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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1304 - Ancient Emperor Supreme Emperor (Seeking Subscription)

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The Taijuan Ancient Mine.

It was a forbidden area of life created by the Qilin Ancient Emperor and others, and was ranked at the top of the Seven Forbidden Lands.

It was definitely a terrifying place.

It was gloomy and ominous at a glance.

It couldn't be said that there were certain terrifying existences hidden within it, but Jiang Xiao didn't even know about it.

Of course.

It didn't matter if you didn't know.

Anyway, he, Jiang Someone, had a mid Earth Immortal realm cultivation, and his powerful cultivation strength could be invincible in this practically invincible place.

"After possessing strong cultivation strength, pushing across the past is the true king."

Strong strength was the guarantee for everything, the bottom line to speak.

Otherwise, it didn't even have the bottom strength.

And now.

Jiang lacked such a bottom spirit.

He felt proud and excited and thrilled up.

There was endless excitement between his eyebrows, and the World Origin Power that he could obtain this time was only greater than the previous Immortal Mausoleum's forbidden land, and the That undead mountain forbidden area is even more.

It's a good deal.

It's good to think about.

And so.

Jiang Chi then thought of a way, "With my cultivation and strength, even if I just push straight across."

So, what else to be afraid of?

He smiled slightly, "What we need to do now is to teach those guys from the Too Early Ancient Mine a lesson."

He was strong enough to support this terrifying battle, so he didn't feel anything at all.

Cold light suddenly came out in abundance.

For a moment.

There was even a staggering flow of light around Jiang Mo's body, sweeping in a terrifying manner.

It was raging and surging.

In addition to that.

There was also the golden light that accompanied Jiang Lack's terrifying imposing pressure, which was directly routing down towards this Taiyuan Ancient Mine.

Even the many Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors that existed here were not Jiang Chi's opponents.

Jiang Chi's might was in no way comparable to ordinary people.


In an instant, the terrifying power was like the rolling and tumbling thunderclouds, ruthlessly suppressing down towards the place of the Taijuan Ancient Mine.



This moment.

The entire Taichu Ancient Mine was quiet.

Basically, no one dared to say anything more, all of them were calmed down by this sudden terrifying pressure.

The heart could not help but be horrified.

It was stronger than them ah.

Had this person already become an immortal?


It's still terrifying.

With such strength, who is the opponent?

Or maybe neither.

"It's not a good thing to be here."

"It looks like the other party can even calm us old guys down with their imposing pressure, that's not a good thing."

"Yeah, if nothing else, all of us guys are going to be finished."

"Is the other party a Xian?"


No one knew.

After all, that level of Xian's existence had been many years ago.

It was too far away from now.

Therefore, none of them knew the specifics.

Even if it was the Red Dust Immortal, who had once seen it, it was definitely not this strong.

In other words, the owner of the terrifying Qi pressure that was crumbling down on them right now had definitely surpassed the Red Dust Immortal in cultivation.

It had reached an unimaginable level.

Was it that legendary Immortal King?

Or the Immortal Emperor?

Or maybe even stronger?

None of those old guys in the Taichu Ancient Mine dared to predict anymore, not that they couldn't, but they didn't dare ah.

In case something happened....

Thinking about it makes me feel anxious.

Anxious and uneasy.

Such a powerful existence routing pressure over, it was obvious that it was aimed at them.


What was the other party coming over for?

Do you want to settle the matter of the ancient mine in Taijuan, or do you want to settle them once and for all, the guys who are surviving?

I don't know.

No one even dared to imagine it.

This matter was truly too terrifying.

"We, the old undead, seem to be nearing the end of our lives ."

"I thought that cutting myself off and starting the Dark Movement . Chaos can live a little longer and have a chance to see that legendary immortal path, but now it seems a bit extravagant ."

"Yeah, it's unlikely to happen."

"It's too unimaginable."

Everything seemed to be gone.

It was actually a bit too scary.

They couldn't help it, they couldn't even mobilize the energy in their bodies, it was like being a mortal.

There was no chance to even resist, or even escape.

They could only sit and wait for death.

It was commonly known as waiting for death.

Other than that they had no other way out.

Nor could they do anything else.

Reality was so cruel, so heartless and merciless.

There was no way out.

