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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1331 - I Am Invincible (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Inside the Hidden Merit Pavilion.

It was only after everyone had picked a portion of their merit methods that Jiang Chi came down from the ninth floor.

"Next, is the secret library of the Immortal Alliance, lead the way."

Jiang Chi casually said, "We have occupied the Hidden Merit Pavilion, and someone should have discovered it, and I think someone will come over soon, so everyone should do well! Mental preparation."

For Huang Rong and the others, this was not a problem as long as Jiang lacked.

The Hidden Merit Pavilion was over, but the Secret Treasury wasn't over yet.

The thing that made Jiang Jiang and the others rather happy was that the location of the secret vault was not far from that Immortal Alliance Hidden Merit Pavilion.


Before those people from the Immortal Alliance had a chance to react, Jiang Jiang suppressed the guards at the first opportunity and then stepped into the secret library.

Although it was guarded by a formation, Jiang lacked a skill that was incomparably raging and monstrously thorough.

Ruthlessly suppressing it.


In a moment, the defensive formation of the secret vault shattered, while Jiang Xiao took the opportunity to enter the secret vault with a flash.


At this time, whatever was in the secret vault was all but pocketed by him, taken away with the majestic expanse of space within the vajra bracelet.

There were no more points left.


Jiang Mo secretly breathed a sigh of relief, "Finally, we've taken away the Secret Vault before those people from the Immortal Alliance can react."

The Secret Vault was different from the Hidden Merit Pavilion.

The Secret Vault was guarded and powerful, and might not have been an opponent just now if Jiang Chi hadn't struck a blow with all his might.

The Hidden Merit Pavilion, on the other hand, was relatively more forgiving, which created an opportunity for him.


The moment he broke the Secret Vault guarding formation, Jiang Hou went to take away all the things of the Secret Vault.

Including the cultivation resources, including all kinds of exotic treasures, as well as the innumerable Heaven and Earth spirit stones.

This only happened in an instant.

No one could react even after it was so fast.

And after waiting for Jiang Xiao to collect the secret treasury, they were already besieged by a group of people.

"How dare you, you dare to trespass into the Immortal Alliance, destroy the Secret Vault and steal the Hidden Merit Pavilion, it's a great crime!"

"After all these years, I can't imagine that there are still people who have made a move against the Immortal Alliance, they really don't know how to live."

"Kill them, the Immortal Alliance's Hidden Merit Pavilion and Secret Vault must not be compromised, this is the very foundation of our Immortal Alliance's existence."

"That's right, these people all deserve to die, but they came in while they were slack and tried to stir up the Immortal Alliance."

"All the elders of the Heaven's Gate, I didn't expect you guys to be involved in this, you were originally part of the Immortal Alliance, do you know the consequences of this?"

"After today, even the Heaven's Gate won't exist."


A group of reacting Immortal Alliance people, with high and low cultivation levels, made their move to suppress Jiang Lack and the others.


It should be a direct grid kill.

The Heaven's Gate crowd's faces changed and gloomy, while Huang Rong and the others looked at Jiang Xiao.

This time.

They were in trouble.

They could only pin all their hopes on Jiang Lack, or else they would only end up dying.

There was no way out.

They had to leave before they could.

After thinking about these situations, everyone turned their attention to Jiang Lack, hoping that Jiang Lack would come forward.

After all, none of them were strong, except for the fact that Jiang Lack was a strong man with some strength.

"Don't be alarmed, everyone."

Jiang Chi raised his hand slightly and continued, "These people are just ants, so there's no need to worry or be afraid."


He unleashed the imposing pressure on his body, and the cultivation momentum that belonged to his late Earth Immortal Realm was suddenly suppressed like a storm! .


Scary scene town, scary as hell.

It was horrifying.

Those who originally wanted to town towards Jiang Xiao and the others, for a moment, stood still.

Then they poofed and fell to their knees, but they were suppressed by the mighty pressure of Jiang Jian's Qi.

No matter how much they struggled, they couldn't get rid of this reality.

"He... who the hell is he?"

