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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1306 - You're Tough, I'm More Tough (Seeking Subscriptions)

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As the saying goes: man is not selfish.

There is also a common saying, which person is not selfish?

In front of absolute profit, in front of a matter of life and death, even a powerful person like the Qilin Ancient Emperor didn't dare to say anything else.

The main reason was also fear.

In case Jiang Chi made a move against him.

He would be finished.

Others weren't clear, but the Qilin Ancient Emperor was very clear, and even an existence as strong as him could feel the fear in Jiang Xiao. Atmospheric Might.

Like those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors that were being suppressed, his Qilin Ancient Emperor was also suppressed.

Naturally, he also felt that none of the energy in his body could function.

Not even the slightest bit.

That was why he had made that request.

And in the face of Jiang Liao's request to cast his name, the Qilin Ancient Emperor felt that there was nothing he could do about it.

There wasn't even the slightest way to do it.

It was really a bit difficult.

He didn't know what to do.

This matter was beyond what he wanted to think about.

Therefore, he had to make a choice.

Either way, the choice would be fine.

But in order to live, he had to follow Jiang Xiao's method, or else even if he, the Qilin Ancient Emperor, had once powerfully suppressed the heavens and the earth, had once powerfully suppressed the ten thousand races' The heavenly pride was not a dog's eye in front of Jiang Mo.

The others were powerful, not something he could fight against.

Such a fact was in front of him, but he had to make the Qilin Ancient Emperor bow his head.


That's what he thought.

For a moment.

He was looking a little ugly.

Once he bit his teeth.

The Qilin Ancient Emperor then said to Jiang Qian, "Senior, I can grant your request, but now my strength..."

"No harm."

Jiang Qiao smiled, "It's okay now."

But the suppression of the Qilin Ancient Emperor was lifted.

The latter nodded and was about to take action against those companions, even if many of them were old friends of his Qilin Ancient Emperor.

He had to be ruthless even now that the matter had come to this.

And didn't dare not to be ruthless.

"Don't blame me, all of you."

The Qilin Ancient Emperor secretly said, "If you guys didn't have to wake me up, if you didn't provoke the wrong existences yourselves, I wouldn't be so It's embarrassing, not to mention so hard to decide.

It's all your fault, and yours too!

Now, the only thing that's best is for you people to die."

There was no other way for him.

If he could live by other means, he would want to, and he didn't want to go down this road.


It was biased that there was no other available option.

It was annoying.

"Qilin Ancient Emperor, what... what do you want to do?"

"We're all part of the same ancient mine, and your Qilin Emperor has done as much harm as we have, humph! "

"Qilin Ancient Emperor, if it wasn't for us helping you back then, you wouldn't be here today, what, now you've forgotten all of this? ?"

"You're really confused, do you think that if we're unlucky, you Unicorn Ancient Emperor won't be?"

"Yes, yes, in front of him we are all insects, but in front of others you, the Qilin Ancient Emperor, are also insects."

"Qilin Ancient Emperor, wake up!"


Many people began to persuade them, as if they didn't have to die or have bad luck if the Qilin Ancient Emperor changed his evil ways.

But was that possible?

It's impossible, there's not even half a chance.

The crowd's words made the Qilin Ancient Emperor secretly smile bitterly, "How can I not be clear about your words.

But now, I have no other choice, I can't risk it.

I... I can only choose to believe ah.

Because I want to live, I want to wait until the path to becoming an immortal opens.

If I can't live, I won't have a chance to become an immortal, and now if I don't choose to believe in him, I won't even have a chance to live."

How could he not understand the words of those other Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors.


There's a saying that people are not in control of themselves in the world.

Sometimes, some things are not what you can do as you wish.

Nor is it what you can do, no way is no way.

After feeling all the energy mobilized in his body, the Qilin Ancient Emperor didn't dare to lash out at Jiang Xiao.

If people were difficult to remove their suppression, they could naturally repress themselves again, and then nothing was possible.