"Let's all think of a way out."

"Yeah, this won't work, there's nothing to do but wait for death."

"But there's no other way for us to do it."

"Let's awaken the Qilin Ancient Emperor first, hopefully he'll have some way to do it, although there are many of us powerful existences in this Taiyuan Ancient Mine, but None of them are actually a match for the one out there."

"It can't be helped."


If we continue to wait, we will die.

There was no other than that.

So there was nothing they could do, otherwise they wouldn't have used this method.

But now they didn't know what to do.

Awakening the Qilin Ancient Emperor might be the best way, but it might not necessarily solve the problem.

After all....

There were many times when it was impossible to handle.

The imposing pressure of the one out there is so powerful, if people actually do it, is it even more powerful.

It was hard to say.

Those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors didn't have a bottom in their hearts either.

Afraid of something happening.

After living for so many years, it was good to be alive, even if it was just a scant existence.

And who wanted to die.

Who didn't want to die, none of those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors wanted to.

But the next moment.

Jiang Xiao was already in sight.

One step further would be to step into this Taichu Ancient Mine.

At that time, they would be lambs to the slaughter.

Just waiting for Jiang Hou to sharpen his sword.

This time.

It was really just another wait to die.

Unlike thousands of years ago, now they were really likely to die.

Thousands of years ago, they could still slash themselves to death and live on, hiding in the forbidden land of the Ancient Mine and still manage to keep their lives running! .

But if they waited for Jiang lacked to enter the Taiyuan Ancient Mine, who would be their opponent with their great strength .

It was cruel.

At the same time, it was also realistic.

But there was no way.

They also had to deal with it, and had to go square with it.

The mood was suddenly a bit confused and puzzled.

What was the way out for the future?

The immortal path they had waited so long for did not appear.

It was hard to say if it was true or not.

This moment.

Their mood was low and they were confused and hard to understand.

Can they really wait for that day in the future to appear if they are living in a desperate manner?

The practice is only to become immortal.


After becoming immortal became a luxury, after the path to becoming immortal ceased to appear, after it became a matter of random probability, they held on to it with such painstaking persistence What's the point of going down there.

I don't know.

Anyway, now that the big enemy was out of the way, it was questionable whether they could continue to live or not.

Maybe there wasn't even a chance to live this time.

"Is this the Taijuan Ancient Mine?"

Jiang Mo's voice sounded cheerfully, actually somewhat appalled at the first place of the Seven Forbidden Zones of Life, the Taijuan Ancient Mine.

It was a very ancient place.

Once upon a time, it was a mine, and there were people who specialized in digging up ores and sources here.

Only later, due to various reasons, it became unknown and eventually caused the place to evolve into a forbidden area.

That Qilin Ancient Emperor and the others, however, took the opportunity to establish the so-called Forbidden Land of the Ancient Mine here.

It could be said that this forbidden land came to be inexplicable.

But it had to be said that its existence provided resting places for many, many Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors.

To be able to live scrupulously.

Even if this kind of living couldn't see the light, even if they couldn't see a bit of a future.

They also wanted to live.

Because no one wanted to die.

With this thought in mind, their mood suddenly became somewhat heavy.

The look was odd.

This time, the Taijuan Ancient Mine was only afraid that it would really be unlucky.

If it couldn't resist, there was a good chance that it would go up in smoke ah.

This was scary.

And yet, it was also a very important thing.

Those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors were in a somewhat heavy mood.

They didn't even know how to react.

After all, Jiang Qian was really strong, and it could be seen from his imposing pressure that Jiang Qian had a profound skill, definitely not an ordinary person! The comparison.

It's a scary strong guy.

Hard to deal with.

At this time.

Jiang Qiao just happened to land down from the void and landed on the Taijuan Ancient Mine.

He faintly looked at the various buildings in this ancient mine, which were very ancient and vicarious.


Through the sweep of his divine sense, he also discovered the guys in this Taijuan Ancient Mine.

There were many, many Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors.

It seemed like this should be considered a base camp.

"This is good, it saves me a lot of trouble to go around looking for them."

Jiang Qiao said, "And I'm here for them, for the entire Taijuan Ancient Mine."

He also had a purpose.

As long as he completed his mission, he wouldn't care about anything else.

Thinking of this.

