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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1327 - Grumpy Temper (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Do established facts, past experience, etc., matter?

It really doesn't matter.

Not even a little.

At least, that reporting Heaven's Gate disciple thought so.

He was bitter in his heart.

Difficult to quell the helplessness in his heart, he wanted very much to tell these elders of the gate that what you and the others think, what you think, are all false.

None of this matters.

"It will only be miserable when that Jiang Sect Master comes, and we will all suffer misfortune."

The disciple's heart was bitter, "The cultivation of the Jiang Sect Master, although we don't know the specifics, but we have felt it long ago, it is one that cannot be the enemy of the The fix."

Enough for everything.

Of course.

Also enough to subvert everything.

He was so depressed, "These elders, how could they be born so stubborn, how could they be so ignorant of real people."

To know.

Once you wait for Jiang Chi to get really angry, the consequences could be....

It's unthinkable.

It's horrifying to think about.

It's actually a bit, it makes you shudder.

It was even depressing to be in a mood.

He knew about Jiang Liao's violent temper, it was truly terrifying, if he wasn't careful.

The entire Heaven's Gate might have to....


I'm always so miserable, in fact, a few of them just want to live a little longer.

Who knew that when they encountered something like this, they were a bit sad, "None of these elders are willing to believe me."

This person sort of understood.

Even though he was talking about the sky, since he was the one who had told all the facts, clearly organized and logically correct.

But in the end.

There weren't many people who were willing to believe him.

They were all willing to trust their own experiences, their past practices, and even their own thoughts.

Stick to their own judgment.

This would have been absolutely not wrong in normal times, but not at this time.

He was just as much a Heaven's Gate disciple, so how could he harm everyone.

Of course.

Unlike this Heaven's Gate disciple's thoughts, those Heaven's Gate Elders, they had a million different thoughts in their hearts.

Other looks.

Truly somewhat depressed and hard to rest.


It was only after seeing those old and immortal elders, all of whom had begun to hate themselves, that Heaven's Gate disciple had to leave.

There was also no way out.

He was helpless in his heart, "If it's not too late to break away from the Heavenly Gate, I want to break away from it."

This sect was large, but it wasn't the sect he wanted.

A group of old antiques sat inside, and they were afraid that they would end up in a miserable end.

And this kind of end was not what they wanted, so they were shaken and wanted to continue to leave as well.

At this moment.

Jiang Xiao was being surrounded by the other Heavenly Gate disciples, all over that Heavenly Gate, slowly advancing.

At this time.

The lapels of those Heaven's Gate disciples were already able to drip water.

That was cold sweat.

They were also scared.

After all, those elders in the gate, what kind of temper they had, they all knew exactly what kind of temper they had.

And what kind of temper Jiang Chi had, they knew a bit as well.

When that violent temper came up, they were afraid that no one would be able to stop it, nor did they have the strength to do so.

To know.

Jiang Liao's strength was still terrifying and unmatched.

This was an indisputable fact.

There was no way to dispose of it themselves.

With things as they were, they could only go and pray.

Praying that those elders wouldn't be so weird, and also praying that they wouldn't be left to their own devices.

"I don't know, did that Senior Brother Zhang go to the gate and write back?"

There were Heaven's Gate disciples who frowned, they were really worried that they were afraid of the disaster.

That would not be good.

If the Heaven's Gate was scourged, then let only the Heaven's Gate be scourged.

That Heaven's Gate was not their Heaven's Gate anyway.

But the problem was.

Jiang Chi didn't see it that way.

In the eyes of this Jiang Sect Master, they were also part of the Heavenly Gate, disciples of the Heavenly Gate.

With extraordinary skills.


At this time.

A silhouette suddenly appeared, "Look, isn't that Senior Brother Zhang?"

"Brother Zhang, I wonder how the results are?"

"This time, the elders in the gate should believe it, after all, we came all the way from the Eastern Earth Domain."


Hearing the inquiries of these fellow disciples, that senior brother Zhang turned black, "Fellow disciples, things may be a bit different from what you think! ."

That was a very direct way of telling them that the elders did not agree.

Or rather, they didn't believe it, nor did they choose to believe it.

The crowd: "........"

For a moment.

Everyone was silent and shocked.

They were all thinking of a question, what to do next?

When Jiang Xiao and those elders in the gate were up against each other, if they got angry, the consequences would be unthinkable.

It was truly worrying.

Seeming to have seen their worries and concerns, Jiang Ji said, "Keep going.

Even if something happens, it has nothing to do with you, and this seat will naturally not blame you."


After hearing Jiang Chi's promise, these Heaven's Gate disciples were secretly relieved.

In their hearts, they were even more secretly happy.

This was just one round, and I was afraid that those elders would all be unlucky.

They, on the other hand, didn't have to be unlucky or worry about the threat of death.

That was great.

Being able to live, that was naturally the best.

Jiang Jiang looked at the crowd with interest and thought to himself, "I wonder what kind of wonders and talents the elders of this Heaven's Gate are."

It was actually a bit interesting to disappoint all these Heaven's Gate geniuses.

However, that was all.

These Heaven's Gate geniuses were naturally just some disciples, and in fact, there was no enmity between Jiang Qian and them.

Naturally, there was no need to count them all in, nor was there a need to get rid of them all.

That wasn't necessary.

At this time.

Jiang Chi suddenly said again, "By the way, are all the elders of your Heaven's Gate rich?"



At first, they were a little hesitant when they heard Jiang Xiao's words, but they nodded their heads up.

Their hearts couldn't stop thinking, what is your old man trying to do?

Does it matter if you're rich or not?

Thinking like this, the heart was suddenly a little different.

They began to ponder that perhaps there was a purpose, a deep meaning, for Jiang lacking to ask this.

