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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1300 - Forbidden Land Collapse (Seeking Subscription)

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Inside the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area.

There were many people who had to perish because of the existence of the Immortal Mausoleum and other forbidden areas of life.

Covered by inability to do anything.

Jiang Ji's gaze was burning and radiant, "What others can't do, then I, Jiang Someone, will do it, not to mention that this will also obtain a considerable amount of World Origin Power."

It was a one-two punch for him.

He was in a sore mood.

There was actually some excitement for a while.

"I wonder how much reward there will be for completely destroying this Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area?"

Jiang pondered in his heart, "Will it be even more than that Desolate Forbidden Land?"

He felt it was to much.

The level of destruction over there in the Ancient Forbidden Land was completely different from the complete destruction over here now.

All kinds of wonders were different.


A sense of justice surged from the bottom of Jiang Kang's heart.

Terrifying light surged and swept and rolled as if a terrifying might was crumbling down.


At this point, Jiang Xiao silently said, "Master Vajra Bracelets, now it's time to demonstrate your old man's skills, attack."

Back when he was in the Desolate Forbidden Lands, he had experimented that the Vajra Bracelets could deal with these forbidden lands in the Shrouded World.

The world instinctively didn't stop it.

Terrifying power swept and tumbled and rolled, and Jiang Kang's desire to get rid of these life forbidden forbidden places was an invaluable good thing for the world.

Finally, someone was removing the tumor.

That's right.

The existence of the forbidden areas was just like that tumor.

It was simply sinful.



A deafening sound rang out, and Jiang Di saw a terrifying light sweeping through the forbidden area.

Immediately after.

A divine glow danced from this Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area, and the once unstoppable Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area had now come to a miserable end.

Within this forbidden ground.

It was originally a world of its own, with its own kind of unique rules of its own, but it was only attached to the main world.

Of course, this forbidden land was actually a part of the main world itself, but then it became a forbidden land due to various reasons.

Then the nature changed.

So much so that it ended up becoming a tumor-like existence.

Now, Jiang Chi wanted to remove the tumor, and this was doing it for the sake of the world.

In such a situation, that world will instinct would naturally have to help him.


An origin that maintained the operation of the rules of this forbidden area was extracted from this Immortal Mausoleum forbidden area.

And it was forcefully obliterated.

Without the World Origin to maintain operation, the rules within this forbidden ground collapsed.


It was horrifying to see this terrible light flickering up, but it called for horror and amazement.

Of course.

If that Eternal Heavenly Deity was still alive, he would probably be furious to death.

After all, the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area that he had worked so hard to create was gone.

The origin within it hardened into a streak of light, which was absorbed by Jiang Qian with his vajra bracelet.

In the end, nothing was left.

The immense Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area ended and became a thing of the past.

It was eventually annihilated in the long history.

So far.

The Seven Great Forbidden Areas of Life created the Seven Great Forbidden Lands.

And these seven forbidden places then became poisonous tumors in general, it was terrifying.

Ordinary people could hardly imagine it.

It was simply unbelievable.

Based on this situation, Jiang Xiao felt that he had to eradicate these poisonous tumors no matter what.

It was also considered a good deed for the world.

This time, the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area would be completely over.

The only regret was.

It was a great pity that that Eternal Heavenly Father didn't have the chance to see this scene.

Jiang Mo was not too happy.

Killing that Eternal Celestial was too swift earlier.

If it had been later....

Maybe the meaning will be different.

At this time.

Jiang Qian's heart was actually filled with anticipation and dissimilarity.

With all the origin power that maintained the rules of the forbidden area of the Immortal Mausoleum being absorbed and utilized by him, he took it for himself.

The entire forbidden area also completely collapsed.

It also directly collapsed.

This was an experience that had not been experienced before.

"It's really good."

Jiang muttered, "Just the origin power obtained from this forbidden area is enough to reduce my accumulation by a lot."

Even if a portion of it had to be parted away, a large portion would still end up in his own pocket, which was the root of everything he cultivated in Jiang Liao's cultivation.

How bad.


After knowing that he would also get a portion of the origin power, he felt soothed, "This time, it's really cheap Xian Ling Forbidden Area."

In the past, he would have had to paint another wave of origin.

Now well.

There was no need for it either.

The mood was inevitably strange.

When this Immortal Mausoleum Sanctuary had completely fallen, the origin within it was taken away, and the rules of its operation even more completely collapsed.

This moment.

It would be possible to declare the Immortal Mausoleum Sanctuary completely over.

There would no longer be any existence of it.

In the distance.

Little Inan and the Alligator Ancestor didn't go to the closed door to cultivate, and although they had harvested many cultivation resources this time, their hearts were somewhat concerned about Jiang Chi.

When they reacted, it was only when they suddenly realized that the awe-inspiring and deadly Immortal Mausoleum Restricted Area was now gone.

When it appeared before their eyes again, there were no special rules of the forbidden land, nor was there that oppressive feeling.

Here, it was just like the outside world.

It wasn't any different either.

"Is this the end?"

The crocodile ancestor muttered to himself, "The master's methods are really unpredictable, just this kind of skill, then it's not something ordinary people can compare to."

"Old Crocodile, you should trust my brother, he was already immortal, he was already powerful."

Little Inan said confidently, "Although I'm also worried about my brother, I've always believed in him, although the Immortal Lings Forbidden Area is a forbidden area, my brother can even solve the problems of the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area, let alone this Immortal Lings Forbidden Area."

"That's true."

The Crocodile Ancestor smiled bitterly, "I never thought that this forbidden land that has been in the world for countless years would be solved by the master."

One must know.