Jiang Chi then smiled at those people and said, "Ahem, don't be afraid, everyone, I am Jiang Chi, I am here to discuss something with you all! One time."

All: "..."

No one dared to answer.

Even if they were once all unstoppable, even ancient emperors, ancient emperors, and supreme emperors.

At this moment, they didn't dare to talk much.

The main reason was that Jiang Xiao was too strong, and they were afraid that if they provoked this terrifying existence, they wouldn't be able to end it in case something happened.

That wouldn't do.

Such a thing was also very undesirable.

Thinking of this, their mood suddenly became somewhat heavy.

Just looking at Jiang Lack with a vigor, their faces were actually still a little unkind, and if they weren't inferior in strength, they probably would have already been to Jiang Lack Move it.

Unfortunately, strength didn't allow it.

It can't be helped.

Jiang Ji's gaze flickered and his cold mane curled up, "Since you all are silent, then the poor dao will assume that you have acquiesced ah."

He continued with a smile, "Well, actually, I'm here for nothing else in particular, mainly because I want to borrow something from you guys! And already."

And nothing more.


Borrow something?

Those Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors were naturally not fools.

Naturally, they didn't believe Jiang Xiao's words.

Thinking that what this guy said was all fake, how could he just borrow things ah.

Such a deception was a bit too low.


No one dared to accuse anything either.

Jiang Lack was more powerful than all of them, the Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors combined, just by being a single person.

This was not easy to deal with.

There wasn't even a way to do anything about it.

They felt bitter in their hearts, never imagining that these people of theirs had once been brutal and tyrannical.

Where the heart was, the sword was pointed.

No one under the heavens dared to disobey them.

It was just that they had to hide in here later as well.

Life was already tangled now.

Adding the appearance of Jiang Xiao, it was even more somewhat painful and helpless.

They knew that they and others were probably going to be finished.

It was going to be over.

It was also bringing that there should be no chance.

Jiang Lack's so-called borrowing of something was just an excuse in their eyes.

They just didn't know what exactly they were borrowing.

Seeing that these Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors were also silent, Jiang Chi continued, "It's actually very simple, the poor recently wanted to condense some of the Kung Fu, so there is a need for a large number of Kung Fu and secret techniques to use as reference, and I wonder if you could lend all the Kung Fu they have and know of to the What about me?

Of course.

You can also not borrow it.

But then the poor might just take it themselves."

Everyone: "........"

Where is this borrowing something.

It was clearly a threat, these Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors had all felt it anyway.

But no one dared to resist.

It wasn't that they didn't want to.

Rather, it was that they really didn't dare.

Jiang Liao's strength was really too powerful, and it wasn't something that they could handle.


It's embarrassing.

It was also depressing at the same time.

Techniques and secret arts were related to the legacy, the future, and a cultivator's own heritage and fundamentals.

In a word, the relationship was significant.

Basically, no one was willing to take out their heart and lungs like this to take out what they possessed and what they knew to understand the techniques, it wasn't cost effective.

Nor is it logical for normal people to do so.

What's more, they were actually waiting for the appearance of the Qilin Ancient Emperor.

Maybe that Qilin Ancient Emperor and the others had a way to deal with the person in front of them, so it wasn't like they didn't have a chance at all.

Still, there was a bit of that.


After thinking about this.

There was no one left to speak.

Jiang lacked: "........"

I had thought that these people would concede that it would be difficult to decide.

After all, people had conceded.

It wouldn't be good to fight and kill again.

But now it seems.

These Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors, and Supreme Emperors were actually quite interesting, actually sinking into silence, thinking that they could embarrass him Jiang Xiao.

"What a lot to think."

Jiang Qiao secretly said, "You guys are so extraordinary that it didn't work, but instead it backfired, giving me a reason and excuse to make a move."

Tsk, tsk!

What a bunch of stupid guys.

Thought he wouldn't make a move like this?

What a naive thought.

It didn't exist.

He, Jiang Hou, was worried about finding an excuse.

This group of Ancient Emperors, Ancient Emperors and Supreme Emperors just gave him a chance, what a bunch of good people.

At this time.

Jiang Xiao actually wanted to thank them a bit.

This was a bunch of good people.

A very rare kind of people, shouldn't he thank them in person!


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