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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1320 - Late Earth Immortal Realm (Seeking Subscription)

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Another flash.

Three years passed by in a hurry.

Jiang Mo still hadn't left the gate, and there was no movement, waiting for the ruthless emperor to want to just break open his messy defensive formation and go in to take a look! Exactly.

But she finally relented.

It really couldn't be disturbed.

Closing the door to cultivate a breakthrough was indeed somewhat difficult, and being disturbed might very well affect the breakthrough.

The consequences of this were also immeasurable, so even though she was very anxious, she didn't dare to do anything.

One could only continue to wait.

Time, however, was passing by minute by minute, and as it began, it had gradually drifted away.

No one could intercept it, and no one could do anything about it.

But Jiang remained silent in the tedium of refining the World Origin Force, which was a very difficult thing to do.

After resolving the Immortal Heavenly Empress, Jiang Kou had been in closed-door cultivation.

It was as if he was really shutting down death.

Although, the suffering was going on and the process of refining was boring and meaningless.

But still, it had to be carried out.

There wasn't any other way, and he couldn't do anything about it.

For a while.

The people waiting outside were already burning with anxiety, perhaps because waiting itself was a bad thing.

It was already hard to sit still.

Now, it was even more difficult for them to calm down from waiting.

As time passed further, five full years had passed since Jiang lacked the ability to finally refine those origin forces.

Then, it was ready for a breakthrough.

"This breakthrough is quite tough, though."

Jiang Xiao frowned slightly, "Although I've already refined those origin forces, to break through to the late Earth Immortal Realm, I still need an even more powerful Only with perseverance."

If you're not careful, that great pain will attack your whole body, and you'll be physically miserable.

It might even collapse.

After all, a breakthrough required sweeping and pounding through the body with great power, and practicing in a sweeping manner.

Once the luck was good, the breakthrough was fast.

But once you were unlucky, the breakthrough speed would most likely not be guaranteed and the pain would continue.

By then, something might go wrong.

Although, his Jiang Lack's physical body had been enhanced to a certain extent, it still wasn't enough.

It was still much worse.

Very inadequate.

"But, I still have to continue to break through, I still don't have any solutions."

Jiang Chi mused in his heart, "I can only break through, keep breaking through, keep breaking through, or else I'll get beaten if I'm weak."

He was still not strong in all his cultivation strength.

Truly helpless to the extreme.

"Late Earth Immortal Realm, it's really something to look forward to."

Jiang Mo smiled thickly, "Although it's painful, although it's also thrilling, and even this process is very difficult, but I must continue."

The cultivation was still going on.

Strength was also still sweeping and impacting, functioning as normal.

He was silent in his heart.

Not thinking inwardly, "Prepare to begin, five years have already passed in the blink of an eye."


He replenished and incorporated the origin power refined within the vajra bracelet one by one.

The power rolled, and in an instant, Jiang Qiao felt a terrifying and overbearing momentum that quickly appeared.

However, that terrifying momentum was truly powerful.

It was unimaginable.

"This power, it's too powerful and too much."

Jiang Ji frowned, "I simply can't fit it inside my body, but I have to."

"Continue the impact."

Jiang Chi's mind moved, "Killing intent sweeps, the terror is infinite, ah late Earth Immortal realm, I'm looking forward to it."

The power, like a monstrous flooding beast, ruthlessly impacted his body, the major meridians operating.

It was incomparably terrifying.

It was like that flood that let out the gates, "This will make things a little scary, but it must be carried out."

The killing intent curled up, infinitely terrifying and overbearing.

For a moment.

The pain that seemed to be tearing Jiang Di apart had appeared, and he was fiercely grim and painfully feeling it as well.

The mood was so heavy that it was truly horrifying and frightening, "If this continues, maybe my physical body won't be able to carry it."

Jiang Mo's face didn't look very good, and his mood was even more somewhat heavy.

"What to do?"

Jiang Chi was operating his Ninth Grade Daoist Gong, the power in his body like a rolling impact, but only this terrifying impact would allow him to use such a brutal Make a breakthrough under power.

Although, this is one of the best ways to make a breakthrough and the most effective way to do it.

However, this method wasn't suitable for everyone, and if he wasn't careful, he might fail.

It might even cause his flesh to collapse.

It was terrifying.

It was also brutally overbearing.

It was so raging that Jiang Xiao's heart was somewhat surprised, "But this kind of pain is so ruthless."

It turned out that cultivation wasn't as beautiful, unrestrained, and uncomplicated as it was supposed to be.

In Jiang Kou's eyes, it was just a trade of pain and reality.

The so-called freedom was all behind, but the pain was before.

Under the endless cultivation, the suffering continued.

His veins looked as if they were going to twist, and it was a bit terrifying.

There was no such thing as a sure thing.


Terrifying power rolled up, it was truly unbearable, and great power was working within him.

Strange meridians and eight veins impacted within.

As long as the power was impacted within this power, he would be able to operate terrifyingly within his body.

Cultivation was inherently difficult.

At this moment, Jiang Ji also had a deep understanding that cultivation was not a pleasant thing to do.

And as a result, it caused many things to happen.

He had a sense of crisis in his heart, and breaking through was still difficult.

If he wasn't careful, he might not be able to break through at all .

But at this moment.

Jiang Mo must continue to grit his teeth and continue his cultivation, waiting for that breakthrough opportunity to arrive.

With good luck, he might be able to break through in three or five years.

If it was bad luck, there might not be a chance for three to five years.

Jiang Mo could only pray like this.

He pondered so, thinking about the upcoming breakthrough, "This time, no matter what, you have to hold on and break through."

"Otherwise, the consequences are unpredictable."