The Qilin Ancient Emperor's target was aimed at those guys from the Taijiao Ancient Mine, although the Qilin Ancient Emperor considered himself to be friends with them.

But that was only once a friend now.

Definitely not now.


The situation had become different.

"Old brothers, don't blame me, I have no choice but to do this."

The Qilin Ancient Emperor secretly thought, "I'm also trying to live, continuing to live is the only way to have hope, to have a future, to open the Immortal Road The time to fight and ascend the path of immortality."

Otherwise, all is lost.

This truth was clear to him.

"Qilin, you..."

Seeing that the Qilin Ancient Emperor was about to kill towards himself and the others, those Ancient Kings, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Ones were shocked.

Their faces were frightened.

They were a bit scared and felt deep fear.

To know.

Usually, everyone probably didn't have to be afraid and didn't feel anything.

After all, the Qilin Ancient Emperor was similar to them, and everyone was just as strong in cultivation as they were in cutting themselves.

But now.

They were all being suppressed by Jiang Xiao, while the Qilin Ancient Emperor had been relieved of his suppression by Jiang Xiao.

In other words, they were actually now truly lambs to the slaughter.

After becoming lambs to the slaughter, all they could do besides panicking and trying to escape was to scream loudly.

But all of this was useless.

Facing the powerful Qilin Ancient Emperor, even if they were allowed to run an extra thousand meters away, it would not work.

And in the end, there was only one way to die.

This was tragic.


And so.

In the time that followed, a scream was heartbreakingly loud, shaking the entire Taijuan Ancient Mine.


That Qilin Ancient Emperor was truly ruthless.

This kind of ruthlessness towards his own people made Jiang Ji frown inwardly as he watched.

In his heart, he couldn't help but think, "No, this Qilin Ancient Emperor is too ruthless, he's even willing to be ruthless to his own people in order to stay alive.

In order not to leave any enemies for the Little Inan and the others, it's better to get rid of this person early.

I just said that I can forgive him, but I didn't say that I won't kill him.


It's unforgivable.


It should be that this Qilin Ancient Emperor should not be allowed to live, because the other party living would most likely threaten Inan.

After all, Jiang Xiao would have to leave sooner or later.

Before he could leave, these matters had to be resolved, and that Qilin Ancient Emperor could i be so vicious towards his companions, and surely could also be vicious towards the Others were even more vicious.

That's why there was a plan in Jiang Xiao's heart.

The other must die.

Although he had promised to forgive the other, he had never promised not to kill him.

To know.

He, Jiang Lack, was also a human being.

Right now.

Those screams still continued, and one by one, those who were like mortals, were being killed over and over again by the Qilin Ancient Emperor.

In order for him to live, this Qilin Ancient Emperor, who had once created the forbidden area of the Ancient Mine of Taiyuan, now had to take action.

And personally kill those companions.

Whether it was those who had once followed him, or those who had joined at a later time, they all became his targets to kill.

Because the Qilin Ancient Emperor was actually very clear.

He simply didn't have a choice.

If he wanted to become an immortal, then he needed to wait for the path to become an immortal, and since he needed to wait, then he needed to continue to live.

And be well alive.

And now.

Facing the powerful Jiang lacked, he could only turn his knife on those old brothers of his.

There was no way around it.

Because he wanted to live.

Of course.

No matter if it was the Qilin Ancient Emperor, or those other Ancient Emperors and Supreme Ones, they were all extremely regretful.

Had they known this, they would never have awakened the Qilin Ancient Emperor.

Similarly, the Qilin Ancient Emperor also regretted.

If he hadn't woken up, would he have been able to escape?


If you hadn't stepped up and stood by those old brothers in the first place, would you have gotten away with it?


There are actually no regrets.

What happens is what happens.

Like now.

He began to beat and kill fellow soldiers who had fought together, eaten meat and drank together.

Wielding a knife to cut them down.

