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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1305 - Qilin Ancient Emperor (Seeking Subscription)

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The Qilin Ancient Emperor.

It was an Ancient Emperor with high strength.

Back then, when he united many people to create this Taijuan Ancient Mine, many people were good people.

Because it was the first forbidden land.

It also allowed the many many Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors who were unable to resist and had to slash themselves to join.

Only in the end could they survive here for the rest of their lives.

It could be said.

For so many years, most of the time the Qilin Ancient Emperor and the others were asleep.

Of course.

Because of all these years, many Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Exalted Ones had accumulated within this Taichu Ancient Mine.

It could be called a lively one.

It was also considered a terrifying great power.

It was just that this so-called great power didn't have any ambitions.

They only wanted to live.

Then wait for the Immortal Path to open and for the chance to become immortal to arrive.

As for when it would come, that was not certain.

Therefore, they had also been waiting.

Waiting for this ethereal chance, just in case there was one.

It was also possible.

Jiang Xiao's brows furrowed, these Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors seemed to be trying to take a little toast.

That's good.

He couldn't do anything else, he was still good at fighting.

The only thing they'd learned over the years.

It was interesting.

And so.

Jiang Chi then continued to say in a cold voice, "Since none of you are talking, the poor will take it as your agreement."

The next moment.

He didn't care about those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors anymore.

Whether you were once magnificent or once unstoppable, you were now nothing in front of him, Jiang Sheng.

It might even be bad luck.

That's true.

These guys in front of us are all proud and arrogant, believing themselves to be powerful existences of the past.

At any rate, they were people who wanted dignity and face.

How can you allow Jiang Jiang to blaspheme like this.

No way.

This definitely won't do.

Although they were now a little fearful and intimidated, even they had turned into ordinary people under that imposing pressure of Jiang Liao.


Their hearts still wanted to know what you, Jiang Liao, were trying to do.

If they really wanted to turn the other cheek, they were not without the power to fight.

You know.

These people of theirs can possess quite a few secret arts methods.

When the time comes to display them, they will have some resistance.

As for how great that resistance would be, they didn't know, and because of that, they were a bit afraid.

That's why they were worried.

Of course.

Their silence represented a delay.

That's right.

They were just waiting for the Qilin Ancient Emperor to wake up, and only that talented Qilin Ancient Emperor could lead the rest of them to greatness.

Or even exterminate Jiang Xiao.

It was also possible.

Now well.

Just delay as long as possible.

Anyway, with all of their cultivation suppressed, they were as ordinary as an ordinary person at this moment.

It was almost as if they were mortals.

If they didn't still have a tiny bit of life left, being so suppressed, all of them who had cut themselves to death would have to suffer.


It was also because it was a self-slashing sword, so everyone's cultivation wasn't enough.

Jiang Guiao narrowed his eyes and secretly said, "Alright, since all of you are silent and willing to remain silent, I'll play with you as well A game of silence is golden, I guess."

It was fun to think about.

This kind of game was his favorite to play.

And so.

Under the horrified gazes of the group of Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors, Jiang Xiao began to perform a large-scale Soul Searching Technique.

As long as this method was successful, he would be able to acquire even more things.

For example, that rare origin power.

This time, he would be able to obtain quite a bit of it.

These circumstances were not clear to those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors.

Not clear at all.

Not even the specifics were known.

Together with the fact that all of their strength had been suppressed by Jiang Xiao, they were even more unable to resist anything.

They were then unlucky under Jiang Hou's soul searching technique.

An individual, a memory, was copied out by Jiang Hou.

The good things were incorporated into their own Ninth Grade Daoism, while the bad things were simply discarded.

Of course.

And some World Origin Power was obtained.

And there were quite a few of them.

Because there were more points of those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors, Jiang lacked access to more techniques and secret arts.

After a toss.

The origin power obtained was naturally not few.

"That's great."

The will but smiled slightly and secretly said, "The amount of origin that can be obtained this time is really more than the previous times."

To this.

Jiang Qian's heart was satisfied.

After a while.

The soul searching technique he had performed ended.

Those guys who hadn't turned into fools yet reacted.

"Who the hell are you and what do you want to do?"

"Wait, what have you just done to us?"

"Damn it, we shouldn't have been you..."


Before these people could even finish their voices, they were slapped to the ground by Jiang Lack and became a puddle of flesh.

Dead beyond death.

"Anyone else have any objections?"

Jiang Ji asked coldly, "You people, all of you, think that you are proud, like the true dragon and phoenix in the sky.

In reality, it's still not a bunch of scum dogs.

Isn't it a sign of cowardice to be forced to cut yourselves to death and live in a forbidden area while hiding yourself?

Being so cowardly, yet still daring to think about such things as becoming an immortal, even if that immortal path does open, it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

You people had better die.

Lest you go to waste!"

Jiang was about to strike and kill the others together.

At this time.

A voice came out, "Stop!"

Jiang Ji looked for the voice, but it was a man dressed in a Qilin robe who appeared in front of everyone.

It looked a bit unusual.

"You are the Qilin Ancient Emperor?"

Jiang Ji's eyebrows raised and his face was extremely calm as he asked, "This Taijuan Ancient Mine Forbidden Area was created by you, right?"

"Exactly, I wonder if His Excellency is?"

The Qilin Ancient Emperor was confused, "It seems that this Emperor has never seen you before, who are you and what do you want to come to our Taiyuan Ancient Mine?

If this Emperor remembers correctly, there isn't any enmity or dispute between our Taijuan Ancient Mine and you, right?"

