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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1312 - Heaven Above, Burial Island (Seeking Subscription)

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After coming out of the forbidden area of the Sea of Reincarnation, Jiang Xiao's trip was considered the end of the operation, and the harvest was somewhat huge.

That Lord of Reincarnation and the others had voluntarily handed over their skills and secret techniques, allowing him to scavenge a wave of origin power.


He used the Vajra Bracelets to collect the origin of this Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area, and was rewarded by the main world outside, so the harvest was even greater.

Of course.

The Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area also completely collapsed and destroyed.

There were people who left, but naturally, there were also people who didn't and were willing to follow Jiang Lack's side.


For them, this was also an opportunity.

A chance to become immortal.

For example, that Lord of Reincarnation and the others.

Although all of them were some of the supreme and ancient emperors and emperors of the world.

But in reality.

Existences like them had existed in this world for many years.

It was also thought that over these years, relying on the special rules of the forbidden area of the Sea of Reincarnation, along with the fact that there were more immortal substances on this Sea of Reincarnation's surface.

That was why they were now living scrupulously.

In fact.

Other than them, it was hard to remain alive.

Even if they left, there seemed to be nowhere else to go, and other forbidden places would definitely have xenophobic situations appearing, and then they, these People are just as dead.

Of course.

They probably don't know it.

The other forbidden lands.

Other than that so-called Upper Burial Island, all the other forbidden lands, including this Sea of Reincarnation, had been destroyed by Jiang Hou.

There was nothing left now.

For a while.

Inevitably, I felt a bit sorry.

It was pitiful.

Naturally, the Lord of Reincarnation and the others had heard the circumstances that Jiang Xiao had spoken of after hearing Jiang Xiao's words.

A brand new immortal cultivation system, a technique that could cultivate to the level of a human immortal.

Although these things needed to be exchanged with contributions, that Reincarnation Lord and the others were seeing hope.

After all, it would be considered beneficial in the future.

The Burial Island, a giant island located in one of the seven forbidden areas of life in the Eastern Wilderness, also known as the Upper Cang.

Suspended in the vault of the Eastern Wilderness, usually hidden from view in the void, the main body resembled a giant coffin, extending out nine mountains shaped like nine true dragons .

Disappeared into the boundless starry sky due to Ye Fan's intimidation, and was later found and obliterated by Ye Fan.

Of course.

Because Ye Fan hadn't made his fortune yet, it was impossible for anyone to annihilate this Upper Sky Burial Island.

At least for now.

Under all kinds of reasons, this kind of visit to the Buried Sky Island fell on Jiang Lack.

When they first heard Jiang Hou say that he was going to the Buried Sky Island, the Lord of Reincarnation and the others were in seven minds.

To know.

That Burial Heaven Island wasn't like their Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Land, which had a dense immortal substance and a not-so-strong power, and any random person would It can be suppressed.

But actually well.

That Burial Island was really strong, so strong that it made people despair.

That's why it was called the upper sky.

That was one of the reasons why it came about.

Otherwise, the words of the upper heavens would be a bit too arrogant and overbearing.

"Senior, that Buried Heaven Island is a very terrifying place ah, that place..."

Right after Jiang Xiao's decision, the Lord of Reincarnation and the others enjoyed a strand of immortality substance that Jiang Xiao had given them, they worked even harder for him. .

At this time.

It was only then that they suddenly realized that everything Jiang Xiao had said earlier was true.

Of course.

The Burial Island still couldn't be visited.

That place was just a little too weird and even a little too mysterious.

What if after going in....


Who's responsible if something goes wrong.

They're also afraid.

Who knows, Jiang Chi shook his head slightly and then said extremely calmly, "Alright, this point isn't important, in fact, that Burial Island is the Seven Beings' The last one in the Forbidden Area Forbidden Area, the poor must go."

Lord of Reincarnation and the others: "..."

I don't know why.

