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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1302 - Stone Emperor (Seeking Subscriptions)

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On Immortal Mountain, lightning and thunder suddenly struck, and the earth even began to shake.

As if it was the end of the world.

For a while.

The entire heaven and earth had lost their color, everything was pale and pale, and those on Immortal Mountain were all stunned.


Their Immortal Mountain originally belonged to one of the Seven Forbidden Zones of Life.

This time, can the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Zone escape?

All sorts of thoughts were going through their minds.

They were even scared up.

Just in case....

This was not necessarily a good thing.

What to do?

"Yeah, the reason we are still alive is because of the various life essences this Immortal Mountain draws over to sustain our lives, if something happens to the Immortal Mountain, our lives will probably come to an end."

"Quickly, hurry up."


And so.

A lot of people started talking to each other.


Most of them saw the crocodile ancestor and the little inan, so they thought that they were the ones who had created this situation on the Immortal Mountain.

They went crazy and killed them.

As the saying goes: cutting off people's lives is like killing their parents.

Everyone understands this truth.

Since they wanted to ruin their future, they should be prepared to be beheaded.

After thinking of these circumstances, they frantically rushed towards Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan, vowing to kill them all.

Their path could not be broken.

The Immortal Mountain could not be destroyed as a result.

They still wanted to continue living and waiting for the Immortal Path to arrive, so naturally, they couldn't die here.

It wasn't worth it.


Their attention was drawn to the Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan, and naturally, they didn't know that there was an even more home terrifying Jiang Lack.

That was the root cause.

With Jiang Lack's skills, he could naturally uproot the entire Immortal Mountain with ease.

Especially under the control of the Vajra Bracelets Grand Master, the entire Immortal Mountain that was like a tumor, the source power within it that maintained the operation of the unique rules of the forbidden area, had been extracted.

And it had been reduced to something that Jiang lacked.

It could be said that it was soothing, once it was replenished with this origin power, if he waited for the remaining four life forbidden areas to be taken away, then his Jiang someone's cultivation would rise again.

How nice.

Speaking of which, Jiang Jiang would have to thank the Immortal Mountain.

Only, at this moment, those guys from the Undying Mountain were fighting towards the Crocodile Ancestor, Little Inan and the others, so there was no chance to pay attention to him.


With no one to stop him, Jiang Hou soon began to act, and this time he would not only uproot the Undying Mountain's forbidden area, he would also suck the entire forbidden area clean of its origin.

Not a single part remained.

And this, those affiliated forces on the Immortal Mountain didn't actually know yet, in their eyes there were only the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan.

These two guys who were causing havoc.

If it wasn't for them, the Immortal Mountain probably wouldn't be in trouble, and when the Immortal Road opened, they would be able to rely on their longevity and then go to the Immortal Road to fight.

There might be a chance to become immortal as well.

That was also possible.

But right now, there was the Crocodile Ancestor and the little inan to attract their attention, while Jiang Xiao was going to suck the entire origin of the Immortal Mountain clean.

Then, the characteristics of the Immortal Mountain's forbidden area instantly disappeared, and the rules within it naturally couldn't function because there was no origin power to maintain it.

This moment.

It was as if they had seen the end of the world.

No longer could they absorb the life essence to sustain their lives, no longer could they continue to live scrupulously.

This was the moment.

It was as if they were going to die.

They could not help but panic in their hearts.

At the same time.

Crocodile Ancestor and Little Inan, on the other hand, frantically began to fight back, and Crocodile Ancestor, who had paid special attention to protecting Little Inan at first, suddenly realized that Little Inan was even stronger than he had imagined.

"How could she be so strong?"

This was definitely something that Crocodile Ancestor hadn't expected, but previously the little inan was not as strong as him, but now it was the other way around.

It seemed to have become different.

It was really hard to think more about it.

When exactly did Little Inan become so strong?

Crocodile Joe was confused.

Of course.

For those on Immortal Mountain, it was equally confusing.

Didn't they say there were only two of them?

What about the dissipation of the rules of the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area and the mountainous destruction of the entire Forbidden Area?

So they were just attention grabbers?

It was as if the moment understood.


Even if they did understand, their hearts were chilled to the bone.

It was already too late.

The forbidden land had already begun to collapse, and after the origin had been extracted cleanly, the rules within the forbidden land naturally couldn't function.

Their hopes of continuing to live scrupulously by the Forbidden Area were also dashed.

Most importantly, the forbidden land being gone meant that all of them would die, and it was only a matter of time before it was too late.


"What to do?"

"Now all of us are going to be finished, this time it's really going to be the end."

"The Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area has been destroyed, the life essence naturally has no way to replenish us, and it won't take more than a few days for us all to die because of our lifespans."

"Yeah, that's too tragic."

"Why don't we just run away, the farther we can escape, the better."

"Even if we flee, we'll only die, we might as well wake up the Stone Emperor, maybe his old man has a way to deal with it."

"Agreed, only the Stone Emperor can solve the problem now."

"Then let's start, as soon as possible, after all, we don't have much time left."

Soon, these affiliated forces on the Immortal Mountain began to summon the Stone Emperor.

They naturally had a set of means.

Dedicated to summoning stone emperors, for so many years, since the establishment of this Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area, they had never used it, and they did not know how effective it was.

But now, they simply didn't have the time or opportunity to doubt and test it out.

They could only go blind cat and run into a dead rat-like approach.

As for whether or not they could run into it, it was hard to say, and perhaps something would happen.

