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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1330 - Growing Insight (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Those who had thoughts about the flying boat all drank their hatred.

They had never thought that Jiang Xiao would fight righteously and kill them all one by one.

Not a single one remained.

The resources and techniques had all fallen into Jiang Xiao's hands.

There was nothing left.

Originally, they thought that Jiang Lack was just an ordinary person who could kill and loot at will.

Even if it was related to the Heaven's Gate, it didn't matter.

If they had to fly away and leave, where would they care about anything else.

None of that mattered anymore.


Before he had even started to fight, Jiang Chi took the lead and killed them all one by one.

There wasn't even a single bone left.

This was Jiang Lack.

Although the Heaven's Gate Elders who were accompanying him were all horrified and scared, they couldn't think too much at the moment.

With a wave of his hand, he could exterminate a group of people.

And one whose cultivation wasn't weak.

Such strength was beyond their imagination.

Jiang Liao was simply too strong.

So strong that they couldn't deal with it and could only obediently and carefully follow behind.

Be an old transparent.

This trip to the Immortal Alliance.

I don't know what the outcome will be. If Jiang Yao wins, they will win, but if he loses, they will also lose.

Ever since they followed Jiang Xiao out of the Heavenly Gate, they were already grasshoppers tied to a rope.

Both damage and loss, and both glory and prosperity.

It could be said that destiny was linked to Jiang Mo.

They could only hope that Jiang Yao would win.

The Immortal Alliance was also within Zhongzhou.

It was not far from the city of Zhongzhou.

There was the base camp of the Immortal Alliance there, and it was said to have countless powerful men and women sitting within it.


On a normal day, none of them had ever been seen.

Just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean they don't exist, those powerful figures are real.

Even the strongest of the Human Immortal Realm were still there.


Those elders of Heaven's Gate were very scared in their hearts.

In case something happened....

The consequences would be unimaginable ah.

But facing Jiang lacked, they had to accompany them.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have been able to get out of the Heavenly Gate today.

After witnessing Jiang Lack take care of those covetous people with their own eyes, their confidence suddenly grew after seeing Jiang Lack's skills.

This time.

Maybe the Immortal Alliance would really be finished.

Not long after.

They arrived at the location of the Immortal Alliance's residency.

Looking at it carefully, the premises was quite nice and quite elegant.

However, there were many people coming and going.

Among them were those who came to receive quests, those who went to submit quests, and some who came to apply to join the Immortal Alliance.

There were all sorts of people.

For a while.

Between the comings and goings, it was as if an endless number of powerful people had appeared.

It was enough to see the sheer number of people in the Immortal Alliance.

In Jiang Xiao's opinion, this Immortal Alliance should be more, like a guild.


This Immortal Alliance was again a bit more tightly knit than a normal guild.

It was also more strictly managed.

It was more like a transcendent force.

Who exactly created it would need to consult some ancient books to know.

Of course.

It didn't matter anymore who had established it.

It was also unimportant and unnecessary to Jiang Xiao.

They weren't here for this anyway, but for the Immortal Alliance itself.

His gaze was flat, "The Immortal Alliance's Hidden Merit Pavilion, as well as the Secret Treasury, both of which are places I'm going to visit."

Jiang Xiao was rushing towards this.


The hall of this Immortal Alliance was really nice with people coming and going.

It looked like a business hall.

It was only after hearing the introduction of those elders from Heaven's Gate that Jiang Qiao suddenly understood that this thing was really a business hall.

It was bizarre and terrifying.


Jiang Qiao didn't care about that.

As he indifferently looked at the entire Immortal Alliance's palace, he said to those Heaven's Gate elders, "Alright, now you lead this seat to the Hidden Merit Pavilion.

It's unlikely that they'll take the initiative to let us see it, so they'll have to use some special methods and means."

As for what special methods.

That was self-explanatory.

The Heaven's Gate elders naturally understood.