"This is too terrifying."

"It's over, people have suppressed us all with just the imposing pressure, we'll all die next."

"What should we do?"

"There's no way around it, even the Human Immortal Realm ancestors are being suppressed and kneeled down by him at this moment."

"That's a full thirty-six Human Immortal Realm Ancestors, but they're not even opponents of his imposing might."

"When did our Immortal Alliance offend, such a powerful existence?"

Without a doubt.

Jiang Lack's presence made them feel terrifying, frightened, and even creeped out.

There was an incredible look.

They were also helpless, depressed, and horrified, and their faces were also blue and purple.

This time, it was a kick in the teeth.

To bad.

"Senior... Senior, who the hell are you?"

An old man who was at the completion of the Human Immortal Realm was trembling and inquiring.

They were also quite scared and bitter.

As people of the Immortal Alliance, they knew very well that it was impossible for the Immortal Alliance to offend such a powerful person for no reason.

Even if they were to be offended, they, the old and immortal, would know, but none of them were clear.

If it wasn't for the incident with the Immortal Alliance's Hidden Merit Pavilion and Secret Vault, they wouldn't have even known about an existence like Jiang Xiao.

It was too strong.

A strong person of this level was clearly an Earth Immortal.

However, when had such a strong person appeared in this Qingxuan Continent.

They all felt incredulous.

Patronizing the Hidden Merit Pavilion as soon as they arrived and sweeping the Secret Vault empty.

How could they put their faces on their old faces?

Most importantly.

Once there was no Hidden Merit Pavilion and Secret Vault, the Immortal Alliance wouldn't be the Immortal Alliance.

It might have to disintegrate.

This was something that they were very reluctant to see, which was why they were prepared to go out and kill Jiang Lack and the others at the most crucial moment.

Who would have thought.

It was a bit terrifying that Jiang Lack's strength alone was enough to suppress all of them.

Moreover, people hadn't even made a move yet, just that cultivation realm's own imposing pressure had suppressed all of them to the point where they couldn't raise their heads! .

"I am what I am."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Most of the techniques in the Hidden Merit Pavilion are still there, and this seat is only borrowing them.

As for the Secret Vault, it happened to be because this seat needed resources for cultivation, so I took it in passing.


I heard from the Heaven's Gate that your Immortal Alliance was inviting this seat to join the Immortal Alliance for no reason.

According to your practices, not joining would only be miserable, so this seat came to take a look personally.

Consider these things as interest for your Immortal Alliance.

As such, this throne is not at fault, right?"

The Immortal Alliance crowd: "..."

This time.

Who would dare to say anything else?

All of them didn't dare.

Facing an existence like Jiang Lack, they wouldn't dare at all.

Moreover, after listening to Jiang Lack's explanation, they suddenly had the feeling of, moving a stone to smash their own feet.

But wasn't that so.

If they hadn't gone to invite Jiang Lack, perhaps this wouldn't have happened.

If Jiang Lack didn't come to Zhongzhou City, how could the Immortal Alliance lose so much now, ah.

It was all because of that invitation.

If it was an ordinary person, an invitation would have been just fine.

It's a bias that this person is Jiang Chi.

To know.

Each and every strong person like Jiang Lack had their own violent temper and had some sort of eccentric personality.

It was because of this that they wouldn't be affected by this world and that's why they wouldn't be different.

Of course.

If there was something against them, such as this invitation to the Immortal Alliance, it would have already offended people against their scales.

One more inquiry into the Secret Immortal Alliance's style of doing things, and it would directly worsen.

Of course.

There might also be people from Heaven's Gate appearing in this process.

It was only logical for this chain of events to happen.

All of these were all the immortals of that Immortal Alliance, based on Jiang Xiao's mere words, and then compiled and deduced.

According to normal logic, it should be like this.


This time, on the other hand, they had completely guessed wrong.

Jiang Liao really had no other thoughts, he just simply felt that he was invincible.

And because this Immortal Alliance was a huge thing, it was natural to loot it, just like the former Heaven's Gate.

It was the same reason.


