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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1328 - Bulldozers (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Who hasn't got a little temper?

Apparently, there were big men like Jiang Lack.

Those Heaven's Gate elders were all slightly stunned, but before, they hadn't encountered such a strong man.

Now, the situation was completely different.

Jiang lacked sharp teeth and spoke dumbly, and his domineering tone was even colder than lightning.

A haze of haze.

Endless imposing pressure rolled over in a matter of seconds, causing those Heaven's Gate Elders to look gloomy.

Also hesitant.

The look on the face of a divine old man, however, was difficult to calm down.

No one could block it.


Such a terrifying power really scared those people.


The entire Heaven's Gate Elders all looked shocked and uncertain, finding it difficult to calm down.

The imposing pressure of the momentum crumbled down on them, and those Heaven's Gate elders had never dreamed of this.

Their surprise was unsettling.

Their faces, even more so, were livid.

"This... how is this possible?"

"How could he, Jiang Chi, a sect master from the Eastern Land Domain and an affiliated sect, have such skills?"

"You... who the hell are you."

"I'm afraid this kind of breath is even stronger than a human immortal."

"It's indeed strong, and it's outrageously strong."

Before, they had never felt such a powerful breath or experienced such a feeling before, and they only felt a little timid in their hearts.

This time.

It seemed that they had kicked the iron plate.

"Elders, why aren't you talking?"

Jiang Ji suddenly asked magically, "Just now, one of you, weren't you all quite fierce?"

The crowd: "..."

Where they dare.


They didn't even dare to pick up on Jiang's words for fear of stirring up trouble.

Truly also absolutely terrifying a few points.

Their faces were gloomy, but none of their old faces looked good.

Perhaps it was because of other reasons that caused them to not dare to answer the words, the heavy terrifying aura pressure on their bodies was not fake.

How to answer?

If they displeased this big brother, all of them would be finished.


Jiang Chi's face was calm, and this group of Heaven's Gate elders only thought that he was easy to bully.

But the truth was.

He wasn't easy to bully at all.

If he hadn't shown such terrifying strength, if he wasn't even strong enough in one piece.

Then how could it compare to now.

With a gloomy look, his cold light came out as he continued, "Since the elders are silent, then this seat will say something.

Do you guys feel that a subordinate sect master like me is inherently inferior in the eyes of the inside, inherently not good enough?

Because you are so used to being on top, you think you are superior, and you think you are great too.

But you, after all, are a bunch of weak old immortals."

Not enough to be concerned about.

Even if it was said so disparagingly, even if there was no light to be seen on the face.

At this moment.

Those Heaven's Gate elders, however, did not even dare to breathe.

They themselves knew very well that even their own cultivation was now suppressed by the imposing pressure of Jiang Qian's Qi nowadays.

Where was the ability to do anything else.

Therefore, it was not enough to be feared.

They had never expected that Jiang Lack would be even more terrifying and strange than they had imagined.

This person, was he still human?

In their opinion, Jiang Jian might not be human anymore.

He was so terrifying and powerful all over, where was he still human.

This was clearly out of the realm of human, perhaps, just like what that disciple had said earlier?

It wasn't impossible for the late Earth Immortal Realm.

At the thought of this.

The elders of that Heaven's Gate got a sudden burst of bitterness.

Regretting not listening to that disciple's words, otherwise, they wouldn't have been so passive.

Perhaps they would have to be screwed next.

After all, Jiang Lack was a strong man, and the dignity and face of a strong man was not something they could fight against.

It was annoying.

But there was nothing they could do about it.

Their hearts couldn't stop feeling depressed, it was so hard to feel.

Immediately after.

Jiang Yao's voice changed, and continued, "Gentlemen, originally this seat was not going to come to this Central State, and originally, there was no What collusion, but you have insisted that this seat come, I don't know what it is about."


Those Heaven's Gate Elders, where dare they think about anything else.

In the beginning, they wanted Jiang Jian to recognize the door, and they might need him in the future.

Moreover, on the other hand, it was because of the Immortal Alliance's invitation that made them pay attention to the Hao Ran Immortal Sect.

Otherwise, they probably wouldn't even know who Jiang Lack was.

"Ahem, Jiang... Sect Master Jiang, the thing is like this."

An elder, seeing that something was wrong, began to explain, "Because you were invited by that Immortal Alliance, and we were lucky enough to learn about it.

You also know that there is some special relationship between the Hao Ran Immortal Sect and us, so we called you over just to give you an introduction! The Immortal Alliance.

At the same time, I hope you will not be blamed for picking up the dust."


Admitting to wimping out.

These elders of the Heaven's Gate, one by one, were wimpy.

Not even if they didn't admit to it.

One had to know that Jiang Chi's mere cultivation of imposing pressure had already suppressed their cultivation.

If Jiang Yao were to make a move, they would be no match at all.

If they were not careful, they would have to die and face the threat of death.

In order to continue living, they were still a bit bottomless in their hearts, or perhaps, it was also because of their cleverness that caused them to concede.

In fact, Jiang Hou didn't want them to admit to wincing.

If the other side didn't concede, the outcome might have been different, and he would have enough reasons and excuses to make a move.

But right now, he didn't have much of a chance.

Of course.

It wasn't that he couldn't make a move either.

As expected.

Just listened to Jiang Chi faintly say, "There is no rush to catch the dust beforehand, let's clean up the matter that you and others have just targeted this seat. "

The crowd: "..."

Originally, he had thought that he would just reveal it, but he didn't know that Jiang Xiao hadn't forgotten at all.

Still remembered the matter.


It's just embarrassing.

How do we settle this score?

