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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1301 - Immortal Mountain (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Immortal Mountain.

It is one of the Seven Forbidden Regions of Life, located in the Middle Eastern Wasteland, becoming a very magical place.

-- Forbidden Land.

As an existence like that Ancient Wilderness Forbidden Area and Immortal Tomb Forbidden Area, the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area also possessed the same functions as other forbidden places.

It was even more green than blue.

It was quite a trend.


In Jiang Xiao's eyes, such a forbidden place was ordinary.

Even if this Immortal Mountain was mysterious and created for that Stone Emperor, if nothing else, Ye Fan would still fancy it.


Ye Fan was still a guest in the Shaking Light Sacred Land, so naturally, he couldn't come to the Immortal Mountain, and now that Jiang Xiao had arrived in person, there wasn't any good news about their Immortal Mountain.

The news about the Immortal Mountain, the Crocodile Ancestor had already gone to find out more about it.

That Stone Emperor was a rank one or nine Holy Spirit, and could be considered extremely strong.

According to Jiang Xiao's memory, too, if Ye Fan wasn't too powerful, if he wasn't all-powerful, it was unlikely that the Stone Emperor would have fallen and the Immortal Mountain would have been taken to the heavens.

Of course.

Now it was different again.

Ever since Jiang Xiao appeared, it was destined that their Immortal Mountain would be different.

It was also possible that they would end up in a miserable state.

And right now.

None of those existences on the Immortal Mountain knew about Jiang Lack's terror.

Or rather, they didn't even know about Jiang Lack's existence.

Previously, the matter of the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land had not been spread out because of that ruthless Emperor's deliberate concealment.

The matter of the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area, on the other hand, was because there was no one else around to see it, so no one had spread it out either.

It should be said that no one knew about them.

This had the consequence that even though there were already two forbidden places that had been destroyed directly or indirectly by Jiang Lack's hands, no one else knew about them.

Jiang Lack was the Forbidden Land Killer.


It should be better to describe it as a Forbidden Land Terminator, perhaps.

After discussing with the Crocodile Ancestor, he arrived at this Immortal Mountain, ready to clean up properly.

On the legendary Undying Mountain, apart from that Stone Emperor who created the Undying Mountain Forbidden Area, there were some other strong people he had taken in, as well as some people who existed in dependence on him, the Stone Emperor.

All of them lived on Which Immortal Mountain, slumbering.

They were quietly waiting for the Immortal Path to open, waiting for the next time they would become immortal so that they could compete with others.

This was considered a screwing-up approach.

Of course.

Whether this practice of living perfunctorily was desirable or not, Jiang Liao did not evaluate it.

He just felt that the existence of the Immortal Mountain was just like the existence of that Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area, which was actually a cancer in this world.

It posed a serious and terrifying threat to both the world and the beings of all races.

This was unacceptable to him.

Adding the matter of the origin power, it made the family even more determined to go to the Immortal Mountain.

"Although it may be dangerous, I, Jiang Someone, will never give in."

Jiang lacked a righteous attitude and said, "I'm the one who is going to do justice to the world's creatures, how can I be afraid of his Immortal Mountain?"

After giving a command.

Jiang Gou then said to the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan, "Let's go, this time also to annihilate the Immortal Mountain."

That was for sure.

He already had an idea in mind.

Nor could he change anything, it was impossible anyway.

Taking down the Immortal Mountain would mean that there was an endless amount of World Origin Power to harvest.

Once dreaded and feared.

The situation might be different, and that wasn't something he, Jiang, was willing to do.

Of course.

The Alligator Ancestor wasn't worried this time either.

He began to think in his heart, "Master has a mid Earth Immortal Realm cultivation, the people of that Immortal Mountain are definitely no match for him."

Not even the Stone Emperor.

Wouldn't it be fine to just crush them all the way across the sky and directly rout them with a brutal and overbearing might.

Where is the need for other means ah.

It's not even necessary.

With this thought in mind, the Crocodile Ancestor said to Jiang Qian, "Master, not far ahead is that legendary Immortal Mountain, are we going to directly mightily crush over?"

He began to ask questions.

After all, Jiang Chi was the master, and it was always necessary to listen to his old man's opinion.

When Jiang Jiang heard that, then his gaze slightly shifted and said, "Legend has it that that Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area was created by that Stone Emperor, and its Immortal Mountain even has many existences that followed him back then, which is considered a vassal force of his Stone Emperor and the Immortal Mountain.

I'll leave these to you."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."

He couldn't help but stare at it, "Master, isn't this... isn't this a little inappropriate?"


The Crocodile Ancestor said evenly, "I'm just a Great Saint level existence, it's not enough ah.

On this Immortal Mountain, those vassal forces of the Stone Emperor are not trivial either, definitely not something I can handle ah."

He was bitter.

How could I have such skills.

Maybe there were some quasi-emperors among those vassal forces.

And there might be more than one or two such existences, most likely there were many, such a number was definitely not something he could handle ah.


After hearing Jiang Xiao's words, he was already laughing and crying.

Was he himself being pitied by his master?

"Don't be afraid, little inan will deal with those vassal forces together with you."

Jiang Xiao said calmly, "With the strength of the two of you, it's really not difficult to deal with those vassal forces of the Immortal Mountain."

"Little Inan?"

Crocodile Ancestor became even more depressed and couldn't help but think to himself, "Even if you add a little inan, so what?

Can that girl still be stronger than a paragon?"

What a joke.

He didn't think so anyway.

For a moment.

There was actually some bitterness and depression in his heart.

Who knew, Jiang Xiao continued, "Alright, you don't have to worry about these things, those vassal forces on Immortal Mountain are just for you two to practice with."

At this time.

