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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1310 - Reincarnation Sea (Seeking Subscription)

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Reincarnation Sea.

It was equally a terrifying place.

It was also a forbidden place.

It belonged to one of the seven forbidden areas of life in the Eastern Wilderness, also self-contained, and its exit was located in the North Dou .

It was once extremely prosperous, but two people were killed by the Void Emperor more than a hundred thousand years ago, and the immortal path was darkened . In the midst of the chaos, the master of reincarnation within it has the secret art "Three Realms of Reincarnation" and so on.

The Emperor's soldier was a feathered blue and gold battle suit, which was also destroyed in the battle.

But in the end, it was killed by the compatible Xuanyuan and Ji Zi, and only the last reincarnation sea was also annihilated.

It could be described as tragic.

It also accomplished Ye Fan, allowing his Ye Hei Zi's reputation to spread farther and farther.

The reincarnation sea of vitality is immense, and the immortal substance is abundant.

That Lord of Reincarnation was even claimed to be an existence that could reincarnate all ages.

Of course.

Whether or not it was really possible to reincarnate that much was unknown.

Perhaps, there really was such a possibility?

It's not impossible.

After all, this was many years ago.

After coming out of the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area, Jiang Xiao was increasingly looking forward to the next Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area.

This time.

He might just be able to continue scouring the Sea of Reincarnation for another wave.

This was the kind of thing he, Jiang Chi, could do.

And definitely could.

This place.

The most special thing would be the sea.

It contained immortal substances.

But to say how much immortal substance there was, no one would probably be able to say clearly.

Over the years, there were many strong people who dreamed of entering the Sea of Reincarnation when they were nearing the end of their lives.

This was because then they would be able to live longer.

As long as there were enough longevity substances, most of them actually didn't have to worry about their lifespan.


There were times when the situation was different.

The result was that although the Sea of Reincarnation was powerful, there weren't many people dormant in it.

Most of them secretly swallowed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, polishing themselves and waiting for a body to become stronger.

Of course.

They were also waiting for that path to immortality to come.

If the path to immortality could be opened, they would definitely go out and fight.

Regardless of whether it was success or failure, they would have to give it a go eventually.

Success would be good, and it was fate if they didn't.


For many people, they only wanted to live a little longer.

It would be too unprofitable to die.

It's not worth it at all.

Being alive meant that a miracle was going to happen.

It also meant that a great miracle was going to happen.

If you die, it's all over once and for all.

And then there's nothing.

That would be scary.

Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area, this was another new place.

The Crocodile Ancestor honestly went off to find out more.

Jiang Qiao, on the other hand, took the little inan around with him, intending to suppress the entire Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area in the briefest and most direct way possible.

Perhaps the meaning would be different.

The so-called Eternal Matter Jiang lacked didn't care about it.

"However, that Sea of Reincarnation, as a forbidden land, is dense with immortal substance, plus possesses the characteristics of reincarnation."

Jiang Gu Gu guessed darkly, "So, does that mean that it actually contains more World Origin Force?"

It's possible.

It was really quite possible.

Jiang Qiao was so excited about this.

If it was possible, he actually wanted to stroll around for a while, and it would be good to have a little fun.

But that wasn't possible.

When the Crocodile Ancestor returned from poking around, he didn't have much to gain.

Just Dao that the Lord of the Reincarnation Sea was awesome, and also looked down at the domination, and was once a powerful figure.

But how powerful was it exactly.

No idea.

Can't find out either.

"Let's go."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "There are still two forbidden places left, this Sea of Reincarnation is one of them, and our mission will soon be completed."

Although after it was completed it would have to be the day he left.

But that time started.

Jiang Xiao's heart was actually already very joyful.

Harvesting so many originals.

Several forbidden ones, so accumulated together, would definitely enable him, Jiang Gu, to successfully break through to the late Earth Immortal Realm.

"Such a result, I do have some expectations, but I don't know the end..."

His heart was both expectant and apprehensive.

Reincarnation Sea.

It was a terrifying forbidden place.

