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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1333 - Middle Earth Chang'an (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Chang'an City.

It is the capital city of the Tang Dynasty and the seat of the country.

If you can live in Chang'an, you will also be endlessly made, and you will be able to meet noble people on your way out.

You might even meet an immortal.

A big city.

There are many chances.

This is normal.


From Luoyang to Chang'an, it was quite a journey.

After finding a suitable day, Jiang Chi followed a group of foot merchants to Chang'an to explore the city.

It wasn't that he didn't want to go alone.

It was not that he didn't want to go alone, but that he felt more at ease with the company.

Along the way.

There was no sign of demons or monsters on the way, and apparently the situation was much better in the Tang Dynasty.

This trip.

Jiang Xiao was also gradually probing for news.

But it was useless.

Those people brought goods to Luoyang a month ago, and after selling them, they returned from Luoyang with other goods to Chang'an.

When they were able to pick up Jiang Jiang, they felt that he was a stranger and a gentleman like Jade.

They thought he was from a rich family or a scholar.

Only then did they allow him to travel with them.

If not.

There would never have been a chance to be together.

One more person.

One more person, one more danger.

There's nothing like this in all history.


A few days later.

They arrived at Chang'an City smoothly.

Looking at the majestic and quite ancient gate of the Chang'an City, Jiang Jiang couldn't help but take stock of it.

But soon.

He found a butler accompanying him over, "Mr. Jiang, this is Chang'an City, now that we've arrived safely, we'll leave first with our goods . I'll see you again if it's meant to be."


Jiang Chi nodded, "Thank you for taking care of one or two of us these past few days."

"It should be, but it's just a hand up."

The steward shook his head and turned around to leave.

Even though they were in the same Chang'an City, he knew that they were not the same kind of people as Jiang Chi.

Jiang Lack's future potential was boundless.

"Chang'an City, this will be here ah."

Although it felt a little unreal, it was indeed here.


The people of this world, but they liked to call it Middle Earth.

Simply because this was the middle of the world.

It was also the center of the Southern Zhanbe Continent.

Numerous powerful people existed, there were the Three Qing Heritage Daoism, and there were also Western Buddhism that wanted a piece of the pie.

Also wanting to preach.


There were temples such as the Golden Mountain Temple.

Among them, the Jinshan Temple inside a monk is very powerful, the name Chen Yi, breast name Jiangliu, the law name Xuanzang, the world called Tang Sanzang.

That is, the Tang monk.


The name of Xuanzang.

Since Jiang lacked into the city, he heard about it.

Reinforcing his suspicions.

This side of the world was, indeed, the World of Western Travel.

Only, he had yet to find out which time period it was in the westward journey.

Right now.

Jiang Chi entered the city and felt the prosperity of Chang'an City.

There was no lack of mana generation among them.

"There are quite a few people who practice in Chang'an City."

This was what he personally felt, there were indeed quite a few strong people around.

He did not dare to go forward to befriend them.

Hiding his breath, he continued to stroll around.

Compared to the Great Tang World where he had originally preached, this world was countless times stronger.

"I feel insignificant."

Jiang Chi slowly walked towards an inn, his heart bitter, "Let's find a place to stay first and then go slowly to get information."

There was no rush for a day or two.

There was plenty of time.

The Chang'an City in the Middle Kingdom was already the center of the human race, a place where qi luck gathered.

And for that reason.

There was every inch of land here.

Even staying in the inn's heavenly room actually required many silver, and if it weren't for the many silver dollars in Jiang's hand, I'm afraid it would have been painful.

"I wonder, how is this Li Er now?"

In fact, he quite wanted to meet Li Er.

In the world of the Preaching Great Tang, Li Er was originally just an ordinary person, and because he had gone there, there were immortals.


Jiang Ji secretly said, "There are countless immortals in this world, and there are as many cow ghosts and snake gods and the like as there are cow hairs.

