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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1314 - Forbidden Terminator (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Once upon a time, the forbidden places that stood on this world were like tumors parasitizing the main world.

Now, it had finally been removed entirely.

There was no longer one left.

The many forbidden places have been obliterated cleanly, crumbling and ending.

What was originally parasitic on the world, like a tumor, was now also removed by Jiang Hou.

He also received some rewards.

He truly became the terminator of the forbidden land, becoming a powerful man with a name, the Earth Immortal.

It spread throughout the world and was known to many as the best of the world.

Its worshippers and admirers were countless, and many people felt that he was the immortal of the world, so there were countless immortal seekers.

They all wanted to seek Jiang Chi's Immortal Dao.

It would also be great if they could obtain this Immortal Dao cultivation system.

At that time, they wouldn't have to wait for the Immortal Path to descend, nor would they have to wait for the Immortal Path to fight.

This would be perfect.

How soothing.

The ones who looked proud were the Crocodile Ancestor, the Lord of Reincarnation, and the others, who all looked excited.

It was fortunate that they and the others had made the right choice in the first place, otherwise, there was no telling what kind of moths would come out.

Now, they just prayed that Jiang Xiao would give them more tasks so that they would be able to obtain more contributions.

With their contributions, they would be able to exchange the cultivation methods they wanted and obtain the things they wanted.

It wasn't impossible.

But if there were no tasks or things they needed to do, it would be miserable.

Meaning that there was no contribution.

And without contributions, there would be a problem, they wouldn't be able to exchange for more techniques.

The Immortal Dao that Jiang lacked was a new kind of Immortal Dao, a special system of cultivation.

It was very different from before.

It was because of these various benefits that these people among them had the opportunity to cultivate to the highest level.

Only then would they have a better chance.

Who wouldn't want to become an immortal.

Faced with the opportunity given by Jiang Di, their hearts were naturally incomparably satisfied.

As long as they could take the opportunity to become immortal, then what the heck with the flood ah.

Having terminated all the life forbidden zones, Jiang Mo's heart was calm, this forbidden zone was originally a tumor.

It should never have existed in the first place.

Now, after being purged by Jiang Kang, it felt unusually tranquil, as if the entire world had a little bit more life in it.

It wasn't as deadly as before, and was still subject to the effects of those life forbidden zones.

Of course.

Apart from those forbidden areas, there were actually many other places that were more dangerous, such as that Qing Emperor's tomb and so on.

For example, that Immortal Heavenly Emperor on the Fluorescent Ancient Star.

And yet.

Compared to those forbidden places, these places were far from it.

And both the Qing Emperor and the Immortal Heavenly Emperor were both in deep sleep, waiting for the path to immortality to come as soon as possible by gating their blood and stopping their lives.

At that time.

They would be able to compete on the path to immortality.

These people, who had once been powerful existences that had transcended the world, had proven themselves.

Therefore, if the Immortal Path really appeared, if they really went for the fight, their chances of becoming immortal were still very high.

Once they became immortal, there would be a qualitative change in their lifespan or otherwise.

At that time, they could also directly ascend to the Immortal Realm and become true Immortals.

Of course.

Now well.

They were still in a deep sleep.

Moreover, Jiang Xiao had no intention of continuing to do anything, and after the seven Life Forbidden Area Forbidden Journey to him was over, it was almost like saving up for a full breakthrough! The native force now.

The next realm.

It was the late Earth Immortal Realm, and I thought that in the next few days, as long as the accumulated origin power was refined through, it shouldn't be a problem to break through.

It would probably just take a lot of time to refine it.

Anyway, this was what Jiang Ji's heart was thinking, next, there were probably many places in the nine heavens and ten heavens and ten thousand tribes where some techniques still existed! .

It was even a place where one could directly obtain origin power.

But Jiang Yao didn't want to go searching for each and every one of them, and the matter of verifying the situation was naturally left to the reincarnation masters and others under his command.

This kind of thing would just have to be left to them to find out.

