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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1338 - Li Er's Thoughts (Seeking Subscriptions)

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South Zhanbu Continent.

Middle Earth Great Tang, inside the imperial palace.

Li Er's gloomy face that was about to drip water was so unsightly, "They are really bullying people!"

You know you're being counted out, but you still have to act hard with them.

With good luck, you play the part well.

If you're unlucky, you won't be able to get anything for yourself or for Datang.

What's even more depressing is that you get nothing, but you still have to cooperate with others in the performance.

What kind of reasoning is this?

He couldn't figure it out, an old face all dark and unsettled, "If there's a chance, if they have that kind of strength, I will make them look good."

Can Gods and Buddhas just be high and mighty?

Can you just do whatever you want and ignore everything?

He doesn't understand.

In fact.

It's still true that you can do whatever you want.

Being powerful meant everything, and you could do anything.

At this time.

A guard came to report, "Your Majesty, there is a man who claims to be able to relieve the anger in your heart, Your Majesty, and has asked for an audience."

"A man?"

Li Er was stunned at the news, "Did he say his last name?"

"Not yet."

The guard replied, "Its words will be explained after meeting your majesty."

"Invite him in."

After Li Er hesitated, he continued, "I would like to see what kind of skills he has."

In fact, Li Er was also trying to be a wise ruler and a useful monarch.

The appearance of the Daoist was beyond his expectation.

For a moment.

Jiang Ji appeared in front of Li Er, he arched his hands and said, "Meet Your Majesty, poor Daoist Jiang Ji, this is a special trip to pay his respects."

"What is your business?"

"I have come to relieve your Majesty's sorrow, and at the same time to plan my own good."

"You know that I am sorrowful?"

"Although I have not experienced what has happened before, I have heard of it, and the matter of the Water and Land Law Society proves my suspicions even more. The sorrow of the world, and I know it naturally."

"You are clever."

"Although the poor Dao cultivates immortality and asks for help, it is still a human race."


Li Er looked at Jiang Lack seriously, as if he wanted to see something.

He was unaware of Jiang Liao's heel, and didn't dare to act rashly since he was afraid that outsiders would know what he was thinking.

After all, Buddhism was at stake.

He didn't say anything more, just looked silent, honestly, Li Er wasn't even sure if this Daoist, was here to swindle him.

"Your Majesty doesn't believe me?"

Seeing this look on Li Er's face, where was Jiang Qian that he didn't understand ah.

He wasn't angry.

It was normal for Li Er not to believe it.

It would be a ghost if he believed it.

Upon hearing this, Li Er nodded up slightly, "Where is Jiang Daoist?"

"Nothing more, just trying to get something back, just don't want the humans to be the biggest losers."

"How can I trust you?"

"The poor dao has no way to print this matter, it requires your majesty to judge for yourself, I can't provide anything."

Even taking a Heavenly Dao oath wasn't much use.

He wasn't from this world, and it was hard to say if the Heavenly Dao of this side of the world was in charge.

Li Er: "........"

It was indeed difficult for Li Er to be sure of what Jiang Gou said, and he wasn't even sure if Jiang Gou had said it on purpose.

The sky was big.

As such, Li Er had met quite a few people like Jiang Lack.

If it was true....

That would be terrifying.

Thinking about it, it was still a bit horrifying.

He also didn't dare to easily agree, "In case he is sent by Buddhism to test me..."

The consequences of that are unthinkable.

It was really hard to accept.

"Your Majesty, although you and Tang Sanzang are brothers with different surnames, to a certain extent, you can allow the human race to gain the benefits of traveling west to get the scriptures."

Jiang Qiao said, "However, have you ever thought that if this world were to believe and be a Buddha on a large scale, who would farm and procreate and who would defend the country?

When the divine right is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the imperial power will be shaken, the world will be in chaos, and the country will not be a country.

Your Majesty is always cautious of himself, and wants to be the Emperor of a thousand ages, and a wise ruler; but, Your Majesty, have you thought what you will do when the divine power is great? One Mingjun?"


Jiang Jiang's words actually spoke to Li Er's heart.

