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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1335 - Mahayana Buddhism (Seeking Subscription)

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Dressed in grey monk's robes, they walked along unhurriedly, but without a trace of sweat or dust.

Not a speck of dust.

It was as if they had come from heaven.

In the little monk's hand, he held something that was covered by a cloth, and its even more forbidden.

Ordinary people could not see it.

The two monks came slowly.

The first thing I noticed is that there are a lot of things that I have heard about Xuanzang, but I have not yet come down from the stage," Amitabha Buddha said.

In the end, I was able to find a way to get to the other side of the sea.

I have been a student of heaven and man, and on the orders of the Tang Emperor, I have called upon the sages to help the suffering people of the world, to open the doors to the sages, and to seek the way of liberation.

However, when human resources are exhausted, how can you compete with heaven and earth?

And how can we be transcendent?

All that you have said is the way of your own transcendence, and you seek the way of your own transcendence.

This method is good, but it is not the way."

Xuanzang: "........"

He was shocked by the old monk's words, "Dare I ask, what is the Great Tao?"

What they seek is not the Way.

What then is the Way?

Where is the Word, and where is it?

"The path is the way to release all the people of the world, to release all the suffering people, and to release the root cause of evil in the world."

The old monk replied, "All that you have said, all this seeking is the Way of the Dao, and the Way of the Dao is not the Way of the Dao, this is the Hinayana Dharma. "

"Hinayana Buddhism?"

In the past few years, there have been a number of cases in which the government has been unable to provide any assistance to the victims. "


Hearing this, the old monk nodded to himself.

In his heart, he was quite satisfied with Xuanzang.

"Worthy of being the reincarnation of the Golden Cicada."

He thought silently in his heart, "Also worthy of being a disciple of the Buddha's seat, there are a few Buddha intentions now."

"May I ask the Venerable Master, where is that Mahayana Dharma?"

Xuanzang is curious, "Poor monk Xuanzang is willing to strive to obtain the Mahayana sutra in order to liberate the world from the root of evil. and have no regrets though death."

"Are you willing to lay down the rolling dust and this pivotal reputation?"

The old monk asked: "Today, you are a great monk of the Tang Dynasty, is the world's respected Venerable Xuanzang, if you go to seek the real scriptures, some of them will be turned into nothing! Floyd will go."

"Can release."

Xuanzang said calmly, "I have been a monk since I was young, and I know that the sea of suffering is inescapable, and I also know that the other shore is difficult to cross, so I would like to go and seek the true scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism."

"Very well."

It seemed to feel that Xuanzang's answer was very satisfying.

The old monk couldn't stop nodding his head, "If so, then the poor monk will tell you that the Mahayana sutra is hidden in the Great Thunder Sound Temple, the place where the Buddha lived in the Western Sky Spirit Mountain.

If you want to get the sutra, you should walk to the holy land of our Buddha in the western sky as a mortal to seek the sutra and understand the world.

You must know that the journey is a long one, covering a hundred thousand miles in a short while.

Among them there are countless wolves, insects, tigers and leopards, and even great demons with accomplished cultivation.


Xuanzang was downright determined.

Jiang Jiang felt that if it were himself, he would only be able to resist the urge to ask, "Is it too late to regret it now?"

It's terrible after all.

A hundred and eighty thousand miles would be fine.

The journey was more distant and barely acceptable.

The flow of wolves, insects, tigers and leopards was also normal.

But for it to go with a mortal body and still have to pass the dwellings of demons and monsters, it was simply as difficult as the sky.

A different person would only have quit a long time ago.


Xuanzang is different.

In the past, there were a lot of people who had no idea what they were getting into, but they had no idea what they were getting into, and they had no idea what they were getting into.

The first thing that I would like to do is to say that I am not afraid of the wolves, insects, tigers, and leopards, even if they are far away, even if they are swept away by demons.

With the blessing of my Buddha, I will not be afraid.

This is difficult, but I have no regrets."

In his heart, there is the world and the heavens.

There are also all the spirits of the heavens.