It was either you die or I die situation.

For the Qilin Ancient Emperor, this was something that he didn't occasionally choose.

The heavens would die.

Facing an existence as powerful as Jiang Xiao, even if he held the entire Taijiao Ancient Mine Forbidden Area in his hands, he would not be a match for him.

The difference in strength was too great.

So large that they had no way to resist anything.


For the Qilin Ancient Emperor, only those companions could be sacrificed.

Although those people had also been Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors, that was countless years ago.

It was long past.

The era that belonged to them was long gone.

It was also very commonplace as a result.

Jiang Jiang's gaze was like lightning as he observed, secretly saying, "This Qilin Ancient Emperor is even more decisive and ruthless than I imagined."

In that case, it was all the more reason not to keep this Qilin Ancient Emperor in existence.

Otherwise, something would happen.

He didn't want to find some trouble for himself.

"Since his Qilin Ancient Emperor wants to take care of those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors, then let him do it."

Jiang Mo secretly pondered, "But when he's done with them, I'll have to start taking care of him as well."

A distant Qilin Ancient Emperor might not count for much now.

It wasn't even a character.


One should not underestimate someone's future achievements.

What if people just developed?

It's not easy to say, "I must plan ahead before I can do it, Unicorn Ancient Emperor, you probably can't imagine it.

You are indeed ruthless, and you are more ruthless than anyone else in order for you to live.

However, I, Jiang Shi, am even more ruthless than you.

I don't care about fame or anything else."


Seeing that the Qilin Ancient Emperor was almost done killing, there weren't many people left either.

With a sweep of his divine sense, he didn't find anyone hiding either.

Then he ordered up, "Master Vajra Bracelets, let's start moving, you should like this Taiyuan Ancient Mine Forbidden Area more."

That's right.

This forbidden land was indeed good.

It was stronger than the previous Immortal Tomb Forbidden Ground and the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Ground.

So the world origin power that could be obtained from it was also a bit stronger than both of those two forbidden lands, which Jiang Kou knew firsthand.

Very good.

Since this was the number one forbidden place in the world, the rewards would also be great.

During the course of Master Vajra Bracelets' actions, the entire Taijuan Ancient Mine Forbidden Area also began to undergo earth-shaking changes.

For a time.

And yet how the heavens and earth fell apart, terrifying power began to sweep through.

At the same time, the rules within the entire forbidden area began to change, and had even begun to collapse.

Within the vast forbidden land.

Originally, it was because of the unknown that it had become a forbidden area, a forbidden land.

And, it was with the passage of time that there was a gradual change, giving birth to rules that were unique to the forbidden area.

And usually, these rules were controlled by the Qilin Ancient Emperor and others.

But they were of no use to Jiang Xiao.

It was also because of the Vajra Bracelets that the origin that kept the rules running within this forbidden area began to be sucked away.

The will of the outside world instinctively wouldn't help the forbidden area, but in its impression, the forbidden area was like a poisonous tumor.

It was still anxious for Jiang Gao to solve it quickly.


When a deafening sound rang out, when that terrifying sound appeared.

The Qilin Ancient Emperor and the others, on the other hand, turned pale.

Only then did they discover that the rules were no longer present within the forbidden area of this Taijuan Ancient Mine.

Without the origin, there would naturally be no functioning rules.

That source was the energy source for the rules of the world to operate, the foundation of everything.

Without the original source, naturally, it couldn't function.

After a long period of time, those rules will become rootless floating weeds and will naturally dissipate.

By then there would be nothing left.

Such a situation was normal.

Jiang nodded contentedly, and only then did that Qilin Ancient Emperor suddenly realize that he seemed to have been... deceived ah.


What greeted him wasn't the smiling face of Jiang Lack, nor were his words of forgiveness.

Rather, it was a large hand that covered the sky.

With terrifying speed, it fell towards the Qilin Ancient Emperor, "You're ruthless, I'm even more ruthless!"


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