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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1307 - Divine Ruin Forbidden Area (Seeking Subscription)

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After Jiang Chi left from the Taiji Ancient Mine, the entire Taiji Ancient Mine collapsed, followed by a downpour of rain that filled the collapsed Large pit.

Forming a large lake.

So far.

The trip to the Taichu Ancient Mine was considered to have come to a successful end, and everything had come to an end.

Jiang Chi was the biggest winner of that.

The origin power obtained was temporarily stored by him with the Vajra Bracelets, and he would take it out to refine it when he needed to use it.

The Qilin Ancient Emperor was also finished.

It was suppressed by Jiang Kou with a single palm.

Dead beyond death.

I guess he didn't expect that he would die in such a way.

In the end, he could only end up drinking hatred.

At the moment at the end of his life, he didn't even understand why Jiang Xiao still wanted to kill him.

Obviously, he had already done it.

He was also ruthless to his own people.

But in the end, those old brothers of his who were in the forbidden area of the Taijuan Ancient Mine had died cleanly.

This time, they were truly dead.

At the same time, the Qilin Ancient Emperor was also finished.

It was as if fate had played a joke on him, making him die very unwillingly.

But there was nothing he could do about it.

The mighty Jiang Xiao was simply not something that he, the Qilin Ancient Emperor, could fight against, even though he was also a party big shot.

In fact.

Such a skill was nothing in the eyes of someone Jiang Lack, so he had only one way to die.

Although this was indeed a bit cruel, it was the only way out.

For the sake of not putting little Inan in danger in the future, he could only do this.

Even if he lost his trust in others as a result, it didn't matter.

Of course.

In Jiang Chi's opinion, it wasn't really a breach of trust at all, and he did promise the Qilin Ancient Emperor that he would forgive him.

But that was just forgiveness.

He hadn't said that he wouldn't kill, and before the killing, Jiang Xiao felt that he had already forgiven him, the Qilin Ancient Emperor.

The reason why he wanted to continue to fight and kill was because that Qilin Ancient Emperor was cruel to his own people.

Thus, Jiang Chi was afraid.

It was better to nip the other party in the bud, so it would be much easier to control.

After leaving from the Taichu Ancient Mine.

Jiang Hou didn't feel the slightest bit of guilt, only feeling refreshed and relaxed like never before.

The next destination.

It was the legendary God's Ruin.

In the God's Ruin, there was the Lord of the God's Ruin, the Beast God, the Spirit Emperor, and a nameless supreme being.

Such a configuration was not even as good as that ancient mining forbidden area, the group was a bit weak.

Therefore, Jiang Jiang was not afraid at all.

On the contrary, he was still somewhat looking forward to it, "It is said that that God's Ruin is from another world, self-contained, and has some sort of Distinction.

There should be more of its origin that maintains the operation of the forbidden rules.

As for that Lord of the Divine Ruins, the Beast God, the Spirit Emperor, and that nameless supreme being, they're nothing."

That's right.

They were still existences to be suppressed in front of him, Jiang Mo.

With his powerful mid Earth Immortal Realm cultivation, he could just push straight across.

None of the others were needed.

The divine Ruins Forbidden Land, in the only words passed down from some deceased old people, this forbidden land had fallen from another world.

It was self-contained and contained the Immortal Coiled Peach Tree within.

It was a major cultivation resource, and if it could be obtained, it would definitely have unimaginable benefits.

"Divine Ruin, what a great place."

Jiang Chi mused in his heart, "Although that place is not comparable in configuration to that world's first life forbidden area, the Taiyuan Ancient Mine, but as the Upper Realm The fallen and self-contained One Realm naturally had those magical cultivation resources that existed, such as the Immortal Coiled Peach.

Of course.

As a place that fell down from another world, it contains the origin of this world as well as the origin of the other world within.

If I could obtain it, then..."

That's actually quite good.

After all, don't take it for free.

Such a good opportunity, Jiang Hou didn't want to let it go, it was really a bit rare, the divine Ruins must have a huge origin.

And right now.

That God's Ruin Forbidden Land still didn't know that he had continuously exterminated four Forbidden Lands, the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Land, the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Land, and the Taiyuan Ancient Mine Forbidden Land up.

