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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1309 - Ancient Lucky Secret (Seeking Subscription)

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Origin of the Divine Ruin Forbidden Zone?

It's simple.

They did know.

But just for this matter alone, there was no need to make such a big deal about it, or destroy the entire forbidden area, right?

Thinking like this.

But no one dared to accuse Jiang Lack.

Mainly because they were afraid, but also mainly because they didn't dare, afraid that something would happen.

Terror was sweeping in.

Jiang Kou walked over step by step, indifferently, looking actually a bit baffled.

He was walking slowly.

Regarding the many secrets of the God's Ruins Forbidden Area, Jiang Gu was actually unclear and felt somewhat strange in his heart.

At this time.

Jiang Jiang continued to ask, "What, isn't there anyone among you who can explain this matter to me?"

The crowd: "..."

In fact.

As soon as they felt hot-headed at first, they wanted to agree, just to explain something to Jiang Xiao.

But now, it seemed that this wasn't the case, and I'm afraid that it would be hard for them to escape even if they spoke.

That existence would definitely not be right to let them go, after all, even the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area had been destroyed by him.

Not to mention the others.

It was equally possible that they could be destroyed by the other side.

It was realistic, but it was equally cruel, and some things were not up to them to decide.

It was life.

The lives of the weak.

Because they were less than human, because their lifespans were near, they were now just surviving.

But now.

Even that divine Ruin Forbidden Area had collapsed, so naturally, they wouldn't be able to live much longer.

Besides, this powerful existence in front of them would never let go of them.

He had this ability.


Everyone remained silent.

One old face was black and truly somber, and if they weren't inferior in strength, they would have been suppressed before they could even react up.

Why are they so bad.

"The rest of us, this is considered bad luck."

"It's simply hopeless, we can only die, after all, it won't work."

"Is it still too late for us to admit it if we give in now?"


Much of it is too late.


Some people don't think like that, they think this is the opportunity, maybe they can get this person's appreciation and leap into the The strong.

It's even possible to extend one's lifespan ah.

Thinking about it, I stared up and said with a twinkle in my eye, "In that case, it's very delicate who will be the starter."


The precautions were big.

A man suddenly said to Jiang Ji, "Senior, I do know a bit about the secrets of this divine Ruin Forbidden Area."


Jiang Gou raised his eyebrows and smiled, "He who knows the time is a wise man, you were able to come forward at such a critical moment, although there is a sense of opportunism! , but also clever.

The poor dao has decided that it will keep you alive, and if you answer well, not only will you get rid of the lifespan problem, but becoming stronger won't be a problem either ah."


The man looked surprised and asked, "Are you sure you're not joking?"


Jiang Mo didn't say anything, just smiled slightly, and his appearance became calm.

A calm face.

There was no need to explain the rest.

Those that were there or not, didn't mean much to him.

After clearing his throat, the man continued, "Senior, the matter began countless years ago, when I was still a small role.

I heard that this divine Ruin Forbidden Land was once the territory of the first Ancient Celestial Court, a corner of it, and that the Southern Heavenly Gate was the best proof of it.

Afterwards, due to various reasons, it led to a war breaking out, enmity entangling and attacking each other..."

It's said in such a sonorous way that one is unnaturally transported to a time when that was once the case.

It was a time of magnificent beauty.

But it was all in the past.

Jiang lacked a gaze and continued to ask, "What happened after that?"

At the same time.

His heart also secretly said that it was indeed.

This Divine Ruin Forbidden Area was truly a corner of the once early Ancient Celestial Court, otherwise there wouldn't be something like the Southern Heavenly Gate.

That was the standard of the Celestial Court.

It was also something unique to the Celestial Court.

Now it was finally confirmed.

"It's just that, yet I don't know how big those so-called wars were once."

How powerful an impact would it take for this vast God's Ruin Forbidden Area to break open this kind of thing power ah.

It was truly unimaginable.

Just a mere corner had created such a prosperous forbidden land.


The man fell into a deep memory.

Slowly, he said, "Then a lot of things happened that led to a straight escalation of the battle, which eventually led to a horrific battle .


It also disrupted the entire corner of the heavens.

Starting from that part of the Southern Heavenly Gate, it directly broke off and eventually fell down quickly from above that ninth heavenly level."

And then ended up in a miserable state.

He also continued, "And then, after countless years of evolution, it gradually turned into a forbidden land.

And this is the origin of the Divine Ruin Forbidden Land, I wonder if you are still satisfied with it, senior?"

These are fortunate secrets.

In the past they were not secrets.

But here, they counted as secrets.

Jiang Jiang suddenly had a feeling of sudden enlightenment, and he couldn't help but think, "So that's how it is."

Previously, he had deluded himself that this God's Ruin Forbidden Land had fallen from another world, in which case there would be much more world origin power.


Even now as it was, Jiang Qian was satisfied.

He said indifferently, "Yes, all kinds of magical existences can prove that this was indeed a corner of the Ancient Celestial Court in the first place.

Your answer satisfies me, so you can continue to live.

Before this divine Ruin Forbidden Area completely collapses now, you should leave quickly."

Between the words.

Jiang Gou had already unlocked the restriction on that person and allowed him to leave.

He, Jiang Chi, was a truthful man.

And a man of his word.

Definitely not a person who kept his word.

Letting you go when he said to let you go.

There was no ambiguity at all.

At this moment.

That person, however, was slightly stunned, startled, "Senior, are you... are you asking me to leave?"