It also had some strong existences in it, such as the Supreme Stream.

But these people, well.

None of them were enough to look at in front of Jiang Cai.

Thus, in this situation, Jiang Liao's heart swelled a bit.

Although this was a sign of pride, although Jiang Lack also felt that he looked a bit arrogant after exterminating five Forbidden Lands in a row.

But that was the truth.

It couldn't be helped.

He couldn't not be arrogant either.

It was the Sea of Reincarnation.

But so what?

Still, he was not placed in Jiang Di's eyes.

As far as he was concerned, the Sea of Reincarnation was the Sea of Reincarnation.

Apart from some old things that didn't want to die hiding in it and surviving, there was nothing else.

If those people in the Sea of Reincarnation knew what Jiang Chi was thinking, I wonder if they would slap him to death.

After all, he, Jiang Lack, was not enough to convince the public.

Also, the matter of him exterminating the other five Life Forbidden Areas Forbidden Areas hadn't spread, so no one else knew about it either.

Everyone still thought that Jiang Lack was just a troublemaker.

The mind did not think much about it.

Nor did they dare to think much about anything else.

After it was over on the Alligator Ancestor's side, Jiang Hou took him and the little inan to go on to exterminate the next forbidden area.

This time.

Perhaps something could be gained ah.

"The Sea of Reincarnation, it's an ocean-like place."

Jiang Mo secretly said, "Legend has it that the Sea of Reincarnation can travel through time and space, reversing the cycle of life and death, I don't know if it's true or not."

In this world, there wasn't actually a place of reincarnation, nor was there a legendary netherworld, nor was there the so-called Six Paths of Reincarnation.

In other words.

In fact, in this side of the world, it was not perfect.

As for why it was imperfect, well.

That might go back many years.


Jiang Kou didn't know about these circumstances.

Nor did he intend to learn about it.

He was only here to obtain benefits.

And the origin force was the benefit he was going to collect, it was exciting to think about.

"With enough origin power, one can gain more benefits by causing qualitative changes through mass production."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "Whether it's used for breakthroughs or anything else, it has innumerable benefits."

In response to this.

Jiang Chi's heart grew a little more hopeful, "I wonder how many good things this Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area can bring me?"

He wasn't sure, but it was something to look forward to.


There were really many benefits.

In comparison, this Sea of Reincarnation was again a bit larger and stronger than the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area.

"So, this so-called Reincarnation Sea Forbidden Area should be very good."

Jiang Qiao was counting the gains and losses as he walked, and he was going to change something completely after this trip.

Of course.

When Jiang Xiao and the others actually reached the Sea of Reincarnation, they felt the majestic and boundless momentum of the Sea of Reincarnation.

Inevitably, they were surprised.

"This is the Sea of Reincarnation?"

Jiang Jiang asked the crocodile ancestor beside him, "Old crocodile ah, are you sure you're not making a wrong inquiry?"

"Master, according to the information, this place does belong to the Sea of Reincarnation ah."

The Crocodile Ancestor said bitterly, "The Sea of Reincarnation, isn't it just an ocean?"

It's normal.

It shouldn't be a big fuss, right.

Of course.

This was the crocodile ancestor's idea, and in fact, when he was explaining it to Jiang Xiao, he just said, "Master, the Sea of Reincarnation is said to be a sea . Maybe there's something in it that we don't know about?"

Jiang lacked: "........"

Do you?

He frowned and simply said, "Why don't I feel that way when I haven't noticed half of it?"


This crocodile ancestor wouldn't know.

He shook his head helplessly, "Master, why don't we go on and take a look, maybe someone will come out and lead the way."

The crocodile ancestor said this in a way that seemed to make sense, and also listened to Jiang Gou's stunned silence.

Secretly, he said, "This old thing has actually learned to think, not bad, it's a bit of progress.


I still think that this place is a bit too common, isn't it?

After all, that reincarnation sea is at least a forbidden land, how could it be just a sea?"


The Reincarnation Sea is just at sea.

There was a strange space.

It was just that Jiang Kou hadn't noticed it for a while.

