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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1318 - Immortal Heavenly Emperor (Seeking Subscription)

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Just as Ye Fan was pondering, Jiang lacked a flash and had left the Desolate Ancient.

With one step, he stepped into another piece of heaven and earth.

Here the yellow sand was everywhere, here there was no life to speak of, here was only a dead land.

This was the Flickering Ancient Star.

At the same time, it was also the legendary Mars.

Originally, this should have been a place of death with few people in sight, a forbidden area in general.

Basically, no life would exist here.

But now, this Flickering Ancient Star had ushered in one person.

Jiang Xiao.

After giving Ye Fan an account of the little inan's matter, he came alone to the Flickering Ancient Star.

There was one last terrifying existence on it, and an evil one as well.

Not wanting to avoid the Earth being robbed, he came to the Flickering Ancient Star with the intention of completely solving the problem of the Immortal Heavenly Emperor before he finally closed the door to cultivate.

Lest something happen to Earth.

At any rate, he, Jiang Chi, was considered an Earthling, so the Immortal Heavenly Emperor had to be solved.

At the same time, some origin power could also be obtained.

"After all, this Immortal Heavenly Emperor was once a Red Dust Immortal, and an extremely powerful existence."

He thought silently in his heart, "It is said that this Immortal Heavenly Emperor was once from the Immortal Realm, and fell down at an early age, always wanting to become an Immortal! Go back."

But there was never a chance.

I don't know, how much more will he eventually be able to do?

"However, the less capable the Immortal Heavenly Emperor is, the better it will be for me, only then will I have a chance ah."

How else could he fight and kill the Immortal Heavenly Emperor?

Well, killing.

Naturally, you have to kill the fastest and in the most ruthless way.

Jiang Qian had always felt that he was a good person, of high moral character, and had the habit of respecting the old and loving the young.

Since this Immortal Heavenly Emperor was once considered an evil person and a scourge to the world.

Then he couldn't be blamed for Jiang Sheng.

Perhaps, that Immortal Heavenly Emperor had never dreamed that he would be hiding in the ancient star of Fluorescent Bewilderment and sleeping in Nirvana.

It was surprising that someone would still miss him.

It was appalling.

Of course.

At this moment, the Immortal Heavenly Emperor was still in deep sleep.

"This Flickering Ancient Star is filled with yellow sand, it's rare and uninhabited all year round, as if it's just a dead and dreary planet."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, "Yet, this place is still a bit different, and it looks a bit weird as well."

He was full of thoughts.

Suddenly, he felt that that Immortal Heavenly Emperor's vision was so good that he had placed the place of Nirvana Rebirth on this fluorescent ancient star.

In this way, no one would know about him.

To the maximum extent that no one would be able to find him, it would be a good chance for him to smoothly be reborn in Nirvana and live another life.

When he woke up, he would be able to embark on the path of immortality and go to compete with the beings of all the heavens.

If he was able to become an immortal, he would be able to use this opportunity to return to the upper realm, and he would have all of his obsessions.

Of course.

The current Immortal Heavenly Emperor was unaware of this.

Now he was still calm and curiously plainly asleep.

The mood was inspirational.

Jiang Jiang looked at this Flickering Ancient Star, but his face was somewhat calm, "Nowadays, the entire Flickering Ancient Star looks as if it has been robbed, and it doesn't look like There is life to be had, but that's why it makes more people not pay attention to this place."

That Immortal Heavenly Emperor thus had a chance.

With a slight movement of his appearance, Jiang Di's gaze moved slightly, "However, for the safety of the Earth, for the safety of those mortals, even if you don't die The emperor is being reborn in sleeping nirvana, and I'm going to interrupt and stop you."

It absolutely must not be allowed to continue to survive.

We must interrupt the rhythm of the Immortal Heavenly Emperor and at the same time take the opportunity to eliminate this person in order to return this heaven and earth to a lucid state.

Otherwise, something might happen, or even certain terrifying things might happen.

