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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1323 - Flying Boat (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Green Xuan Continent.

Still not many days had passed.

After returning from the Shrouded World, he set out to begin preparations to go to the Sacred Land of Immortal Practitioners in Central China.

It was said that it was the holy land for immortal cultivators.

It was the place where countless geniuses and heavenly pride gathered and where the Immortal Alliance's headquarters was located.


Someone had come to invite him to the Immortal Alliance.

Of course, Jiang Jiang originally did not intend to take Huang Rong with him.

But after this trip to the Heaven-Shattering World, it made him change his mind and bring it there no matter what.

Just a trip.

Even a simple companionship would be good.

He was going to have to travel through the Worlds of the Heavens, and there wasn't much time to accompany her in the first place.

Now was the best opportunity.

This trip to the Central State Immortal Holy Land, Jiang Xiao originally thought that there might be some powerful existence in that Immortal Alliance.


He was also quite afraid.

But now, there was no regret and no fear.

With the strength of his current late Earth Immortal realm cultivation, it wasn't enough to see.


He then looked excited and happy.

This time.

He was no longer afraid.

Adhering to the mindset of touring the mountains and waters, he was going to bring Huang Rong Yi to see the holy land of Immortal cultivation in Central China.

Even if it was the Immortal Alliance, he would stroll around.


The time he had agreed with those Heaven's Gate disciples was two years later.


He had just arrived in time after a trip across the Covered Heaven World.

After speaking with Huang Rong, the latter was quite excited and thrilled, he came with a face of joy.

And said, "Husband, are you really going to that holy land of immortal cultivation?"

"That's right."

Jiang Qiao smiled, "It's just as well that we can go on a tour and see the vastness of this Green Xuan Continent."

"But, our cultivation isn't very high."

Huang Rong was worried.

In case something happened, it would naturally be bad.

That was why she was so worried.

Was it not good.

After all, there must be a lot of heavenly pride with that kind of strength in the Central State's Sacred Land of Cultivation, right?

She secretly pondered.

Which knew.

Jiang Jiang waved his hand carelessly and said, "No harm, with my current strength, I can still deal with it, Rong'er, don't you worry, let's Push straight across."

Huang Rong: "........"

After hearing the words.

She was slightly stunned, "Husband, tell me honestly, what realm are you in now?"

A little curious.

Slightly excited as well.

This husband of mine, is he powerful now?

With a smile on his face, Jiang Mo suddenly said, "Actually, it's not that powerful, it's just a late Earth Immortal realm, barely in this world. Invincible."

In the immortal world.

I'm afraid that there aren't many people who have become immortal.

Not to mention a strong Earth Immortal like him, that was even stronger than one in ten thousand.


Jiang Chi wasn't afraid at all.

He was strong enough to sweep away everything and dominate the world.

Even the place that was known as the Central State's Holy Land of Immortalism, he wasn't afraid of it, and with his strong cultivation in the late Earth Immortal realm, he would definitely be able to Invincible.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to travel specifically through the Obscuring World before.

That was the purpose.

That was the fundamental ah.

His thoughts were actually very clear.

As long as there could be benefits, as long as there were rewards, then it was done.

By the way, you can also travel with Huang Rong to that Central State's holy land of immortal cultivation, travel and stroll around.

It would also increase some insight.

If possible, there would be infinite benefits for him in the future as well.

Only that such benefits were not found for the time being.

In Jiang Ji's heart, he silently thought about all of this, "Being able to be with the person you like, being able to cultivate the Dao of Immortality, being able to live the desired The days are, in fact, quite good."

It was already quite contented.

It was because, he felt that he didn't have much time to spend with Huang Rong, so he had to take her out with him.

And, also had the ability to shelter her.

Hearing her own husband's words and confident thoughts, Huang Rong's heart couldn't help but feel a little happy.

She said, "Husband, you're amazing, you've actually become an Earth Immortal."

But was it not.

In a few blinks of an eye, even Jiang Di had actually become invincible.

It was a terrifying thing.

Invincible ah.

In this world, how many people could do it?

There weren't many of them.

She couldn't help but get depressed and twitch in her heart, and couldn't stop thinking, "My husband, now that he's invincible in all his cultivation, in the future We'll actually be able to walk across the entire Green Xuan Continent."

That was for sure.

Jiang Liao's strength was not something ordinary people could compare to.

Such a powerful strength was also enough to go to the Central State Immortal Sanctuary and enough for them to wave.

Waves were a hundred days.

Life has to be lived in a more unrestrained manner.

"Right husband, are we going to go with those Heavenly Gate's proud disciples?"

Huang Rong suddenly asked again.

Those Heaven's Gate disciples, do they have other ideas?

Although, earlier, Jiang lacked the muscles to show how powerful he was.


It was hard to tell if those Heaven's Gate disciples still thought that way when they arrived at the Central State Immortal Sanctuary.

"It doesn't matter."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Even if those Heaven's Gate disciples have any thoughts about us, even if they have a special purpose, then So what?

In front of absolute strength, everything is just a paper tiger.

Everything was not enough.

They can't, and neither can the Heaven's Gate behind them, and even if they have thoughts, they can't show them.

Otherwise, their end should be coming."


Jiang Guiao's words seemed to make a bit of sense, or at least Huang Rong felt a bit strange after hearing them.

A crooked theory like his actually made some sense.

Rather, it was a little too unexpected for Huang Rong.

However, she thought about how Jiang Xiao's powerful cultivation strength could be pushed across in a brutal way.

That was actually quite good.

It was actually a bit powerful.

