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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1337 - The Treasures of Buddhism (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Li Er was in an unhappy mood, Jiang Jiang was also silent and hidden, while Venerable Xuanzang was in high spirits.


Quite a few excited looks.

Obtain the sutra.

The first thing you need to do is to get the true scriptures of my Buddha.

It will be able to save the world from fire and water.

What he sought was not his own destiny or not, but whether the world's sea of suffering could be transcended.

This point.

Venerable Xuanzang felt very happy.

And very satisfied.

On the other side.

Guanyin Bodhisattva had also made a deal with Li Er.

It is said to be a discussion, but actually it is just her talking and Li Er listening.

Then just nod your head and agree.

Also had to agree.

A bodhisattva coming over to deliberate could be considered to be giving face to his Tang Emperor Li Er.

If a different divine Buddha had come, it might not be so courteous.

So to speak.

It was fine.

They were in a Rinpoche mood that was hard to dispel.

Li Er couldn't do anything about it.

He could only do this.

"Everything will be done according to this move, and in a few days, I will summon Venerable Xuanzang, with whom I will become brothers of a different surname, and place the hopes of the thousands of people of the Great Tang on the One body is expected to successfully reach the Western Spiritual Mountain and obtain the true scriptures."

Li Er generously and righteously said, "As if it were very commonplace, but inwardly he is extremely reluctant."

The matter of befriending Xuanzang is also only perfunctory.

In fact.

He did not want to befriend.

As for whether or not Xuanzang was willing, that was not within his consideration.

At this time.

In the end, it is not only the most important thing to do, but also the most important thing to do. The spur of the moment."

To put it nicely, it's like this.

To put it badly, it was to count the Great Tang, to count the entire human race.

After all, Buddhism has to be preached.

Eastward transmission was a given.

They needed the faith of the Middle Kingdom of the South Zhanbu Continent, so there was this matter of Venerable Xuanzang traveling west to get the scriptures.


In the end, the Buddha continued: "Xuanzang, this is a long journey to the West, and I have prepared two treasures for you: the surplice robe and the tin cane.

The surplice robe will protect you from all evils and diseases, and will help you to arrive at the destination smoothly, which is also a hint of self-preservation.

The tin staff contains great mana, which can also help you subdue evil spirits, is a Buddhist soldier, you should be careful when using it.

You should use it with caution. You should be careful as there are many ghosts and monsters.

From now on, you should take care of yourself."

The journey to the West was no joke.

Although she had arranged everything, Xuanzang only needed to go through the motions.

But it wasn't easy.

"Disciple understands."

Xuanzang nodded, "I will not fail the Bodhisattva's high expectations, and will depart for the Western Heavenly Spiritual Mountain in the near future to seek the true scriptures!"

"So be it."

The Bodhisattva was self-satisfied with Xuanzang's statement.

This monk, he was very wise.

At this time.

Tang Emperor Li Er continued to speak, "Since the Bodhisattva has bestowed the Venerable Master's two treasures, then I will not be mutually generous, but also bestow the Venerable Master's westward journey.

The first thing that I want to do is to tell you that I have been given the name of the Venerable Master Xuanzang and the name of the Venerable Sanzang.

Today, you and I befriend, so I will give you the surname Tang, how about it?"

Xuanzang himself did not dare to refuse.

This was also a blessing for him.

He bowed respectfully and said, "Thank you, Your Majesty, the poor monk will henceforth be the Three Tibetans of the Tang, the Three Tibetans of the Great Tang, and the Three Tibetans of the world."

He understood Li Er's intentions.

However, he also had his own thoughts.

Of course.

When he was out in the world, he was also called the Tang monk from now on.

Meaning a monk from the Tang Dynasty.

Immediately after.

While the Guanyin Bodhisattva was still here, unlike in the original, he was the first to speak, "If Imperial Brother accepts, then I will give Imperial Brother another white horse and a purple and gold mantle.

The white horse can help you travel ten thousand miles to get the scriptures, while the bowl can help you along the way to transform fate and use it for fasting.

Are you satisfied, imperial brother?"


Tang Sanzang was a little hesitant to accept such benefits in full view of the public, but this was the first time he had ever done so.

A little flattered.

And on the side.

