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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1319 - Closed Death Pass Breakthrough (Seeking Subscription)

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After settling the Immortal Heavenly Emperor, Jiang Xiao just collected all the origin power he deserved before leaving.

He didn't go on a day trip to Earth either, as there was no point in doing so.

After his cultivation reached his level, it would be really too boring to go to Earth to wander around.

Besides, he had been there before.

Simply didn't go.

Just leave straight away.

When he appeared again, but he had already returned to the Desolate Ancient.

He faintly looked at Ye Fan and Little Inan and would not be able to smile.

The look was also a bit surprised, "The two of them seem to be natural siblings, but because of my arrival, they are only meeting now.

However, this is quite good, at least they all still have a chance."

Jiang Xiao slowly walked over and greeted the two of them.

"Brother, you're back?"

Inan learns from Ye Fan that Jiang Chi went to the ancient star of the fluorescent confusion half a month ago, supposedly to settle the immortal who is reborn in nirvana there. The Emperor.

She was once worried.

Afraid that the Immortal Heavenly Emperor was too powerful, afraid that Jiang Xiao was not a match.

It was with this worry that Ye Fan was able to strike up a conversation with her and said a lot.

He was silently thinking about the mission that Jiang Lack had given him.

It had to be completed no matter what.

At this moment.

Jiang Lack nodded, "Little inan, have you listened to Ye Fan's words during these days?"

"There, brother Yafan is very nice."

Inan smiled, "He made me a lot of delicious food and also made me happy."


Jiang was slightly stunned, but he was surprised to see the other party.

However, he didn't blame.

The latter, on the other hand, became a bit embarrassed after hearing the little inan's words.


Ye Fan was busy explaining, "This is how it should be, everything is normal."

"Good, keep it up in the future."

Jiang Chi patted Ye Fan's shoulder, then continued, "Little Inan, brother I will soon go to the Closed Death Pass to break through, this time not to break through If you don't get out of the gate, brother Evan will play with you next, how about it?"


Little Inan was a little unhappy, "Brother you're going on retreat again ah, but before that you were only on retreat ah."

The amount of time that Jiang lacked to close the gate was increasing.

There wasn't even time to play with her anymore.

This made her feel very distraught.

It was also depressing.

"Brother has to become a strong man ah, otherwise how can you protect this little confused you."

He rubbed little inan's little head and said with a drowned face.

If he could, he actually wanted to be more companionable.

But he wasn't Ye Fan, and couldn't do what Ye Fan did, so he had to get Ye Fan.

To take care of the little inan for him.


Little Inan nodded, "Then I can only play with brother Ye Fan, but you have to get out of the gate early, or I'll be fierce."

"Okay, it's up to you, it's all up to you."

Jiang Chi assured, "I will definitely come out at the first time after the breakthrough and make sure to see little inan you."

After having such a guarantee, I'm sure little inan should be satisfied.

As expected.

In the next moment, Little Inan nodded, "Alright then, brother, you have to remember your guarantee."

"Okay." Jiang Qian nodded.

A calm face.

But it was also slightly bitter.

At this time, he was busy saying to Ye Fan, "Brother Ye Fan, Little Inan is in your care."

"Brother Jiang, don't worry."

Ye Fan assured, "With me here, Little Inan will be happy."

He had already received some benefits from Jiang Lack's gifts, so naturally, he couldn't abandon them.

What's more.

These past half a month.

Under the relationship between him and Little Inan, he also felt that Little Inan was quite good.

With such a sister, he felt comfortable and the days should be quite good.

Of course.

He actually knew the inside story, and also knew that Jiang Chi would leave sooner or later, and he was just a substitute.

But that couldn't be helped.

The Fierce Emperor he had already gone to see.

The other party was satisfied with him.

At the same time, they also asked him to continue taking care of the little inan and be nice about it.

Even if there was no request from Jiang Chi, he had to follow the Ruthless Emperor's request, after all, that person was the Ruthless Emperor.

He had to follow this.

"This time, I wonder how many years Big Brother Jiang will need?"

It wasn't that easy to close the gate and break through.

After all, not everyone was like him, a Desolate Saint Body, and not everyone was like him, as long as they had cultivation resources, they could limitlessly Growth.

Jiang is special.

A man who had become an immortal.

He had heard things about him previously when he was outside.

Outside, it could be spread like crazy.

"It would be great if I could also become an immortal."

Ye Fan secretly thought, "However, it's not like there's no chance, now that my cultivation strength is quite good, along with Big Brother Jiang and the Fierce Man Emperor The cultivation resources given to me should allow me to make a breakthrough in a short period of time."

That's not bad.

Of course.

Breakthroughs also took time, especially now, he could only work on cultivation in his free time with his little inan.

Otherwise, I'm afraid there would be no chance.

Becoming an immortal was also his goal.

Slowly walking into his small bamboo hut, this time after Jiang Xiao set up some simple defensive formations, he was ready to start closing the gate.


In fact.

His breakthrough was also on the agenda.

It wasn't difficult, but it wasn't simple either.

The boring part was refining those origin forces, but the difficult part was the pain that was hard to endure during the breakthrough.

That was the painful part.

The pain was definitely there, or else cultivating Immortality would be too easy.

Especially until now.

After Jiang Chi had reached the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm in one piece, if he wanted to break through to the late stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, he would need to endure that majestic and tremendous power in the Rampage through the meridians in the body.

Hardening the shackles and rushing them away.

Until it breaks through.

Sometimes impacting for half a day might not be enough to break through.

That's what's sorrowful.


Breakthroughs also needed to depend on luck.

If the luck was good, then it was very likely that he, Jiang Hou, would gain great benefits.

If the luck was bad, then he might have to end up in a miserable situation.