For example....


Next, they didn't dare to think further, in case they got Jiang's attention, which wasn't necessarily a good thing.

"It's good to be rich."

Jiang Qiao smiled, "It's only miserable if I'm afraid that they're all poor."

It was as if he had already seen countless small coins, beckoning him.

He was excited and excited inside, "This time, I wonder how much I, Jiang someone, will gain?"

The people out there who miss him haven't even made a move yet, and I don't know if they're going to do it again.

Of course.

Jiang Xiao was actually looking forward to them making a move, after all, it was a rare opportunity to make a move, after all, they could gain great benefits ah.

This was a good thing.

At the same time, it was also important.

Although mosquito meat was small, it was more or less meat.

He still liked it.

Anything else, Jiang Xiao might not like it.

He just liked it when people came to bother him, and he liked people to dislike him.

Then, he had a good reason to suppress it.


He felt like he might not even be able to find another reason.

This was an opportunity to make a name for the entire Zhongzhou City.

I'm sure many people wouldn't have thought of it.

Jiang Chi's gaze was flat and indifferent as he watched those Heaven's Gate disciples lead the way, also curiously sizing up the Heaven's Gate environment.

He might be able to discover something.

Cold as Hua.

And now.

Those elders of the Heaven's Gate were waiting inside.

Just about all of them.

Not a single one left.

Perhaps, they wanted to see how powerful the late Earth Immortal Realm's Jiang Lack that disciple was talking about was.

Hence they were all sitting.


There was no expectation in their eyes, only an infinite coldness.

"Late Earth Immortal Realm, what a joke, where in this world does such a strong person exist."

"Yeah, we people have lived for so many years and we've never seen a strong person in the late Earth Immortal Realm, and they've only gone out to see one?"

"And a Sovereign of an affiliated power, you may not believe me when I say it, hahaha!"

"Anyway, I think it's interesting, it sounds weird and a bit dramatic."

"I don't mind, I just want to see what kind of a person that Hao Ran Immortal Sect's Patriarch, Jiang Lack, is."


Even the genius disciples of their Heaven's Gate were deceived by it, this person must have some tricks up his sleeve.

Otherwise he wouldn't have such skills.

Come to think of it.

That so-called Late Earth Immortal Realm should be someone else's compliment.

It was also a self-proclaim?

He doesn't know.

It just seems like an amazing thing to do.

It was weird.

Late Earth Immortal Realm ah.

They couldn't even imagine that a person from a barren land would dare to say such things.

What guts.

I don't know where they got the confidence from.


The hearts of the elders of this Heaven's Gate were somewhat curious.

Perhaps, this person really had some supernatural qualities, but they were deliberately exaggerated.

And then none of them knew about it.


Those Heaven's Gate genius disciples didn't know either, and that's why they were deceived?

It was also quite possible.

Jiang Qian thought so, pondering and looking calm.

"Elders, the Master of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, Jiang Qian, has arrived."


A disciple came to report.

The crowd of Heaven's Gate elders in the hall quieted down and cast their eyes towards the doorway.

And there.

A silhouette was awkward.

It was Jiang Qian.

He was unrestrained and at ease, as if nothing had happened, as if the sky and the earth had nothing to do with him.

In fact.

He wasn't nervous at all.

Beside him, the one being pulled by him was Huang Rong, slightly nervous.

Perhaps it was the first time coming to such a large clan.

Further back, it was the guards that Jiang lacked, Huang Rong and the others brought this time.

In other words, the guardians from before.

The surrounding ones.

Then there were those Heaven's Gate disciples from before.

They were looking at the hall apprehensively, fearing that the elders in this hall, who were also bull tempered, then it would not be a good idea to rectify the situation.

Another point.

They were also afraid that the elders in these doors were always looking with eyes that felt superior to themselves.

That was pointless.

On the contrary, it would also provoke big things to happen.

Worst of all, after angering Jiang Lack, the consequences of that would also be serious.

Their hearts were cold.

Most sad.

As expected.

The next moment, they heard those elders speak.

"You are the Master of that Eastern Land's Hao Ran Immortal Sect, Jiang Hou?"

"Exactly, I wonder what the elders of the Heaven's Gate have to say to this seat?"


"No, actually this seat isn't bold at all, it's just pushing across at most on this journey, but of course, there's a chance you may not understand. "

"Jiang Chi, do you know that your Hao Ran Immortal Sect is a subsidiary force of our Heaven's Gate?"

"I don't know this, and I don't want to know it."

"Now I've told you, but are you clear?"

"I'm not sure, all Heaven's Gate Elders, if there is something to be done, let's just get to the point, after all, this seat is still very short, and I'm Very busy."


After a conversation.

It made the elders of this Heaven's Gate suddenly speechless.

No matter what, they did not expect that the sect master of the affiliated force in front of them, this wretched fellow called Jiang Chi, would be so sharp-tongued.

It was truly abominable.

Could it be that one didn't know what an affiliated force was?

Even if it was the Patriarch, that was still a dog of their main power, and that was a fact that could never change.

But bigotry.

This fellow surnamed Jiang, then it was as if nothing happened, and as if he was not afraid of anything.

Even the crowd of Heaven's Gate Elders in this hall were a bit baffled, who on earth gave him the nerve?

Where does that come from?

How dare you say such things, really do not know how to live ah yes.

A violent temper came up.

Jiang Ji couldn't help it.

Continuing coldly, he said, "What, just allow you old immortals to speak, and not allow this seat to speak back?

If you guys don't like it, it's fine to fight back, I wonder what the Heaven's Gate elders, what do you think?"

All Heaven's Gate Elders: "..."


They were even more perplexed and confused.

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