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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1308 - One World of Independence (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Within the divine Ruin Forbidden Area, there were free growing divine medicines everywhere, and they were still growing well.

Originally, the old immortals had been taking care of this divine Ruin Forbidden Area, so these divine medicines weren't much of a threat.

But now it was all cheap for Jiang Lack and the three of them.

Eating nonsense.

It almost burst.

Fortunately, each of them had a good technique, and with running it could also gradually digest the power of that divine medicine.

Although this might take a long time, there was no reason to take it out as long as it entered the body.

The divine medicine within this divine Ruin Forbidden Area was now all theirs, and it was impossible to spit out what had been swallowed into their stomachs.

There would be these now.

Even if they ate these divine medicines haphazardly, they wouldn't cause someone to explode and die because they were divine medicines.

In the end, there would only be one result, and that was that the divine medicine would accumulate in the body and be triggered out when the time was right.


No matter how things went, it was all good for Jiang lacking and the others.

Then the next thing to do was to keep scouring the divine pill within the divine Ruins Forbidden Area and scavenge all those divine medicines.

That would be best.

But right now.

Within this divine Ruin Forbidden Area.

But there were several happy families and several sad ones.

Some people were weeping in pain and depressed to the point of being depressed, which naturally were those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors.

Of course, there were also Beast Emperors.

"Those people outside are too strong, and I don't know who they are, but it looks like they should... should have been presented, right?"

"I don't know if I became an immortal or not, and it doesn't matter, but it's a pity about those divine pills."

"Actually, I do think that the divine pills are all secondary things too, they're outside of the body, the main thing is that we're all suppressed Will he kill us, then?"

"I don't know, but... it's a strong possibility, after all, we all know what we've done in the past, and the other side must have been Know."



What then?

Waiting to die?

The crowd was wide-eyed and a little confused, but also a little lonely and bitter.

Real bitterness.

There was no way for them to fight against Jiang Lack's suppression.

Or rather, the heavy imposing pressure on their bodies was actually enough to explain the situation.

They didn't dare to talk about anything more.

Would Jiang Lack make a move against them all?

Maybe the fools know.

Or maybe these people already have the answer in their minds.

They just can't believe it yet.


Sometimes, whether you believed it or not, whether you wanted to believe it or not, things were out there.

Jiang Xiao was not something they could offend.

For a while.

Everyone was silent.

It wasn't that they didn't want to talk much anymore, it was just that they didn't know what to say.

After all....

None of them wanted to die.

The reason why they were hiding in the forbidden area of the divine Ruins, the reason why they were willing to cut themselves to death and live on.

It was because they wanted to embark on the path to immortality and wait for the opportunity to become immortal.

But it was a pity.

Now they felt that they probably had to change their plans to do so.

The person outside who had been searching for the divine pill was truly terrifying, suppressing them all simply by virtue of the imposing pressure.

This was definitely not something that an ordinary person could do.


Or is it the Red Dust Fairy?


This shouldn't be the Red Dust Immortal.

Because many of them had seen the Red Dust Immortal before, there was absolutely no way that the other party could suppress it with a single cultivation momentum them.


It could only be an existence more powerful than the Red Dust Immortal.

Perhaps it was the Immortal King.

Or perhaps it was that legendary Immortal Emperor.


Immortal King or Immortal Emperor, they were all just passers-by and legends from an endless era.

In this current era, they should have ceased to exist a long time ago.

They were puzzled.

But one thing was clear.

This time.

Their divine Ruin Forbidden Area was only afraid that....

It's over.

It's going to be over.

There was nothing they could do or choose to do.

It's off that there's not even a possibility of escape.

It was really a bit difficult.

With the matter at hand, they had no other choice but to pray that Jiang Lack would give them a chance to beg for their lives.

This might also be a way to live.

If they could live, who would be willing to die.


They didn't know what Jiang Liao was thinking.