After all, the entire Immortal Alliance had some terrifying groups of elders, some law enforcement teams, mysterious and weird alliance masters, and so on.


They had also heard that there was a group of supreme elders in the Immortal Alliance, but in ordinary times, ordinary people didn't even know about it.

There was no way to know either.

The Immortal Alliance was, after all, the Immortal Alliance.


The Heaven's Gate elders promised and didn't dare not lead the way.

The Hidden Merit Pavilion was guarded by the Immortal Alliance, and no one could enter it.

As expected.

It didn't take long.

I saw a group of people blocking the way, "Stop, this is the Immortal Alliance's Hidden Merit Pavilion, you can't go over there."

"What if we have to go over there?"

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Can you be accommodating, we promise not to do anything bad."

"No, if you don't retreat, we'll have no choice but to take you down as a warning to others!"

The man who was leading the group said coldly to Jiang Qian.

Didn't give face at all.

Nor did he feel embarrassed.

Every day, there were too many people like Jiang Ciao.

So many that he couldn't even count them.

Simply treating everyone the same, cold and icy, as if someone owed him millions.

"You guys get out of the way."

Jiang Ji said calmly, "This seat doesn't want to make a move either, because when this seat makes a move, all of you will have to die."

"You want to force your way in?"

The leader's face changed and immediately said, "Someone, take them all down and hand them over to the law enforcement team for processing!"

Disposing of people, they don't do it.

But taking down such things, they still have the means to do it.

And dare to take.

Between this world.

There was still anyone they couldn't take down.

Daring to trespass into the Immortal Alliance's Hidden Merit Pavilion, even if they died a hundred times, it wouldn't be enough to make up for it.

The Immortal Alliance's Hidden Merit Pavilion was so important, so extraordinary, how could it be compared to an ordinary person?

No ordinary person would be able to match it, and no one would be able to get away with it.

That group of guards attacked Jiang Xiao and the others as soon as they looked like they were moving. What.


The guards behind Jiang Mo was about to make a move, but he stopped them, "There's no harm, just a few ants, there's no need for you to make a move."

Mainly, the cultivation of his few guards wasn't actually as powerful as those guards from the Hidden Merit Pavilion.


This was abduction.

There wasn't the slightest way to do it.


It didn't matter if his men couldn't win the fight, just that he could win it.

With a flick of his outstretched hand, a terrifying force swept out and rolled towards the group of Hidden Merit Pavilion guards.


There was a terrifying outburst of power, while the group of Hidden Merit Pavilion guards were instantly suppressed.

When the energy in their bodies couldn't function, when they couldn't display all their skills, they had fallen to the bottom.


The group of people just fell to their knees, they didn't even have the chance to stand up, they were suppressed to death by the imposing pressure of Jiang Xiao's body.

They had never thought that Jiang Qian had such a powerful aptitude and an extraordinary means.

How could this person be so powerful?

In any case, they couldn't figure out what was going on.

Filled with doubt and anger, they couldn't find an outlet for their grief and anger all at once.

"What should we do?"

Their faces were blackened, and they could only watch Jiang Liao and the others go in.

"This is the Immortal Alliance's Hidden Merit Pavilion, let's all disperse and go find some useful merit methods for ourselves."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, while he headed towards that ninth floor, slowly.

Along the way.

The merits within this Hidden Merit Pavilion naturally fell into his hands, becoming the means for him to improve his Ninth Grade Daoist Merit, as well as gain the World Origin Power! The channel.

Nowadays, you don't even have to touch it personally to feel the Vajra Bracelets extracting the contents of the merit method.


From an outsider's perspective, he just casually walked over and ended it.

Then, went up to the second floor.

Leaving the crowd confused and puzzled, coming to the Hidden Merit Pavilion just for a spin?

Or rather, they were just told to pick their feats and spells, while Jiang Lack itself left.

What kind of thing was this?