Like the ordinary divine Ruin Forbidden Area here, it was self-contained, with its own special rules, with extraordinary origin power that could maintain the rules of the Forbidden Area operation.

It could be said that this place was so magical that it was difficult for an ordinary person to find the location of this Sea of Reincarnation Forbidden Area.

It was terrifying.


And yet, it was not difficult for him, Jiang Xiao.

Just find it.

Anyway, this reincarnation sea forbidden place had to be found, and the most bizarre Burial Island was left to the end by him.

"I hope everything goes well."

The Crocodile Ancestor began to pray, fortunately, he didn't pray for the Buddha's blessing, otherwise that Sakyamuni was afraid that he would run out to thank his Crocodile Ancestor.

It was rare after all.

"Old Crocodile, you go and try to see where the entrance to the Sea of Reincarnation is."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "If you can't find it, then just open it with brute force.

I'm sure that the forbidden area of the Sea of Reincarnation will appear soon."

He was looking forward to it.

And satisfied.

However, Crocodile Ancestor was already ready to cry in the toilet.

He was in a really frustrated mood.

He was so depressed that an old face was about to turn black.

The mood was complicated.


How to find this.

But this he wouldn't be able to find the trick.

Suddenly, Jiang Jian continued, "Right, don't forget to make a little more noise so that you can lure the snake out of the hole."

As for why Jiang Xiao had such an idea, the Alligator Ancestor had no idea.

"He probably thinks that this is how he can discover everything in the Sea of Reincarnation Forbidden Area?"

The alligator pondered darkly, "But isn't that a bit too realistic?"

Thinking about these things, Alligator Ancestor's heart was a bit bitter, "Gotta, I, Jiang Someone, am a bitter guy."

However, it couldn't be helped.

Things were too unexpected.

Immediately after.

The Alligator Ancestor began his act, very domineering and powerful, in short, the commotion was very loud.

It had the meaning of stirring up the entire Sea of Reincarnation, and it was astonishing to hear Jiang lacking.

In his mind, he was even thinking, in that case, should someone from that legendary forbidden place of the Sea of Reincarnation come out.

Probably it would.

Anyway, Jiang Kou felt that it probably would.

With this thought in mind, Jiang Kou began to observe carefully, never to let the Alligator Ancestor get hurt.

As expected.

A figure soon appeared in front of him and was ready to take action against the Alligator Ancestor.

"Found it."

Jiang Mo smiled slightly, "So it's hidden here, in that case, I won't be rude."

This was a great opportunity sent to him, a rare benefit, and he rejoiced in it.

Just as he couldn't find the entrance to the forbidden area of the Sea of Reincarnation, the appearance of that silhouette, however, gave Jiang Chi the opportunity.


The entrance was found.

It was a separate space, and a special one.

Outside, the waves of the sea were raging, overpowering the heavens and the earth, and tyrannically looking out.

But this inside was different, it was a completely different world, like a very strange place.

Jiang Ji was amazed, and couldn't stop thinking, "Since the heavens are helping me, let's settle this reincarnation sea forbidden area first! Let's talk about it after."

He silently thought to himself, "After all, I, Jiang Hou, am a good man, a man who thinks of the people of the world, a man who thinks of the people of all races Thoughtfully, I should have to do something good for the world, like do something on behalf of God or something."

How nice would that be.

Of course.

In fact, Jiang Hou was essentially greedy for the original power of the Sea of Reincarnation Forbidden Area.

At the same time, also in order to avoid such a thing as a long night's sleep, he decided that he would first take advantage of the Vajra Bracelets no matter what, and take this Reincarnation Sea Forbidden The origin of the earth is sucked clean before saying anything.

Anyway, the collapse of the forbidden land was still a great good thing for him, Jiang Someone.

It was not inevitable.

It was good ah.

There was still a reward.

This way, there would be even more for him to get.

And so.

Jiang Chi smiled very mysteriously, "This time, it's really no wonder that I, Jiang Someone, can't help it."

These were breakthrough energies, only a fool would take them out.


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