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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1315 - Widely Collecting the World's Kung Fu Methods (Seeking Subscriptions)

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"No harm, it is a good thing er."

Jiang Ji said indifferently, "In this world, apart from the Seven Forbidden Areas of Life, there are many strong people who exist in various ways.

They brake blood to stop life and do not ask about world affairs, just quietly waiting for that Immortal Path to open.

And yet.

The poor Dao now takes pity on them for their difficult cultivation, and you can spread the word that the poor Dao is waiting for them in the once forbidden area of desolation, and if you have any thoughts . You can come over with your own skills and cultivation resources and exchange them with the poor dao for a new Immortal Dao system and skills.

For a period of ten years.

After it expires without waiting, you must spread the word of the poor dao."

"Senior is merciful!"

When the Reincarnation Lord and the others heard this, they bowed and bent deeply towards Jiang Di.

This was worshipped on behalf of the cultivators of the entire world's ten thousand races.

The fact that Jiang Chi was able to do this meant that those gate blood stopped their lives and those who were about to die were blessed.

Their future was good.

If they were lucky, they might even be able to exchange some longevity substances from Jiang Chi.

Then cultivate.

Only when their life span went up would they have more chances.


As soon as Jiang Lack's words were spoken, there would definitely be many people who would marvel at it and many old guys who would come out.

For example, that Green Emperor's stream.

Such as that God King Jiang Taixu and so on.

Such an existence that wasn't up or down, they would definitely take the risk, whether it was because they were curious or reporting that they would rather trust it, this It was feasible.

No matter what Jiang Chi's purpose was.

This act of his was ultimately beneficial to the strongest people in the entire world.

And, this benefit could be found but not sought.

Only for ten years.

Of course.

Ten years was also enough time for all the powerful people in the world to know what Jiang Lack was thinking and for them to come from those remote places.

Perhaps one or two of them might be lucky enough to then have the chance to ask for immortality.

By then.

I'm afraid they would have to do them a favor as well.

After all, it was also because of them.


It was only because of this favor.

Jiang Chi's practice of collecting the world's merit methods so widely was naturally noticed by many people and many powers.

However, they had no way to follow suit and could only cover their own doors tightly and not make any mistakes.

Even if they had to hand over their merit methods, they should be the head of the forces and go to hand them over in unison.

They might even be able to gain some benefits.

Or else.

One could contact Jiang Xiao directly.

That would also gain some benefits, right?

But giving it to those under Jiang Liao, such as the Lord of Reincarnation, might not be beneficial.

Maybe they'd be devoured to the point where there weren't even any bones left.

That would be tragic.

And in fact.

After Jiang Lack's two-pronged approach, ninety-nine percent of the world's merits and secret arts would remain with him.

No matter whether it was the legacy of the former Dao Zun and others, or those ancient and mysterious existences.

They could either look for Jiang Xiao directly, or turn in their techniques through the Crocodile Ancestor, Lord of Reincarnation, and others.

When the time was right, all the merit methods and secret arts they possessed would be collected by Jiang lack.

The essence portion was integrated into the Nine Daoist Techniques.

And at the same time, they would also be able to collect the origin power of this world through the Vajra Bracelet.

In this way.

At least the majority of the world would fall into Jiang Lack's hands.

This kind of wide collection of the world's merits and secret arts would be considered perfect.

"When time goes on, there should be many people in this world who will gain benefits."

Jiang Chi secretly thought, "But the person who will gain the most benefits will have to belong to me, Jiang Chi.

The origin I had previously accumulated was enough to allow me to break through to the late Earth Immortal realm.

But the rest of the source obtained from collecting the world's merit methods can be saved until the next time.

The Great Perfection of the Earth Immortal Realm might not be far off."

Immortal ah.

There was no end to it after all.

Jiang Chi's mood was also rather anxious, "The worlds I've traversed these times aren't too strong, so at least I'll be able to traverse without a rival.

But what about the future?

It's not always going to be this good, and it's not always going to be invincible.

Maybe, next time, you'll have to travel through a world where gods and demons coexist.

It's better to be invincible early on."

He also preferred to be invincible.

That way he would have enough strength to deal with it, otherwise he would only be like the group of people in this world.

Once they were big brothers.

But when the time came, one could only scrape by.

Live scrappily and hope to live for a few lifetimes.


That possibility does exist.

But as if buying a lottery ticket, the odds of winning the lottery themselves are largely unknown.

And that's annoying.


Jiang Xiao produced a jade slip, leaving a separate body to manage it.

Sort of a central processor like existence, processing all kinds of data.

Only, Jiang allowed him to move the vajra bracelet, which would also allow him to remotely collect the origin of his skills and secrets.

Using such a technological method, after experimenting, Jiang Xiao felt that the results were very good.

Conveniently unsatisfied.

After sending off the Crocodile Ancestor and the Lord of Reincarnation and the others, only Little Inan was left by his side.

"Little Inan, do you want to go back with me to the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land to cultivate?"

Jiang Qiao asked, "Or do you actually want to go out into the world like the Crocodile Ancestor and the others?"

Everything is according to the little girl's own ideas.

Is it to leave?

Or do you continue to follow?


Little Inan didn't hesitate a bit.

She was convinced that Jiang Xiao would not harm her, but mostly, she wanted to follow Jiang Xiao's side.

All the time.

To forever.

"Brother, I'll listen to you."

She said good-naturedly, "I'll do whatever you want me to do."

The look on her face said it all.

Jiang Ji nodded, "Okay, then you come with me to the Desolate Forbidden Land, I need to cultivate, you need to cultivate too, it's just as well that we cultivate together! ."

