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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1329 - Going to the Immortal Alliance (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"Jiang Sect Master's words are reasonable."

"Regret just heard the words of Sect Master Jiang, it would have been great if I had heard them earlier."

"In the future, Sovereign Jiang is a friend of our Heaven's Gate, so pass down the order that everyone in the gate should be treated seriously and politely."

"Listening to a gentleman's words is better than reading ten years of books."


A boast that held Jiang lacking.


Bragging about Jiang Lack's goodness.

As long as this big brother was served well, he was bound to gain benefits, as long as he had a good attitude.

Jiang lacked Xinli silently.

At this time.

He, on the other hand, smiled, "Alright, since all of you are so polite, let's perform the ritual of receiving the dust."

"Yes, Sect Master Jiang is right."

"Let's order down and have someone prepare a feast of wine and vegetables, and no matter what, we have to make something delicious."

"The specifications have to be high to be good."

This group of Heaven's Gate elders said in seven different languages.

To them, Jiang Lack was a big man and a big leg at the same time, so it wouldn't be a bad thing if they could hold it.

They were worried about not having a big leg to hug.

Isn't this an opportunity.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Chi then continued, "Gentlemen, let us tell you what this Immortal Alliance is all about."

Asking these words.

He just wanted to know a little bit about the Immortal Alliance, perhaps he could clarify some of the situation to come.

Of course.

It was not good to say such things.

The Immortal Alliance?

Upon hearing this, the crowd was stunned, and then they too were relieved.

Wasn't Jiang Chi's visit here aimed at the Immortal Alliance.

As for them, Heaven's Gate, they were just an unlucky passerby.

But well saved.

"Sect Master Jiang, that Immortal Alliance is actually very powerful, at least all the immortal cultivators within this Central State have joined in it."

"That's right, this Immortal Alliance is so powerful that even we have joined in it, but all of them are just some ordinary status."

"Yes, the water in this is too deep."

"Patriarch Jiang, it is said that this Immortal Alliance has powerful people of the Human Immortal Realm sitting within it, and I don't know..."

They were actually worried.

Would Jiang lack be an opponent?

That was, after all, a Human Immortal.

Even they were afraid, because it was a true Immortal existence.

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "No harm, just a Human Immortal isn't enough to see, other than that, is there anything else to say about this Immortal Alliance?"

"Apart from the Human Immortals, there are countless other not only techniques and spells within the Immortal Alliance, I wonder if the Jiang Sect Master would like them?"

A Heaven's Gate Elder said.

It seemed to see that Jiang Lack liked Kung Fu, and also saw Jiang Lack's disdain for Human Immortal realm powerhouses.

No matter what the reason was, he had brought this out.

It was also so that the other party could see that he and the others were loyal for their own good.

There would definitely be no other dissenting thoughts.


As expected, after hearing this, Jiang Xiao felt happy, "How many techniques and spells exist within the Immortal Alliance?"

"There are so many, there's a nine-story high hidden merit pavilion that's dedicated to piling up these merits and spells."

"That's right, and it's all stacked up."

"It's just that the merits within that Immortal Alliance are not available to ordinary people, and they need to be exchanged based on the contribution value that the Immortal Alliance sets itself, and the contribution The value is based on the mission."

These elders of Heaven's Gate continued to speak.

As if it was terrifying.

It also sounded like Jiang Gou was stunned, "Are there so many techniques and spells, that's fine, but this contribution value this seat doesn't have either."

Going on a mission to the Immortal Alliance?

That was even worse.

He would not waste his time, and even if he went to paint the quests, there was no point in doing so.

There was no benefit.

It would be better to use the simplest and most direct method.

That would be the best.

After thinking of this, Jiang Xiao said, "Is there anything else besides the technique?"

You know.

It wasn't just the feats he was looking at either.

It was also the entire Immortal Alliance.

People, he naturally didn't want.

But besides these things.