He was well aware of everything about the Taijuan Ancient Mine.


Jiang Chi's appearance instead caused this Qilin Ancient Emperor's heart to become somewhat inexplicable, and he was suddenly cold and upset.

"Hehe, I am Jiang Guiao."

At this time, Jiang Chi was in no hurry to do anything and continued, "The poor Dao comes from a faraway place, and today, coming to your Taijuan Ancient Mine also There's just one important thing."


That Qilin Ancient Emperor was stunned, "I don't know what it's about."

He was quite curious.

Jiang Qiao added, "Nothing more, just wanted to borrow something from you Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors.

Who knew that these old brothers of yours wouldn't be willing.

So, the poor dao will have to take it from themselves."

"Borrow what?"

The Qilin Ancient Emperor was surprised, but at the same time, he also felt that something bad was happening.

"Techniques and secret arts."

Jiang Jiang explained, "I wonder if the Qilin Ancient Emperor would you be willing to borrow them? It's all the techniques and secret arts that you possess, and of course, what you know."

Qilin Ancient Emperor: "........"

Where's the line.

"No wonder they're against you."

Suddenly, the Qilin Ancient Emperor understood.

This was all a self-inflicted death for this damned fellow Jiang Chi.

Of course.

Perhaps it was because of Jiang Lack's powerful strength that caused the people who were seeking their own death to turn into those in their Too Early Ancient Mine Forbidden Area.

Those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors were all furious right now.

"So they were unlucky."

Jiang Xiao continued, "There were also people who paid a painful price for it, weren't there?"

This world.

The strong are the king and have the true right to speak.

And the weak don't have the right to speak.

Just like the guys who were suppressed by Jiang Lack, their fate was already set.

It had been predetermined from the day they entered the forbidden area of the Taijuan Ancient Mine.

It was their fate.

Once upon a time, when they were still strong, they thought that they could control each other's lives.

But now, it seemed that they would end up in such a situation one day.

Surprisingly, one day, they would also end up as weaklings.

The kind of person who was plundered and beaten to death.

But wasn't it just a matter of beating and killing them at will, and now that Jiang lacked the power to do so, it wasn't enough for them to be strong enough to be able to do so.


After that Qilin Ancient Emperor came out, he only became more and more gloomy.

Originally, he had wanted to tough it out, intending to seek justice for those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors.

At any rate, this Taijuan Ancient Mine was also his forbidden land.

It was founded by him.

But now well.

He didn't dare to stand up for those people.

Not only did he not dare to stand up for them, he didn't even dare to stand up for the others.

He even said apologetically to Jiang Chi, "What senior said is extremely true, these people are already weak and harmful to the heavens.

Previously, it was only because I was in a deep sleep and blinded that I caused my men to call them in.


It wasn't until today that I realized that these people were all tumors of my Taichu Ancient Mine.

And there's no need to wait until you, Senior, take action, I can just take action to exterminate them as a warning to others.

It's also good to let the world know that although our Taichu Ancient Mine is a forbidden land, it is indeed a force that doesn't act recklessly.

We also have our own principles and our own code of conduct.

We won't cause any trouble for you, please rest assured of that.

I, the Qilin Ancient Emperor of the Taichu Ancient Mine, will definitely give you a satisfactory answer, and also senior you do not blame it.".

Jiang Ji: "...."

Is there anyone so shameless?

This Qilin Ancient Emperor was willing to give up even his face in order to live.


Think about it.

Compared to staying alive, those other things were nothing.


Compared to Jiang Di's surprise, those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors in the Taiyuan Ancient Mine, after hearing the words of the Qilin Ancient Emperor, one after another They all stared at each other.

Only to feel a face of incredulity.

This Qilin Ancient Emperor would actually talk like this, what did he mean?

It's clearly a sell-out.


It's a pit crew.

The great pit people are.

It's like taking them as scapegoats.

In order not to offend Jiang Lack, selling teammates was actually something that they could do.

"Damn it, what the hell is this Qilin Ancient Emperor thinking in his head."

"He's clearly just trying to trap us, no, he'll probably even do it himself, after all, he wants to live."

"That's right, that man's strength is so strong that he, the Qilin Ancient Emperor, is so afraid that he's already admitted to it."

"It's just that the rest of us were also sold out."


It's not just being sold.

But also sold completely.

If they are not careful, all of them may have to be without.

What a terrible thing to do.

What to do?

At this time, those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supremes were panicking, if they had known this, they would not have been able to do it anyway. Out to make things happen.

It's good to keep a low profile.

The way things are going, you could still die.


None of them want to die.

At the same time.

Jiang Chi then nodded towards that Qilin Ancient Emperor, "Fine, it's not a bad idea to forgive you, but you should kill all of these people."

The Qilin Ancient Emperor: "........"


He thought that he would just show his loyalty.

Jiang Xiao should not let him actually kill those companions, at least give him some face.

But now it seemed that the situation was different.

This big brother actually asked him to kill all those people, "He obviously doesn't trust me."

So to throw in the towel.

And killing those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors of the Too Early Ancient Mine was the best way to throw in the towel.

It would also allow Jiang Xiao to forgive himself.

The thought of these situations.

The Qilin Ancient Emperor couldn't help but laugh bitterly, "It's over, it's really going to be over this time."

Then here was the problem.

Should he, the Qilin Ancient Emperor, the Lord of the Taijuan Ancient Mine Restricted Area, kill those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors or not, and then give Jiang Hou a casting Where's the name?


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