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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1339 - Great Tang Inspection Ambassador (Seeking Subscription)

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If it could be implemented in its entirety, the Great Tang would definitely gain benefits.

But it would also depend on the specific method that Jiang lacked.

If the specific method worked, he couldn't help but try it, even if the Gods and Buddhas were very powerful.

It also depended on ordinary people to exist.

If ordinary people were restricted.

The Buddhas within the Great Tang would be restricted by the imperial court, and the divine power would not be able to override the imperial power.

That was certain.


Li Er wanted to give it a try.

What if he succeeded?

In this world, the human race was the main character.

Even if Buddhism wanted to preach and gain merit and luck, the human race was the main focus.

Losing the support of the human race, they were nothing.

After hearing the words.

Jiang Ji quickly began to explain, "Actually, the solution is very simple, all you need is for His Majesty to issue some decrees, write them into the Great Tang Laws, and command them to be strictly followed.

First of all, all monks and Taoists are to be included in the management system.

But all Taoist monasteries, temples, etc., must be sealed by the imperial court to be considered legal, otherwise they are not legal and are subject to crackdown.

And there were many means of crackdown, such as banning land use, banning the opening of Taoist outlooks, temples, etc., banning the recruitment of disciples, banning the buying and selling of other household goods, and also banning ordinary people from joining and other measures.

Even though those who were successful in their cultivation could not be controlled by the imperial court, but since they wanted to recruit disciples, they would certainly come into contact with ordinary people.

Ordinary people, on the other hand, would need to eat, drink, and sleep.

From all these aspects, they can be restricted, and the specifics can be adjusted by His Majesty according to actual needs.

In the beginning, there might be difficulties, and those old guys with successful cultivation will definitely jump out to seek out trouble.

At this time, Your Majesty, you will need a carrot and a stick to manage the Daoist temples and monasteries in this world.

In this way, the world will always be under your administration, Your Majesty, and as long as you control the most basic things, allowing either the Daoists' Gods and Buddhas are no match against Your Majesty."

Li Er: "...and..."


After listening to Jiang Xiao's words.

There was a feeling of thatch, "Yeah, those Immortal Demons Gods and Buddhas, if they want to preach, they have to accept disciples, unless they are the kind that have been living in the deep woods for a long time.

Otherwise, for that kind of ordinary person, I can completely control it, no matter what aspect from clothing, food, housing and transportation.

Based on this.

I will have all sorts of benefits ah."

That's right.

It's true that he, Li Er, has no way to manage immortal cultivators.

But the disciples of your immortal cultivators, he can always manage to prevent people from selling things to you, which is always fine.

Of course.

As an immortal cultivator with great strength, you can also go loot and steal.

But then, the karmic entanglement would be big.

He, Li Er, could also mobilize the human race's qi golden dragons and so bombard them, and then, regardless of whether you were an immortal or not, you would have to be unlucky.

It was also just as Jiang Xiao had said.

There were many means anyway.

As long as they were controlled properly, you could definitely gain great benefits.

"This plan is quite good, plus your side is delaying the world for me, thinking that in a short period of time Tang Sanzang won't return, this time frame , is my chance ah."

Li Er's heart was thinking clearly, "This time, it might actually work."

Because of the chaotic nature of the heavens, even someone as powerful as Rulai Buddha would not be able to act out the heavens.

As for using divine sense to view it.

It wasn't like that mighty person had nothing to do, so how could he keep an eye on the earth at all times.

It doesn't exist.

He was a God and Buddha from on high, and even if he took a nap, many years had passed in the mortal world.

By the time his old man came back to his senses, people might have already changed their dynasties.


Li Er was also so satisfied.

He continued, "Jiang Daoist, the method you mentioned, I think it's very good, if you don't go and procrastinate, you can instead..."

He actually wanted Jiang Chi to preside over this matter.