That Heaven's Gate's luck was a bit better, while the Immortal Alliance's luck was a bit worse, they were even swept away from their secret treasury.

There was nothing left anymore.

It really was abominable.

At least.

In the eyes of those people of the Immortal Alliance, it was abominable.

It was just that Jiang Lack was powerful enough to cover up everything.

In the Immortal Alliance.

The old man from the Human Immortal Realm continued, "Senior, this matter is our Immortal Alliance's fault and our lack of consideration . Please bear with me."

"That's not necessary."

Jiang Jiang waved his hand and said, "This seat has already collected interest from your Immortal Alliance, so naturally, it has no intention of killing them all, let's just reveal it! .

Of course.

If you want to retaliate, you can also come and retaliate, this seat will be in Zhongzhou City during this time.

But the consequences of retaliation, you might want to think about it yourselves, this throne is a strong man, so you can't forgive you again and again . "


Jiang Liao's words made the crowd a little sad and angry, but also a little helpless.

Off to the side, Jiang Xiao was right.

Retaliation, did they dare?

Not daring at all.

With an existence as powerful as Jiang Lack, even if they were given a hundred or ten guts, they wouldn't dare to say much else.

The main reason was fear.

The older they got, the more they feared death, and the higher their cultivation, the more they also feared death.

Once they died, there would be nothing left.

This was not what they wanted.

In addition, the Hidden Merit Pavilion still had most of its merits and spells in it, which was fine.

As for the cultivation resources and spirit stones, they would just have to take it as, for now, a loss.

Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to go looking for Jiang Liao's trouble.

Even if they knew that Jiang Lack was in Zhongzhou City, they couldn't go.

"Senior, you're joking."

The old man in the Immortal Alliance accosted, "This matter was originally our fault, and those things, just at that time, we apologized to you, Senior! The up."

Where would they dare to think otherwise ah.

None of them dared at all, unless one day a high ranking Earth Immortal appeared in the Immortal Alliance.

Otherwise it wouldn't work either.

Earth Immortal ah.

That was their lifelong goal, their lifelong thought.

Of course, it was possible that they wouldn't be able to break through.

"That's good."

Jiang Qiao smiled, "I'm afraid that you guys don't know how thick the sky is and then want to come and get rid of this seat."

"Don't dare, don't dare."

That was true, they were truly afraid to do so.

Mostly, they were afraid of death.

Where was a terrifying existence like Jiang Xiao that they could deal with.

Immortal Alliance.

Even though the Immortal Alliance was huge, in front of absolute strength, it was useless to allow your numbers to be as large as they were.

Otherwise, just outnumber the people.


This was impossible.

Jiang lacked one person to suppress the entire Immortal Alliance.

Whether you were an early Human Immortal or a Great Perfection, you were now only like a child in front of him.

If you didn't pay the slightest attention, you would be killed at will.

People were fish and flesh, others were on the chopping block.


Jiang Hou was the knife.

Enough to behead them, sharpening the knife towards the trend of pigs and sheep.


Jiang Hou didn't intend to drive them to extinction, merely sweeping through the techniques and taking away all the resources and spirit stones within the secret vault.

This was what he was capable of.

Truly powerful.

From now on.

I'm afraid that the entire Central State will start to be reshuffled from now on.


It should be said that from the entire Green Xuan Continent, it's going to change.

Jiang Hou's reputation was going to spread throughout the entire Green Xuan Continent from now on, and the cultivation of the Earth Immortal Realm might spread as well.

These were naturally anticipated by Jiang Hou.

He felt indifferent.

None of these were important, they were all very rare and ordinary.


After Jiang Xiao and the others came out from within the Immortal Alliance, the entire sky of Zhongzhou began to change.

Regardless of how others changed, Jiang Mo still followed the plan and had Huang Rong buy a shop in Zhongzhou City.

Use the spirit stones to exchange for merits.

Of course.

He also told Huang Rong to go into seclusion and cultivate, and he would guard it for the next three years.


Three years later.

Jiang Xiao crossed the line once again.


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