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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1321 - Companionship Is Long-Term Love (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang Xiao had broken through.

A body's cultivation reached the late Earth Immortal realm, a whole new level.

Life was rare for decades, and a few waves were counted.

By taking high risks, he gained high returns, a game that he had won the ultimate victory.

Obtaining great benefits.

As such, life could be considered perfect.

Late Earth Immortal Realm.

This was a powerful realm and a brand new realm that made Jiang Xiao excited.

It was also secretly happy.

He had infinite joy in his heart, and his face was full of that joy, "If it's possible, this time..."

He was all powerful and could already change the world.

That's quite a good thing that no one else would have thought of.

It's really good.

After countless years of cultivation, he finally experienced the feeling of a strong person, a strength that no one could compare to.

He felt comfortable all over, invading the rich aura of the land, feeling the majestic cloud-like energy around him, but his heart was smooth! A few points.

Soothingly tight.

Truly happy a few points.

Coming out of that closed place, there was a sense of refreshment, and this time he Jiang Xiao was considered to be out of the limelight.

That imposing pressure, stretching out for countless miles, even the Fierce Emperor and Ye Fan couldn't stop it.

Some people had already been drawn over by his terrifying aura.


They were all chased away by the Fierce Man Emperor and Ye Fan.

Without letting those people in or daring them to disturb Jiang Lack, that was instead not pretty.

Outside the door.

The Ruthless Emperor, Ye Fan, and Little Inan were already waiting.

Their mood changed for the better as they watched Jiang Di finally break through, and they all smiled slightly.

"Brother, you've broken through?"

Little Inan was the first to ask, she was very worried about Jiang Qiao, she didn't expect Jiang Qiao to actually break through.

That's awesome.

Jiang Ji's gaze flickered as he said slowly, "I have broken through, and now I am in the late Earth Immortal realm, with all kinds of strength and supernatural abilities! ."

"Fellow Daoist Jiang, I wonder what this late Earth Immortal stage is?"

The Ruthless Emperor asked, "Previously, I learned of this Immortal Realm from Rina, but I have never felt how strong it is, nor do I know exactly how much Powerful."

"In one word, there's no better way to describe it than to overturn rivers and seas, go up to the heavens and enter the earth, past and future, and be able to do anything."

Jiang Qiao said, "At least, in this side of the world, there is this kind of magical skill."

The magical skills are also vast.

All kinds of magical ones are there.

The means were each different, and it was unbelievable that people were surprised to see them.

When Jiang Jiang unleashed his late Earth Immortal Realm Qi, the Fierce Emperor could clearly feel the power of this powerful Qi.

It was truly appalling.

Earth Immortal.

It really wasn't something that a Human Immortal like himself could compare to.

This kind of powerful existence, with a strength that was beyond her expectations.

Jiang Liao, too, had become the target of her chase.

If she could become such a strong person, it might be possible to go back in time and save her brother from the river of time.

Of course.

Right now she wasn't strong enough.

Right now she wasn't capable of that.

And she looked forward to it.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, looked at Jiang Lack with an adoring face, "Brother Jiang, you're really powerful, it would be great if I could be as strong as you."


He was also only one step away from becoming a Human Immortal now.

In other words, he had yet to become an Immortal.

There was still a long distance to travel from this step, and only after the Human Immortal realm would one be a true immortal.

And until one had reached the Human Immortal, it was not even considered a matter Immortal.

If one were to be as strong as Jiang Chi, then one would need to be even stronger.

However, there was no telling how long that would take to cultivate.

It was really hard for them to judge.

For a while.

The mood couldn't help but lament.

Comparing people to each other, it really was infuriating.

The gap between people really was getting wider and wider, and a genius like himself and Big Brother Jiang could not be compared to each other.

He was depressed.

Likewise, he was also helpless.

"No harm."

Jiang Chi waved his hand, "Ye Fan, you can become an immortal and a big brother in the future as well, so don't underestimate yourself."

In Jiang Chi's opinion, Ye Fan's potential was still big.

It was just that this greatness was infinitely obscured due to other reasons, especially his Jiang Chi's presence, which directly covered up Ye Fan's brilliance.

If he hadn't appeared without him, Jiang Lack, probably Ye Fan would have been the most glorious one, and it was absolutely not a problem to shine.

Now well.

All of Ye Fan's brilliance had been obscured by Jiang Lack, and he wouldn't have any brilliance left.

It was plain and ordinary.

It seemed so normal that if it wasn't for the fact that Ye Fan was one foot short of entering the early stages of the Human Immortal Realm, Jiang Xiao would almost think that he was normal.

In fact.

Ye Fan was not ordinary in the least.

In the future, with Ye Fan helping out and accompanying the Fierce Emperor and Little Inan, Jiang Qian was much more at ease.

Although he wasn't a real brother, nor was he a good brother, the feelings were indeed there.

"After coming to this world for many years, it's time to accompany them more often."

Jiang Qiao's heart pondered so, "Companionship is the longest love, that's one of the great things in life."

And the rest, it was nothing.

Jiang Chi's heart mused, revealing a calm look, and continued, "I've only just left the border, so why don't I make some delicious food and we can talk while we eat. "

He also had a lot to say.

Before the breakthrough.

Jiang Qiao had been thinking and searching for a method to break through.

And so.

And so there is now.

He was very messy and anxious.

There were so many things and objects that he wanted to talk about, but before and after the breakthrough, it was a completely different mindset.

"If I was thinking of breaking through before, I was thinking of breaking through by all means and becoming strong."

Jiang Qiao secretly said, "Then it's different now, he looks so flat and is only thinking about how to get the next thing done."

After all.

