had a good sense of what he was saying.

He hadn't run through all of them yet, but he also understood that what Jiang Liao had said was actually correct.


Tang Sanzang felt some crooked reasoning again, and felt that it didn't have much to do with him.

So, he wanted to refute it, but he didn't know what reason to find to refute it.

His heart was empty.


Tang Sanzang had a feeling of exasperation and shame, but the reality was too cruel for him to accept.

In his heart, it was even more like five thunderbolts.

It was hard to calm down.

"So there are still so many things involved in taking the scriptures."

Tang Sanzang sighed in his heart, "Previously, it was all because I thought too simply, things were far from as simple as I thought."

He got it.

He, Tang Sanzang, was still too superficial, still too ordinary, a little too normal.

The journey to the Western Sky was a hundred and eighty thousand miles away, and such a distance would never be possible for them to travel.

It would only be miserable.

But it couldn't be left unattended, and Tang Sanzang said incessantly, "Inspector Jiang, in that case, the poor monk will set out again next month."

He had decided that he would first follow Jiang Chi to learn more about it.

It was still very early to take the sutra anyway, and there was no hurry.

He didn't think it was a big problem.

Thinking of this, Jiang Ji continued, "So very good, the fact that you can think like this, Sanzang, fully shows that you understand the situation and appreciate the world's Ordinary people."

"Inspector Jiang is overly flattered."

Tang Sanzang blushed, and was a little cryptic and embarrassed by the praise from Jiang Qian.

He didn't feel he was quite worthy.

Compared to someone like Jiang Qian, he was a waste without any talent, just a kid.

Too weak.

He didn't even know that the future of the world would need a figure like Jiang Lack to govern it.

He, Tang Sanzang, would only go for scriptures, which couldn't turn into food or resources.

In comparison, he felt that what Jiang lacked said was actually very reasonable.

Ordinary people, as long as they could live, they had no distress, they were not afraid of anything else.

But what he, Tang Sanzang, wanted to degrade were instead those people who were profit-motivated, and instead, those who actually controlled the Tang.

For example, those world families.

They were the most frightening of the bunch.

"But, how can those people be degraded?"

Tang Sanzang's heart was a little depressed, and he didn't know how to resolve it.

At this time.

Jiang Ji added, "Sanzang, just don't worry, things aren't as bad as you think, we can still save it."

He understood very well that Tang Sanzang now believed in him, which was enough to show that his ploy had worked.

This monk.

Still quite simple.

At least.

The current Tang Sanzang hadn't experienced too much and wasn't versed in the ways of the world, and hadn't honed in on being smooth yet.

It was normal to be fooled.


In Jiang Kou's opinion, he didn't fool Tang Sanzang, but rather a serious analysis.

This was also the problem that the Great Tang was currently facing, except that he maximized the negative impact of Tang Sanzang's westward journey to get his scriptures.

It was what caused Tang Sanzang to panic a bit.

It was also somewhat believable.

Jiang Jiang patted Tang Sanzang's shoulder and told him that this matter needed to be taken slowly and could not be rushed.

After mingling with the noblemen, when the Mahayana Dharma was collected and returned, they could slowly begin to subdue them.

This is a long-term solution.

Otherwise, it's all a lie.

After a round of persuasion, Tang Sanzang's blood boiled again.

What he had to do was not just to get the scriptures in the west.

Most importantly, the journey to get the scriptures was far away, and I don't know when it will end.

Fetching the sutra back, it means to preach Buddhism, otherwise the sutra and and use.

It would be better not to fetch it at all.

"Sanzang, you can figure it out, you are a member of the Great Tang, you are the Tang Emperor Li Er... Li Shimin's befriended brother, you should shoulder a certain amount of Responsibility."

Jiang said with great emphasis.

I heard Tang Sanzang nod heavily, "Inspector Jiang, the poor monk feels that what you have said is all very reasonable, I wonder if I can learn from you?"


Jiang lacked an eyebrow, and his voice changed, "But you'll have to read the Buddhist scriptures to me every day, even though I think the Buddhist teachings are quite impractical at times , but there's no harm in listening."

"Do you really want to hear it?"

Tang Sanzang was stunned, "As long as you are willing to listen, the poor monk is still happy to read it."

"That's perfectly fine."

Jiang said, "But don't repeat the contents of the Buddhist scriptures you read each day, it's only good to hear something fresh."

In fact.

Jiang Chi just wanted to listen to the Buddhist scriptures more.

Thus gaining some world origin power, there was no other thought at all, and this purpose was definitely not something that Tang Sanzang could think of.

He didn't even know what Jiang Xiao thought.

Right now.