The Divine Ruin was the fifth forbidden place.

There were still the Sea of Reincarnation and the Upper Sky left, both of which were good forbidden lands.

It was very good for Jiang Chi, as it was exciting to think about obtaining a considerable amount of World Origin.

"In that case, I'll have origin power available when I break through to the late Earth Immortal Realm."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, looking incomparably strange, "The origin of the Divine Ruin Forbidden Area should be more, it's not difficult to get past it now."

Even that Lord of the Divine Ruins wouldn't be able to stop him, Jiang Giao.

One must know.

The configuration of that God's Ruin Forbidden Land wasn't as good as the previous Too Early Ancient Mine Forbidden Land, and there weren't too many strong people in it.

He could completely suppress it.

After thinking of these circumstances, Jiang Xiao's heart began to feel satisfied, "Next, it will be time to go to the divine Ruins again to make a big splash."

Rather, there was a feeling of expert loneliness, especially at this moment.

Having exterminated several Life Forbidden Areas in a row, what Jiang Lack had gained was rich, and he began to feel proud.

Originally, the forbidden area that needed Ye Fan to pacify was now being exterminated by him, Jiang Someone.

God's Ruin.

According to the information the Crocodile Ancestor had heard, its origin was unproven, and the years of existence were too old.

It was also rumored that this place was originally inhabited by gods.

That was why it had always been so mysterious.

Of course, there were also legends that this place was a corner of the Ancient Celestial Court in the early times, which was brought down to earth due to the war.

There were even legends that it came from another world, which Jiang Kang was more than willing to believe.

Within the divine Ruins, the supreme being hibernated and divine medicines grew freely, and the legendary Peach Tree survived here.

All kinds of great medicines were also good for cultivation, and Jiang Kou could also use them to quench his flesh and strengthen his own flesh.

After all, origin power was precious, and it would be bad if it wasn't available.

The Lord of the Divine Ruins was in the Darkness Movement . During the period of chaos, he was fought to the death by Gai Jiuyou, and the two greatly accomplished Immortal Spirits were also exterminated by the Demon Emperor .

Therefore, I'm afraid that what Jiang Xiao was thinking about would fall through.

Not being able to see that mysterious Lord of the Divine Ruins anymore, after all, people were dead .

It also dawned on him that after his great success, Ye Fan had leveled the divine Ruins and moved the Southern Heavenly Gate to the heavens.

From this point of view, the claim that this divine Ruin Forbidden Area was a corner of the first ancient Heavenly Court seemed more tenable.

At the same time, those coiled peaches and other great divine medicines also verified this.

As such.

Although it was a little different from what Jiang Qian's own mind was thinking, it was still acceptable.

The divine Ruins had a famous place called the Southern Heavenly Gate.

This place later became the Southern Heavenly Gate of Ye Fan's Heavenly Court, an extremely extraordinary entrance.


Right now, Jiang Qian, the Alligator Ancestor, and Little Inan were in this place, and their faces were calm.

And calm as well.

Although that legendary Southern Heavenly Gate was magnificent, imposing and majestic, even overbearing.

However, it was nothing in Jiang Chi's eyes.

He had seen many such things.

It couldn't be said that after he drew all of the origin from this divine Ruin Forbidden Area, these buildings throughout the divine Ruin Forbidden Area would also crumble.

After all, there was no origin contained anymore.

For example, this Southern Heavenly Gate must have origin nourishment in order for this mighty power to appear.

Divine Ruins Forbidden Ground.

For ordinary mortals, this could be a truly terrifying place, "But for us, this is a place of treasure. "

"Master, it's said that that Immortal Coiled Peach and other divine medicines, when swallowed and refined, can increase longevity and make an ordinary cultivator stronger . I don't know if it's true."

The Crocodile Ancestor was filled with anticipation, he had always been very impressed with the divine medicine within the divine Ruins Forbidden Area.

Thus, he didn't even advise Jiang Gou to be careful.

There was no need.

That Lord of the Divine Ruins was already dead, and the rest of them were only three or two kittens.

