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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1332 - Nanzhanbu Continent (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Three years later.

Jiang Xiao activated the Vajra Bracelets to start his journey through the world once again, only this time, what kind of world would he travel to?

He was looking forward to it.

Feeling fresh and feeling amazing.

In the new time, would he still be invincible?

Think about it.

And will be apprehensive.

What is the realm to which this goes?

Will he, as always, have a smooth ride?

He was very quiet and his mind was very complicated.

Hard to talk about all sorts of things.


Crossing over or continuing to cross over.

In case he crossed into a good world, he'd be rich.

"Let's go."

Jiang Xiao said to himself in a deep voice, "It's time to go to the new world, but I don't know, which world I'm about to cross into."

Zhongzhou City.

As an undetected golden light swept towards the sky for a while, a terrifying force rolled up.

It swarmed and impacted, breaking open that void.

If anyone had noticed, they would have been shocked, Jiang Chi was just too strong.

Breaking open the void.

It turned into a stream of light and went away.


New World.

Southern Zhanbu Continent.

When Jiang Chi first appeared, it is said that he was struck down by a heavenly thunderbolt and saved by an old farmer.

Only after recovering from his injuries in January did he repay the old farmer.

And left that mountainous wilderness.

He sought out a city, found an inn to stay in, and began to ask around for information.

First of all, what world was this.

A mortal kingdom, or a world of immortals?

Or maybe it's the realm of truth.

Or maybe something else.

That was the most important thing.

Only if he knew what kind of world it was, could he decide what to do next.


It was difficult.

"According to past experience, the world I'm traversing this time should be even more powerful than the previous Heaven Covering World."

Jiang Qian contemplated, "However, experience is something that is dead and should never be copied, or else you will fall into the error of empiricism! Go."

That's what the ancestors summed up.

Words of wisdom.


He would have to pry himself.

And, not knowing if he was invincible, he would need to be careful.

If one step was wrong, it would be the wrong step.

Without knowing for sure whether or not he was invincible, it was best not to push the method of horizontal pushing.

Nor may one emulate the bulldozer approach.

Not the time.

"Younger brother, ask you something."

Tossing some broken silver to the shopkeeper, Jiang Ji asked, "If you answer this, the silver will be yours."

He could sense that the inn was full of mortals.

At the same time.

Money such as gold and silver were also common in this side of the world.

It was just as well that Jiang Qian didn't have much else on him, but there was quite a lot of money like gold, silver, copper and iron.

Once that little second saw the silver, he became eager, "Guest, what do you want to ask?

I will know everything and say everything."


Money can make the devil take the hindmost.

It works in every world.

And using such a method, prying for information was the quickest way to get information.

"And I'm asking you, what realm is this?"

Jiang Chi inquired indifferently.

That shopkeeper's eyes twinkled, "Guest, you are from outside, you may not know that this is Luodu."


Jiang Jiang was big-eyed and small-eyed.

He asked again without moving, "Do you know, then, what dynasty is the present world, and who is the present Sovereign?"

"I do know that."

The shopkeeper continued to answer, "This place is Luodu, the current dynasty is the Great Tang, and His Majesty is known as Taizong."

Great Tang, Emperor Taizong Li Er?

Kind of familiar yeah.

"You know all this?"

Jiang Gou looked at the shopkeeper in surprise, this guy was just an ordinary person.

Of course.

It was also possible that he was too strong to see through.

But that possibility was too small.

"Of course."

Little Two proudly said, "No matter what, this is the capital city of an old dynasty, and we are naturally the most well-informed."

Companion Capital?

"So that's how it is."

In this era, wasn't it only Luoyang that could be called the accompanying capital, or even the second capital.

It was also called Luo Capital.

At first Jiang Kou didn't think to understand.

And the information about the Great Tang, and the Second Capital, made her feel a little magical.

What kind of place would it be?

"There's actually Li Er."

Jiang Qian's memories were somewhat reminiscent.

It wasn't like he hadn't seen Li Er when he had fallen into the Great Tang World and preached the world and the Great Tang.


Jiang Kou pondered, "Since this is the Great Tang, I'd better go to Chang'an and take a look."

Maybe we'll find out.

Although this was Luoyang, he might not be able to find out anything.

"I just don't know if the Great Tang Li Er of this world is the same as the Great Tang Li Er I once encountered."

Jiang Xiao was thinking darkly.


At this time, he heard the shop assistant say again: "Actually, although this is Luoyang, it's endlessly prosperous, you've come to the right place, Prince! ."


Jiang Gou raised his eyebrows, "Then do you know what kind of terrifying existences exist in this world?

Immortal demons, gods and goddesses, demons and ghosts and other streams?"

Little Brother Two was slightly stunned, "These are indeed rumors, and there are even many people in the world who go to seek immortality and ask the Buddha, just to become immortal and live forever! In, but..."

"But what?"

"I've heard of becoming an immortal before, but it's too ethereal."

"Have you ever seen an immortal?"

"Not ever, not even in the city of Loyang, most of the people, only a small portion of them are lucky enough to have seen it, it is said, but true or not Had to know."

"All right."

"Is there anything else you would like to ask, guest?"

"No more, and you are dismissed."


After that shopkeeper left.

Only then did Jiang Ji start to ponder again, "This world, there are actually immortals and demons and devils, which means that this is a perfect cultivation World, and there were mortals in existence.

By the looks of it, cultivation was real, and the spirit of heaven and earth existed here as well.

However, it was very rare.