In order to avoid such an occurrence, he wouldn't be able to allow the Immortal Heavenly Emperor to continue to exist.

What's more, that Immortal Heavenly Emperor should be able to obtain quite a bit of origin power.

It was a rare thing.

After having such thoughts, Jiang Qian's heart was relieved, "It's not that the poor dao had to kill you, but because you yourself deserve to die."

In those eras when the Immortal Heavenly Emperor was rampant, there was no telling how many people had suffered misfortune and how many cultivators had ended up with a miserable The end.

In the end, he died.

He, Jiang lacked, was just doing what he could.

Just trying to prepare some benefits for his descendants, that's all.

He had no other thoughts other than that, nor could he have any other thoughts.

The Immortal Heavenly Emperor was underneath this Flickering Ancient Star, but with the strength of Jiang Chi's current cultivation, he could easily find it.

Easily too.


"It is said that that Immortal Heavenly Emperor once had a cultivation that reached the level of a Red Dust Immortal, and there's no telling how big a wave he could turn up."

For someone like the Immortal Heavenly Emperor, one more day to live was one more day to live.

If the Nirvana Rebirth was successful, it would definitely have countless benefits for him, and then becoming an Immortal should be a no-brainer.

But well.

The Immortal Heavenly Emperor had probably never dreamed that he would be targeted by Jiang Chi.

Moreover, it was still an extremely domineering means to blast it up from the underground of the Fluorescent Ancient Star.


When a palm slapped out, when a terrifying power, rampaging and sweeping across the Fluorescent Ancient Star, went straight to the underground.

It directly blasted out that underground, the Immortal Heavenly Emperor who was being reborn in Nirvana.

So not miserable.

It was also so not terrifyingly overbearing.

"If you don't come out, the poor dao will keep on blasting, I'd like to see how long you can hold out."

The indifferent voice slowly sounded as if it didn't matter, and also looked at the Immortal Heavenly Emperor in a daze.

He slowly woke up from his slumber, his face ugly for a while, "Who are you, how dare you disturb my Nirvana, do you want to die?"


Jiang Gui's eyebrows raised, "The one who wants to die, I'm afraid it should be you, the poor man doesn't want to die."

Why would he want to die.

It didn't exist.

Cold eyes trapped on that Immortal Heavenly Emperor, "Your existence threatens ordinary people, you shouldn't have come to Fluorescent Ancient Star."

"So you then want to kill the throne?"


"What kind of bullshit reasoning is this, this seat can instead send you to Lianxi Heaven to meet that Rudraksha Buddha."

"This Flickering Ancient Star was originally the site of the Great Thunder Sound Temple, if it hadn't been destroyed, perhaps I could actually meet that Rudraksha Buddha. Joe."


The Immortal Heavenly Emperor's face was gloomy as if it was dripping water.

This person was really angry.

Moreover, it was clearly a bad visitor.

He glared angrily, "Since you want to die, this seat will fulfill you just fine."

"I don't know if I want to die this seat, but the one who wants to die will definitely be you."

Jiang Chi calmly said, "Don't believe me, try it."

Between words.

Jiang Chi had already unleashed the terrifying mighty pressure around him.


The powerful cultivation momentum of Jiang Qian's mid Earth Immortal realm swept out at a terrifying speed.

It was so hard to see.

It was truly horrifying and horrifying.

"You... who exactly are you?"

The Immortal Heavenly Emperor panicked, his face twitching as he looked ugly for a while, hidden from view.

This was something he had never expected, Jiang Kou was so powerful.

He had to know that he was once a Red Dust Immortal, but now he was suppressed.

All the energy in his body was suppressed like a pool of stagnant water, and was suppressed by Jiang Liao's momentum.

At the same time.

All of his secret methods and other means were ineffective, as if he was instantly reduced to a mortal.


The Immortal Heavenly Emperor's face turned pale, "I've met a big brother and kicked the iron plate."


He was blue and purple.

Some back fear.