But Jiang Yao shook his head, "No, I can't, I absolutely can't do this, you need to send many people to do it, maybe the sea will want a large army Suppression, after all, there are many jumping clowns in this world."

Although Li Er valued his Jiang's lack of talent.


Talent or anything else, it didn't matter.

For someone like Jiang Lack, only cultivation was the most important thing, nothing else mattered.

Li Er understood.

But he wanted to give it a try.

Jiang Ji waved his hand and continued, "Your Majesty, you don't need to persuade me any further, my mind is made up."

The next thing.

He didn't know what to do.

To know.

It was also difficult to stall Tang Sanzang's journey west.

"Your Majesty, the poor Tao will try to stall for you for as long as possible, but this time is only a few decades at most."

Jiang said, "You have to think about it yourself, and the future emperor will have to continue with this plan, as well as take control as quickly as possible. "

"This is natural."

Li Er nodded, "I naturally understand the truth of what you're saying, and I'm well aware of the seriousness of this matter, so naturally I won't mess around.

However, are you sure that your side can delay this?"

Li Er stated that he was a bit skeptical.

Did Jiang Lack really have this kind of strength.

Could it be that he was not joking.

Anyway, he sounded a bit strange that you, Jiang Ji, are only at the late Earth Immortal Realm.

Since that Guanyin Bodhisattva dared to let Tang Sanzang go to the Western Heaven on foot, he must have arranged some means for him, there was no way he would let Tang Sanzang risk his life.

"Don't worry."

Jiang Jiang said, "To say that killing Tang Sanzang might not work, but to say that delaying him for some time, it's still possible.

And, the last few days will do.

Guanyin Bodhisattva had said that he asked Tang Sanzang to go to the Western Heaven as soon as possible to obtain the true scriptures, after all, it is a hundred and eighty thousand miles and the journey is extremely distant.

But he didn't say on which day he would leave.

Your Majesty, you can take advantage of your sworn brotherhood and your status as the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty to delay him for a few days each.

A day is a day.

In addition, Your Majesty, you can also pardon me for an official position and I can go and delay him for a few days as well.

After he Tang Sanzang is on his way, I can likewise go and stall him for some time, so why not.

That's good.

In this way, the poor will be able to have a justifiable status to stall him Tang Sanzang.

He is a loyal and patriotic man, at least for now, so this method should be very effective."

"Wonderful, really wonderful."

Li Er smiled, "In this way, before Tang Sanzang leaves Chang'an City, he might have to delay for more than a month, which you Go trip him up a little more, and another few months will pass."

Well, time.

It will then be like running water, clattering away.

There won't be any left at all.

Li Er was happy.

This was only a pretty good ending.

Of course.

At this moment, Tang Sanzang had already gone back to Jinshan Temple to prepare.

He didn't know about Li Er and Jiang lack's discussion, nor did he know what they were thinking, if he did, I wonder how he would feel.

"Jiang Dao, since you are to be pardoned for an official position, I wonder what official position you think is more appropriate?"

Li Er wasn't familiar with it.

That system at the court was clearly not suitable.

Nor could it be used on Jiang Liao.

Right now, nothing would be more suitable than to re-create a new position, and anyway, for Jiang Liao, just having that name would do.

Nothing else mattered.

Whether it was real power or not or whatever, it didn't matter.

Right now, Li Er was also in a dilemma.

He hadn't thought of a good way to place a big brother like Jiang Lack.

Although, Jiang Lack, a big brother, was still a bit different compared to other big brothers.

But actually, he wasn't bad anymore.

"Well position."

Jiang Lack contemplated, "Actually, just a name will do, none of them need a real official position."

With a proper identity, many things would be much easier for him to handle.

It wouldn't be too daunting, and he wouldn't be looked down upon.

The most important thing was to be recognized by Tang Sanzang, to be fully acknowledged by him.

Otherwise, it was also useless.

"Your Majesty, how about calling it an Inspection Ambassador?"

