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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1324 - Rampage (Seeking Subscriptions)

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In a word, whoever comes for it will have bad luck.

A lifetime kind of thing.

To be honest, Jiang Xiao was actually quite looking forward to someone coming to rob it, so that he could blatantly rob it back.

It was also reasonable.

Justifiable defense, the other person's way is better than the other person's way.

It is necessary to teach someone a lesson.

Therefore, this kind of thinking laid the foundation that his trip to Jiang lack must be very high profile.

It would attract attention.

And eye-catching.

Only people who were hot-headed enough to roll up their sleeves and start working would be fooled.

Of course.

Jiang Qian could swear that he definitely didn't do it on purpose.

He considered himself to be a good man and would never do such a thing that would tarnish his reputation.

He cherished his feathers.

"Husband, it's a long way to the Central State Immortal Holy Land, I'm afraid there will be some unimaginable dangers."

Huang Rong was quite worried, this journey had unimaginable crises, in case they encountered some irresistible existence halfway through the journey.

Then they....

It felt terrifying.

It was actually a bit horrifying, no matter how strong Jiang Liao was, he was no stronger than two fists, right?

However, no matter what, she could never imagine that Jiang Liao was strong enough for him to imagine.

Even a group of people were ants in front of him, enough to be easily killed by him.

And, it was easy.

At the late Earth Immortal Realm, one could do whatever they wanted, and they could turn their hands to the clouds.

Powerful power rolled and swept, as if it was that endless energy, rolling and declaring.

Even those powerful big brothers were not enough to see in front of him.


Jiang Xiao consoled, "Rong'er, you don't need to be afraid, just a few ants, even if they are really in danger, with our flying boat, we will be able to Blast each other to pieces."

Absolutely nothing will happen.

Well, the future.

There was still a lot of plasticity, and he would never believe that there were people stronger than himself.

Even if there were immortals in this world, it was just the simplest of human immortals, and the upper limit of the cultivation world decided that it couldn't possibly give birth to anyone that powerful! The existence of.

The Human Immortal might be the limit.

He was a late Earth Immortal, and he wasn't using this world to make a breakthrough, but rather using the resources of many worlds to make a breakthrough.

This kind of breakthrough needed many things to support it.

The Fang had such a good thing.

"Husband, you're very confident now."

Huang Rong covered her mouth and smiled, "The old you was not like this."

But Jiang Qian smiled slightly, "Strength is the source of confidence, everything is like a dream bubble."

On the canoe.

Jiang Chi was still in the head of the canoe, setting up a table and chairs, sitting on the floor with Huang Rong, looking at the scenery below the clouds and mist, living a leisurely Life.

This moment.

When one is really only envious of a mandarin duck.


A few Heaven's Gate disciples stood aside from each other, looking envious and a little nervous.

Of course.

There was also some curiosity and joy.

If they themselves could also, then wouldn't it be....


Of course.

This possibility was probably not there, not to mention that the gap between them and Jiang Lack right now was huge.

Even if it was very small, they wouldn't be able to sit with Jiang Lack anymore, and they wouldn't want to eat the dog food when people were two of you.

Of course.

They could actually go for a Daoist couple, but this kind of thing was mentally taxing again.

If they didn't pay the slightest attention, something might go wrong, and it was a waste of time and energy.

Their main focus was on cultivation, on becoming immortal, on becoming strong and then mastering their own lives.

But there wasn't as much time as Jiang lacked to mess around with so many moths.

Working hard to cultivate was the way to go.

Nothing else mattered, and it was meaningless.

Of course.

Their hearts were also sore, and they felt that life had no meaning anymore, only cultivation.

But there was no way around it.

Originally, they had thought that after they and the others became geniuses, staying in that Central State's Sacred Land of Immortal Cultivation would have countless possibilities.

After all, that Heaven's Gate was also a powerful sect.

Now it seemed that they weren't even as good as this Eastern Land Domain, and they couldn't even compare to Jiang Chi and the others.

"People are infuriating compared to people."

"This is too infuriating, we are all geniuses at any rate, but this so-called genius is not enough."

"Yeah, the strength of the Jiang Sect Master is just too powerful."

Those geniuses from the Heaven's Gate laughed bitterly and felt helpless.

They had never dreamed that it would be something like this, and it was truly depressing.

Of course.

At this moment, they were riding on this airship, and they were also in a heavy mood, and it was equally difficult to see to the extreme.


People could even get a flying boat out, but what about the others?

Even the fact that they couldn't build the entire Heaven's Gate was something they found difficult.

The mood was inevitably a bit depressed.

"It's just that when the rest of us return to the Heavenly Gate, we won't have to deal with this matter."

"Yes, it's not something this Jiang Sect Master will be able to deal with by then."

"It's also none of our business, all we have to do is cultivate even harder and work even harder to enhance our cultivation, and as for the Daoist Couple whatsoever The, just think about it."

"That's right, once you pay for the actual action, then something will happen."


After a round of their respective self-congratulation, they felt much better.


Whether it was because of the flying boat, or because of the Daoist couple, these had a great impact on these geniuses of the Heaven's Gate.

With the passage of time.

Along the way.

Jiang Xiao and the others did indeed encounter some things.

For example, many cultivation world bandits and so on, as well as some self-righteous guys.

They were all rather terrifying existences, and their numbers were many and their bases were large.

After staring at Jiang Lack's canoe, they all wanted to snatch it up and take it for themselves, and one by one, they started piling up numbers.


Before they could even get close to Jiang Lack's canoe, they had already been viciously blown to pieces by the automatic energy shells carried by the canoe.