Even if this trip to the Western Heavenly Spiritual Mountain to seek the true scriptures would be dangerous, even life-threatening.


He, Xuanzang, was not willing to retreat.

This is his life.

It is also the way that he pursues.

He had no regrets.

"Very well."

The old monk continued, "The Mahayana Dharma can save the world and relieve the suffering of the people, but you need to go to the West to seek it.

This is a matter of boundless merit.

If Venerable Xuanzang is willing to go, this is a matter of boundless merit."

These are true.

But at this moment Xuanzang did not know.

He thought it was just a condolence from the other party and did not think much of it.

Instead, Jiang Chi was a little envious, and he secretly said, "This old monk should be the one who saved the South Sea from suffering, and he really is a profoundly powerful man! ."

He didn't dare to look too much.

For such a powerful and powerful person, even if it was a painting, if you stared at it, people would sense it.

It was better not to look.

He was actually quite envious of Xuanzang, or the Golden Cicada.

"As a disciple of the Buddha, he may be in a high position of power, but he doesn't have a deep enough experience of the Buddha's teachings, and he doesn't have enough experience of the Heavenly Dao."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "It also leads to the fact that his cultivation realm is not profound, but after re-cultivating, not only can he combine the memories of several lifetimes, but he can also gain the virtue of traveling west to obtain the scriptures.

By then, he will be at least a Da Luo Golden Immortal.


Combined with the fact that in the end he was pardoned as a feeler merit Buddha, he should be a parahuman.

A westward journey is a merit.

It's enviable and jealous."

Who doesn't want merit?


No one else had a chance.

That all the gods and goddesses and Buddhas can only act as monsters for Xuanzang to fight throughout his journey to the west.

Artificially creating some NPCs for Xuanzang and the five of them to paint.

Even this is a kind of protection, in a way, those artificially created NPCs, will never kill Xuanzang.

There was no one who took hold of it and just cut him with a knife.

So it was a kind of protection.

"The Gods and Goddesses, they are only able to give their men a little merit through this artificially created NPC."

Jiang Qian pondered, "From this, it shows that merit is rare and its difficult to obtain."

What a pity.

If he could raise his cultivation faster, if he had more means to the bottom of the barrel.

Then, one could also go as an attendant.

Then salvage some merit from it.


"Right now, my cultivation strength is only at the late Earth Immortal Realm, it's not enough to be a henchman, I'm bound to be jealous."

Jiang Mo was very clear that without great strength, there wasn't even a chance to be an attendant.

This was very realistic.

But it was also normal, because it was only logical.

His mind.

It was actually quite depressing and complicated.

It's just good to have someone at the top.

With Rudra, Xuanzang could rise.


Jiang Chi was actually very envious.

"No, I have to take the time to meet with the Human Emperor Li Er."

Jiang Chi continued darkly, "Although, Li Er doesn't know me either, and may not even be willing to meet me, but it's about the human race, so I have to remind the One sentence."

Reported this thought.

When Jiang Chi looked towards Xuanzang again, Xuanzang had respectfully bowed to the old monk, "Thank you Venerable Master for clearing your mind."

"It's not important, fellow Buddhist cultivators, it's only right to remind Er."

The old monk's heart was as clear as a mirror.

In fact.

He was able to come here, but it was actually only to complete the plan.


He had already been to the Five Elements Mountain.

Also went to see that monkey.

It could be said.

The entire process of getting the scriptures in the Western Sky, he had already arranged and handled everything with one hand.

This came to Chang'an City.

Just waiting for Xuanzang to appear and then preach the Mahayana Buddhist teachings, guiding him to the Western Heaven to worship the Buddha and seek scriptures.

The only thing is.

This trip is to go through a hundred and eighty thousand miles, to experience ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties.

All these, he told Xuanzang one by one.

The latter remained firm in his will.

But well.

Jiang Chi felt that Tang Xuanzang should be unaware of the dangers that would be encountered on this trip to the Western Spirit Mountain.

Even Xuanzang hadn't even seen a demon.