Although Li Er is the king of a country, even though he is a human king, he can be considered a wise ruler.

However, if Buddhism is to be spread to the east, even if you are a human king, you have to be counted and have to go to the gate of that ghost."

It's a bit sad to say.

But that's the truth.

Buddhism is also a Yang conspiracy, otherwise it wouldn't have bothered to slay a King of the Jing River Dragon.

In which Buddhism does the pushing.

These, the later generations had analyzed it to a fault.

Jiang Mo also felt that there was some truth to it.

For no reason, what was Monk Tang doing in the west to get the scriptures.

From the time the King of Jinghe Dragon made a bet with the Taoist priest surnamed Yuan, the calculations had actually begun.

"No, I should say that this calculation has been going on since the time of the sealing of the gods."

The sage decided that Buddhism was to rise back then, so there was the matter of Laozi turning into Hu, but never thought that Hinayana Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism would merge into one.

The next step was the birth of the monkey, the reincarnation of the golden cicada, and so on, all of which were planned by Buddhism behind the scenes.

All of these are all Buddhist calculations behind the scenes.

I have to say that they all have big brains and are smart enough to consider so many calculations."

If it were him, Jiang lacked, it wouldn't work.

He practiced eternal strength, and as long as there was strength at hand, he could use brute and powerful strength to push through in a bizarre manner.

Even if he was a monstrous and utterly powerful person, he would still be pushed across to his death.

In fact.

In front of absolute strength, all schemes and tricks were paper tigers.

This saying wasn't a lie.

Jiang Gu had experienced it deeply, which was why he liked strength so much.

"This world is very high ranked and also has the existence of the gods and demons of the heavens, and they still like to calculate this and that.

However, it's also because the rank is very high, so I can obtain more time origin power."

Jiang Ji silently thought, "Whether it's a cultivation technique, a Daoist divine power, a Buddhist scripture, or a method of divine cultivation in the heavens . And some heavenly treasures, all the things I need, ah."

These are very useful.

At the same time.

There might not be many other things in this world, but there must be many scriptures.

These would allow him to obtain the World Origin.


Jiang Qian was still a little worried, "I don't know if there is a person like Dao Ancestor in this world, and I don't know if the vajra bracelet can cover it up.

Otherwise, if I draw on the World Origin power, I will definitely be noticed and discovered."

Especially someone like Dao Ancestor Hongjun.

Originally fitting into the Heavenly Dao, he could detect any slight abnormality in the World Origin.

It was like a big bug or an antivirus software.

Once Jiang Hou made a mess in this side of the world, it was like a virus that could be easily detected.

Of course.

In Jiang Xiao's guess, there might not be a powerful existence like the Dao Ancestor in this side of the world either.

Not even a saint might have a real body here.

This was just a guess.

It was just a feeling.

But meditatively, Jiang Kou felt that what he had guessed was correct.

"It's just that it takes time to prove these things."

Jiang Mo secretly sighed, "Right now, the most important thing for me is to gather information first, as long as I can get more information, I Only then can you judge the specific era in which you are living."

When the time comes, become strong first.

Come to think of it.

A small amount of World Origin, even if there was a Dao Ancestor existing in this world, it would be impossible to notice him.

Unless the amount was very large.

After staying at the inn, Jiang Jiang used the same method to get some information from that shopkeeper.

It was obvious.

The shopkeeper in Chang'an City knew more than the shopkeeper in Luoyang City.

It also allowed him to really get a lot of information.

For example, there are ghosts and gods in this world, as the saying goes, there are gods and goddesses three feet up.

That was the truth.

There are many gods and goddesses that exist in this world.

Of course.

They were more or less restricted in this Chang'an City, including the disciples of those immortal sects.

This was Chang'an.

Chang'an in the middle land of the Southern Zhan Continent.

It was also the national capital of the Great Tang.

With the suppression of the human emperor's qi, the Golden Dragon, and the suppression of the entire human race, even immortal cultivators could not exert much strength.