With this combination of them, they could completely sweep through the divine Ruin Forbidden Area in the shortest amount of time outside and then take all those divine medicines for themselves.

Even if Jiang Chi didn't want those divine medicines, the little inan still needed them ah.

In fact.

Jiang lacked need too.

It was a divine pill after all.

It was actually somewhat useful to him.

Jiang Someone was satisfied with that.

Very happy.

"Let's go, it's our turn to play."

Jiang Jian unleashed the mighty pressure of the mid Earth Immortal Realm around his body to ruthlessly crumble down towards this divine Ruin Forbidden Area.

So what if it was a self-made realm?

What about the corner that once fell from that first ancient heaven?

Even if there were Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, Beast Emperors and Supreme Emperors in here, it wouldn't be enough.

As for the divine medicines that grew, they would all have to fall into the hands of Jiang Qian and the Crocodile Ancestor and the others.

They became the most heartwarming cultivation resources.

Endless ah.

It was truly something to look forward to.

Jiang Qian's heart was satisfied, and he greeted the Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan and started searching.

As for those old immortals within the God's Ruin Forbidden Area, they were unable to move at all under the pressure of his Jiang Someone's imposing might.

The sudden terrifying pressure directly suppressed all of them.

They couldn't move a bit anymore.

This terrifying variety was really astonishing, and their eyes moved slightly, each looking different and horrified.

They had never thought that there was such a powerful existence in this world.

And still, they came directly to the God's Ruin Forbidden Area and suppressed them all with that imposing pressure.

Now, even if they wanted to escape, they had no chance to do so.

Walking on two feet was obviously unrealistic.

After suppressing those old immortals, even the supreme ones wouldn't dare to come out and jump.

Jiang lacked the peace of mind to start picking those divine medicines, filling their pockets vigorously.

Those that couldn't be filled would be eaten directly.

In a word.

Just wouldn't leave a single thing behind, not even the slightest bit of value.

Whether it was the little inan or the crocodile ancestor, or Jiang lacked, this was the same idea.

Collecting in as much as possible, as long as one could obtain those divine medicines, it was a large income.

That's great.

There would be no need to worry about cultivation resources for the next hundred years, these divine medicines would be enough to allow them to cultivate to a terrifying level.

"Collect it quickly, if it's finished these divine medicines won't change."

Jiang Ji hurriedly instructed, "And ah, eat what you can now, directly swallow and refine it, even if you can't refine it, it will remain in your body! It will also be good for your future cultivation."

He demanded this of the Alligator Ancestor and the little inan, and actually did so himself.

The many divine medicines all fell into his hands, but they were all swallowed by him in one gulp.

At the same time, he also put his Ninth Grade Daoist Kung Fu to work, and terrifying power began to sweep and impact.

The energies of those divine medicines soon fell into Jiang Xiao's hands and were refined by his Nine-Pin Dao Power.

Because after having the attribute of devouring, the Ninth Grade Dao Gong's refinement speed was also very fast.

It was simply fast to the extreme.

Now being transformed in a bizarre way, all of the energy from these divine medicines were being used by Jiang Lack to quench his own flesh body.

In his opinion, only when the flesh was quenched to a certain degree would one have a better physique to resist beating.

Otherwise, it was all fake.

Jiang Lack's cold gaze shone brightly, cold light rising up like that cloud movement.

"These divine medicines are enough to boost my physical strength ah."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "In that case, I, Jiang Someone, will be able to obtain many things in the coming time."

That Southern Heavenly Gate he may not want, but he must have the divine medicine.

The origin of this divine Ruin Forbidden Area must also be wanted, as well as those old and immortal techniques, secret arts, and so on.

They could all be there.

Tsk, tsk!

"In this way, this trip to the divine Ruins Forbidden Area will be a huge gain for me."

Jiang Chi secretly said, "The divine medicine can be swallowed and refined now, and while searching for it, it will also strengthen my physical strength."

A two-pronged approach.


In fact, apart from Jiang Lack, both the Little Inan and the Alligator Ancestor did the same.

One had a special nature, while the other had thick skin and wasn't afraid of the medicinal power of those divine medicines.


The three eaters were thus born, but only to eat the divine medicine.


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