Crocodile Ancestor had wanted to continue to fight for a bit more, but he heard Little Inan say, "Brother, don't worry, we will definitely complete the mission."

She seemed to want to express herself and prove herself.


Instantly the alligator didn't want to talk.

And it was hard to say anything.

He felt so hard and arduous.

There were no more excuses for things to be so hard.

He could only secretly pray that this time it would go smoothly, or else things might change in many ways.

At the same time.

He also secretly made up his mind, "When the critical moment comes, I must protect the little ancestor, Inan, well, or else I'll be finished."

The Alligator Ancestor was very clear.

Once something happened to the little Inan, his own master Jiang Jiang would naturally have to settle the score on his own head.

It would inevitably be another mistake then.

That would be tragic.

Maybe he would put all the blame for the fault on his own head.

After thinking of these situations.

Crocodile Ancestor's mood was a bit unnatural.

It was really too hard to feel a bit bit bitter.

A few minutes later.

Their group of three, however, had already reached the sky above the Immortal Mountain.

Jiang Gou also landed down unceremoniously.

"It's been discovered, be careful everyone."


Both of them nodded.


One was confident, but the other had no confidence to speak of.

How could those powerful existences on Immortal Mountain be something they could deal with?

I'm kidding.

How could that be.

However, Jiang Kou was willing to believe them.

After all, the Alligator Ancestor was also strong.

A body of combat power would be equivalent to a paragon.

Still, there was progress.

As for the little inan, she even possessed the combat power of a great emperor, especially after she communicated with the Ruthless Emperor, her strength became even more terrifying.

I don't know how it was done.

In short, it was strong.

So it was a half-hearted problem.

As for Jiang Xiao's side, he needed to go do something more meaningful.

For example, first collect the origin of this Immortal Mountain Forbidden Land, break the rules of operation of this Forbidden Land, and make it no longer a forbidden land.

It would turn into a deadly place.

It wouldn't be fine.

That way neither those affiliated forces on the Immortal Mountain, nor that Stone Emperor who created the Immortal Mountain's forbidden land, could draw on their life force to sustain themselves anymore.

In terms of longevity, they would be greatly reduced.

Once they did, it was possible that they might even collapse directly.

Such an idea was not alarming.

You know.

Those people were only instinctively relying on the characteristics of the Immortal Mountain Life Forbidden Zone, which was barely surviving.

But in reality.

Such a kind of living could only be considered an extremely perfunctory kind of living.

It was not even considered a true life.

There were flaws as well.

And it was obvious.


Jiang Qiao landed directly on the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area.

He was slightly excited and thrilled, secretly saying, "This time, there's going to be origin power coming in again."


He liked forbidden places like this.

It would be even better if there were more places like this.

It just wasn't very likely.

After all, being able to contribute a little origin power was already the ability of these forbidden places.

It would be hard to say if they continued to contribute.

As soon as they landed on Immortal Mountain, those affiliated forces on the mountain had already discovered Jiang Lack's presence.

A group of people were coming over in great numbers.

The number of people looked a bit large.

There were about hundreds of people.

And it was still gradually increasing.

It might increase to thousands of people in the next moment.

Alligator Ancestor: "........"

The Alligator Ancestor's face turned green.

If it wasn't for the fact that he saw that Jiang Xiao was still calm and composed, and if it wasn't for the fact that the little inan still looked like he was eager to try, he would have left long ago.

It was really hard to accept.

The people on that Immortal Mountain were inevitably too many.

You know, those are just some affiliated forces ah.

What if we wait a little longer?

Now it was just a group of existences that didn't exceed the parahuman level, and if there was another wave, there might be parahuman level existences.

Crocodile Ancestor felt that he had probably come to the wrong place.

It was really a bit dangerous here.

He was about to open his mouth to dissuade Jiang Xiao, but who knew that Jiang Xiao, with a flash of that golden light around his body, had already disappeared in a whirl.


Crocodile Joe felt embarrassed for a moment.

What about himself?

There doesn't seem to be anything we can do about it.

Kang left.


To be precise, he was going to find a suitable location where he had to solve the problem of the Immortal Mountain first.

When he was in the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area, he was the one who had to deal with that Immortal Celestial first, but this time, he wanted to change the order of the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area instead.

Perhaps there would be unexpected gains.

"Changing the order, and also preparing adequately for the rest of the forbidden lands to come, can be considered as gaining some experience."

Jiang Qiao thought thusly.

As for the Alligator Ancestor and Little Inan's side, he didn't care.

There was no need to worry about it either.

To solve the problem of the Immortal Mountain, the most important thing in Jiang Chi's opinion was whether or not the Vajra Bracelets Grand Master continued to give power.


It was assumed that that grand master should be very powerful.

After all, it had always been very domineering.

Reporting this thought, Jiang Guiao smiled slightly, "Immortal Mountain, it's not that the poor have to find trouble with you, it's really because you are a forbidden place and are able to grant me a considerable amount of origin power ah.

I'm also of the type that has no choice.

I have no choice like this, that's why I came here, that's why I destroyed your forbidden land, I hope you don't blame me."

Jiang Xiao even hoped that those people from the Immortal Mountain would forgive him.

Although this was highly unlikely.

But it did exist.

Of course.

By the time those guys on the Immortal Mountain reacted, I'm afraid that the Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area would be finished.

Jiang Hou wouldn't wait for them.

And so.

Next, he stood in a place where there was no one and called out in his heart, "Vajra Bracelets Master, let's begin."

Just like the Immortal Tomb Forbidden Ground before.

This Immortal Mountain Forbidden Area was also a cancerous tumor, and it was also to be removed.

Now there was finally a chance.

The will of the world instinctively supported it....


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