But he didn't know how to break the game.

In comparison, the human race was simply too weak.

It simply wasn't enough.

"Gods and Buddhas are all powerful and are preaching in the human race to gain luck."

Li Er said in a deep voice, "It's not impossible to drive the tiger and swallow the wolf, it's a plan in the end."

"I'm afraid it can't be as you wish, Your Majesty." Jiang Jiang said, "Nowadays, the Daoist sect is fading, and is not strong enough to fight against Gods and Buddhas."

"If they cannot counteract it, how can the human race refuse?" Li Er sneered, "Besides, you also seem to be a human, you have your own purpose for coming here, right?"

"The human race can't refuse, but they can maneuver around and gain more benefits from it."

Jiang Ji explained, "In addition, although I am a Daoist, I am not the same as those Immortal Demons and Gods and Buddhas.

What I seek is the Dao, and I am not a disciple of the Three Pure Ones, nor am I of the Immortal System, nor am I of the Western Spirit Mountain lineage.

I, Jiang Chi, am a human cultivator, a member of the human race, and I can naturally gain benefits from the process of carrying out my plans.

For example, those techniques, those cultivation resources, pills, magic treasures, and so on.

The human race, on the other hand, can also gain benefits, and can have Mahayana Buddhist teachings spread to the Eastern Lands, but absolutely no divine Buddha generation can interfere in the Eastern Lands.

The human race needs the right to speak, and the Great Tangri, too."

"So, you came here, looking for my cooperation?"

Li Er asked faintly.


Jiang Ji continued, "Because the poor Tao knows that you, in fact, Your Majesty, are in great need of someone to stand up for you.

It's not like you can do it yourself, after all, you are the Emperor.

And in the entire Tang Dynasty, those ministers, civil and military, governing the world may still have a set of skills.

But to say that they are counting on the generation of Gods and Buddhas, it's unlikely that anyone would dare, and these people have more or less the shadow of Gods and Buddhas behind them.

Therefore, none of them are chosen by Your Majesty.

Of course, it's not like you have to choose me, Your Majesty, but I can only say that I'm the best choice for you, Your Majesty.

What do you think?"

Li Er: "........"

Even though he was a hundred times reluctant, Li Er had to admit one thing.

All of Jiang Xiao's words were actually the truth, and he really didn't have any way to deal with them.

After all, the God Buddha was strong.

And most of the people in the court had an unspoken relationship with the God Buddha.

That wouldn't do either.

It's even worse for the people close to them, and those who are close to their hearts.

They didn't have the strength.

He, Li Er, on the other hand, had the heart to want to do it.

Unfortunately, he was the emperor, the ruler of a country, and absolutely had to do it.

It was impossible for him to personally go to battle.

At the same time, there was no way he could go in person.

It would require an advocate.

Unless he, Li Er, did not hear of it and cooperated fully with the eastward spread of Buddhism, making Buddhism unhindered.

But then, Li Er's reputation as a Thousand Ancient Emperors would only be greatly threatened and battered.

It was never the monarch's power.

When the day began.

After the monarchy's divine right overrides the divine right.

The emperor wouldn't mean much.

At that time, the world would have changed.

As an aspiring emperor, Li Er would never allow his Great Tang to become a place where others could wreak havoc.

Not before.

He would never allow it in the future either.

Jiang Chi was very clear.

Naturally, he was able to understand the situation.

"Your analysis is correct, and what you say makes sense."

Li Er suddenly raised his eyebrows, "Then, dare I ask Jiang Daoist, what is your cultivation?"

If it was a strong man, then it would be possible to cooperate.

But Jiang Chi was just an ordinary person, so there was no need for that.

"Late Earth Immortal Realm, will break through to Earth Immortal Great Perfection in a few days."

Jiang Chi said, "This realm is not too strong, but yes it's not bad, after all, I broke through very quickly, from a mortal to the Now, it's only a decade or two of work."

"That is indeed considered to be a genius." Li Er nodded, "But I don't know, where do you study under, Daoist?"

"Without a teacher, it's all up to me to cultivate."