Perhaps, there were others?


Several Heaven's Gate elders were surprised at the news.

They were also busy saying.

"Back to Princess Jiang's words, within that Immortal Alliance, there are actually all sorts of benefits, such as the secret treasury of the Immortal Alliance, which is said to have countless resources . And it's all good."

"The Immortal Alliance has existed for tens of thousands of years, and during those tens of thousands of years, they have collected and scavenged countless resources, most of which have been piled up in the Inside the Secret Vault."

"In the secret vault, apart from the resources needed for cultivation, there are actually spirit stones, which are said to have an endless number of stones that are too numerous to count. "

"But, Sect Master Jiang, that Immortal Alliance is one of the top-ranking powers on this Central Region, and even on the entire Green Xuan Continent . It's definitely not something that ordinary forces can compare to."


Although information was provided.

But they were still worried that Jiang lacked the ability to really do that.

Can you overthrow the entire Alliance?

To push across the Alliance?

Continue to be a bulldozer?

These thoughts flickered through the hearts of the Heaven's Gate elders.

They were only silently worried, mainly for themselves and others.

If something happened to Jiang Xiao, then the Immortal Alliance would definitely trace it back to them....

The thought of those law enforcement teams of the Immortal Alliance.

They felt numb, felt helpless, and cried in their hearts.

It was truly a bit depressing.

The mood was unpleasant.


They couldn't not say anything.

After all, Jiang Xiao was a strong man, a super strong man, or at least much stronger than the rest of them.

If they weren't careful, all of them might be unlucky.

Jiang Lack, they couldn't afford to mess with him.

If they could drive away the tiger and swallow the wolf, it wasn't impossible.

At this time.

Jiang Xiao smiled slightly and said, "It doesn't matter, these are all minor matters, just make sure the Immortal Alliance has something."

As long as there was something.

That would be fine, anyway, what the process was, he didn't mind, but the Immortal Alliance he was going to decide.

This time.

He might be able to get some benefits, he thought silently to himself.

"Immortal Alliance, I hope you guys will be unfriendly so that I'll have a good reason to take action."

Jiang Xiao thought to himself, "After all, there are more things in that Immortal Alliance, resources Rong'er needs, while the techniques and spirit stones, I need."

He was happy.

Very good.

Jiang Chi's gaze was electric, "Later, you guys compile all the information of the Immortal Alliance and report it to me."

A beat was made.

For a moment, his heart was happy.

If it was possible, it would be even better to push the entire Central State Immortal Alliance across the board.


The crowd nodded.

Although they didn't understand why Jiang Xiao was asking about the Immortal Alliance.

But implicitly, they had figured it out.

Perhaps, this Jiang Sect Master had other ideas, even about the entire Immortal Alliance.

When the time came....

And it's hard to say the outcome.


Jiang Xiao felt good and said in his heart, "The Immortal Alliance has existed for tens of thousands of years, so it must have stored many things."

Spiritual stones he still needed.

There were also merit methods and spells.

Only with countless merit methods could he obtain the origin power to continue his cultivation.

As for the merit methods.

There were still many more needed.

Jiang Ji thought silently in his heart, and then there were elders from the Heaven's Gate, who started to prepare the wine and food to come.

They had to entertain Jiang Lack well.

Only if this big man was happy could there be a future and results, otherwise it would just be a void.

Life was hard.

They actually wanted to shoot themselves if they could.

Why did they think of sending someone over in the first place?

They laughed bitterly.

Looked depressed.

If I had known, I wouldn't have done this.


There was nothing they could do for themselves.

They were also bitter themselves.

A group of Heaven's Gate Elders, all with depressed faces.

So helpless.

Their feelings, that was just as sad.

To know.

Even if they were to make these wine dishes, it would cost them a lot of money and expense.

There was also no telling how much they would have to fetch, or how much of the Heaven's Gate's resources they would have to consume to do so.