Of course.

Kung Fu was definitely needed.

And there were many ways to obtain them, the means of which Jiang Liao hadn't figured out yet, but he had already started to send out some people to search for them.

After seeing the terrifying power of this new Immortal cultivation system of Jiang Xiao's, their hearts naturally embraced it positively.

As long as they could obtain this new method of immortal cultivation, it was still an easy kind of thing to do as long as they and others had the chance to become immortals.

They would be willing to do anything for Jiang Liao, even if it was as if they were underlings, it didn't matter.

Wouldn't it be nice to be under a big brother like Jiang Liao.

Moreover, they had the chance to become immortal, which was not something that ordinary people could have.

Based on this situation, Jiang Chi then said indifferently, "Gentlemen, now these Seven Forbidden Zones of Life have all been completely destroyed, collapsing and ceasing to exist! , next you have a lot of things to do instead."


That Lord of Reincarnation and the others were secretly complaining that there was nothing to do, resulting in no contributions to exchange for merits.

Now the quests were here.

And it was the flexible kind.

This time.

There were many of them going out to search for merit methods and special places.

And as long as three of the cultivation resources were accomplished, seventy percent of the rest went to them.

A situation like this was a good thing for the Lord of Reincarnation and the others.

As long as they could get the merit and secret techniques, no matter what kind of skill they had, it would be possible.

Also, one only needed to use a jade slip to communicate with Jiang Xiao and then upload the merit methods on their bodies.

Finally, it was also possible to use the jade slip to download the merit methods that Jiang lacked, a process called exchange.

Only with a good exchange would one have the chance to become an immortal.

That jade slip was like a mobile terminal that could exchange all sorts of data with Jiang Liao, the host computer.

This greatly facilitated everyone's time, saved costs, and allowed these people to find more merit methods for themselves! .

Thus gaining even more World Origin Power.

This move was one that Jiang Xiao had long ago planned and calculated clearly.

At the very least, the advantages outweighed the disadvantages.

Based on this situation, Jiang Hou sent out a large group of people.

And there were many of them, including the peerless powers that came out of the Divine Ruin Forbidden Zone, as well as some people outside who also wanted to work for Jiang Lack.

But the number was not large, and it was scattered, and basically the places that everyone was going to go were all set.

This was what Jiang Lack had planned.

Lest these people fight, and lest they get into fights, it would be bad then.

This method, which Jiang lacked called the net of heaven, scoured the world's techniques and secret arts as much as possible, and then as much as possible Earth to obtain more of the world's original power.

With the passage of time, it would definitely be possible to scavenge most of the things in this world.

Jiang Xiao was satisfied, and couldn't help but think to himself, "From now on, I, Jiang Xiao, will be able to peacefully refine what I have saved up before! The native power is now."

It was still exciting to think about.

After all, origin power was hard to come by.

It was still unknown what exactly was going on in the Central State Cultivation Sanctuary of the Qing Xuan Continent.

Therefore, Jiang Xiao felt that he needed to be fully prepared.

Even if it was an early breakthrough, after this period of plundering, the Ninth Grade Dao power he was practicing had already been raised to the late Earth Immortal Realm So.


There was absolutely no problem at all with breaking through now .

Otherwise, when he returned to the Green Xuan Continent, that Central State Cultivation Sanctuary would still be unknown .

It was best to leave now.

This was the king's way.

Regardless of the time and place, strength was the most important thing.

Jiang Mo had already experienced this and even understood it well in his heart.

Breaking through first, yet he still needed to refine each and every one of those origin forces to do so.

Fortunately, since his Ninth Grade Daoist Skill had merged with the Heaven Swallowing Demon Skill, it came with a devouring effect, so the speed of refinement was much faster.

The speeding up of the refinement also caused the breakthrough time needed by Jiang Xiao to decrease sharply at a terrifying rate.

Perhaps, in time, he would be able to break through.

This was something that Jiang Lack was very concerned about.