Especially those elders from the Heaven's Gate were all confused at the moment, completely unable to see Jiang's purpose.

It was as if there was no purpose.

It was truly unbelievable and unimaginable.

Before they had time to think about anything else, the next moment they saw Jiang Xiao disappeared, while they hurried up to the second floor to take a look.

After all, the higher the number of floors, the higher the level of feats and spells they possessed, and there was an upward trend.

The highest was the ninth floor.

And the feats and spells that were put into the ninth layer were every bit as terrifying.

"According to a few old undeads from that Heaven's Gate, the ninth layer of this Hidden Merit Pavilion should have the top-ranked merit and spells, with that Heavenly Immortal level merit."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "If I can get everything in here, not only will I be able to obtain the World Origin Power, but I can also take the Ninth Grade Daoist Gong The quality of the quality is directly raised to the Heavenly Immortal realm."

And this was exactly what he, Jiang Chi, needed.

So it seemed that this Immortal Alliance had accumulated quite a bit over the countless years.

They were truly powerful.

And terrifying.

To be able to have Heavenly Immortal level feats and spells, this was definitely not something ordinary people could compare to.

It's definitely strong.

"I just don't know why, in this Immortal Alliance, the most powerful talents are Human Immortals, but there aren't even any Earth Immortals, it's a bit of a pity."

Jiang Chi secretly thought, "If there was a strong Earth Immortal, I could still have a few fights with him and try how strong I am."

Now well.

No chance.

Along the way, the Immortal Alliance Hidden Merit Pavilion had a total of nine layers, but all nine layers had already been searched by him one by one.

Instead, he had managed to obtain quite a bit of origin power, and also upgraded the grade of his ninth grade Dao power to become a Heavenly Immortal Perfection.

That's right.

The highest grade of the feats and spells treasured in the ninth layer of this Immortal Union's Hidden Merit Pavilion was the Heavenly Immortal Perfection.

Therefore, he had also managed to upgrade his own techniques to this level.

"This time, although the World Origin Force didn't amount to much, I've acquired quite a few feats."

Jiang Xiao smiled, "Of course, the main thing is that my techniques have been raised to the Celestial Immortal Realm Great Perfection."

That was good.

In the next few days, he just needed to find as many techniques as possible, as well as things that could get past obtaining the World Origin Power.

As long as there was enough origin power, he, Jiang Xiao, could use the energy might of the origin power to directly break through to the Earth Immortal Realm with a brute force! Great completion.

Only, not yet.

He was still just a late Earth Immortal realm cultivator, just an ordinary person.

Not the same.

He was still normal.

In the Hidden Merit Pavilion, Jiang lacked a distant gaze, "Because of my previous swift thunderbolt, it caused no one to discover it at all now, which is also quite Good."

A lot less trouble.

"It's just that the acquisition of World Origin Power is still a big problem."

Jiang Mo secretly frowned, "Although there are quite a few techniques within this Immortal Alliance's Hidden Merit Pavilion, the World Origin Power that I can obtain is still Not enough to allow me to continue my breakthrough."

Even with the addition of what I had saved up in the past, it wasn't enough.

It was still too little.

"Next, the entire Zhongzhou City can be scoured, while the secret treasury of that Immortal Alliance can be used for my purposes."

Even with a mild method, it was feasible.

Jiang Chi's heart silently thought, "With those resources, Rong'er and those guards will have the possibility to continue cultivating, and those Heaven and Earth Spiritual stones, on the other hand, can be used to exchange merit methods with others."

Jiang Xiao had already thought about it.

Once this period of time was over here.

He would have Huang Rong buy a shop in Zhongzhou City and use it specifically for exchanging those merit methods.

It would be possible to obtain quite a few spirit stones through this method.

After all, there were always some people who were destitute, some people who had nowhere else to go.

And they were Jiang Jiang's customer base.

And this time, Jiang Hou is considered to have long knowledge.


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