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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1326 - Inside the Heavenly Gate (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Heaven's Gate.

This was a sect in Zhongzhou City, and it wasn't a small force.

Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to send out genius disciples.

Suffice it to say, they had quite a few such genius disciples.

Jiang Chi's heart was calm and secretly said, "Even so, the Heaven's Gate is already terrifying."

Although it couldn't be compared to him, Jiang Chi, it was already considered a super power in terms of this Central State Immortal Sanctuary.

This could be seen from those Heaven's Gate disciples.

Those people outside were clearly a bit scrupulous of them.

Or rather, they were scrupulous of the forces behind them.

Behind those Heaven's Gate disciples was that Heaven's Gate, which was always very protective, which was famous in Central China.

It was truly shocking.


Jiang Xiao felt that it didn't matter, it wasn't enough to mention that the Heavenly Gate was not very important either.

Central State, it was a magical place, weird and overbearing, both heaven and hell.

The people here.

You can become a god or a devil in one step.

Of course.

This was only relative.

Jiang Chi was powerful, with a cultivation that shook the heavens and the earth, and no one could shake a fraction.

If someone became a god or a demon, it had nothing to do with him, Jiang Liao.

He was just there, waiting for others to mess with him.

If one was lucky, there was naturally still a chance to live, a hope to live.

But if one was unlucky, there was no hope at all.

His likes and dislikes determine the lives of others.

Anyone with great prowess, any one or two lifetimes, any one with monstrous and thorough means, will not be able to change this fact.


Jiang Jiang had deliberately mentioned those Heaven's Gate disciples to avoid misunderstanding.

The latter also reacted to it.


None of those old immortals in the Gate knew exactly how they would decide.

Not even in their hearts.

Especially those few Heavenly Gate disciples, their hearts were clear.

Those elders, who held themselves high and noble, were not good people, afraid that they would think that Jiang Xiao was from a subordinate force, naturally using the inferior Eyes to see.

If that was the case.

The entire Heaven's Gate might be finished.

They were also afraid because they were also part of the Heaven's Gate.

If Jiang Xiao made a move, he would naturally either suppress them all or kill them.

Either outcome was not what they wanted.

This trip.

Whether or not they could convince those old immortals in the gate to be cautious, those disciples of the Heavenly Gate actually had no bottom in their hearts.

Not at all.

Their feelings were equally as ringy.

It was really hard to imagine.

It was surprising that things would develop into this.

It was also truly unimaginable that they would one day be faced with such an awkward choice.

Without a doubt.

They were all clear about it.

If those old and immortal ones in the gate were to come out, they would definitely look at Jiang Liao with an inferior eye.

But this Jiang Lack, who came from the Eastern Land, came from that Eastern Land Haoran Immortal Sect.

He was from an ancient barren land.

This was not false.

But at the same time, he was also a super strong person.

Even if he wasn't a late Earth Immortal as he said, he was definitely a Human Immortal.

Or an Earth Immortal.

Such a powerful being was definitely not something they could deal with.

Not even if they were to bet the entire Heaven's Gate.

They simply didn't have this to do ah.

It was annoying.

At least, it was terrifying to the few Heaven's Gate disciples who were following Jiang Liao at the moment.

With Jiang Lack's great strength.

Combined with his violent temper....

A collision with the strange temper of those old immortals in the gate, a short while might....


A thought of the possibilities.

For a moment.

The hearts of those Heaven's Gate disciples who were following behind Jiang Jiankou began to pull out cold.

What about the Heaven's Gate?


Maybe it doesn't even matter.

If the Heaven's Gate is gone, then so be it.

What if it implicates them?

"I guess, those old immortals in the gate would never have dreamed that the one we brought back from this trip to the Hao Ran Immortal Sect in the Eastern Land would be a big shot. "

The super kind.

Who could stand up to him?

There was basically no one, who could resist Jiang Lack's attack.

This was something that was certain.

And with such a powerful strength, even if the Heaven's Gate poured out its nest, I'm afraid that it wouldn't even be able to touch someone's corner.

It's crazy to think about it.

At this time.

They were actually panicking in their hearts.

Maybe, all of them would be trapped.

The key was young and had good skills, if they died like this, their hearts would definitely be plucked cold.

Jiang Xiao is a person.

They didn't say they understood him extremely well, but they had understood him a little bit for so long.

This was a super powerful existence, this person was hard to describe, and a violent temper could be strange.

When the time comes.

Once they confronted those old undeads in the gate, the consequences, might be different.

That river was a very miserable thing.


It's crazy to think about it.

Now, they just prayed that that same door would convince the old immortal in the door.

"Otherwise, all of us might have to die."

That would be brutal.

Heaven's Gate.

Located in the south of Central China.

It was a cluster of palaces with some powerful people living here.

Of course.

There was also a powerful clan, the Heaven's Gate.

The existence of the Heaven's Gate was no secret long ago, but instead it gave many talented and powerful people in Central State a chance.

A possibility of a way out of life.

Joining the Heaven's Gate would be a day out and a great opportunity.

This was one of the reasons why the Heaven's Gate was able to grow and expand.


After countless years of development, there were naturally many many constraints and backwardness.

It was even debilitating.

It was obvious that the power in the Gate was gradually sidelined and held by those old and immortal elders.

This led to some things that might be of interest, and the competitive nature of the situation was obvious.

But in any case, it wasn't a good thing for today's situation.

Heaven's Gate.

It still existed.

However, those Heaven's Gate disciples were anxious.