Jiang Gou nodded, "I'm satisfied with your answer, so naturally I have to let you go."

There was no reason not to let you go.

It should also send a signal to the others.

He, Jiang Lack, was a man who did what he said he would do.

At the same time, he was also a good man.

When he said he would do something, he would do it.

Immediately after.

The man felt the momentum on his body loosen, and the terrifying momentum that had been suppressing him unraveled in the first place.

There was no more pressure.

He knew that this was due to Jiang's concession.

But in his heart, he was also a little frightened and felt inexplicably colorful, "So, he really wants to let me go."


In the eyes of such a senior senior, he was like a small shrimp.

It was the same with or without.


In his eyes himself was still special.

Maybe it was some special existence.

After thinking of these circumstances, that person's heart became somewhat inexplicable, "This time, I actually bet right.

However, the others might be miserable.

They're afraid that they wouldn't have dreamed that I could actually win and actually continue to live, hahaha!"

That's nice.

That's quite right.

Although he had been relieved of his suppression by Jiang, he didn't dare to do anything to Jiang at this time, let alone to him.

He was afraid.

If something happened, the consequences would be unthinkable.

After all.

Jiang Lack was really strong, and also really terrifying and domineering ah.

That imposing pressure was so powerful that they all couldn't say a word, and they didn't dare to say anything else.

The main reason was fear.

If something happened, they were simply not enough to handle it.

So that was out of the question.

The others were puffing their eyes out for a while.

I didn't expect this lucky guy to bet right.

What were they supposed to do?

There's probably nothing you can do about it.

It hurts, all right.

There was no way out of this either.

Even Jiang's heart was pondering, "The others are probably going to start admitting to it too.

But I can't agree to it."

How else would he be able to perform his soul searching technique?

So the rest of us...

There's only one way to die.

Jiang Qiao secretly said, "There's nothing else to do now."

Some things should be over too.


Jiang Chi didn't care what the others were thinking, nor did he care about their expressions, he straightforwardly began to display his terrifying methods.

Looking down upon the domineering.

Awe-inspiring between heaven and earth.

The Soul Searching Technique was also instantly launched, this time facing those old undead within the entire Divine Ruin Forbidden Area.

He felt that it was better.

I'm sure those people would regret it.

As for the guy who had already escaped, he was just a minor character, even if Jiang Guiao had taken the initiative to let him go.

This person wouldn't necessarily have a good life.

This was a fact.

Life was about to come to an end, after all.

It would be impossible to survive if he continued to wave any longer.

But the problem came again.

In this world, the longevity substance was already relatively rare, and it was already common and ordinary.

And then in other words, was it...?


There didn't seem to be anything to change.

"So, seemingly he's still alive, seemingly he's already gone."

Jiang Gou glared at him, "In fact, he's doomed to be a dead man."

That couldn't be changed.

It was also something that Jiang Gui adored and could help.

If there wasn't an Alligator Ancestor around, he might want to consider keeping someone to do things with.

That would seem to be fine.

But the problem was.

After having an Alligator Ancestor, it would be a bit redundant if this person appeared again.

Extraordinarily redundant.

All of a sudden.

It was awkward.

However, he was also helpless to the extreme.

At this time.

The guy who was already about to escape from the forbidden range of the divine Ruins was looking back with a horrified face.


He couldn't help but take in a breath of cold air.

"It's over."

He thought to himself, "They're all finished, this time it's going to be bad, the tactics that senior has just performed are really weird.

If I didn't bet right, it might be just as bad as them.

Death, it's really scary."

Special being was the present time, especially for those of them who could no longer see tomorrow.

All the more reason to think that death is scary.

It's so fierce.

Truly a bit frightening as well.

Jiang Mo's cold eyes rose slightly as he continued, "This is not something I did on purpose, but your lives."

These people's lives, he fixed it.

He, Jiang Gou, was such a heroic and overbearing person.

The point was, it was useless to keep those other people.

It would be better to kill them.

It was best to die.

That would be the best outcome.

Jiang Jiang said in his heart, "Although these people may not have many techniques and secret arts in their hands, these hundreds of people add up to a large number.

Even if they can't compare to the origin power just obtained through this divine Ruin Forbidden Area, it's still a fraction of what it was.

No matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat.

Since there's meat, it's natural to eat it."

To this.

Jiang Qian's heart was clear.

He was also satisfied.

As the saying goes: a little bit of fishing is a little bit.

At any rate, there was some.

In the next few moments, Jiang continued to acquire merit methods and secret techniques, and through these channels, he began to collect origin power.

At the same time, he also melted some excellent techniques and secret arts into his body to upgrade his Ninth Grade Dao Gong.

In this way, the Dao Gong became even more powerful.

It had all sorts of incredible power.

And with that came.

There were also rewards from the outside world.

Because the collapse of the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area also signified that it was finished.

It had completely collapsed in the heavens and earth.

From then on.

Following the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, the Immortal Tomb Forbidden Land, the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Land, and the Taiyuan Ancient Mine Forbidden Land, this Divine Ruin Forbidden Land was once again an abolished Forbidden places.

There were only two forbidden lands left.

The first is the forbidden land of the Sea of Reincarnation.

The second was the Forbidden Land of the Heavens, the Burial Island!

These two great forbidden places were both stronger, and neither were easy to provoke.

They were even a bit more bizarre than the Taijuan Ancient Mine and the Divine Ruin Forbidden Lands.

Specifically, one would need to run there personally to know.


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