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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1325 - Zhongzhou (Seeking Subscriptions)

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This was Zhongzhou, a center of the world's cultivators.

A place with a dense aura, with countless strong cultivators piling up.

Here, it was a paradise for Immortal cultivators.

But at the same time, it was also a hell for immortal cultivators.

It was somewhat realistic, somewhat cruel, and this was the place where the law of the jungle was most vividly embodied by the strongest.

Only geniuses could survive here.

Because geniuses were also the future of the strong, and the strong would be respected, while the weak would be the ants.

This place was prosperous.

It was far more prosperous than any place in the Eastern Lands.

There were eventually countless cultivators gathered here, laying the foundation for prosperity.

For many years, Zhongzhou had been the center of people's aspirations.

An unknown number of people.

All wanted to join it in order to decide their fate.


Those who were able to enter Zhongzhou City had a different destiny.

"Zhongzhou City, it's pretty good."

Jiang Ji exclaimed, "It is indeed prosperous and much better than the Eastern Lands."

"Sect Master Jiang, why don't we go down first?"

A Heaven's Gate disciple said tentatively.

You can't drive a flying boat into Zhongzhou City.

"Can't just fly in?"

Jiang Jiang frowned slightly, "Why aren't we allowed to enter, why can't we fly in as immortal cultivators?"

If we don't fly, do we walk?

In fact.

Jiang Gao had really guessed right.

That's what it took to walk.


That Heaven's Gate disciple explained, "Ahem, Sect Master Jiang, this place was meant to be used for walking, and since ancient times, Zhongzhou City has not allowed anyone to Flight. It's an old rule.

We don't know the specifics.

However, in Central City, there are actually some no-fly formations laid out, and there were once people who wanted to try and challenge them, but they all failed in the end! ."

Jiang lacked: "........"


As an Earth Immortal, he felt he would not try.

There was no need to try either.

It was mainly because he was afraid of failing and being embarrassed then.

He was an Earth Immortal, and he also wanted to save face and dignity.

One couldn't be too nasty.

It wouldn't be good if the boat turned over in the gutter.

It was better not to play such a dangerous game, he, Jiang Sheng, also wanted to save face.

It was important.

"Okay, then let's go down."

Jiang smiled and said with a calm and peaceful look, not seeing any sign of anger.


After hearing Jiang Qian's words, those few Heaven's Gate disciples, let out a sigh of relief.

Just now, their entire nerves were taut after hearing Jiang Chi's words.

Just afraid that Jiang lacked anger.

Just afraid that this big brother would not be satisfied.


It wasn't for them to make decisions on such things as the ban on flying in Central City.

Fortunately, Jiang Yao didn't pursue anything in detail.

Otherwise, they really didn't know what to do.

Their mission was to bring Jiang Xiao to the Heaven's Gate, so that they could be considered to have completed their mission.

If it was only here.

Then it was very likely that the mission would fail due to other reasons, and that would be more than enough.

And miserable.

It wouldn't be worth it to end up like that.

Jiang Xiao and his group, hovered their canoe over the entrance of Zhongzhou City, and then slowly descended.

By the time he waved his hand, the canoe had already been put away.


Thought the size of the flying boat was really a bit huge.

So, the first time it was discovered by many people.

For a moment.

Many people were surprised.

A large ship?

It actually flies.

And it didn't look like it was flying low.

What's going on here?

In their minds, they were puzzled, but in fact, these people had one more thought in mind.

That was to take it for themselves.

As long as it was a good thing, one could have this idea, provided that it was good enough.

And so.

Many people's eyes revealed ill will when they looked at Jiang Lack, vaguely trying to take note of the individual.

When the time was right, they might want to take that flying boat for themselves ah.

Anyway, they had done this sort of thing many times.

And got used to it.

This was also the dark side of Zhongzhou City.

Of course.

I wonder how they would feel if they knew that it was all intentional on Jiang Chi's part.