Guanyin Bodhisattva nodded inwardly, "This Tang Emperor, however, is quite good at being a human being, and this has instead tied Buddhism and the Great Tang closely together.

This is also very good for Buddhism."


She did not stop it.

This was good.

Whether it was for the Tang Sanzang or the Great Tang, there were many benefits that existed.

The reason why she had to say it in front of her was to let her know that he, Li Er, was a sensible person.


You also have to let my Great Tang gain some benefits.

Tang Sanzang was a little afraid to accept it, so he turned his gaze to Guanyin Bodhisattva with the intention of inquiring.

The Bodhisattva smiled slightly, "Sanzang, since the Tang Emperor is being kind, you can take it.

From now on, you should also call yourself Sanzang."

After a few pointers.

It was sort of showing the way forward for Tang Sanzang.

He also deeply understood.

After calming down a bit, he said, "The poor monk thanks His Majesty for his kindness, and with the white horse and the purple-gold mantle given by His Majesty, I'm going to the Western Heavenly Spiritual Mountain. The Great Thunder Sound Temple will definitely achieve success and obtain the true scriptures."

This will be no problem.

He is deeply respectful.

There is no obstacle to this law.

After thinking clearly.

Tang Sanzang's heart became somewhat more open.

He was happy to accept it all.

As for the robe and tin staff given by Guanyin Bodhisattva, he likewise accepted it.

According to the bodhisattva, he, Tang Sanzang, was the one who was destined to receive it and must go to the western sky to obtain the scriptures.

"Truly a man of great fortune."

Looking at the Tang Sanzang who had received good outings one after another, Jiang Qian's heart was inevitably a bit sour, "I don't know, when will I, Jiang Someone, have such good fortune! ?"

Not to mention that surplice, even the Taiyi Golden Immortal is more desirable.

Let's just say that the tin cane, which can subdue demons, possesses Buddha nature, and is even more powerful if it is driven by Buddha power.

The white horse bestowed by the Tang Emperor is just a white horse.

That purple gold bowl was good, gathering the wishes of the people of the Tang.

To put it plainly, it was a collection of faith power.

After the westward journey, this object could also have merit and count as a merit magic.

"No wonder, in the original plot, after Tang Sanzang and his party arrived at the Western Spiritual Mountain, during the process of collecting the scriptures, that Anjagarha It's not unreasonable to also want personnel, which means benefits."

Jiang Mo secretly said, "I guess ah, they just fancy Tang Sanzang's Purple Gold Mantle."

After all, it's a merit treasure, who wouldn't want more ah.

Your Tang Sanzang is the reincarnation of the Golden Cicada and is a disciple of Buddha Rudraksha.

But so are they, Ananda and Gaya.

Since they are both disciples of the Buddha, the Buddha will naturally not be thick with each other or meddle with trivial matters.

At the same time.

It was also a matter of cause and effect.

"Presumably, they also see such an opportunity."

Jiang pondered, "No matter what, now Tang Sanzang, indeed, has gained benefits."

It was still tangible.

The Bodhisattva in front of him, the Tang Emperor in front of him.

Both bestowed treasures.

In the future.

This Tang Sanzang's name would only spread throughout the entire world overnight, right?

At the same time.

The news that eating the Tang monk's flesh would make him immortal might also spread quietly among the demon race.

It was hard to say who was going to spread it.

In Jiang Kou's opinion, it could be anyone.

The Human Emperor Li Er, the Daoist Sanqing, the Heavenly Gods and Goddesses, and Buddhism itself.

There were even those who were hiding in the shadows.

That was terrifying too.

The treasure of Buddhism bestowed by Guanyin Bodhisattva was also very meaningful to Tang Sanzang.

Even more necessary.

At least, in the early stages, when the westbound team hadn't gone through much friction, or even when they hadn't met the Monkey King.

These things were necessary.

To give Tang Sanzang assurance.

That's fine.

The westward journey.

It was about to begin.

The Buddhists have already dropped the key piece, the chess move, the great chess move that will neutralize their Buddhism.

It would be up to Tang Sanzang to bear it.

He had no choice.

This time.

Seeing that Guanyin Bodhisattva, Human Emperor Li Er and the others had finished speaking, they each wanted to leave.

