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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1317 - Entrusting an Orphan to Ye Fan (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Ye Fan was the protagonist, with a great fortune, inherently gifted, and with a Desolate Saint Body.

Once a great success, there will be no one to rival him.

Therefore, this Immortal Road fight will also definitely be Ye Fan's top priority, and there's no need to even look at the result.

This was the result.

There was no hesitation.

Jiang Qian believed that he had made this judgment not because it was made suddenly, but it was very serious.

Ye Fan, the future was but Ye Tian Emperor.

This world.

It was hard to say if the other party could become a Ye Heavenly Emperor due to the presence of Jiang missing, but Ye Fan himself was a super strong person.

An outrageously strong kind.

The Ancient Sacred Body was definitely not something ordinary people could fight against either.

"Although, currently, Ye Fan's Desolate Ancient Saint Body is not a great success, but on this journey to the Immortal Road, he will definitely be able to obtain more cultivation resources and be able to Get even more benefits."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "At that time, Ye Fan will be able to cultivate his Desolate Saint Body to a terrifying level through those cultivation resources! .

By that time, his Desolate Ancient Sacred Body should be a complete success.

After the great success, who else would be his Ye Fan's opponent?

So, the entire Immortal Road was actually his Ye Fan, one man and one show.

As for the others, they're just a bunch of weak brats who aren't enough to be seen.

They're all just foils."

The Immortal Path.

The others were naturally all just ants, mere foils.

Only one person was the true protagonist, but other than that, all the others were weaklings.

Not enough to worry about.

Of course.

The Immortal Road Jiang Hou naturally wouldn't go, nor was there a need to go, even if there was desirable World Origin Power, he could still pass those who went to the The jade slip, then communicate the vajra bracelet to collect it.

There's no need to even go there personally.

It's directly a remote terminal, and you can collect the required origin power cleanly.

At that point, what would be left?

There shouldn't be anything left.

"Well, in that case, things would be perfect."

Jiang lacked a smile on his face, and he couldn't help but think, "It really is wonderful, everything is in my calculations."

Although he doesn't go there.

But the world can have his legend.

It was wonderful, and the origin force and all that could be collected clean, and then the Immortal Path might all be destroyed because of him, Jiang lacking.

It was still a bit exciting to think about.

After all, he, Jiang Xiao, was about to make a name for himself in history.

"No, it can't be considered a piece of history, what if it's notorious?"

It was also quite possible.

Cultivation was actually not simple, not at all, and if you weren't careful, going off the rails or whatever was light.

If you bothered to make a little effort, there was still the possibility that you could end up in a miserable situation.

Of course.

For such a thing as cultivation, for an existence as powerful as Jiang Xiao, it was actually just a matter of carrying over that terrifying attack.

Other than that.

There were no other difficulties either.

The Immortal Road opened, with Ye Fan as the only one, and it was just as Jiang Hou had guessed.

Becoming the most dazzling existence on that Immortal Road, he also became the most extraordinary person.

His Desolate Ancient Sacred Body was also about to become completely great, and countless people panicked in the face of such a powerful cultivator.

It turned out that all those previous legends were not wrong, and that Desolate Ancient Saint Body was truly terrifying after it had become a great success.

For a while, Ye Fan's fame spread as well.


Just when those people in the outside world were more than happy, Jiang Xiao found Ye Fan.

"Brother Ye, we meet again."

Today's Ye Fan, although he hadn't yet proven himself to be a great emperor, he wasn't far off.

At this moment, when he saw Jiang Chi once again, he naturally suddenly understood that the one in front of him was the famous and powerful existence in today's world .

An Earth Immortal strong man.

Although Ye Fan didn't know what it meant to be an Earth Immortal strong man, nowadays, all the strong men in the world were aiming to become immortal.

And yet, Jiang Xiao had become an immortal.

This was enough to show that he was really strong.

Even if he was about to become a great success with his own Ancient Desolate Saint Body, he wouldn't dare to be too arrogant and domineering.

By the way, when he came to the Desolate Ancient in the Nine Dragons Pulling Coffin and went to the Eastern Wilderness and so on, Jiang Lack had helped him a lot.


Ye Fan's heart was actually grateful to Jiang Lack, if it wasn't for Jiang Lack, there might not have been this day for himself.

"Senior, you are discounting me."

Ye Fan said evenly, "You are an immortal high up in the sky, and I am just..."

"Don't pull that nonsense with me." Jiang Chi said indifferently, "This time, the poor Tao has sought you out because there is something that he wants to discuss with you, I wonder if it is possible?"

"Qian, Brother Jiang, just tell me what you have to do directly."

Ye Fan continued, "If I can do it, I will definitely help do it never excuses."

He Ye Fan one spit and one ding, absolutely no lies, and absolutely no nonsense other.


Jiang Jian, on the other hand, sighed slightly, "You'd better listen to the poor first to finish your words, this matter really belongs to you."

Not waiting for Ye Fan to refuse, Jiang Chi continued, "The thing is, as I'm sure you know, when the poor Dao traveled the world previously, he admitted to the A younger sister, her name is Little Inan.

Her true identity is the manifestation of the dao fruit of that ruthless emperor, who now exists independently.

She has always had an obsession with having a brother, and it was only natural that I should become her brother.

Now, Poverty Dao is about to close the door for a breakthrough soon, which should be as little as three to five years, or as much as seven to eight years, and I should be able to break through.

The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of your own personal belongings and how to get rid of them.

I'm not afraid to tell you that I'm not from this world. I want you to take care of my little flower so that she can live and grow happily.

This shouldn't be difficult for you."


Ye Fan said cryptically after hearing Jiang Lack's words, "Jiang... Brother Jiang, I'm just afraid that I can't."