If he knew that he could eat a piece of his flesh and live forever, would he still go?

It's hard to say.

In the end, it was a matter of time before the Buddha was able to make a decision about what to do. Where's the Dharma?"

Understanding of the Buddha, he felt that he was not enough.

Being able to alleviate the evils of the world and relieve the suffering of the common people, the Mahayana Buddhism should be enough.

And that's what he wanted.

Although the process might not be very nice or comfortable, and could even be described as very fortunate.

"But I must go."

From Xuanzang's point of view, all the world was still waiting for him.

Even if the journey is far away, with 180,000 miles, even if there are legendary demons and monsters, even if it requires going through 9,981 difficulties.

He also has no regrets.

The old monk was quite satisfied with his performance with Xuanzang, "That's what I'm looking for, someone who goes to the West to worship the Buddha and seek scripture."

If you don't have a firm mind, then sooner or later you will have to take your turn as a mole.

Sooner or later, they will die.

Xuanzang, on the other hand, does not have so many worries.

He is a determined seeker of the Buddha, the kind of person, who is willing to give everything for the Buddha.

Even if it's life.


Even if it's a sacrifice, he feels it doesn't matter.

This is dying on the path of seeking the sutra.

This was a good thing.

Instead, he was still happy.

The old monk continued to nod his head, "The person personally chosen by the Buddha is truly extraordinary, and this Venerable Xuanzang's heart is very good."

Very close to their Buddhism.

It was good.


The thought that Xuanzang was actually the reincarnation of the Golden Cicada relieved his heart.

Without that, there might be ghosts.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the "new" version of the book. Only by reversing this clearance ultimatum can you prove that you have reached the western sky step by step."

The old monk said indifferently.

Or rather.

He was instructing Venerable Xuanzang.

As for why there was a need to have the passageway ultimatum to prove it, that was unknown.

Wasn't the stream of Immortal Demons, Gods and Buddhas able to pinch a finger?

I'm not going to be able to understand it anyway.

The first thing I noticed was that there was a lot of people who were not aware of this, and they were not aware of it. What's the point of having an ultimatum?"


The Great Tang was strong and powerful.

But not everyone will do so ah.

That made it difficult.

He was worried.

Not every country would give face to the Great Tang, and not every power would let him go along.

In case....

"No, there is no just in case."

Venerable Xuanzang secretly said, "Going to the West to worship the Buddha and seek scripture is inherently an ordeal, inherently a calamity, how can it be cheap and appropriate for no reason at all? Acquired Mahayana Buddhist scriptures?"

He firmly believed.

Without weathering the storm, there will never be another rainbow.

The Great Tang territory.

What he possessed was only Hinayana Buddhism, which at most could only save himself.

But it can't help the world out of the sea of suffering.

And the old monk had said that there was a Mahayana Dharma at the Great Thunder Sound Temple in Western Heaven's Spirit Mountain that could help the world.

That was his goal.

This is the meaning of his existence.


Xuanzang feels that he must go to the Western Heaven in any case to seek the true scriptures.

In this way, the world can be saved.

The world is a place of suffering.

The first thing that I would like to do is to say that I am still young and have plenty of time.

It is really admirable that he thinks like this.

Even Jiang Chi secretly thought, "If it were me, without knowing the specific dangers and circumstances, without knowing the rewards and benefits, I would It should not go to the West to worship the Buddha and seek scripture."

He thought to himself that he was not as good as Xuanzang also.

This monk was extraordinary.

At least.

This mind just wasn't something ordinary people could compare to.

The Buddha's teachings were boundless.

It's a great way to get people out of the sea of suffering and across the other shore.

This is what the old monk said, and Xuanzang believed it, "He has no need to lie to me, nor would he lie to me so much."

In the end.

The old monk has a kind of, convincing charisma, so that Venerable Xuanzang is not willing to believe.

Based on this situation.

Jiang Qian, on the other hand, looked startled, "It seems that the next one should reveal his true body, so that what he says will be even more convincing! ."

Even more convincing.

Worship at the top is not yet known.

It really is.

The next moment.


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