After Ai heard Jiang lacked words, they always felt that this matter was strange.

There was always something very magical about it.


Is Burial Island the last forbidden place?

Could it be that all those forbidden places from before had been....


After thinking of all these possibilities, their hearts were secretly shocked.

It turned out that this Senior Jiang was so powerful.

Earth Immortal, was it really so terrifying?

It sounded odd, but it was what it was.

"What do you guys know?"

At that moment, the Alligator Ancestor proudly said, "Existence like the master, that's very terrifying, they're powerful enough to overturn everything! ."

What is a mere Burial Island Forbidden Area?

He, Alligator, had heard of this heavenly saying, but that had been many years ago.

It was long past.

Today's Burial Island, nowadays, the land of the heavens well.

Maybe some changes again.

Another bit different.

After thinking of these circumstances, the Alligator Ancestor continued to say to the Lord of Reincarnation and the others, "By following your master, you will have to get used to his strength.


As long as his old man's cultivation momentum is routed out, the existence of any demons and monsters that are kept in custody will all die one by one.

By then, nothing will be left."


Although the words of the Crocodile Ancestor were somewhat unpleasant to listen to, to the Lord of Reincarnation and the others, they were like golden words of wisdom.

If it wasn't for his words, it was likely that they would have continued to persist, and then they might have been evil to Senior Jiang ah.

That was a matter of becoming immortal, of eternal life, it couldn't be destroyed just like that.

Of course.

No matter what, they could never have imagined that they would end up like this one day.

The roles hadn't been transformed for a while.

Moreover, it was also true that it was because of the power of the Buried Sky Island, causing them to now have to remind Jiang Xiao.

The Burial Heaven Island.

At any rate, it was a large forbidden land.

Once upon a time, this forbidden land was ranked at the bottom of the list.

But in the eyes of these truly powerful people, only after becoming a powerful existence could they discover the extraordinary nature of the Buried Sky Island.

Otherwise, it wouldn't have been called the upper heaven.

This was a strange statement.

If it was possible, Jiang Chi actually wanted to tell them that he was actually really strong at his mid Earth Immortal Realm cultivation.

It was also definitely not something that ordinary people could compare to.

Although the Buried Heaven Island was mysterious, although that Buried Heaven Island was called the Land of the Heavens.

Therefore, it was ranked in the first place by him, Jiang Hou.

Because he also felt that this place might have all sorts of unbelievable divine wonders and secrets that were unknown to the public.


He felt that it was important.

In that case, would he be able to obtain more World Origin Power.

It was also very possible ah.

He was happy.

Also very excited about the excitement.

Although he had obtained a large amount of world origin power over there in reincarnation, those origin powers had come too easily and easily.

So Jiang Xiao felt unimportant.

"Let's go, let's depart for that Burial Island, to see that place that is called the upper heavens."

Jiang Xiao said calmly, "I don't know what's so magical about that place, but I'd like to open my eyes to it, so it's good too."

At the same time.

This land of the Burial Island.

It was actually the last forbidden land as well.

This forbidden place he had to take down, that was the only way to be complete.

Because there were only seven forbidden lands in total.

The last one naturally had to be more perfect.

"After that Buried Heaven Island is settled, I'll have to start scavenging a batch of techniques and secret arts."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, "This is something the Lord of Reincarnation and the others can do, so I'll leave it to them.

Then for the rest of the time, I need to work hard to prepare some matters before I leave.

For example, the matter of the little inan has to be accounted for."


Jiang Qiao thought about it, it seemed that the only person who could take good care of Little Inan was... it seemed that Ye Fan was the only one.

Although it was hard to admit.

But this was the truth.

Ye Fan was really terrifying and domineering.

After all, it was a Desolate Ancient Saint Body, and such a body was also very strong once it became great.

It was enough to protect the little inan.

Of course.

The most important thing right now was to go to the Burial Heaven Island.

This forbidden place.