No matter what, he would continue to refine his origin and break through.

This was his only chance.

He couldn't waste it.

"I wasn't originally gifted or qualified, and I wasn't originally a special physique, so this origin power breakthrough method became my The only chance."

Jiang Chi was indifferent, "I have collected quite a bit of origin power nowadays, but it will take a long time to fully refine it! Only then."

A year or two might not be enough.

This time there were too many.

So much that after refining it, he wouldn't dare to exist in his dantian and could only temporarily store it in the Vajra Bracelet.

When he needed to use it, he would take it out again.

Otherwise, he was afraid that his Dantian would be burst.

That would be tragic.

Jiang Ji's gaze was burning and radiant as he secretly said, "The speed I'm refining now shouldn't be considered slow, but it still requires a long Time."

That's a tough one.

He was silent and bitterly coping.

It was really a bit depressing.



He quickly gathered his mood and then adjusted his state as quickly as possible to start a new round of cultivation.

After all.

Cultivation was like that boat sailing against the current, if you didn't progress, you would fall back.

That was for sure.

"Breaking through to the late Earth Immortal Realm, this should be my limit in this world."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "The remaining origin power should not be enough for me to continue to break through, so it's good to just recognize this one goal."

He thought so in his heart.

The look was a bit strange.


He was also secretly pondering, how long would it take to refine those remaining World Origin Powers this time?

Two years?

Or three years?

Or was it longer?

Of course, it was all again possible.

But Jiang Qian wasn't satisfied with that, he thought to himself, "At most three years, I need to break through, otherwise it's too long.

What's more, I still need to dedicate some of my time to accompany Little Inan and the Fierce Emperor and the others when the time comes.

After a few more years, I should be able to leave.

Well now.

It's not time to leave yet."

The next moment.

Jiang Qiao discarded those thoughts in his mind and began to make a vigorous effort to refine it.

There was quite a bit of Origin Force he had saved up.

It would still take a long way to completely refine it, even if his Ninth Grade Dao Power already had the ability to devour it.

It would also take a long time.


In the Desolate Ancient.

Ye Fan and Little Inan were playing while that ruthless emperor was standing at the top of the mountain, watching from afar.

"Fellow Daoist Jiang Daoist has already gone into closed-door cultivation, I wonder which realm he can break through to this time?"

The Fierce Emperor was somewhat curious, "After all, he's already in the middle of the Earth Immortal Realm."

She didn't really have much concept of the Earth Immortal Realm.

Nor did she know exactly how powerful this realm was, let alone how powerful it was.


She also expected it.

Thinking about it, it should be very strong.

She pondered silently.

Of course.

These things would only be clear after Jiang lacked out of the gate.

It was still too early to tell.

However, the Fierce Emperor turned his eyes towards Ye Fan who was on the side, "He's quite nice to little inan, and I don't know if he's my brother or not The reincarnation of a spirit?

Too bad.

There's no place in this world for reincarnation, or else I could have checked it out.

I can only get a very general feeling that he's supposed to be the reincarnation of my older brother, but he doesn't have my brother's memories."

It gave her a very confused feeling.

These things.

Should I tell Evan about this or not, should I let him know about it as well?

She felt that it was possible to let it know.

But was very afraid that Ye Fan wouldn't be able to accept it.

And even more afraid that Ye Fan wasn't the reincarnation of her brother's spirit at all, afraid that it was all just her own delusion.

Based on these circumstances.

She was actually helpless in her heart.

After waiting so many years of suffering, who could relieve her heart of grief?

Is it unfounded or a sign of true love to not become immortal in the middle of the red earth, just waiting for that brother of hers to return?

She's been called a vicious emperor, but is she really vicious and ruthless?

Not necessarily.

There is a softer side to her that she is very close to her own family as well.


There was no chance now.

She could only choose to believe in Jiang Xiao, and according to what Jiang Xiao said, either one of those solutions would solve her problem.

It could also recreate her brother.

But each of the plans that Jiang Lack had previously put forward needed to be backed by strong strength.

Otherwise, it was simply impossible.

"Hopefully, he, Ye Fan, is really my brother, so that will also save me a lot of trouble."

The Fierce Emperor thought silently in his heart, "At least, judging from the current situation, the relationship between him and little inan is quite good, and also has me Some of my brother's traits."

They were both Desolate Saint Bodies, and they were all worse than all the same personality.

They were also all more spoiled sisters.

It was due to all these reasons that the Ruthless Emperor was exceptionally tolerant of Ye Fan, including his visit to the Shaking Light Holy Land and so on, all of which were protagonist General treatment.

No one dared to mess with him Ye Fan.


When she went to that Immortal Road, she had also secretly helped Ye Fan, helping him to achieve great success with his Desolate Ancient Saint Body.


Ye Fan was almost completely accomplished as well.

"All of this is really wonderful."

Fierce Emperor muttered to himself, "Brother, I don't know if you can see this and feel what I'm feeling."

Many people don't understand the feelings of the Vicious Emperor.

But she and her brother had lived together since they were children, and the feeling was too deep.

It was also too engrained in her heart.

Without personally experiencing it for a while, there was no way to know how strong the feelings between them really were.

A year passed.

Jiang Chi was not out of the gate, and with Ye Fan's company, the little inan continued to cultivate and was happy.

Of course, she was also worried about Jiang Lack.

Only the dependency had been much less.

This was a good thing for Ye Fan.

Two years had passed.

This matter continued to intensify, and the little inan still hadn't left the gate, so the inan was already worried.

Only because of Ye Fan's existence, it was hard for her to be happy.


Even the Ruthless Emperor was worried, "Fellow Daoist Jiang, he's not going to have something happen to him, is he?"

All this time and not a single signal.

One could hardly avoid reverie.

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