Even if this divine Ruin Forbidden Area was self-contained, it couldn't escape its ultimate fate, who let it be a forbidden area and a tumor.

This was the root of evil.

It was also the root of Jiang Xiao's fancy for this place.

If this divine Ruin wasn't a self-made realm or a forbidden land, he, Jiang Liao, might not have dared to come here.

Now it was.

The situation was different.

After scavenging the divine medicines within the forbidden area of this divine Ruin, Jiang Chi's Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan continued their scavenging.

He himself slowly stood aside and began to greet that grand master of the Vajra Bracelets, and began to take care of this great land of the divine Ruin Forbidden Land Scavenging.


It was scouring the origin.

"After all, this place is self-contained, after all, it's very likely to be a product of the Early Ancient Celestial Era."

Jiang Qiao secretly said, "But even so, the origin power in this divine Ruin Forbidden Area is far higher than in other places."

What was the origin force?

It was fundamental to the functioning of the rules of a world, and it was also the fundamental energy for him to make a breakthrough for someone in Jiang lacking Jiang.

So he needed it.

The reason why he came over through so many worlds was also mainly for this.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Jiang secretly said, "This time, it's still a good idea to scavenge all the fundamental energy of this divine Ruin Forbidden Area first.

In comparison, whether it's those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, or those Supreme and Beast Emperors, they're not really that important.

As for the divine medicine within this forbidden area, it has been scavenged almost completely, leaving the rest for the Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan to scavenge.

I'm sure they'll be able to scavenge the rest of the divine medicines before I finish absorbing the origin power of this divine Ruins Forbidden Area.

As for those in the divine Ruin Forbidden Area, we'll clean them up later."

The matter was now.

Jiang Mo's heart actually had a plan.

Collecting that origin power was the most important thing now, after all, there wasn't much origin power to be collected from those people.

But from the Divine Ruins Forbidden Area, one could collect even more origin power.

Moreover, there were rewards from the outside main world.

Between this and that, the origin that he, Jiang Xiao, had obtained was even more.

It was exciting to think about.


Jiang Lack's appearance had become excited, and he secretly thought, "After this time, I've saved up quite a few more originals.

It won't be long before I should be able to obtain even more goodies.


Of course, the more important thing was actually the breakthrough.

Only a more powerful realm of cultivation, supported only by strong strength, is the king of everything.

Without strength, one cannot be invincible."

So he still had to continue to break through, such as that late Earth Immortal Realm, or even the Earth Immortal Great Perfection.

It was also possible.

And engaging in a place like the Forbidden Land without guilt, and coming fast, that's good.

Plus there were rewards.

So Jiang Qian's heart was satisfied, and he began to push the Vajra Bracelets to take away all the origin of this God's Ruin Forbidden Area.

After all, the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area had existed for many years and had once been glorious.

Come to think of it, this place was extraordinary.

Think about it.

This was a place where divine medicines could grow, and if the origin force was low, it might be difficult for them to even survive, let alone grow freely! .


The exact number that Jiang is missing.

It was huge.

It was even more than that Taiyuan Ancient Mine.

With such a large sum of origin, Jiang Mo was simply going to be dizzy with joy.

He secretly said, "The Divine Ruin Forbidden Area is truly extraordinary, it seems I've come to the right place."

And at this moment.

The Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan had already collected all the remaining divine medicines.

The ones that couldn't be loaded were swallowed.

They were also refining them on the side anyway.

Although the speed of the refinement they were each refining was a bit slow, nowhere near as fast as Jiang Xiao who possessed the Devouring Attribute Technique.

But it was considered slow going.

There was progress.

Within the divine Ruin Forbidden Area.

Those old and immortal fellows were now looking rather ugly as if they were dead.

They had never dreamed that Jiang Chi would be so ruthless as to scavenge the entire Divine Pill within the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area, whether it was mature or not, and they all It was clean.

Even the legendary Immortal Coiled Peach hadn't escaped its clutches.

Of course.