Jiang Ji explained, "That's why I need more cultivation resources, that's why I need more techniques and spells, to gather the strengths of others and cultivate the Get out of your own way and make your own path."

The words.

True or false, true or false.

After dabbling in it, Li Er couldn't tell if it was true or false.

But true was more.

He really didn't have any mentorship, at least not in this world.

In this case, Li Er could naturally go check it out.

He also believed that what Jiang Lack said was true, and could never lie to himself on such a trivial matter, because he couldn't lie either.

"Then you're really a genius."

Li Er quipped, "There's no problem working with you, but..."

"Your Majesty, please speak."

Jiang Qian smiled slightly, "Since we have a basis for cooperation, then everything else is not a problem, what do you think?"

It was natural.

Li Er also cannot be denied.


Counting on the gods and goddesses of the heavens and the Buddha is clearly making himself uncomfortable ah.

Seeing this.

Li Er continued, "With your late Earth Immortal realm cultivation, I'm afraid that it's not enough to counter the Gods of the Heavens Buddha, right?"

The division of the cultivation realm was still clear to Li Er.

The Earth Immortal Realm.

It could only be said to be much stronger than a mortal.

After all, it was considered to be an immortal.

In reality, compared to a truly strong person, it was nothing.

Nor could it be compared to.

That Guanyin Bodhisattva had the cultivation of the Great Luo Golden Immortal Realm, but the District Earth Immortal Realm was not even a Heavenly Immortal.

How could it compete with the powerful Buddhists.

It's simply impossible.

Can't resist.

This was something Li Er naturally had to doubt.

In case the Buddhists found out his intentions, he might implicate the entire Great Tang, perhaps.

It must be known that there was also a previous record.

Back then, this was how the Shang was pressed to death, so there was the story of the rise of the Zhou and the destruction of the Shang.

But it's not just a story.

It's also a fact.

A terrifying reality.

There was simply no way around it.

Jiang Chi's eyes flickered as he calmly said, "Your Majesty need not worry, although the poverty is not high at the moment, it will go up in time.

Besides, the heavens have been so chaotic since the westward journey began that even the Buddha couldn't count the specifics, let alone anyone else.

At the same time, the poor Tao will carry out his plans in the dark, rather than right out in the open, and will not foolishly declare war with Buddhism.

So, Your Majesty but just rest assured."

Such words, however, relieved Li Er's heart quite a bit.

He was also secretly relieved.

Thinking to himself, "This is feasible, but the main thing is that it won't leak me out.

Even if he were to receive a blow, I and the Great Tang would not be implicated, while at a critical moment, it might even help me solve certain problems. "

After thinking of these circumstances.

Second Li's Majesty's heart began to become soothed.

He was satisfied with Jiang Qian's attitude.

It also gave himself enough face.

Unlike those people in Buddhism, even if they were truly calculating over, they wouldn't say a word to you.

Not even greeting back, you need to comprehend it yourself, and once you can't comprehend it, then the result will be....

It's pitiful.

That's for sure.

There was also no doubt about it.

Jiang Chi's face was calm as he continued, "The Immortal Demons, Gods and Buddhas are all very powerful, but now, with the Great Tribulation approaching, it's both the time for Buddhism to spread eastward.

At the same time, it may not be an opportunity for the human race.

If we can seize this opportunity, the human race might become very powerful in the future."

"How exactly do we proceed?"

Li Er asked curiously, "Or do you already have a plan, Jiang Daoist?"

How do I get the benefits?

"The poor dao has a few methods here, but I just don't know if His Majesty is willing to implement them."

Jiang Jiang said, "Of course, these methods are only for the territory of the Great Tang, and they are also very effective, but they can easily offend people.

As for the westward journey, the poor Tao will try to delay Tang Sanzang's westward journey to get the scriptures, and will try to make the opportunity for Buddhism to flourish come later.

During this time, Your Majesty, you can make a few preparations.

I wonder what Your Majesty thinks?"


Upon hearing that, Li Er fell back on his eyebrows, "The plan is a good one, but what about the specific method.

Can Jiang Daoist tell us about it?"


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