It was also located in the Eastern Wilderness, and also had many things that existed.

There were special rules within the forbidden area that could plunder the ages and so on.

When Jiang Mo first saw this place, he was actually quite shocked.

The Burial Island.

It was actually really as legendary as it was, like a coffin, when it was really powerful.

He was stunned to see it.

In his heart, he actually couldn't help but feel a little appalled and expectant.

"Will this Burial Island, this Heavenly Land, bring me more World Origin Power?"

Jiang Xiao felt that it was possible.

After all, this place was bizarre, a bit more bizarre than that Forbidden Sea of Reincarnation.

Although it was ranked at the very bottom of the list, it was actually a very evil and special place.

"I wonder how many powerful existences are in there?"

How many Ancient Kings, Ancient Emperors and Supremes are there?

Would there be more than that land of the ancient mines of the beginning of the earth, would there be an existence more powerful than the Supreme Stream?

All of this Jiang pondered quietly.

But he felt that it was unlikely.

After all, this Burial Island was bizarre, but then again, the powerful people in the world who were reaching the end of their lifespans wouldn't necessarily come here.

This place revealed weirdness at every turn.

It might even bury themselves in it, it was like a coffin that could bury the heavens.

It was magical.

But it was also weirdly special.

I don't know how it was formed, but unfortunately it was many years away, and even the reincarnation masters and others within the divine Ruin Forbidden Area, they were not sure.

This Burial Island had always been mysterious.

Although among the many forbidden places, it might not even be ranked if it was ranked in terms of strength.

But in reality.

A name or something was nothing.

In the eyes of the crowd, the Burial Heaven Island's peculiarity, its weirdness, was the point of attention.

That was the main.

Nothing else was important.

Upon approaching the entrance to that Buried Sky Island, Jiang Xiao asked the crowd to stop and observe carefully.


After observing for half a day, he couldn't even observe anything, and his heart couldn't help but feel a little depressed.

Could it be that this Buried Heaven Island was still hiding something?

These were just thoughts in his mind.

Whether or not they were true, that was yet to be proven.

Even if there was something, it wouldn't be able to stop Jiang Qian's terrifying power ah.

He was a tyrannical one.

A mid Earth Immortal realm powerhouse that looked down upon the world.

This wasn't something ordinary people could do.


Jiang Hou opened his mid Earth Immortal realm cultivation breath, and although it wasn't deliberately aimed at the Lord of Reincarnation and the others, from the side, they could also Feeling the strength of Jiang lacked.

This breath.

It was simply terrifying.

Watching them all secretly bitter, "Only a strong Earth Immortal like Senior Jiang can have this kind of skill ah."

Once again, eye-opening.

And once again, it was also once again insightful.

Previously, they felt that having a Red Dust Immortal was already considered a super strong person.

But now, it seemed that even above the Red Dust Immortal, there were even more powerful Immortals that existed.

Jiang Chi was the best proof of that.


It was the Immortal in this End Times that was more able to reflect his terror.

No one could not admire him.

Those who could become immortal in this era were all big shots.

Even if the Lord of Reincarnation and the others had lived longer than Jiang Lack, even if they had lived a little longer than Jiang Lack in terms of their life span, but in the On the way to becoming immortal, they were no match.

Even the Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors of this Buried Heaven Island were just as unable to compare to Jiang Qian.

He was a truly strong person.

Not ordinary people could compare.

"Let's go, go in."

At this time, even if there were powerful existences that dared to come out and cause trouble, they had already been suppressed by Jiang Qian's terrifying mighty pressure.

There was nothing left anymore.

They simply didn't have the ability to enjoy it.

Jiang Chi's heart was somewhat calm, the Burial Island was the last forbidden place, but it should also be the place where the most origin power was obtained.

With one step, he stepped into the coffin.

What kind of existence existed in it, Jiang Lack didn't know, but whatever bull or ghost or snake spirit was there, it would be suppressed by him!


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