And was also very happy.

His gaze was light and radiant as he continued, "As a Forbidden Terminator, I'm extraordinary in all my skills, and naturally Something is different."

Jiang Xiao muttered.

After the matter of the Seven Forbidden Areas of Life was over, he planned to go to a place to retreat and cultivate.

And the place of choice.

Naturally, it was the Desolate Forbidden Zone where the Ruthless Emperor was.

After all, the people were familiar.

There were also plenty of cultivation resources there and an abundance of aura, plus there was another person who could pontificate, so it would be even better.

Other places well.

Jiang Xiao felt that none of them were suitable.

After all, he wasn't familiar with them either.

It was quite bad to have to guard against people when he went there.

He just wanted to find a place to stay, just a place where he could refine his origin.

Rather than looking for a place to retire.

Although that Desolate Forbidden Land was someone else's, and although that Fierce Emperor wasn't a benign person, he could even be said to be scary.

But it was only after real contact that one had the opportunity to discover her incomparable talent, that magnificent and universal skill.

It also called for admiration.

"E'er and go to this world and find some techniques and secret arts."

Jiang Jiang continued to instruct, "You can go this time too, Old Crocodile, but any useful merit and secret techniques can be passed on to me via the jade slip.

After the poor Dao receives it, it will be evaluated, and when the evaluation is complete, you will be given a certain contribution value.

At that time, you can also exchange these contribution values for merit methods, and the method of exchange will also require you to communicate with me through the jade slip, indicating that you are willing to exchange for the merit methods. You want to exchange the realm's feats or spells.

Upon receiving it, the poor dao will send the relevant merit or spell to you in your jade slip.

As such, is there anything else that you all do not understand?"

He felt that he should be considered to have explained it clearly.

It was unlikely that there were any other omissions.

The function of that jade slip was also very simple, so it should be easy to use as well.

When the public distribution was complete, he looked at them indifferently.

"Senior, I don't know if this jade slip can only be used by me, or if it can also be used by someone beside me?"

Someone asked.

That means.

Then it's surprising, if others can use it too, then a strong robber exists.

Maybe the weaker ones wouldn't be able to use it.

"After each person gets it, they can use it by recognizing their owner with a drop of blood."

Jiang explained, "Once its owner perishes, this jade slip will also be destroyed and no longer exists."

"So that's how it is."

This way, many people were much relieved.

There was no need to worry about being snatched.

It was useless to snatch it away.

"Master, I wonder what to do if we find some secret realm within,"

The Crocodile Ancestor was also curiously inquiring.

The secret realm could not be moved.

Nor could it be moved away to leave.

"The same can be done by informing me with a jade slip, and then I will have a parting body descend to collect that Secret Realm origin."

As things stood, it wasn't a secret anymore.

And Jiang Kou didn't intend to continue hiding it.

Because there was no need.

"So very good."

The Crocodile Ancestor nodded, "It's just that I'm a bit reluctant to leave my master and little inan, it's..."

He didn't wait for him to finish.

Jiang Chi interrupted, "Wait, the poor Tao feels that there is something wrong with your thinking, since you are called out, it is naturally for your own good It."

That was all he could help with.

Although the Crocodile Ancestor didn't lack techniques, the powerful methods and spells that followed, the Crocodile Ancestor didn't actually have.

What's more, his qualifications were still very poor.

It was also a fault.

"In addition, after you guys go out, you will also propagate a message to the poor at the same time."


There was a flash of light in Jiang Mo's mind, but one thing came to mind.

If operated properly, this matter could also bring him a considerable amount of origin power, which was good to think about.

Jiang Qiao's heart was very happy.

He secretly said, "If this matter is successful, coupled with the heavenly nets of the Lord of Reincarnation and the Crocodile Ancestor and the others, this matter would be unbelievable! up."

At that time.

All the merits and benefits in the entire Heaven-Shattering World would be scavenged by him.

Someone inquired, "Senior Jiang, I wonder what the news is?"


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