If these circumstances made them feel angry, then what came next made them feel terrifying.


Suddenly, the entire Divine Ruin Forbidden Area underwent earth-shaking changes.

There was a shaking of the mountains and the earth.

It was as if it was the end of the world.

It was terrifying.

It was also very frightening.

Naturally, the perpetrator, Jiang Chi, knew what was going on.

This was caused by the Vajra Bracelets collecting the origin within this divine Ruins Forbidden Area, and the rules within the Forbidden Area were different from those of the outside world.

When the origin power here was gone, it would not be able to support the rules, and a scene of the end of the world would naturally occur.

This was normal.

But at the same time, it was also abnormal.

At least.

For those old and immortal guys, it was a terrifying and horrifying thing.

They knew that the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area was going to end.

And along with the ones that were going to end, there were also the old guys like them.

Whether it was the ones who had once beheaded themselves, or those who had once thought that they had survived hard by relying on their talents and strengths It was going to be bad luck to follow this divine Ruin Forbidden Area.

There was no good fate for them.

Nor was it allowed.

Times had changed.

Originally, they had wanted to hide in the forbidden land of the Gods Ruins, living only to survive, and then doing something bad for fun and entertainment, waiting for the Immortal Road! The arrival.

But unfortunately.

They felt that they probably couldn't wait for the arrival of the fairy road.

Even the future was confusing and hard to determine.

It didn't matter.

When they witnessed the collapse of the Divine Ruin Forbidden Ground, they saw with their own eyes that the Immortal Coiled Peach Tree was dug up by Jiang Lack.

Even seeing Jiang lacking step by step towards them all, many of them had their minds collapsed.

They were no longer the awe-inspiring figures they once were.

Neither were they the peerless powerhouses that had dominated the world.


They were nothing.

Just a bunch of wastes, a bunch of lambs to be slaughtered.

This moment.

Death was very close to them.

"What to do?"

"He's already here, coming towards them, will he take a shot at us?"

"I guess...I guess it will."

"And do we have a chance to fight back?"

"No, not at all, I'm sure you've seen it, even the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area has collapsed now."

"Yeah, even though none of us saw that person make a move, but to say that it had nothing to do with that person at all, do you believe it?"


Fish for people.

Others are on the chopping block.

It was already a matter of no choice.

Who let them be less powerful and less skilled than others now.

It was only right to be bullied.

There was nothing they could do about it.

With a ghostly sigh, someone said, "How about we beg for mercy, although we won't be able to live for long without the forbidden area, but one more day is one more day. "

At least we're still alive.

That's the best.

Others: "..."

Everyone was silent.


No one was a fool, and each had it in their hearts.

They also all understood.

Since the divine Ruins Forbidden Area couldn't even be preserved, they naturally....

How can there be an egg in the nest?

Who doesn't understand that.

It's just that we all want to live, and we all want to live very carefully, that's all.

Of course.

They had done many, many bad things, and they had controlled other people's destinies, and they had not taken other people's lives for granted.

But that was all in the past.

Right now.

Jiang Xiao was indeed heading over towards these old undead of the God's Ruin Forbidden Area.

Only, he still had one more thing to ask for clarification, "Gentlemen, I am Jiang Hou, and I am here to ask you all only one thing."

Everyone: "........"

No one dared to answer.

But their eyes were all on Jiang Lack.

It seemed like they were trying to figure out what Jiang Liao was thinking.

But how could Jiang Lack be something they could see through, and after sizing him up carefully for half a day, they didn't get a clue.

Someone then asked, "What... what are you doing in the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area?"

You know.

This is their territory.

It's not anymore, but once it was indeed.

"Inquire about things."

Jiang Xiao repeated, speaking freely.

"What is it?"

The other party asked again curiously, "If we know anything, we must know everything."

"I want to know, how did this divine Ruin Forbidden Area come about?" Jiang Jiang inquired curiously, "Can you all explain?"


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