Jiang Jiang said, "It means inspecting the world, inspecting for you, your majesty, even if in the future, except within the Great Tang, the poor can use this identity to delay Tang Sanzang.

In addition, it doesn't matter if this inspector's identity is famous or unimportant, it's just right.

Although it is a self-created official position, as long as His Majesty decrees it, this will all be different."


I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I can. ?"

Would Don Sanzang really approve?

What a joke.

He always felt a bit he couldn't possibly, and also found this whole thing, a bit unbelievable.

"Your Majesty, don't worry."

Jiang Xiao smiled, "Absolutely, the inspector is not an ordinary status, to some extent, the inspector is a minister of admiralty ah. "

"If you explain it that way, it seems pretty good."

On hearing that, Li Er was also delighted, "By then, Tang Sanzang won't have anything to pick on, after all, you represent me."

By forcing Tang Sanzang to take care of Jiang Lack, this managed to delay.

It was very, very exciting to think about, "No matter what, the Great Tang cannot become a tragic person who is counting at the hands of their gods and Buddhas."

He, Li Er, would not allow it.

"Your Majesty, we are all working hard for this."

Jiang Ji said, "It may be arduous and difficult in this process, but there are things that even if we don't do them, naturally It can't work."

"I understand all that."

Li Er sighed, "Otherwise, how would I have joined forces with you."

He also had no choice.

As the ruler of a country, as an emperor, he was already a high ranking person before.

But being calculated by those gods and Buddhas, this was like a great humiliation to Li Er.

His heart was grief-stricken and ten thousand times harder to accept.

It was simply hard to blame him.

He absolutely would not allow this.

That's why there was an alliance with Jiang Qian and all kinds of discussions with him.

"Good, inspecting envoy on inspecting envoy, this official position is quite suitable for you."

This moment.

Li Er sort of acknowledged Jiang Lack's identity, a very official one.

Great Tang's inspecting envoy.

With a single decree from Li Er, everything would be resolved.

From now on.

Whether it was to fool Tang Sanzang or to do something else, there was a Great Tang inspector's ambassador identity on his person.

Jiang Hou would be much easier to handle.

Many things would be justified.

After all, he was an inspector ambassador, and he could inspect the world in place of His Majesty Li Er of the Great Tang.

After having such a reason, Jiang Hou could naturally be more secretive.

He happily said, "Your Majesty, that Tang Sanzang has returned to the Jinshan Temple this time, but he has gone to prepare.

It seems that he will continue to return to Chang'an City soon, and will come to complete the ritual of bidding you farewell.

You can tell him that you need to bathe and change your clothes for seven days to show your respect for Buddhism.

Tang Sanzang is already a man who values Buddhism, and he will definitely agree..."

Immediately after.

Jiang lacked many more devious ideas for His Majesty Li Er, and under such a method, it had an important significance for delaying Tang Sanzang's time.

It was important.

Of course.

Tang Sanzang didn't know what Jiang Liao was thinking, nor did he know Li Er's calculations.

As for the Buddhist side.

Because Guanyin Bodhisattva thought to herself that she had already arranged everything, naturally nothing would happen.

Plus, the sky was already chaotic before that, so it couldn't be pinched.

She, however, had already left Chang'an City and had long since gone to see the Sun Monkey that was crushed under the Five Elements Mountain.

On that day.

Tang Sanzang did return from the Jinshan Temple as Jiang lacked the side he said.

He entered the palace at the first time and met the saint.

But by this time, Jiang Jiang was already an inspector personally pardoned by His Majesty Li Er.

His portrait had been spread throughout the courtiers and was well known by those people, lest they start a conflict in the future.

"O imperial brother, come, come, I'll introduce you ah."

Li Er pulled Tang Sanzang and said, "This Jiang lacking Jiang Dao, is the Great Tang's inspector, you have met him..."

Since when, there was actually one more inspector in the Tang territory.

Tang Sanzang: "........"

Wait, what about the scriptures in the west?


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