After all.

Jiang Hou he just wanted people to come and loot.

He would like to see just how chaotic this Zhongzhou City was.

Those people, and how much they didn't care about their own lives, dared to come and rob his canoe.

They really didn't know how to live.

With a cold gaze suddenly raised, Jiang Chi looked around at those people who were a bit dazed by the meaningful look in their eyes.

They all didn't know what Jiang Lack actually meant.

After being confused.

And yet, they were still very enthusiastic about the flying boat.

A magic treasure that could fly like this had never been seen before.

Among them.

At most, they could only fly with a sword.

But flying with a sword was nowhere near as luxurious as this flying boat, nor was it as spectacular.

For various reasons, these people's minds became strange and their looks were different from each other.

At this moment.

Jiang Mo watched indifferently, slightly looking forward to it.

"I wonder how many techniques can be obtained from these people?"

He is very good at this kind of thing.

And had experienced it before.


Those people with unkind eyes in the surroundings, however, did not know.

They simply didn't understand what kind of existence Jiang Lack was.


The crowd of Heaven's Gate disciples beside Jiang Liao, they did know each other.

They were all Heaven's Gate's pride.

"Someone who can be treated respectfully by the Heavenly Gate's pride, I guess this person should not be simple."

"However, that flying magic treasure of his is really good, and if we can obtain it, it will be of great significance to us."

"He's going to enter the city."

"It's only good if we enter, we'll have a chance to make a move inside the city."


After all, well.

This Central City is chaotic.

Especially at night.

They pretended to look calm as if nothing had happened, following behind Jiang Lack.

And in their hearts, they were thinking, "Where will he go next?"

Preferably some corner.

That way they don't even have to wait until night.


The thoughts in the mind may not be the same as reality.

Where Jiang Xiao didn't know what those people were thinking.


He faintly said to those few Heaven's Gate disciples, "Let's go, first take us for a walk around this Zhongzhou city before we go to your Heaven's Gate."

Once they heard that Jiang Chi was willing to go to the Heaven's Gate.

Those few people, since they were happy.

They even said, "Yes, Patriarch Jiang, don't worry, we guarantee that this matter will be completed."

Wasn't it just being a guide.

They were still good at this kind of thing.

Although they had never been one.

But, having never eaten pork, have you never seen a pig run?

They thought the matter should be simple.

After thinking of these circumstances.

Those few Heaven's Gate disciples, then looked at each other and spun around to start leading the way.

They didn't dare to go anywhere else, although there was absolutely nothing good here, and all those people around had their eyes on Jiang Lack.

But for some reason, in their hearts, they felt that Jiang Lack should not be the one to fail.

It wasn't surprising to have such thoughts, they should have been like this.

At this time.

In Jiang Hou's heart, on the other hand, he pondered, "Zhongzhou, it really is a man-eating place, it really is dark enough."

In broad daylight, they could actually be targeted.

Those people were also courageous.

If it wasn't for the fear of bad influence, Jiang Chi would want to make a move now.

It was only when they were directly killed that they would rest.

But it was obvious.

They didn't have such an opportunity.

For a while.

Jiang Lack was downright lackadaisical.

If no one came up, they couldn't step on anyone, they couldn't reflect the powerful nature of his Jiang Liao.


That was a bit awkward.

If no one could let him step on someone, then the meaning would be different.

And so.

Jiang Lack entered Zhongzhou City very smoothly.

No one stopped him.

No one earned city fees either.

Perhaps it was because of the sight of those Heaven's Gate disciples, but no one dared to come up and talk to Jiang Lack and the others either.

Jiang Chi's face was very calm.

A calm face.

It was as if the sky had collapsed, as if the entire world's destruction had nothing to do with him, Jiang Someone.

It was as if, he was very calm.

Not frightened in a dangerous situation.

Not scared at all.

In fact.

Jiang Chi wasn't afraid either.

Not even afraid of anything.