Guanyin Bodhisattva was the first to leave.

After instructing Tang Sanzang and saying a few things to Li Er, he turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

When those mortals looked up again, they realized that this Buddhist Bodhisattva, had quietly departed.

The remaining Tang Emperor, Li Er, also took a deep look at Tang Sanzang, as well as the monks of the Golden Mountain Temple, before turning around and leaving.

After all, he was not a rebirth, nor a traveler, nor a mighty one, so no matter if he was scheming, or calculating, he was not as good as those mighty ones.

It doesn't count for the rise of Tang Sanzang.

It would also be the rise of the entire Buddhism ah.

"There's no way to stop it."

Li Er muttered a sentence that only he could hear.

He did want to stop it, but there was no chance, not at all.

After saying that.

Li Er also turned around and left.

Leaving behind the masses of people with excited faces.

For the ordinary people, today was a good day and a day of great joy.

They actually saw a god.

Saw the Bodhisattva.

This could be considered great luck.

In the future, they could also have something to talk about before and after tea.

In fact.

This was their chance.

"God, I didn't just meet the Emperor, I also met the Bodhisattva Guanyin, what a blessing from the heavens, what a blessing from the Buddha."

"I can't believe I'm also a lucky person, it's great, things will be different in the future."

"We, too, are fortunate enough to meet the Bodhisattva, which is something that we may never meet in our lifetime."

"Yeah, there are so many people in the world, but we're the ones who met it."

"If you ask me, we're actually all in the light of Venerable Xuanzang, no, it's now called Venerable Sanzang."

"Speaking of which, I'm really a bit envious of Venerable Master Sanzang, he was actually able to gain the favor of the Emperor, as well as Guanyin Bodhisattva, in the future he will be Flying to the top."

"Going to the land of the Western Spiritual Mountains, a hundred and eighty thousand miles away, to seek the true scriptures in that Great Thunder Sound Temple, is truly awesome."

"Admire Venerable Sanzang."


After Guanyin Bodhisattva and His Majesty Li Er left, the entire scene of the Water and Land Dharma Ceremony was suddenly lively.

Especially those people who were watching the event.

Even more so, they were so excited.

So excited.

This time, they had actually seen a divine Buddha.

Of course.

Among those who were happy, there were also the monks of the Golden Mountain Temple.

They had a person like Tang Sanzang in the Golden Mountain Temple who could win the favor of the Guanyin Bodhisattva.

How nice.

Besides these people.

In fact, Tang Sanzang's heart was also very happy.

At first.

Because of the presence of Guanyin Bodhisattva and also Tang Emperor Li Er, he couldn't be too rude as a learned and talented monk.

But now.

After those two were gone, he was naturally happy.

"I never imagined that I, Tang Sanzang, would be valued by the Bodhisattva and Tang Emperor, and I will definitely go to the West to obtain the true scriptures in the future."

He had begun to make a secret vow.


Several families were happy and several families were sad.

Tang Sanzang was happy, but none of those other Immortal Daoist sects, or those immortals in the heavens, were happy.

Even Jiang Ji was secretly frowning, "If this continues, there will only be immortal demons and gods and Buddhas in the hearts of the people of the world."

But it couldn't be helped.

After returning to the palace.

His Majesty Li Er was equally unhappy and smashed many things in a row.

For him, today's incident was even more humiliating than the Weishui Alliance back then.

In front of the divine right, he didn't have half the power, and still didn't dare to resist, so he could only admit defeat.

But he was the emperor, the ruler of a country.

And yet he still ended up in such a situation, it was a bit ridiculous to say the least.


He smashed many things and vented for a while.

But the anger in his heart was still there.

"Do they take me for a fool?"

Li Er was furious, "Think I can't see their plans?

No, I can see that.

It's just that I don't have enough strength to resist.

In the end, it's still a matter of strength."

For a moment.

Second Majesty Li's heart was plucked cold.

Some of it was depressed.

An old face, too, was gloomy to the extreme.

But he couldn't think of a way to deal with it, that was the God Buddha, after all, a mighty being who turned his hand over to the clouds after all.

And he, Li Er, was just a mortal.

So what if he could see through the calculations?

It was a conspiracy, but what's the difference between that and a conspiracy!


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