Fang, they all thought that Jiang Liao was just a weakling, a sect master of an affiliated sect.

Even if he had some strength, he shouldn't be able to become an Immortal.

Even the lowest level of Human Immortal might not even reach it.

Such a person was simply unimportant.

In the end.

It was only when the ending was reversed that their hearts were horrified that they ended up having to admit defeat.

It couldn't be helped.

They didn't want this either, but the truth was that they had indeed offended Jiang Xiao.

And it was true that there was no way.

Not even a little bit.

"Senior, I wonder how you want to resolve this?"

Facing such a strong Jiang lacked, even if they had the intention to refuse something, it seemed impossible.

There was no way.

They could only act differently.

For example, giving a little compensation, so as to bring the matter to light, that was the best.

Other than that, there was nothing else that could be done.

"As such, relying on the relationship between the Hao Ran Immortal Sect and your Heavenly Gate, this seat will have to make concessions."

Jiang Yao said, "Let's allow you to reduce your expenses and give this seat all of your merits as compensation.

Yours, as well as the entire Heaven's Gate's.

Of course, you may disagree, but this throne will not necessarily agree with anything."

Those elders of the Heavenly Gate were tempted to say, "You're the lion's share.

You actually want all of their merits, even all of the Heavenly Gate's merits, are you crazy?


The words hadn't even been uttered yet, and then Jiang Xiao continued, "Bulldozing is nothing more than pushing and pushing, and with a desperate cultivation, pushing straight across the past Just do it."


Jiang Jiang's words made them all look stunned.

It was clearly telling them not to be slick, and not to talk nonsense about anything else.

Otherwise, the terrifying and overbearing imposing pressure on his body wasn't fake.

In addition, his cultivation was profound and his strength was terrifying, so with that incomparably overbearing imposing pressure, he could push through.

In fact.

It was also like this.

Powerful enough to push across everything.

So, this was transversal pushing, this was bulldozing.

They got it.

Unfortunately, it was a little too late and a little too uninformed to understand, but if it had been earlier, perhaps they wouldn't have suffered such treatment.


The heart was helpless to the extreme.

Their mood, for a while, was a bit depressed.

Broken fortune to avoid disaster?

Maybe that would work.

But isn't it a little too much to ask them to hand over all their feats?

They were tearless.

In a row, they said, "Sect Master Jiang, we have agreed to everything you have said."

One bite.

They agreed .

Neither dared to disagree, after all, Jiang Lack was too powerful.

So powerful that they couldn't fight against it.

Smart people.

Never a fool.

Never head-ironers either.

They knew and understood very well that Jiang Lack's words had a hint of an inquiring tone to them, though.

But in reality.

It wasn't deliberating with them at all.

Nor was it asking for their opinions, which was simply unnecessary and impossible to ask for their opinions.

It wasn't even allowing them to have deliberation.

The thought of these realities.

Their moods plucked out cold, and they plummeted to the bottom of the valley, as well as to a terrifying situation.

It was terrifying to think about.


"But how could a place like that Eastern Land Region give birth to a strong man like him, Jiang Lack?"

This was something that none of those Heaven's Gate elders, one by one, understood.

All of them were confused.

Who knew that Jiang Chi was such a strong man.

Where did they think of this.


There was no other way now.

A bulldozer was a bulldozer, strong was strong, and weak was weak.

They resigned themselves to it.

And had to think so.

Thinking silently, each of them looked at each other for a few moments and handed over all their feats to each other.

It couldn't be helped if they didn't hand them over.

They were silent.

With heavy hearts, this time they had truly kicked the iron plate.

There was really nothing they could do.

As for the Heavenly Gate.

They actually had a solution, the Gate Master had gone into seclusion earlier and had long since stopped asking about world affairs.

Long ago it was different.

They could make a decision.

Since they could decide, this Heaven's Gate would naturally be owned by Jiang Qian.

And no one dared to conceal it, let alone hide anything from it.

If it was revealed by Jiang Chi, there was only a way to die, and it was only some merit methods anyway.

Merit methods were dead, people were alive.

As long as one could continue to live, then there was a future, some hope.

Once it was dead.

Then there's nothing left.

Once it's over, it's a simple as well.

But none of the people who had survived to this point were simple people who didn't want to die.

They felt that there were infinite possibilities in the future.

So it was good to be alive.

Death, after all, is bad.

The merit method was only given to that transcript, and the original in hand, and there was no loss for them, the Heaven's Gate elders.

Using the merit method in exchange for the chance to live.

It was also cost-effective.

Especially when facing a bulldozer like Jiang Lack, they had no way to deal with it.

This was a super strong man, and one that they could not deal with.


Then just admit it.

If they kicked the iron plate, just consider themselves unlucky.

It couldn't be helped.

Even though these old antiques were helpless in their hearts, even though they very much wished that Jiang Liao was just a weakling, these thoughts were doomed to never come true! .

Neither is true.

Jiang Ji looked at them with a smiling face and a calm look, "You people, if you were polite to this seat from the beginning, where This is what's going on?

Therefore, you must not reveal your own attitude when you do not know the strength of others' cultivation.

And this is the way of being an immortal in the cultivation world.

A constant head iron and eccentricity can reveal personality, although it also makes people feel extraordinary, but in the end, it's too ordinary."

Not enough to see.

Not that important either.

These words were addressed to the people of Heaven's Gate, as well as those guards of Jiang Lack himself.

The future was long, even the road to immortal cultivation was long.

Then never expose your shortcomings, because you don't know when you will kick the iron plate.

The crowd heard the words of the saints, as if they had been enlightened.

It's not just a matter of time.


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