He had broken through now.

Even if he were to continue to stay in this side of the world, it would be for a very limited amount of time.

It might just be a year or two.

At most, it would be more than ten years.

When the time was up, he would have to leave, leave this place completely, and return to the Qing Xuan Continent.

What kind of encounter it would be like there again, Jiang Chi did not know, nor could he understand.

After all, the Holy Land of Immortal Cultivation in the Central State of the Green Xuan Continent was a terrifying place, and a holy land where the world's immortal cultivators gathered.


There should be terrifying existences.

Even at the late Earth Immortal Realm, Jiang Xiao actually had no bottom in his heart.


After thinking about it, he finally said, "Ye Fan, trouble you to procure something."

You can't ask the Vicious Emperor and Little Inan to go.

In this Desolate Ancient, there were no Desolate Slaves nowadays.

The arduous any would just have to be left to Ye Fan to run his errands and get some exercise.

It's also quite good.

He thought so.

But the latter, Ye Fan's heart was groaning, "As things stand now, it's quite difficult for me to become an errand boy. The food and wine are pretty good for me, though."

He was on board.

After all, he had been setting it up before.

Only, it was a bit scarce at that time because of the need to accompany the little inan.

Of course.

Facing an existence as powerful as Jiang lacked, Ye Fan also had to procure some good ones.

Only if it was delicious, it would be enough to see ah.


It was while the Vicious Emperor and the little inan were stunned, Jiang Lack casually performed his magical powers and built a house with a swift thunderbolt.

There were some tables and chairs placed on it.

Whether it was mud and stone, or grass and trees, in his hands they all quickly changed, and in a magical way.

Watching the Little Inan and the Fierce Emperor were stunned.

Ten thousand times more startled.

In fact.

Their hearts were somewhat strange, "This kind of magical method, although they can also do it, but playing as sharp as Jiang Liao is still First time seeing it."

"Fellow Daoist Jiang, you're amazing."

The Fierce Emperor couldn't help but exclaim as well.

She had already seen Jiang's skills, "Is this the power of an Earth Immortal?

It really is much stronger than a human immortal."


Terrifying enough, too.

On the side.

Little Inan also hurriedly said, "Brother is just awesome, he's already invincible in the future, right?"

"Invincible indeed."

Jiang Qiao smiled, "What, did you go and cause trouble again, little inan?"

"No it's not."

Little Inan shook her head, "I'm happy to follow Brother Evan, I'm very happy."


With a raised eyebrow, Jiang continued to ask, "What about your brother Ye Fan?"

"Brother Evan?"

Inan tilted her little head and began to think, "Brother Evan is quite nice, but not as nice as brother...he's a good person."


Jiang Xiao almost sprayed a face.

How dare that Ye Fan worked so hard for so many years and only got the title of a good guy?

The good man card has been issued.

Get in the car.

But Ye Fan, who was the host, didn't know ah yet.

When he came back after setting up the wine and food, he thought that the little inan was praising himself.

For a while.

He did get a little happy.

Also busy saying, "Ahem, Little Inan you're praising me, you didn't hurt yourself for nothing."


Jiang Qian was a bit cryptic, thinking, "Is she complimenting you?"

I'm afraid you're not overthinking it.

Inan just simply thinks that you, Ye Fan, are a good person.


The Fierce Emperor smiled and said darkly, "This seems quite good, but such a peaceful life doesn't happen every day, and Not every year.

Jiang Daoist will have to leave eventually, and Ye Fan, I don't know if he's my brother's reincarnation or not.


It was still very difficult for her to have these things intertwined.

She still felt that she needed to continue cultivating in the future.

Only after becoming the strong person that Jiang lacked said, would she have the opportunity to do other things.

Otherwise, it would just be an extravagant hope after all.


The four of them ate, drank, and talked about many things.

This included some of the future.

It also included some life.

Only after that would the future have countless possibilities and infinite outcomes.

This time.

They talked for a long time.

And talked about a lot of things.

The north and south of the sky, on cultivation, as well as the mountains and seas, even the different worlds and so on, Jiang lacked all of them.

Sort of a precautionary shot in advance.

The introduction of the multi-dimensional world, the multiple world universe theory, brought a deep shock to the Ruthless Emperor, Ye Fan, Little Inan and the others.

It turned out that there were other worlds besides this one.

As well as some so-called parallel worlds and so on.

At the same time, there were also some strange and bizarre worlds all over the world, enriching the entire heavens and the worlds.

These situations, hearing Ye Fan and the others open their eyes, only felt that this was the most important thing.

Life was actually so good.

So good.

The following days.

It was also the days when Jiang Xiao accompanied them, discussing, playing with them, and even talking about the heavens and the earth.

Talking about all sorts of wonderful things.

This kind of time went on for a long, long time.

Jiang Xiao was also reluctant to leave.


He had to leave again.

In this world, the origin power had already been collected by him, and he had already collected much of what he should and shouldn't collect.

Even though he was still saving up, the next amount of origin power he saved up was not enough to allow him to continue breaking through in all of his cultivation.

Earth Immortal Great Perfection.

It was impossible.

It was a terrifying realm, and a powerful realm.

In a short period of time, it was not possible.

Of course.

Jiang Lack did a lot of things next for the little inan and the Fierce Emperor.

Even Ye Fan followed suit and enjoyed a bit.

That was quite a good thing.

He had always believed that companionship was the best way to make a long confession.


With the previous theory of the multi-dimensional world universe, both the Fierce Man Emperor and the little inan began to accept it.

January, two months.

In a flash, a year passed.

This year, Jiang Qian still hadn't left, and he felt that it wasn't time yet.

After all, a year was really short!

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