Looking inexplicably frightened, "Who the hell is he, and how could there be such a powerful existence in heaven and earth?

And why did he want to kill me?

Just because I exist, I might be a threat to ordinary people?

Or is there another reason?"

His face was all very scared, actually messing with such a big brother.

It was really a bit scary.

He hurriedly said again, "Senior... Senior, it's all my fault, just treat me like a fart, right?"

It was important to know that the fact that Jiang Xiao could easily suppress him meant that it would be easy for the other party to kill him if they wanted to.

Such a powerful person was definitely not something that he, the Immortal Heavenly Emperor, could deal with.

He was a big man.

Also a strong man, definitely not something that he, the others, could deal with.

Calling him a strong man was also the right thing to do, and even more so a sign of admitting and begging for mercy.

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "What, you won't send me to see Rulai Buddha?"

Immortal Heavenly Emperor: "..."

Where does he dare?

If Jiang Chi was just a weakling, perhaps he could continue to be arrogant and domineering, and continue to be a bit more brutal.

But now well.

It doesn't seem to work.

Everything is suffering, everything is at rest ah.

The Immortal Heavenly Emperor silently spat in his heart, "How did such a powerful existence come to the Fluorescent Ancient Star and come all the way to settle a score with me?"

He didn't understand.

It was very depressing.

The mood was all over the place, and it was only when his little life was in someone else's hands that he found life hard.

It was really too hard.

"Senior, you're joking."

The Immortal Heavenly Emperor smiled bitterly, "You're such a strong man, where would I dare."

Even if it was in my heart, I didn't dare to actually give action.


Jiang Ji turned to me and said, "So, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm strong enough, you would actually want to continue sending me to see the Buddha?"


He Immortal Heavenly Emperor did have this idea, and did find it a bit unbelievable.

The mood was heavy ah.

"Senior you are joking, how could I think like this."

The Immortal Heavenly Emperor continued, "Actually, I'm also a good person, and I do my best not to harm ordinary people..."

"All right."

Before the Immortal Emperor could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Jiang Xiao, "There's no need to explain so much, I have my own judgment.

But in the end, I think it's better for you to die."

The Soul Searching Technique was launched at the first opportunity.

He began to search for the Immortal Heavenly Emperor's memories, especially the section about the techniques and secret arts.

The rest were not needed.

All kinds of magic began and had already started to act, while the Immortal Heavenly Emperor was stunned, directly as if he was stupid.

It was as if he was a fool.

It was truly unbelievable, after being suppressed by Jiang Xiao, his entire person was like an ordinary person.

Truly somewhat extraordinary.

Of course.

He couldn't resist.

And yet, he could feel what Jiang Liao was doing and the powerful nature of Jiang Liao, and this existence was truly terrifying.

He felt horrified just thinking about it.

But now, he didn't even have the chance to speak.

With an old face as black as charcoal fire, he knew that he was probably going to die.

Probably going to be bad.

One who kills, one who always kills.

That was life.

There was nothing he could do about it.

With gloomy eyes, facing the powerful Jiang Lack, if it wasn't for that, he would have definitely been able to flip and suppress the other party.

It wasn't impossible to kill back.


Now that he was facing Jiang Lack, he really had no other way and was genuinely afraid.

"So it turns out that when faced with the threat of death, I still get scared and still feel despair."

The Immortal Heavenly Emperor was dawning at this moment.

He wanted to beg for mercy.

But until the end, he did not open his mouth, and he thought of the people who had been killed by him, who also begged and pleaded for mercy in a million ways .

But it didn't work out.

He still fought and killed .

Death came directly, and until this moment, the Immortal Emperor's heart was still very scared .

"So, is this what those people feel?"

The Immortal Heavenly Emperor silently pondered in his heart that he was so bad, so this was what death felt like.

It was truly hard to accept.

But in the next moment, he only felt a blackness before his eyes, and then he knew nothing.

So far.

A generation of Immortal Heavenly Kings had fallen, and even their souls had vanished in smoke!


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