That's all for now.

As for the rest...

He didn't know.

What should be done about the little inan?

If you just leave without making a sound, I'm afraid your little innie will be very sad.

This is absolutely not okay.

Of course.

He still needed to think about it .


A few days later.

The entire world knew about it.

There was another Immortal in the world, and it was an even more advanced Earth Immortal, different from the Red Dust Immortal, or the Immortal King or Immortal Emperor.

Which one was stronger or weaker was unknown.

But this Senior Jiang was indeed an Immortal.

His existence had directly overturned the perceptions of many people and forces.


Surprisingly, they really existed.

And it was right above the current world.

It was truly a bit unbelievable and magical to them.

But that was the reality ah.

In addition to that.

They also received news that that Immortal Senior surnamed Jiang, who had a group of Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors under him, now seemed to have obtained some immortality as well Matter.

It was searching all over the world for that senior to find the techniques and secret arts.

As for what Jiang lacked these things for, it was unknown.

It wasn't a secret anyway.

Those merit methods and secret arts were also personally ordered by that Senior Jiang.

Thus, many people were very confused.

They were also very angry.

Many of them, many of them and their powers, had been patronized by that group of Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors.

It was close to directly forcing these people to hand them over.

The process was naturally different from one to the other, after all, each had their own methods.

Regardless of whether it was a trap or some other special method, it was just a matter of getting the merit method.

What Jiang Mo wanted was the result.

Not the process.

In fact.

That process was useless.

In the end, by relying on this method, Jiang Hou had gained a lot of origin power, and the group of Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors had gained what they wanted! The stuff.

So much more.

The situation became even clearer.

For a time.

The cultivators of this heaven and earth would either hand over their techniques and secret arts, or go to that ancient forbidden place to seek out Jiang Xiao.

But not everyone could go looking for it.

At least those who weren't strong enough had no way to break through the defenses of that group of Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors.

They were however claiming to be the Heavenly Net.

It was to wipe out all the techniques and secret arts in this world and never leave any more.

Because it was useless to leave any more.

Those who were able to escape from this net were just a bunch of fish that escaped, just some powerful existences that were once unstoppable.

And the weak ones didn't stand a chance.

Jiang Mo watched calmly, relying on this method to take in all of the world's feats.

For a moment.

He accumulated countless merit methods in his hands, but all of them were transformed and charged with their origin.

That kind of dying bigot, he didn't find it, and no one came looking for him.

Perhaps it was also because he hadn't started returning to the Desolate Forbidden Zone.

Since destroying the Seven Great Forbidden Areas of Life and making those forbidden areas into cavernous lands, Jiang Xiao and his little inan, were slowly moving towards the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area Lines go.

It was like traveling.

The matter of widely collecting the world's merits was being advanced by the Lord of Reincarnation and the Crocodile Ancestor, and there was no need for him to keep an eye on it.

Even if someone lost their life as a result, it was due to their own bad luck and their own inferior strength.

It had nothing to do with him, Jiang Liao.

He had already instructed back when he sent out the jade slip.

Life and death had a destiny, and riches were in the sky.

So be careful when walking the world, even with the general strength of an Ancient Emperor, or an Ancient Emperor, or a Supreme Being, who had once also testified to Dao over.

But it would be hard to tell if the boat was in the gutter.

It's expected to be bad.

Right now.

Jiang Qian was feeling with a cold face, the information sent by that one jade slip had some basic and ordinary techniques, and some Profound feats.

Should have it all.

Of course.

Perhaps it's because it's just starting out, so there aren't a lot of them yet, "But after a while, the information in this jade slip should be Get up more."

By that time well.

There could be even more feats.

It's exciting to think about it.

Jiang Chi secretly said, "So many merits, although it won't be enough for me to break through to the Earth Immortal Great Perfection, it's considered saving up in advance."

Wait for the next time.

There would be just such an opportunity.


This was also a time.

However, many people in the heavens and earth did not understand what Jiang Chi was doing, nor was it clear that this Earth Immortal Jiang senior wanted to collect the world's merit methods To do what.

But no one could resist.

The main reason was that the group of Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors were too crazy, and were moving at a strange speed towards the heavens and the earth, starting in that four directions It swept out.

The terrifying power swirled.

It was like that wild tidal riot.

A time.

A spooky appeared.

Jiang Ji looked on with satisfaction, secretly saying, "It's not bad that so many feats have entered, but it's a trip from here back to the Desolate Forbidden Land! It."

He thought darkly.



Even a big fight.

Strife resumes.

Warfare resumes.


These had nothing to do with him, Jiang Que.

He couldn't care less.

The appearance of strife was also a necessity.

The heavens were long overdue for a reshuffle.

A brand new cultivation system would completely appear, completely replacing the previous kind of cultivation.

Others were not aware of it.

Jiang Xiao smiled with a calm face.

"Next, it's time to return to the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Lands."

He mused darkly, "Only a place like the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land would be suitable for me.

However, it can't continue to be called the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land now.

Instead, we can call it the Desolate Ancient Cave, or the Desolate Ancient Sacred Ground?"


Jiang lacked several names in a row, but he couldn't think of one.

It didn't matter if it was called the Forbidden Land or the Cave.

It didn't even matter if it was a sacred place.

The name was just a codename, just a name for what was once an ancient forbidden place.

The reputation there was not very good.

It also didn't know how many people it had scared.


Still, there were strong big men who had gone over.

And were waiting for Jiang lacking, waiting so much that they were on the verge of collapsing.


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