Perhaps saying that normally those in cultivation should not manifest, should not manifest God in front of mortals.

Therefore, this world was still dominated by mortals, and there still wasn't a world that wasn't filled with those cultivators.

Then, there's only one possibility left."


It was as if Jiang Xiao had thought of something.


"In that case, this side of the world should be the traditional way of cultivating immortality."

There weren't many that could use the Great Tang as a background.

But there were quite a few.

He still couldn't judge well.

In this era, by making inquiries like this, one could only get some of the most basic information, but not the most useful information.

"Next, let's go to the library and buy some exotic books to look at, maybe there will be some traces."

Jiang Jiang said in his heart, "I just don't know, what is my late Earth Immortal realm cultivation realm in this world?"

Is it strong, or is it weak?

He didn't have a comparison, so naturally there was no judgment.

Out of the inn.

Jiang Chi walked towards a bookstore, which seemed to be more lax about books.

So there were some mountain and wild heresies appearing.

There was an endless stream of people coming in and out to look for books, all of them looking at the books in their hands.

The books sold in the bookstore were not the Four Books and Five Classics, nor were they orthodox books for studying, but books for entertainment.

Just like the novels of later generations.

It might be possible to discover some useful information.

This trip to Chang'an City was not far away, but Jiang Chi did not want to risk it.

"Although I have the Vajra Bracelets with me, which is my greatest card, I can instantly use the power of the Vajra Bracelets to break through the void and return to Qing Xuan continent to go.

But then the crossing would be wasted and wouldn't come back here.

And that's scary.

I'm not ready for it, at least not until I have the power to defend myself.

Otherwise, it might draw out some powerful being.

Subtly, I can feel that the strongest people in this world are terrifying and overbearing, and there should be quite a few existences even stronger than me.

Of course, I'm actually not weak either."

Jiang Xiao was contemplating as he purchased the mountain and wild exoticism, "So, I need to read more and understand more about the situation before I can."

If you know yourself and your enemy, you will never be in danger in a hundred battles.

Only in this way could you live a little longer.


Under Silver's attack, several books of mountain and wild exoticism appeared in Jiang Liao's hands.

He wasn't in a hurry to flip through them.

Rather, he returned to the inn and sought out the surrounding area where no one had seen it before flipping it open to take a look.

It wasn't because he was intentionally so vigilant, but because he had no choice but to do so.

He had no choice but to do so.

This side of the world was already very supernatural, it was already rather bizarre, and who knew what kind of existence it would have.

It was always right to be cautious.

Flipping through book after book.

Looking at that one story after another, "The person who wrote the book is serious, but there's just not much that's useful."

It's nothing more than some mountainous weirdness.

Like the legendary "Liaozhai", which is full of magic.


There was nothing.

Looking at him, he was stunned, "Wait, there's also the last book, I wonder how this mountain and wild strange journals has something about how to swim?"

With his once old bookworm skills and the fact that he was now an immortal cultivator, a glance was no problem.


Just when Jiang Xiao was all but forgetting, he suddenly discovered something very strange.

There was something special in this last book of mountain and wild oddities, "South Zhanbu Continent?"

This name wouldn't exist in the ordinary world.

Only some ancient mythical worlds could have it, "In my memory, even the Feudal World shouldn't have it, only.... Only Westworld.

That's right, there is only the Westward Journey world here.

Together with the Great Tang Li Er, and this world, there exists the flow of immortal demons, gods, Buddhas, ghosts and demons.

So, I speculate.

This world could very well be the legendary, Westward Journey World.

I just don't know, how many years has this world existed, and is there still much useful stuff in it?

Did the monk go to the west to get scriptures?

Has some monkey, has he been born, has he made a big scene?"

Jiang Xiao guessed up.

But soon.

He shook his head again, "Since Li Er of the Great Tang is still in power, I'm sure the monkey should have been born and made a big fuss, did the Tang monk go to the western sky Bible study is not known.


I need to go to Chang'an City to find out, and the only capital city that can tell more is a capital city that can tell more."

This Luoyang.

Although it had once been prosperous.

But that was only once, not now.

In the hearts of the world, the economic, cultural and political center of the Great Tang was only Chang'an.

That was the dragon land.

"Southern Zhanbu Continent, I can't believe that this is the Southern Zhanbu Continent, yes, the Great Tang originally belonged to the Southern Zhanbu Continent."

Jiang pondered, "And then continuing to the east, I guess it's the legendary East Sheng Shenzhou, in addition to that there should be the Buddhist-ruled Xi Niu Hezhou and the The Northern Kuru continent occupied by the demons.

These four major continents, together, make up the entire world.

There are human, demon, devil, immortal, god, and Buddhist dao, and together they form a part of this world."

In that case, this world was cruel.

"This way, I'm not the strongest or invincible anymore."

Jiang Qiao was very clear that if this side of the world was really the Western World, it was most likely a big world.

A very bizarre and powerful kind of world.

With his late Earth Immortal realm cultivation, it wasn't enough to be in this side of the world.

"This world, it's very likely that there are still saints in existence ah."

His eyes shone with a brilliant glint as he thought so in his heart, "Even if the saints aren't in this world, they definitely have a strong enough backer."

He just didn't know about the specific matter yet.

These were all just guesses.

He was also helpless.

"It seems that this time I, Jiang Chi, have become a Gryphon, I can't be too arrogant like in those previous worlds."

Once you mess with the big brother.

It was very likely that he would die in this world, he would have to plan well again to do so.


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