One by one, they were like ants on a hot pan, crawling around and finding it hard to calm their nerves.

They were afraid.

Afraid that the Heaven's Gate would provoke Jiang Xiao, and afraid that they and others would be implicated.

After all, they were also part of the Heaven's Gate.

They were also disciples of the Gate.

That was scary and worrying.

If something happened, what would they do?

"Dear Elders, my brothers and sisters and I, following the orders of the Elders, went to that Eastern Land to search for the Hao Ran Immortal Sect, and have now brought its sect The Patriarch of the Sect, Jiang Chi, has come to Central China, and from time to time will come to my Heaven's Gate."

The disciple who went back to report said evenly, "This time, using a special technique to summon the elders to gather, it is really a last resort."


"Since the man has been brought to the Middle Kingdom, let him come to meet with a courtesy and just restate the affiliated forces, it must be so With great fanfare?"

"Yeah, he's just a sect master of an affiliated power, so to have him come to Central State is already considered to be polite and give him face."

"Other than that, do you have anything else?"

The various Heaven's Gate Elders spoke coldly, but their words did not take the district's Haoran Immortal Sect to heart at all.


For them, they had long since gotten used to raising their sights high.

And high above the rest.

Already accustomed to their position, in their view, the Hao Ran Immortal Sect used to be a subordinate power of the Heaven's Gate, and naturally was now.

Even more so in the future.

Since it was the sect master of an affiliated power, it was just a dog to them, the kind that could be punched and kicked at any time.

Heaven's Gate disciple: "......."

The person who filed the report naturally sweated coldly upon hearing the words.

But he continued incessantly, "Cough, all the elders, if it was just a small matter like this, I would naturally not dare to disturb your elders' cultivation, but... ..."

He paused.

"But what?"

An elder asked impatiently, "Even if he is special, is he as important as us elders as he is just a sect master of an affiliated power sect? ?"

The disciple didn't care and continued, "Elders, this time, I'm afraid that everyone will only have to pay attention to it.

That Jiang Sect Master has a late Earth Immortal realm cultivation, and his strength is so profound that it's beyond our entire Heavenly Gate.


This time.

Before the disciple could finish his sentence, he was interrupted.

"Wait, you said that the Hao Ran Immortal Sect's Patriarch, Jiang Xiao, is now at the late Earth Immortal Realm cultivation?"

One of the elders asked with certainty.

His eyes were a little suspicious, a little uncomfortable, and a little confused and puzzled.

Of course.

There was also disbelief.

"Late Earth Immortal Realm, how is that possible."

"Yeah, do you know what the Late Earth Immortal Realm represents?"

"In today's era, even the strongest of the Human Immortal Realm can hardly exist, let alone the late Earth Immortal Realm."

"That Eastern Land Domain is already a barren place, if it was hundreds of thousands of years ago, perhaps it would have been the holy land of cultivation, the world's The center, but it's long gone now, it's long since just a barren place."

"So, how could a barren place like that give birth to a late Earth Immortal realm powerhouse?"

"You quickly go and send word to them to bring up that fellow surnamed Jiang, we old guys would like to see what he is some What means."


These elders' words, however, made that Heaven's Gate disciple smile bitterly.

There was only deep bitterness in his heart.

"Based on the attitude of these elders, a look of superiority, and thinking of Jiang Zonglord's violent temper, I'm afraid that the two sides haven't met yet . I already knew the outcome."

In his heart, he was conflicted and frustrated, "I've told them all, but this one didn't get any attention."


What can he do?

In fact, he also felt helpless ah.

Faced with this group of elders, even the Gate Master, his old man, was so angry that he had closed down his cultivation and directly did not ask about world affairs.

Not to mention that he was just an ordinary disciple.

That was even more so without any words, that was even less than half of what would convince those elders.

Although, the fact that Jiang Xiao was a late Earth Immortal sounded a bit unbelievable.

However, the situation was also much more bizarre than they had imagined.

It was really a bit creepy.

In order to avoid Jiang Lack's anger, the disciple still couldn't help but say, "Elders, this matter should still be taken seriously no matter what . That Jiang Sect Master is really strong, in case..."

Before he could finish, he was already interrupted by a few elders.

"Well, your worry is very reasonable, but this so-called worry of yours is actually unfounded."

"That's right, there's no basis for it."

"What a great joke, that Eastern Land Domain, a place that is so barren, can actually give birth to a strong person from the late Earth Immortal Realm? "

"The joke's too big, you know, even in our entire Central State, no powerful existences of the late Earth Immortal realm have been born."

"For so many years, Zhongzhou has been the holy land and center of cultivation in the world, but no terrifyingly strong beings have been born, at most It's just a human immortal."

"Go on, don't poke fun at us here, for the sake of your hard work this time, forget it, the next time won't be so good a chance up."


After hearing those words.

That Heaven's Gate disciple's heart had pulled cold.


It was truly felt that life was no longer meaningful.

He didn't know if the end of the world was coming or not, but this world was probably going to be unlucky for him.

And the Heaven's Gate was probably going to be unlucky as well.

What to do?

"Is that how I'm going to reply to them?"

The disciple thought to himself, "Such an outcome, even if that Jiang Sect Master and the elders haven't met yet, I'm afraid that the outcome is already set."

Then what should be done next?

He wasn't sure.

It was also silent and hard to calm the fire in his heart.

There were some moments.

He felt that these elders in the gate were too confident.

What was past experience that could determine everything?


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