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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1311: Too Smooth, Still a Little Uncomfortable (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Within the Sea of Reincarnation Forbidden Area.

The Lord of Reincarnation and the others were facing a great enemy, and even though they were supreme powerhouses, they felt that something great and terrifying was about to happen when they faced Jiang Xiao.

It was truly terrifying.

They all knew clearly that Jiang Xiao's mighty pressure caused a great shock to the forbidden area of the Sea of Reincarnation without any restraint.

Those who were still sleeping and had their lives stopped by the blood gate also woke up slowly from their slumber.

His mind, however, was incomparably complicated.

His face was gloomy and uncertain, and for a moment it was as if a great calamity had appeared.

Again, it was like a calamity.

A calamity for their Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area.

This time, who would be able to escape this calamity?

It seemed difficult.

"The strength of his strength is rare in a lifetime, we can never be a match ah."

"The Sea of Reincarnation has always wandered away from the world, but now it's people sitting at home, and misfortune comes from heaven."

"Why don't we fight to the death against these people."

"These people of ours are not bad, if we can unite together and perform those supreme secret techniques, we might be able to fight him as well."

"That would indeed be a battle, but have you ever thought about the fact that those after-effects are very strong, and once we apply them, we might ourselves be the first to It is over."

So this item is not advisable.

No one wants to gamble his life.

If they fail, there will be terrible consequences.

And they can't afford such a consequence.

Not one bit.

Their reason for being is to keep living.

Just live well.

Death was an extremely terrifying thing that they absolutely could not do.

If they do fall into the pit, there is a good chance that they will die one day and then there is no other possibility.

That would be terrifying.

Of course.

For Jiang Xiao, there was still no possibility of them being alive, and there was still only one path to death to take.

But this was tragic.

His gaze was as cold as that cold mane falling on those people in the Reincarnation Sea's forbidden area, and was sizing them up badly.

Those people were a bit panicked.

They also felt a bit depressed, they were already whispering, but they still had to suffer this kind of pain.

It was really not worth it.

Nor was it worth it.

However, there was no other way for them to do it.

Facing the terrifying Jiang lacked, they could only pray that this person was just coming over to look for some small things, or had something else going on.

That way, there would be no direct conflict with them as people.

No direct conflict meant that there was no enmity between them or other conflicts that could lead to disputes between them Expanded.


So that they don't have to die.

If they could live, even if it required some price to be paid as a result, they would rather live.

Then wait for that immortal path to open.

That would do.

They would be able to compete for opportunities on the Immortal Path and become immortals and gods.

Maybe even possible.

So even if they had to pay some price, it would be fine for them.

It could be accepted.

Just as long as they could break their fortune and avoid disasters.

Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area.

Jiang Chi looked calmly, his eyes somewhat surprised, and thought to himself, "All of you are just afraid that you're all going to be finished."

He secretly pondered.

This forbidden land itself was a tumor, a place that did a lot of harm.

Therefore, he had to eradicate it no matter what.

The forbidden place must be eliminated.

When he became satisfied, he said to those two, "Gentlemen, I am Jiang Lack, so don't come in peace."

If they could, they would naturally reply with a grudge.

But now, if you are the last, you are on the chopping block, and it is hard to resist.

Therefore, they didn't dare to use a grudge.

They were all afraid of Jiang Liao.

That heavy pressure crumbling down on their bodies was no joke, it was the truth.

A very terrifying fact.

It also made people feel like crying without tears.

If they had known that things would be like this, they would have only spoken to Jiang Lack about the cause and effect earlier.

Of course.

Now they had no chance.

Facing that imposing pressure was rather terrifying, where else would they have the chance but to prostrate themselves before Jiang Liao and lower their once A proud head.

Back then.

They had been unstoppable, had been overbearing.

But then things had gone awry.

They had to hide in the forbidden area of the Sea of Reincarnation, which was more dense with the immortal substance.

Of course.

When this forbidden land was formed, they did not fail to do bad things in it, plus the forbidden land itself was like a tumor.

These people were even more aiding and abetting in it.

Basically, the only thing left was selfishness and the obsession of living to become immortal.


The many supreme beings, including that Lord of Reincarnation, could never have imagined that someone as powerful as Jiang Xiao actually existed no matter what, and also Come to their confines.


Right in front of them.

But it was also in accordance with the saying, the good ones don't come.

Jiang Qiao and his group of three.

The Crocodile Ancestor was a Great Saint level existence, even if he was infinitely close to a Great Emperor, the gap between him and the people in this forbidden area of the Sea of Reincarnation was too great.

As for the little inan.

Although she had the battle power of a Great Emperor and terrifying methods, compared to these supreme beings who had already proven themselves, she still had some Gap.

So, the situation is different now.

Because Jiang lacked one person to bridge those gaps.

An old face was exceptionally calm instead.

But it caused many people's hearts to twitch, especially those old guys in this Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area.

Originally, they were old and immortal.

Now yet they couldn't lean on the old, and the terrifying mighty pressure on their bodies was crushing, raging and tyrannical.

It was truly a bit hard to calm one's mood.

"How powerful, I don't know how this... this senior cultivates?"

"Yeah, he actually suppressed us by virtue of his strength, how strong must he be."

"We are all certified Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors, this man is even stronger than us, is he already..."

"No, how can he become an immortal without saying that the path to immortality hasn't been opened and that the chance to become an immortal hasn't come?"

"There is no other way to become immortal in this world, or else the Beginningless Emperor would have already used this method to become immortal back then."

"The era of Immortal Kings and Immortal Emperors is long gone."