Jiang frowned as he continued to operate the Ninth Grade Dao Power, driving those world origin forces to impact in his body.

The movement was also non-stop.

The immense power was like a monstrous torrent, rushing like waves, and if you didn't look carefully, you might not even have a chance.

The speed was slow.

In the blink of an eye, another year passed.

Outside, Little Nannie was already waiting anxiously, she even said, "Brother Ye Fan, why hasn't he appeared ah?"

Evan: "........"

Where does he know this ah.

He could only respond with a bitter smile, "This, I don't know ah, maybe it's because Brother Jiang hasn't broken through yet?

Of course.

It's also possible that he's on the cusp of a breakthrough, so maybe he'll break through soon.

All we have to do is to wait patiently, just expect him to break through."

"Brother Ye Fan, you've already said this a hundred times."

"Have you?"



Ye Fan was a little embarrassed and didn't know what to say.

But also busy saying to little inan, "Little inan ah, there's actually no need to worry, big brother Jiang himself is super strong and already terrifying.

You have to know that he's an immortal, a real immortal ah."

"I know, I know all of this, but I just can't help but worry."

Inan said, "It's already been seven or eight years, and if we continue to wait any longer, just another decade will pass.

The last time brother broke through, it didn't even take this long ah."

"This is one thing,"

Ye Fan said, "You can't use the speed of Brother Jiang's previous breakthrough to measure it either, nor can you use past experience to measure it, sometimes it is It's not measurable."

There was a certain gap, after all, every cultivation breakthrough was different.

The realm grows, the cultivation increases, the amount of energy needed, and the time it takes to achieve it all increases greatly.

That was for sure.

The previous experience was only a rough reference, not a complete replacement.

This was still clear to Ye Fan, so he continued to comfort the little inan, "You shouldn't worry too much, we as Cultivators already need a lot of time, and it's normal for some to close their doors once and decades to pass."


The little inan was suspicious and seemed a bit confused and puzzled by Jiang Yifan's words.


She then continued, "Brother Ye Fan, let's also go and cultivate, and give brother a surprise after he leaves the gate."


Ye Fan secretly let out a sigh of relief, "Finally, we've persuaded this one, if we hadn't, there's no telling what horrible What about things."

Finally, it wasn't a wasted effort.

Of course.

He had also witnessed the speed of Little Inan's cultivation, and it wasn't much worse than his Ye Someone's Desolate Sacred Body.

He was truly terrifying.

It was still quite powerful to think about, "Little Inan is truly worthy of being the manifestation of the Fierce Emperor's Dao Fruits, and is also truly gifted, this speed of cultivation It's scary."

Jiang Qian was looking forward to it and was surprised in his heart.

I can't help but think, "In that case, maybe when Big Brother Jiang is out of the gate, she'll really be able to give him a surprise."

"Since little inan has gone to cultivate, I'll have to work harder to cultivate as well."

Ye Fan said in his heart, "Although my current Desolate Ancient Saint Body is already great, although I'm now very strong.

However, I'm still not strong enough to fight against an existence like Big Brother Jiang, or even deal with a strong person like the Upper Fierce Man Emperor.

I'm still too weak.

Still, I need to become an immortal, I need to become a big brother, I need to become that all-seeing super-powerful person.

Only then will I have a chance to deal with everything ah."

This was very clear to Ye Fan, he had no other choice.

Only by constantly, constantly becoming stronger, this was his chance, otherwise he would end up being a weakling.

Ultimately, it would not be enough.

What's more.

"I've heard that the Immortal Realm is better, there's actually an upper realm that exists above this world, I actually want to ascend and go there."

Jiang Qiao thought so, "I really hope that this chance to break through will come from time to time."

After becoming an immortal, it meant that he could ascend.

The previous path to immortality was merely waiting for some chance.

Originally, if those Seven Great Life Forbidden Areas hadn't been killed by Jiang Xiao, he, Ye Fan, wanted to clean it up.

But now that the Seven Great Forbidden Areas of Life had been cleaned up by Jiang Chi, he, Ye Fan, would have no chance.

In other words, in those Seven Forbidden Areas of Life, the chance that belonged to him was now gone.

Fortunately, Jiang Lack had granted him enough benefits.

These benefits, however, were enough to make a breakthrough in his cultivation, and it was not impossible for him to even become an immortal.

Ye Fan's gaze burned as if he was flying like a divine radiance.

It was turbulent and surging.

He was looking forward to becoming an immortal.

Two years later.

Both Ye Fan and Little Inan were out of the gate one after another, even the Fierce Emperor was out of the gate.

She had already cultivated to the early stage of the Human Immortal Realm, while Ye Fan and Little Inan, they were only one step away from the early stage of the Human Immortal Realm.

In other words, each had some gains over the years.

Jiang Xiao, on the other hand, still hadn't left the barrier yet.


Starting from a certain day, a terrifying qi pressure had begun to appear in the place where Jiang lacked closed the gate.

And it was sweeping and impacting the surroundings in a terrifying manner.

"This momentum is emitted by brother, he must be about to break through."

The little inan looked happy.

Even Ye Fan couldn't help but nod his head, "It should be about to break through, the momentum is actually still climbing steadily, it hasn't reached its peak yet."

"I don't know what kind of level his cultivation can reach this time."

The Ruthless Emperor secretly pondered, "Late Earth Immortal Realm? Or is it the other realm?"

She wasn't sure.

Because according to the division of Jiang Qian's situation, its next realm was the late Earth Immortal Realm.

But the Qi on Jiang lacked was terrifying again.

Finally, one day.


The terrifying power was struck away, and Jiang Qian's imposing pressure reached an unprecedented level.

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