"Why can't you?"

Jiang Jiang said, "My brand new Immortal Dao cultivation system will be given to you, and some necessary cultivation resources will even be given to you as well! Some cultivation techniques and spells.

In addition, I will also give a greeting to the Fierce Emperor, wanting to see that she will take care of you more for my sake.

As for Little Inan's side, I'll also make it clear to her, and at that time, you just need to go and calm her down.

How is it?

Ye Fan, but you can do it?"

Evan: "........"

If you can't, will you let me go?

He looked bitter, so he could only say, "Brother Jiang, since you've said it all, I can't even accept it if I don't accept it."

What could they do if they didn't accept it, facing the powerful Jiang Lack, they were no match at all, and they might have to anger each other if they weren't careful.

At that time....

There's just no way around it.


Originally thinking that he was about to be completely great in his Desolate Saint Body, Ye Fan felt that he should be awesome and mighty.

But this comparison in front of Jiang Qian, instantly the highs and lows were judged.

Got to.

He was still a weakling, in fact still nothing.

"Ye Fan ah, you work hard, becoming an immortal is just a starting point for you, poor Dao is optimistic about you."

Jiang Chi continued, "In addition, in addition to those benefits just promised to you, the poor dao also wants to give you some power, those ancient emperors, . The Ancient Emperors and the Supreme Ones, I'm sure you've heard of them, they'll be used for you in the future."

After Jiang Xiao said all this, Ye Fan's heart always felt a bit strange, and he couldn't help but think, "I'm suffering."

He didn't really know if the little inan was a good match, but that ruthless emperor was definitely not a good match ah.

All these years.

Ye Fan had also heard long ago that that ruthless emperor was a truly ruthless man.

The existence that had once destroyed one dynasty all by itself, such a powerful generation was definitely not an ordinary person.

It's strange that they can be good with each other.

They were naturally a bit depressed and unhappy in their hearts, but he couldn't do anything about Jiang Qiao's strong request.

He could only accept it.

Jiang Mo, on the other hand, had an extremely serene face, "Now I'll give you all those benefits that I promised you, one by one."

After speaking.

Jiang Chi began to prepare to fulfill his various promises, after all, when asking for someone's help, Ye Fan should naturally give certain benefits.

Naturally, Ye Fan nodded his head and looked excited, in fact, this matter also had huge benefits for him.

Whether it was the forces that Jiang Xiao said, or that brand new immortal cultivation system, it was something he wanted very much.

"It's just that it's right to treat it as a trade." Ye Fan secretly said, "I don't know how that little inan is doing."

He was looking forward to it anyway, and he was excited about it.

If it was possible, maybe it would be nice to feather and ascend to immortality one day.

Of course.

This was just Ye Fan's current idea, whether it could be realized or not would depend on the future creation.

"Right, for the time being, I won't say anything about this to Little Inan, so you should contact her first."

Jiang Qian said, "She is within this Desolate Ancient, you go and build a relationship with her first, when your relationship is good, then I will bring it up! Leave, and I don't think your little innie will be too sad."


Ye Fan nodded.

After getting the benefit of Jiang Lack, he naturally had to go do something.

And there were quite a few ways for him to do so, he could also just recognize Little Inan as his sister and slowly cultivate his feelings as time passed.

There were plenty of opportunities anyway.

It wasn't half-hearted, as long as he could take care of the little inan, his purpose would be achieved, and the mission would be almost complete.

Of course.

In Ye Fan's opinion, this task was still very difficult and challenging.

If one was not careful, there was a possibility that certain unforeseen things could happen.

Jiang Lack's gaze was burning like a divine light.

Looking at Ye Fan's distant back, he muttered to himself, "Ye Fan, the matter of Little Inan will be entrusted to you.

This is also a kind of alternative orphaning, as you should have been the one to take care of the little inan originally.

Now it's just back to square one. I hope you'll be satisfied, and I hope you'll take good care of her.

I, on the other hand, have more important things to do, there is still an Immortal Emperor of the Fluorescent Ancient Star.

His existence is always a threat to Earth, and as an Earthling, I, Jiang Xiao, am obligated and obligated to get rid of him.

Then, I'll have enough time to continue refining those world origin forces and prepare for the next realm breakthrough."

The next realm.

It was the late Earth Immortal Realm, and he had been looking forward to this realm for a long time.

This time, he should be able to succeed.

As for that Immortal Heavenly Emperor, it was a legendary existence that was still reborn in Nirvana today.

Preparing to live another lifetime, just deep within that fluorescent ancient star, his existence was just too threatening.

Or rather.

It was too threatening to ordinary people.

If one wasn't careful, ordinary people would suffer misfortune.

And as a former Earthling, Jiang Chi would never allow such a thing to happen.

"This is the little bit of good I've done for this side of the Earth."

He sighed, "There are many more things to come, and it will take several years if we are to leave this world."

In a short time, it should be impossible.

Within the Desolate Ancient.

Ye Fan went alone to search for the little inan, and although Jiang Lack informed him that the little inan was within this Desolate Ancient, he didn't say the exact location.

In addition, one also needed to report to that unstoppable and magnificent ruthless emperor.

After all, this Desolate Ancient is someone's territory, not to mention that the little Inan is actually the manifestation of the dao fruit of the ruthless emperor.

In other words, Little Inan was actually the Fierce Man Emperor, or at least she should be a part of the Fierce Man Emperor.

"Big Brother Jiang is really good at creating problems."

Ye Fan had a sad face, he could go and face Little Inan, but facing the Ruthless Emperor was a bit scary.

That Great Emperor was a generation of fierce and ruthless ah.

Would he be sliced himself?


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