Jiang Chi was looking on calmly, looking forward to it, "This way, we'll be able to learn from each other, and we'll be able to learn in less than a month.

What do you think, Sanzang?"

After hearing the words.

Tang Sanzang only felt a bright light and said, "That's the best, it's decided."

He felt that this method of Jiang Chi was very good.

It was very intentional in it, and it sounded very interesting.

It would be a success for himself if he was able to dull Jiang Chi.

Wasn't it just one more month of delay.

He, Tang Sanzang, decided that this month's delay was just a delay, no big deal.

Just give it.

Thinking about these situations, his heart naturally filled with joy, "Jiang inspector ambassador said very well, tomorrow, the poor monk will come back to you to talk about the scriptures! Worldly."


Jiang Jian was full of promise, "Go find His Majesty, when you just ran into him, he said there was something he wanted to talk to you about."

In fact.

In a quiet moment.

Jiang Lack had already greeted His Majesty Li Er.

Try to delay Tang Sanzang.

In fact.

The most fundamental reason was because of time.

It wasn't that the Great Tang needed time, nor was it that Tang Sanzang needed time, but that he, Jiang Liao, needed time.

A long enough time.


He obtained some origin power and had already saved up quite a bit.

"If I get another half month of Buddhist sutras from Tang Sanzang, I might be able to obtain more."

Jiang Qian pondered, "In this way, there will be hope for a breakthrough, and this time it's the Earth Immortal Great Perfection.

What I lack, however, is precisely time, enough time for me to break through to become a strong person.

As long as I have enough time, I can break through in a short period of time and just save up my origin power."

And the method of breaking through.

It's nothing more than more dangerous.

But there was a chance.

Without a long enough time, it would be difficult for him to even collect the World Origin Force, let alone break through.

It was even more of an extravagant pursuit.

"That's why I've come up with this plan, I hope Tang Sanzang can stay a little longer."

Jiang Gui secretly said, "Nowadays, Tang Sanzang is the one person I can contact to collect origin power, still a mortal, no danger.

In the other powers, there are many techniques, but they are also dangerous, such as the three religions, as well as the Western Spirit Mountain Buddhism, and even the Heavenly Court, which should have many techniques.

But either one of them, for me, won't work.

It's really too difficult.

None of them are good matchmakers."

Jiang Xiao's heart was well aware of these situations, so he needed to slow Tang Sanzang down and get as much benefit from him as possible.

At the same time.

Also to buy time for his breakthrough.

Long enough so that he could collect more origin and then make the breakthrough.

Otherwise, it would be useless.

There was nothing they could do.

In his heart, he was helpless, "Sanzang, you can't blame it on for, it's all forced."

The next day.

Tang Sanzang indeed came to him.

He also patiently taught, while instilling some new concepts in Tang Sanzang, telling him that some things are not as simple as they seem.

There might also be deeper meanings.

Of course.

Whether or not Tang Sanzang heard it clearly, Jiang Jiang didn't know, but through Tang Sanzang's readings, he did gain quite a bit of origin power.

Together with what he had saved before, there were quite a few in total.

"This time, for should be able to break through to the Earth Immortal Great Perfection."

Jiang Ji secretly thought to himself, this continued for a full half month, and when he was absolutely sure, Jiang Ji was only ready to break through.

Only then did he end the exchange between him and Tang Sanzang.

Of course.

This time Jiang lacked also gained tremendous benefits.

He believed.

It was time for him to make a breakthrough.

A few more words of advice to Li Er to continue to retain Tang Sanzang for some more time would be fine, he thought.

"In this way, I should be able to break through without waiting for how far away Tang Sanzang is."

Jiang Jiang was satisfied, "When Tang Sanzang hasn't even left the Two Realms Mountain, I might have made a successful breakthrough, and I might even go to the Two Realms Mountain and wait for him! ?"

Tang Sanzang was unaware of these circumstances.

One month later.

Jiang Xiao was still in closed-door cultivation.

Knowing that he couldn't keep Tang Sanzang, Li Er personally sent him outside Chang'an City to present a purple and gold mantle plus a white horse as a financial support.

"Sanzang, remember to retrieve the true scriptures."

Li Er sincerely instructed Tang Sanzang, "You hold in your body, the hopes of many people, I hope that you will not forget the Tang in the future, and also do not Forget me."

"Your Majesty, the poor monk will never forget that he is a great Tang."

After receiving the customs clearance ultimatum, Tang Sanzang finally embarked on the road to the west and began his journey to the Great Thunder Sound Temple in the Western Spiritual Mountain to worship the Buddha and seek scriptures.

This journey was eighteen thousand miles away!

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