"Stone Emperor, please, old man must come out of the gate ah, don't continue to slumber, otherwise we'll all be finished."

The thought of prayer was sent out through the secret technique, and then they told the situation on the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area, hoping that that Stone Emperor who created the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area would wake up.

The current situation, only that Forbidden Area Lord would have the skill to resolve it, right?

They thought so.

Of course.

If that Stone King couldn't even resolve the situation, then that was how fate should be.

Probably they could only resign themselves to their fate.

Facing the ferociously powerful Jiang Lack, there was basically no one who was an enemy.

Of course, the main thing was that the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area had been destroyed, so the rest of them would be unable to follow up.

It was originally only through the forbidden land that they had some life expectancy and were able to survive until now.

Once they didn't have the Forbidden Lands to support them, they simply had no way to rely on their soon-to-be-exhausted origin power, and they could easily get injured and die.

For the sake of their own little lives.

So it would be better to summon the Stone Emperor.

As long as his old man wakes up, he should... should be able to solve the current difficulties, right?


A time.

All of the affiliated forces on this Undying Mountain were looking forward to it, and if they could, their Undying Mountain Forbidden Area would be back to glory again.

How wonderful.

After thinking of these circumstances, their hearts were happy.

"Don't be afraid, everyone, when the stone emperor, his old man, wakes up, he will definitely resolve the matter at hand."

"That's right, the Stone Emperor is powerful, although the forbidden land has been destroyed, as long as the Stone Emperor exists, he will definitely be able to rebuild the Immortal Mountain."


"So the Stone Emperor is actually this strong?"

"Then let's wait for the Stone Emperor to appear, and I don't know if he can fix it."


Of course.

Doubt aside, they were actually looking forward to it, and they were sincere.

This time.

Whether or not they people could continue to live would depend on the Stone Emperor.

If they could, then....

Is it going to be good?

The hearts of the crowd were filled with anticipation, but they didn't know that Jiang Xiao was also expecting that Stone King to appear.

But the question was, would that Stone King really wake up?

Those on the Immortal Mountain had no doubt about this, and they were looking forward to it immensely.

But there was actually some hidden worry.

They were also afraid.

What if.....

No, there was no if.

The stone emperor must wake up for this to happen, or else all of them would be in trouble.

A great disaster was coming.


In their hearts, they were actually somewhat looking forward to the Stone Emperor's exit.

Although the Stone Emperor might not be able to save the forbidden land that had been destroyed after his exit, there was at least a hint of psychological comfort.

At any rate, it could be considered finding the main heart and soul.

That would do.

And at the same time.

Jiang Jiang nodded his head in satisfaction, "It's great, this Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area has allowed me to obtain many world origins, and I'm one step closer to that late Earth Immortal Realm."

This was also quite good.

Regardless of whether or not that Stone Emperor would wake up, the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area was finished.

As for the affiliated forces that had once existed in dependence on the Stone Emperor, they would likewise be finished, only the difference between sooner and later.

The Crocodile Ancestor and the Little Inan were becoming more and more aggressive, emitting terrifying divine might, making those people simply not dare to take it hard.

Right now.

Hundreds of people were already dead and injured.

If they continued to die, they might have to deliver to these affiliated forces present here.

They had no chance of surviving at all.

There was only one way to die now.

Unless that Stone Emperor was really, really powerful, even more powerful than Jiang Lack, there was no way he could be an enemy to Jiang Lack.

And not being able to be invincible meant that even that unstoppable Stone Emperor who had once created such a forbidden area of life as the Immortal Mountain would be unlucky.

He might even be pitted to death by those affiliated forces of his.

Jiang Chi hid in the shadows, quietly waiting for the Stone Emperor to wake up and see him out of the gate, "When that Stone Emperor comes out, maybe I, Jiang Someone, will be able to scavenge another wave of World Origin Power."

He knew that an existence such as the Stone Emperor, being the master of a restricted area, must have terrifying methods.

The techniques and secret arts on his body were definitely more than he had imagined.

As such, he wouldn't have to bother with waking up the Stone Emperor, after all, someone had already done this task for him.


This person was those affiliated forces of the Stone Emperor, those followers of his.

Now well.

It might have to trap him.


Not long after those people had cast their secret methods, just a few moments after the destruction of that Immortal Mountain.

A deafening sound rapidly rang out.

It was terrifying and overbearing.

It was as if the dao sound exploded away from the ears, and as if it began to ring out in all directions around it.

Seeing Jiang Ji was secretly surprised, "This Stone Emperor looks powerful, seemingly even more powerful than that Eternal Celestial.

However, at most, that's it.

He can't be any stronger than that, he's going to be finished after all, and he's not my opponent after all."

This bit of confidence, Jiang Xiao still had.

And, he thought that the other party was definitely delivering food, so it could be that they were specifically sending food to him, Jiang Someone.

Although it was embarrassing, Jiang Guiao felt that he still had to thank the Stone Emperor, after all, it was always necessary to express his gratitude when someone gave him such a great benefit.

After thinking of this.

Jiang Kou had an idea in mind.

Not long after.

Sure enough, a glowering and domineering figure appeared in front of everyone, who else was it if it wasn't the Stone Emperor who created the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area.

He frowned fiercely, "What's going on? Who are you that has awakened this throne here?"

"Lord Stone Emperor, here's the thing..."

Immediately, those affiliated forces added oil and vinegar to the story and said it all over again with that stone king.

But the stone emperor was shocked and furious after hearing about it.

How dare they bully him over Shi someone's head?


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