To say that it didn't hurt would definitely be a lie, after all, the resources were hard to come by.

This was especially true for a place like the Central State Cultivation Holy Land.

They were saddened.

However, still, they had to continue to take it out and prepare the jade jade liquid.

At the same time.

They also prayed that Jiang Xiao really had a late Earth Immortal cultivation, then the Immortal Alliance would be no match.

Even if they couldn't gain substantial benefits, even if they couldn't obtain some resources.

In fact.

At that time, relying on their relationship with Jiang Lack, they would also be able to gain some influence.

This would be a very helpful thing for the entire Heaven's Gate.

And so.

The Heaven's Gate elders who thought of these circumstances were extremely happy and excited.

If it was possible, they would gladly hug the big leg, although the process of this investment, arduous a bit.

But it was always good.

A day later.

"Sect Master Jiang, do we really have to go to the Immortal Alliance today?"

Some Heaven's Gate elders inquired in awe, seemingly unsure.

After all, today's Immortal Alliance was different.


Jiang Mo nodded, "Pick a day to go, let's go today."

It was a good time to see the prosperity of that Immortal Alliance, and to see if they were really powerful.

"But, according to the usual practice, there are many people from the Immortal Alliance who will be back today to receive the mission."

"Yeah, even if they don't come back. They will also try to get people close to them to come over."

"In a word, there are many people in the Immortal Alliance today and many strong people, which is not conducive to us going to the Immortal Alliance, how about another day?"

"Patriarch Jiang, although we all have to admit that you are very powerful, today is really different."

"After all, it's hard to beat four hands with two fists."

The Heaven's Gate elders said so, feeling a little strange and helpless.

Their painstaking persuasion was to persuade Jiang Chi to go another day.

What if they went today and it spread to them?

Will we fight then, or not?

It's hard.

And the mood was heavy.

"There's no harm in it."

Jiang Xiao waved his hand and said, "It's all a small matter, this seat naturally has the strength and means to deal with it, so you don't need to worry.

If you guys are really afraid, then you don't have to go."

When he said the last sentence, Jiang Gou's face, in fact, was all cold and stern.

If these Heaven's Gate Elders were afraid, then there would be no need to hug their thighs, as that was meaningless.


The crowd was naturally helpless.

They didn't want to stop hugging their thighs, after all, this was a rare opportunity.

However, on the other hand, they didn't want to make enemies of those from the Immortal Alliance because there was no need.

That would be too difficult.

It was really depressing in the extreme.

It had to be done.

As they were hesitating, they had already seen Jiang Qian with Huang Rong and a few guards striding out of the Heaven's Gate territory.

Because of the resting in the Heaven's Gate yesterday, it caused those who had thoughts about Jiang Chi yesterday to hold a grudge against him and had no chance to do anything.

The Heaven's Gate was not something those people could provoke either.


They had to guard the door and quietly wait for Jiang Di to appear.

Of course.

If Jiang Lack didn't appear, then it was very likely that they would have waited in vain and there would be no point in waiting.

Now well.

The days were still sad.

"Maybe we'll be tricked by that kid, who is actually from the Heaven's Gate."

"That's right, on that day, I also saw the disciples of the Heaven's Gate, and they were all respectful to him and acted like they were very respectful."

"It seems that brat should be a person from the Heaven's Gate, or at least someone with authority, otherwise he wouldn't be like this."

"Then what's the point of us waiting like this?"

"It doesn't make any sense at all, and there's no benefit to it."

"That's a bit difficult, after all, that Heaven's Gate isn't something we can afford to offend."

"If he doesn't come out, we, the rest of us, are just going to continue to wait foolishly?"

"For the sake of the canoe, this is a last resort, and besides, aren't you all tempted by that supreme treasure canoe?"

Outside the gate of Heaven's Gate.

Some of the people who were following Jiang Lack were naturally waiting in secret.

In reality.

They were only rushing towards the canoe.


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