With a flat gaze, Jiang Jian continued, "In the future, even the entire Green Xuan Continent is no match for us.

We can go wherever we want and travel around as much as we want.

We might even come across some good things."

Jiang Xiao had already thought it through.

Since, he was almost invincible in this world, he would only be able to travel around.

The thing about growing your cultivation.

Even that matter of trying to cultivate had little to do with him, Jiang Someone.


It was never a thing.

At least, not a meaningful thing in Jiang's eyes.


As long as he had the World Origin Force, he could break through.

However, this world's origin power was hard to find.

It would need to continue to travel through other worlds to do so.

But now well.

He needed to go to the Central State Immortal Holy Land.

Go see that so-called Heaven's Gate, and take a look at that unstoppable Immortal Alliance.

At the same time, also take a look at the terror of that Central State Immortal Sacred Ground.

Was it them or himself that was more powerful?

He actually quite wanted to know.

The mind couldn't stop other thoughts from coming.

This day.

It was ready to depart.

The time to mention it was decided by Jiang Liao.

Those Heaven's Gate disciples didn't dare to disagree even after feeling Jiang Chi's imposing pressure.

In their hearts, Jiang Lack was simply too terrifying.

They only prayed.

It would be good if they could send this plague god away.

As long as he could leave, as long as he could return to the Central State Cultivation Holy Land, as long as he could return to the Heaven's Gate, they would be considered to have delivered.

Anyway, the rest of the matter would have little to do with them.

They didn't care either.

The Heaven's Gate was big after all, and had many forces.

For a while.

Jiang Xiao instructed his guards to prepare small boats that could fly, which was said to be an improved version.

It was called a flying boat.

There were none before.

However, after Jiang lacked returned, he set about having them built and also told them to set up one formation after another.

At the same time, the canoe had some cannons.

The ones used were spirit stones.

The ones that shot out were energy cannonballs.

Basically, one cannon shot out and all the people would be finished.

The appearance of this canoe, however, made the disciples of that Heaven's Gate look stunned and even gawked at each and every one of them.

Their hearts were horrified.

They were also appalled in a million ways.

Here, it was really terrifying enough.

They were helpless.

The mood was also very heavy.

What kind of place was this place.

There was even something magical like a flying boat.

You know, such a thing was also not available in their Central State Immortal Holy Land, so I guess no one would study it either.

Everyone uses flying.

Either that or perform a recluse technique and rest for a while when you're tired.

If they couldn't, they could also come in a mount.

This way is also possible.

Most people.

All of them traveled in such a way.

There was no one who would have thought of a flying boat, and no one who would have thought that it was still fast using spirit stones as power.

This flying boat had defense, attack, flight, concealment, and many other functions all in one.


It took all the power of the Hao Ran Immortal Sect to build such a one.

Couldn't afford to build any more.

This thing was very resource-intensive.

If you don't pay the slightest attention, you won't have the resources to feed its consumption.

It was terrifying.

It was also very tyrannical, but with this flying boat, one was much more relaxed.

Naturally relaxed.

Moreover, this canoe could be large or small, and it could be pocketed when not in use.

It could be described as very convenient.

It was hard for the average person to imagine, and if it weren't for the construction guide provided by Jiang Hou, no one would probably be able to build it.

After all, the concept was the most important thing.

There was no technology that could be slowly worked out, but without an advanced concept, a lifetime would be just like that.

The geniuses of Heaven's Gate were astonished at what they saw.

They had never imagined that Jiang Liao actually had such terrifying power, it really was overbearing.

Ah, a flying boat.

It would be great if they could also own one.

Originally, they actually wanted to open their mouths.

But then, after thinking of Jiang Lack's terrifying strength, they extinguished that thought.

Rather than that, it would be better to improve their cultivation.

Wait for the strength to go up.

It would also be strong enough.

If the strength didn't go up, even if they had a flying boat, they probably wouldn't be able to guard it.

Not everyone could guard a treasure like a flying boat, but ordinary people, how could they have such skills.

"Rong'er, what do you think of this flying boat?"

Jiang lacked a smile on his face, "I deliberately asked those people in the sect to build this, anyway, they have nothing to do, it's good to have nothing to invent and create! ."

Others: "..."

What do you mean idle.

If it wasn't for you, Jiang Xiao, ordering it, I don't think anyone would be willing to build this canoe.

You know, it's something that's delaying their cultivation time.

A few months of inattention and it would be gone.

Cultivation is still very important now.

Time, for most cultivators, was money, was everything.

"Husband, this flying boat should cost a lot of money, right?"

Huang Rong scrutinized it, secretly guessing the materials and process used to build this flying boat.

All kinds of things added up, only one could be constructed in the entire Hao Ran Immortal Tracks.

"No harm, just one is enough."

Jiang Xiao said, "As long as it's enough for us, that's it, in this world, fist is king, others don't care if you're flooding."

As the saying goes, it's each person sweeping the snow from their own doorstep.

Definitely won't sweep anyone else's.

For them people, this is the king's way, this is the future.


It was good to have one flying boat.

More than one wouldn't be enough.

"Fine, all according to you."

Huang Rong smiled, "But, Husband, do you think we'll be jealous of other people if we go to that Central State Immortal Holy Land?"

"It's possible."

Jiang nodded, "However, the most they can do is to be jealous, and if they dare to give action, the consequences are not something they can bear ."

To know.

He was not a vegetarian, and a late Earth Immortal realm cultivation was no fake.

He could come and exterminate one and still suppress the other.

In that case, he would rather have those people come over to be jealous, and he could even pay some action.

That would be nice.

But that was highly unlikely, and everyone wasn't an idiot.


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