All it took was enough spirit stones to keep the energy cannon blasting away.

It was no matter how much base, no matter how much numerical advantage, in front of absolute strength, under tough power.

They would eventually be blown to pieces.

That was also certain.

The terrifying power was sweeping and impacting wildly, the tremendous power was striking like that monstrous and complete torrent.

"Rong'er, do you see that?"

Jiang Jiang said, "This is the benefit of being strong, this is pushing across with absolute strength, I don't care what kind of bull ghosts and snake gods you are, I use my own strong and horizontal The strength of the power to push across will be enough."

Anyone who was a custodian could be suppressed into slag, and at this time, facing the energy cannon of the canoe, they would be blown into slag.

In the end, there would be nothing left.

This scene.

Naturally, it was also seen by those geniuses from the Heaven's Gate, and they were all stunned.

Their hearts were shocked and secretly dazed.

"Hiss, what a horror."

"Originally, I thought that this time I would be shocked by those crises, that this matter would be terrifying."

"But now, well, things aren't as bad as we thought, and this Jiang Zonglord is quite powerful."

"What a powerful tactic, this kind of is a conspiracy ah."

"To push straight across with a super powerful force, it's a bit terrifying."

"It's like a bulldozer, who can resist it?"

"I do think, in fact, that the journey is going to be unlucky."


That's right.

With Jiang Lack's arrival, or his passing by, there was no telling how many people were going to be unlucky on this route to the Central State Immortal Holy Land.

But anyone who dared to come out would die to the point where not even a single scrap was left, and they would all be cleaned up by Jiang Lack, and they would all be blown to death by the energy cannons on this airship! into slag.

It might have to be cleaned up quite a bit, and there might have to be many people, who would suffer the wrath of God as a result.

Jiang Xiao boasted that he was serving the people, and this was something that was done on behalf of Heaven.

"Husband, some people are actually just attracted to this canoe."

Huang Rong explained, "You shouldn't think too much about it, or even, think otherwise."

"No harm. Anyone who dares to come and stop us is scum."

Jiang Qiao said in an extremely sidelong and overbearing manner, "It's not important enough to worry about some mole crickets at all.

Even if they're pitiful, it's only because of them themselves, and only because they've messed with me, Jiang."

Otherwise, how could this situation occur?

It doesn't exist.

Jiang Lack's indifferent gaze was looking faintly into the distance, "No matter who it is, as long as they mess with me, then I, Jiang Lack, will not be merciful! And it will not be indulged."

That was for sure.

With the existence of the canoe, with that terrifying energy cannon, he naturally wouldn't let it go.

Of course.

These words were different in the eyes of those geniuses from the Heaven's Gate.

Geniuses were just geniuses, just the geniuses of the Heaven's Gate, just the geniuses of that Central State Cultivation Holy Land.

In fact.

Those Heaven's Gate geniuses were also unimportant in Jiang Chi's eyes, and they were weary.

This day.

A Heaven's Gate disciple couldn't help but inquire towards Jiang Chi, "Sect Master Jiang, there's a question we've always wanted to ask you, I wonder if it's possible?"

To question a strong man like Jiang lacked, that had a different meaning.

It was a terrifying thing.


Jiang Gou was stunned, "I don't know what it is about, ah? If it's not some big problem, then I'm happy to explain it."

He was a little curious.

What exactly was the matter?

At this time, the man said timidly, "The thing is, actually, we're just curious about your cultivation realm."

"The cultivation realm?"

Jiang Ji was slightly stunned, "It's no big no, there's no harm in telling you guys, I'm just a late Earth Immortal realm cultivator. "

Heaven's Gate's multitude of talented disciples: "..."


Late Earth Immortal?

What joke is your old man making.

They didn't think that Jiang Xiao's words were true, nor did they think that Jiang Xiao was capable of such things.

Mostly, they felt that it was a little magical and definitely a little too incredible.

A bit terrifying.

A bit overbearing too.

Of course.

Being intelligent people, those Heaven's Gate geniuses didn't say much, lest they cause Jiang Lack's discontent.

After all, Jiang Lack was a powerful big shot, an existence that was impossible to offend.

The next few days.

Jiang lacked the guards to take control of the canoe and continued to fly, sweeping towards the most vast place.

Central State.

It was a magical place.

It was the center of the world's cultivation world, and it was also the place where the aura of heaven and earth was the most concentrated.

There were countless immortal geniuses, as well as strong people gathered, and there were also some great sects and alliances that existed.

For example, the Heaven's Gate, for example, the Immortal Alliance, and so on.

All of them were some terrifying forces that had become monstrous existences.

Of course.

In the current situation, even that Heaven's Gate would not dare to formally face Jiang Jiang.

Along the way, Jiang Jiang was cold.

Pushing past, it was unfortunate for many people.

One by one, they were sad that Jiang Lack wasn't the kind of person who would be merciful, at least he wasn't now.

"Sovereign Jiang, not far ahead is Central State."

"Here, it's the holy land of immortal cultivation, the place where all immortals gather, with countless powerful people."

"Finally back, I didn't think it would take us a few years this time."

It was true that it was a bit much.

It was also indeed a bit terrifying, watching Jiang Kou was slightly distracted, "It really is a good place, the aura of heaven and earth here is much thicker than anywhere else! Up."


No wonder, to be able to become the Central State Immortal Sanctuary, no wonder it was able to gather so many immortal bigwigs.


Jiang Chi narrowed his eyes, "Even if he is strong, he is not as strong as me, Jiang Someone, and this time, I will sweep the entire Central State Immortal Sanctuary."

He came.

Therefore, he was invincible!


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