This was something that even that Beginningless Emperor didn't dare to come out to resolve.

The Life Forbidden Area was not just talk.

It was a real forbidden area forbidden land.

How many people in the world had been troubled by it, and how many strong cultivators had stopped there.

Even lost their lives.

But in the end, even if those forbidden lands were strong and terrifying, they would eventually turn into shovels of earth.

Destroyed by Jiang Xiao.

Completely becoming a part of history now.

And which forbidden land would be the next to fall?

Crocodile Ancestor secretly worried about those forbidden places, "When you come out, you have to pay back eventually, that's always true ah."

He sort of saw it coming.

The seven life forbidden areas had now gone to two.

The remaining five were probably going to be unlucky as well.

Jiang Hou would definitely strike again, and those forbidden areas would be just like the current Xianling forbidden areas.


Or even collapse.

All things would be at rest.

There would be nothing left at that point.

It was truly miserable.

"But they deserved it."

The Crocodile Ancestor thought silently in his heart, "With what they've done, it's not surprising that they would die a hundred times, or even a thousand times."

Previously, he was too narrow-minded.

"What are you two looking at?"

After coming out of the former Immortal Mausoleum's forbidden area, Jiang Xiao curiously asked, "Could it be that you also want to go in and experience this brand new forbidden area?"


The two men were unsure.

For a moment, they actually stared at each other.

"Master, the forbidden land still exists, huh?"

The Crocodile Ancestor was horrified and said, "Hasn't the forbidden land been destroyed by you? Hasn't it already annihilated and collapsed?"

How could it still exist.

He couldn't figure it out.

At this time.

Even the little inan looked over curiously, "Brother, didn't you solve the forbidden area just now?"

There's no such thing as a forbidden place.

She's confused.


But Jiang Gou couldn't help but say, "I lied to you, where is there still forbidden land, it's gone.

However, the land here is already the same as outside.

So it's a brand new place.

But it used to be part of the forbidden land again, so that's what I called it."

The two: "........"


They almost believed it.

Luckily, they were right, and the forbidden area was indeed gone.

It is over.

Everything was coming to an end.

It was just that Jiang was a bit reluctant to let go.

If... if they had obtained some more origin power, the result would have been completely different.

Of course.

Such a thought was just a thought for him.

After the trip to the Immortal Tomb Forbidden Area was over, he needed to leave.

The benefits gained this time could also be witnessed with his own eyes, and there were indeed quite a few benefits that he had collected just from those origin powers.

One forbidden land allowed Jiang Lack to earn a lot of origin, and two forbidden lands would be even more.

But what if there were even more.

Was it necessary to earn more originals as well.



That was the truth.

He thought so in his heart.

The mood was really a bit happy and excited, "As time passes, when I finish off the remaining seven forbidden places, I might be able to have more World Origin power.

By then, I'll have enough energy to break through to the next realm.

Although I had previously reached the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, I wasn't satisfied with this realm.

I still need to be stronger.

For example, that late Earth Immortal Realm, or even a realm like the Earth Immortal Great Perfection."

In Jiang Ji's eyes, there would never be a weak person, and only by becoming strong would there be follow-ups and results.

Only in the future would there be infinite possibilities.

And so.

He then continued to say to the little inan and the Alligator Ancestor, "Alright, if you two don't want to continue your closed-door cultivation, then prepare yourselves and let's leave here."

After the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area ended.

They naturally had to prepare to go to the next forbidden land.

For example, that legendary Immortal Mountain.


There are many forbidden places.

As many as there were.

There were still five forbidden lands left, and he needed to clean them up one by one.


It was to go for friendly consultations, to fight the fallout.

Nothing else.

Of course.

In fact, the main thing was to go for those origin forces, but if it wasn't for those origin forces, he, Jiang Someone, shouldn't have gone to cause trouble.

After all, those forbidden places weren't weak.

It was just relatively weak for him, Jiang Lack.

"Ahem, master ah, where's the next forbidden land?"

The Crocodile Ancestor even asked, "Let's decide this matter earlier, so we can go and get some news earlier ah."

He was in need of going to find out information.

Although Jiang Lack didn't need to.

But most of all, as a servant and a follower of Jiang Lack's mount, the Ancestor of Crocodiles felt that he should have some sort of awareness.

Otherwise the unfortunate one would probably only be himself.

What if Jiang Chi didn't want him anymore.

What then?

There was nothing he could do about it.

For a while.

This one's mood was also a bit complicated.

Especially after seeing Jiang Xiao become more and more powerful, the more he felt that things were out of his expectation.

It was also somewhat worrying.

After all.

Jiang Kou was already a mid Earth Immortal realm cultivator.

At best, he was an Immortal Cultivator.

But to put it in a more important way, Jiang Liao was actually already an Immortal.

And Immortals were definitely not something he could handle.

As for his Crocodile Ancestor, he was still only a Great Saint level existence and hadn't even broken through the Great Emperor realm.

Not to mention that legendary Red Dust Immortal.

It wasn't that he hadn't been cultivating that brand new Immortal Dao system given by Jiang Mo, but he just hadn't made much progress in cultivating it.

In a word.

It was as if his crocodile ancestor was an elm lump.

Middle-aged but not useful anymore.

In other words, he produced the so-called mid-life crisis.

And so.

Then there were all the previous worries up.

It was also an alternative kind of planning ahead.

Because he knew that if he missed the best time, he would not be able to become strong.

He wasn't a little inan, and he couldn't do what the little inan did, being tilted by all of Jiang's resources and theories.


The place that Jiang lacked they were going to was called the Immortal Mountain, a place that was equally magical.


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