This was one of the reasons why true immortal cultivators were generally reluctant to descend into the mundane world.

Once they were seen by their enemies, they might not be able to die somehow.

In addition to that.

Jiang Xiao also received a very strong news.

--He is invited by the Jinshan Temple to attend a water and land ceremony.

It was said that that Venerable Xuanzang was a profound Buddhist, and although he was young, he was a rare and powerful person.

At least.

In terms of Buddhist attainments, Venerable Xuanzang was admired by the world.

Everyone felt that.

It was a grand meeting.

The time for the opening of the Water and Land Dharma Festival is tomorrow, which is why there are so many people in Chang'an City.

There were naturally quite a few people watching the event.

The first thing that I want to do is to tell you how much I love you.

This is the first time I've ever been in a position where I've had a chance to see you.

Nor could it do anything at all to stop Buddhism from moving eastward.


Jiang Chi secretly pondered, "In any case, tomorrow, when the Jinshan Temple's Venerable Xuanzang holds a Water and Land Dharma Meeting, I am going to listen to it! It might even be possible to gain the original power."

But he knew.

The Buddha's teachings that Xuanzang was going to talk about were naturally the Hinayana Buddhism, or the method of self-effacement.

At any rate, it was considered a Buddhist sutra.

It might be effective in drawing on the world's origin power for oneself.

At the same time.

He also understood.

The timeline that he was in should be when the westward journey was about to begin, and this Water and Land Dharma was just the beginning.

The next step should be the beginning of the westward journey to the scriptures.

Since the Water and Land Dharma Ceremony was about to begin, I'm sure that Second Li Majesty had already gone to the Ghost Gate to take a walk.


Jiang Jiang still wanted to try and see if he could save Li Er, but it seemed that he was still too late now.

The King of Jinghe Dragon had already died.

And having entered Li Er's dream, scared his soul to return to the netherworld, and then the Buddhists would do him a favor and release him back.

At the same time, someone suggested holding a water and land ceremony.

Jiang Chi can't talk badly about Buddhism, but he can't talk good either.

In his opinion, the eastward spread of Buddhism was a heavenly trend.

There are some good points in the Buddhist scriptures, such as the one that teaches people to be good, which is good.

But then Buddhism spread east, in the process of this great prosperity, they use conspiracy and other calculations, it is a bit unpleasant to be born.

If it were upright, it might be more acceptable to people.

Of course.

Jiang Chi could understand, after all, Buddhism had long resided in the Western Niu He Prefecture, and to the people of the Southern Zhanbe Continent, they were a foreign sect and force.

Wanting to get a little bit of the original inherent cake down, it probably wouldn't be possible without resorting to some tricks and calculations.


Understanding was understanding.

He, however, disagreed with Buddhism.

"The entire journey to the west, although countless eyes will be on the five people who went west, but also the sky It's actually best to have a light under the chaos."

Jiang Xiao's heart instantly understood, "Only then can I gain more benefits in this process of traveling west."

So what if someone was watching.

It wasn't like those big shots were staring all the time.

"By the time they react, I'll have become a strong man." He was satisfied.

Such a plan might not be unfeasible.

It was risky a bit, though there was also the possibility that his intentions would be discovered, but he had no choice.

When you were weak, you could only use it so much.

Unlike when the strong were invincible, when becoming the strongest, he could push across with a strong force.

Invincible world.

It was such a state.

But right now, he wasn't invincible.

Even if he even vaguely felt that even if he read all the techniques of this world, he wouldn't be able to reach a terrifying state in a short period of time.

He even had a premonition that he might not even be as good as those who were the strongest after leaving this world.

"For a while now, I'll truly become a Gryphon."

Jiang Ji secretly said, "Carefully calculating, not daring to have any other thoughts, if you can obtain the World Origin, then it will be the heavens' mercy. "

Into a molehill, this opening is the difficulty of hell.

A dog, not a single knife.


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