They didn't wait for Jiang to come close.

They were quietly muttering.

Only, it was not clear to them that Jiang Lack had actually heard them plainly.

And so.

Jiang Chi then continued, "Ahem, ah all of you, I'm afraid that the poor dao will disappoint you all this time.

Because, Poverty Dao is actually a Xian.

And not just an ordinary immortal, but a legendary Earth Immortal, and although this realm may be a bit unknown to you, all you need to know is that It's just that it's much stronger than the immortals you know."

Everyone: "........"

No one dared to question Jiang Lack's words.

After all, with this imposing pressure right in front of them, they wouldn't think that Jiang Lack was weak.

Nor would they think that Jiang Lack was just a Red Becoming Immortal.

You know.

There was too big a gulf between the Red Success Immortal and the current strength of Jiang Chi.

It couldn't be crossed.

But Jiang Lack's words were strangely confusing.

They had never heard or seen Jiang Lack's name before, nor did they know what kind of existence this person was.

Of course.

It was also very likely that he was a rising star.

But one thing was shocking.

Jiang Xia had become an immortal.

But as far as they knew, the path to immortality in this world hadn't opened, and the opportunity to become an immortal in this world hadn't come.

So the question was.

How exactly did he become an immortal?

If only it could be known....

"We pay our respects to our seniors."

With that Reincarnation Lord at the head, he was the first to bow respectfully to Jiang Ji.

Regardless of whether Jiang Chi was a later or a former, he was a senior senior.

As the saying goes, the one who attained first.

Based on all these circumstances, they felt it was very necessary to find some methods of becoming immortal from Jiang Chi.

Even if it meant praying.

Everything could be abandoned for the sake of becoming immortal.

What's more.

Dignity and face or whatever was not worth much.

Only when you become a super strong person is the way to go.

"Although we have survived for many years, we are still just boys in front of our seniors, and now that our seniors have come here in a big way, we are very welcome."

The Lord of Reincarnation said impassionedly, "Senior Jiang, if there is anything you need us to do, we will definitely help, even though Offering the entire forbidden area of the Reincarnation Sea isn't a problem."

Jiang Qiao: "........"


Is this submissive.

However, in that case, there was no way for Jiang Yao to continue killing them.

Even if one missed their techniques and secret arts, they could still obtain them through other methods.

At this time.

With a raised eyebrow, Jiang Gou asked, "What if the Poor Dao needs all of your merit methods and secret arts?"

Is that okay?

The Lord of Reincarnation was slightly stunned, but quickly replied, "Our merit methods and secret arts are not considered powerful, and are difficult to ascend to great heights.

However, if you need anything, Senior, we will definitely help you, and we will never hide any of our techniques or secret arts."

That's right.

He was generous.

Also very generous and just.

It seemed that merit methods, secret arts, or whatever, were nothing to them.

In fact.

Compared to becoming an immortal, what was the power of the gong methods, secret arts, and other kinds of methods they possessed.

It was nothing.

Just some simple things.


It should be said that it was something outside the body.

"Can you represent all the people in the entire Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area?"

Jiang lacked the ability to inquire again, so quickly and smoothly, but it made him feel a little unnaturally comfortable.

It was really because all the ones he had encountered before were rebellious.

And there wasn't just one like that Reincarnation Lord, Jiang Qiao moved other thoughts.

"Perhaps, I can teach them the new Immortal Dao System's cultivation methods, add a little something to them then, and have them obey the orders of Little inan."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought, "This kind of tactic that only exists in the gong method, as long as they cultivate it, they will get hit and pass it down from generation to generation.

If they don't target the little inan and don't antagonize him, probably none of this will happen.

But it will be useful if one day they have a rebellious brain."

This is also a later move.

According to the previous methods in this side of the world, unless one waited until the advent of the path to immortality, until that chance to become immortal came.

But now well.

Without the chance to become immortal, and without the arrival of that so-called path to immortality, if these people wanted to continue living, they could only cultivate the immortal cultivation he had taught them Kung Fu.

Because all of the forbidden lands on the world of shade were going to be destroyed by him.

At the same time, it would be impossible for these people to create a forbidden land in a short period of time.

If they took a long time to create it, their lifespan wouldn't be enough again.

In this way, all sorts of problems would arise.

"It's fine to have such a group of people escorting the little inan."

Jiang Xiao secretly thought, "She's my sister, I naturally have to think of him, and I'll have to leave after all."

Especially nowadays.

There were only two forbidden places left.


There should only be one forbidden place left soon.

It shouldn't take much time for this one forbidden area to end.

There will only be one forbidden land left then.

Namely, that Burial Island.

It was also known as the place of the heavens.

It's bizarre.

But it was also normal.

Jiang Chi's heart mused, then said to that Lord of Reincarnation and those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors around him, "In that case . Then let's start by bringing out all the techniques and secret arts that you are familiar with.

From now on, this forbidden land of the Sea of Reincarnation will no longer exist.

You can choose to leave directly, which the poor dao will not stop you, or you can choose to follow the poor dao.

Of course.

Of course. If you do your job well, you will also receive the Eternal Life Substance and a new immortal cultivation method that will guarantee that you will be able to cultivate to the level of a human! The realm of immortality.

There was no problem at all in becoming an Immortal.

It's just that it's not easy to obtain the feats, and you need to make enough contributions to redeem them.

And the only way to make contributions is to work for the poor."

Lord of Reincarnation and the others: "..."

Shocked though.

Becoming Immortal.

Jiang lacked a real method of becoming immortal here, and they were able to obtain it.

Wasn't this the result they wanted?


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