Let the sky and earth crumble, let you miss his canoe, let you want to target him Jiang Liao, he wasn't afraid either.

Just a bunch of struggling people.

In his eyes, they were nothing more than a bunch of ants.

Not important.


This was what Jiang Xiao's heart was thinking.

He felt that it wasn't good that these people in front of him didn't miss themselves.

It would be fine if they continued to miss their own canoe.

But the one who was going to win in the end had to be him, Jiang Liao.

And not the others.

Zhongzhou City.

It was very prosperous.

At least.

From his Jiang Lack's perspective, the city was really prosperous.

Whether it was from business, or from cultivators.

Or maybe it was something else.

It could be seen that Zhongzhou City was very powerful.

His heart was calm.


And yet, he was envious.

It would be nice if the Eastern Land could have a city like this as well.

Of course.

It was actually difficult in a city like this.

There were countless darknesses.

It was just that these darknesses were usually hidden and not discovered by anyone.

Causing all of these darknesses was a very miserable process.


Jiang Hou wasn't actually afraid.

Not afraid at all.

Fear, too, was non-existent.

And right now.

That group of geniuses from the Heaven's Gate took Jiang Lack and the others around to some lively places in Central City.

In fact.

There were a lot of them throughout Zhongzhou City.

So many that they actually couldn't completely wander around it in a day.

"Life must be interesting in a place like this, right?"

Jiang Xiao inquired curiously.

Those people from the Heaven's Gate, however, smiled slightly bitterly.

"Patriarch Jiang, you might be wrong about this, it's the prosperity of Zhongzhou City that makes it not easy to live here."

"Yes, the bigger the city, the less easy it is, those who can stay, naturally, have the three-paneled axe, otherwise they wouldn't be able to live."

"Sect Master Jiang, actually, a strong person like you can live very well."

Those disciples of Heaven's Gate.

Who didn't envy Jiang Chi.

This was an existence that was non-comparable to finding the same.


Jiang Xiao smiled at the news, but only smiled.

Living in Zhongzhou City?

It wouldn't do him any good to be Jiang Xiao.

Besides, there was no need for him to live here, it didn't exist.

Zhongzhou City was not good to live in.

Jiang Chi turned his gaze and said, "I've almost finished shopping, it's time to go to your Heavenly Gate.

Do you all have any communication with the elders of your gate?"

In fact.

The reason Jiang Jiang asked this was to tell them not to underestimate him.

Once any affiliated forces were created.

Then he wouldn't be polite.

Everyone: "........"


They were so impressed that they hurriedly told one of them to leave.

But they were the first to report.

Jiang Chi didn't care.

If the Heaven's Gate also provoked him, then they would just take care of it all together.

With his late Earth Immortal realm cultivation, he naturally couldn't allow anyone to provoke him, and he couldn't put sand in his eyes.

Of course.

It was still very difficult.

Those Heaven's Gate disciples, after all, were also insignificant people, so there shouldn't be any good treatment to speak of.

The words spoken would naturally not receive any attention either.

As for the others.

It was expected that they wouldn't be valued either.

For a while.

Everyone's mood was a bit heavy, and they were afraid that when Jiang Chi went to the Heavenly Gate, the Heavenly Gate would provoke his old man instead.

That way, where would they have a chance of surviving.

It might be the end.


That's a disaster.

What to do?

Nowadays, however, one could only pray.

Jiang Qiao was calm and indifferent, and no matter what decision those people at the Heaven's Gate would make, he felt it didn't matter.

To him, things were still very calm.

If he didn't like who he saw, he could just get rid of them.

You could also loot some goodies along the way, and there was still a sufficient and sufficient reason for the two-pronged approach.

Wouldn't that be nice too.


This trip to the Heaven's Gate.

For those Heaven's Gate disciples, it was a painful ordeal.

To know.

They could know very well what kind of character those people from the sect were.

They were all a bunch of head iron simpletons!


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