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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1298 - Eternal Heavenly Father (Seeking Subscription)

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Immortal Lings Forbidden Land.

Created for the Everlasting Heavenly Father.

Like the Ruthless Emperor's Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, that Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Land was also a place similar to the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land.

And it wasn't weak.

It was also a life forbidden area, and it was only by absorbing the essence of life around it that it had managed to survive until now.

But this move was also a stopgap measure, and it was just a messy way to live and survive.


Once the time is ripe, these old immortals who are barely surviving will all have to emerge from the mountain in a new state and embark on an unprecedented immortal path again.

Just waiting for the day when the Immortal Path would open, they would be able to emerge from the sky.

All of them, none of them were once rampant, none of them were that barbaric and tyrannical generation.

Only up until now.

They were slumbering, temporarily dying.

But actually.

When the time was right, they would definitely come out to make things happen.

Only well.

This time their chances are probably not much.

You know.

This Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area was incomparable to the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area, and a mere Eternal Celestial wasn't enough to shake Jiang Chi, nor was it enough to make him fear or scruple.

Jiang Chi's cold, stern gaze swept over, and after hearing the alarmed cry of the Alligator Ancestor, he looked forward, and there was indeed a mausoleum.

This was the rumored Immortal Mausoleum in the Shading World.

A cluster of mausoleums.

It was as if there was an endless amount of death.

Like the enmity of heaven's wrath and man's grudge, it was terrifying and a little overbearing.

It was truly astonishing.

"The establishment of this Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area should not be easy."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "Although this place is a mausoleum place, the Eternal Heavenly Deity who created this forbidden place is not dead."

He was even alive.

How overbearing.

To be able to create such a forbidden place, it was actually considered a terrifying existence for someone like the Eternal Heavenly Deity.

It was truly ferocious and mighty.


These were only for other people.

It was less important to Jiang Xiao, who really found it a bit too vicious.

It was like a poisonous tumor that had been parasitic on the main world, self-perpetuating rules.

And, it was still corrupting everything in the world as much as possible.

This was for the entire Obscuring World, the Seven Life Forbidden Areas were seven poisonous tumors growing.

"So, I want to get rid of these seven tumors."

Jiang Chi smiled slightly, "I have already been rewarded by this world for resolving the matter in the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area previously.

I want this Immortal Tomb Forbidden Area to be the same."

There must be merit as a reward as well, and there must be many, many benefits as well.

Wouldn't it be great?


This time he was the one who was really good to come.

"Let's go."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "This time, even if it's as strong as his Eternal Heaven, I'll destroy it."

It could not be said that it would be suppressed with brute force.

And that Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area was similarly going to be destroyed.

In comparison.

The disappearance of that Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land was considered mild, but the next Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Land wasn't necessarily mild.

Anyway, there was no connection between him, Jiang Hou, and the Eternal Celestial, nor was there any slight relationship between them.

The Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Ground was destroyed if it was destroyed.

Then if the Eternal Celestial was truly dead, then it was dead.

It didn't matter anyway.

It didn't matter either.

"Master, it is said that that Eternal Celestial Dignity..."

Crocodile Ancestor was trying to warn Jiang Xiao to be cautious, no matter what.

After all, what if the boat turned over in the gutter?

That would be bad.


Apparently his worries were unnecessary, only to hear Jiang Ji wave his hand slightly, "Don't worry, just a mere Eternal Celestial is not enough to be feared in the eyes of the poor."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."

Come on.

Now that your old man has said that, what else can he say.

Had to be silent.

Perhaps, the self master was relying on his own powerful cultivation realm, so he was fearless.


What the Crocodile Ancestor probably didn't know was that his master, Jiang Qian, was trying to suppress it with powerful brute force.

Who cares if you're an Eternal Celestial or not, what does it matter to him, Jiang Chi?

It's not important.

It wasn't important at all.

As a mid Earth Immortal realm cultivator, he could suppress it with the most powerful force he could muster.

Any monstrous strength you had, he, Jiang Hou, could ruthlessly suppress it with his greatest strength.

This time.

That Eternal Celestial was only afraid that he was going to be unlucky.

Jiang Hou gazed coldly, "The existence of forbidden places has caused all of these places to become forbidden areas of life, which are all poisonous and bad for the entire world.

Therefore, the poor dao will take the place of the heavens and return this world with a clear path."


Of course.

These were all just official words, and whether anyone believed them or not was out of Jiang's hands.

Very angry.

It was also brash as hell.


Soon, Jiang Xiao descended within the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area.

He looked solemn, "The Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area will soon be gone, it's a bit of a pity."

At any rate, ah.

This was also a forbidden land, at any rate, it was only built with great effort by that Eternal Celestial Venerable.


Even if it was that Eternal Heavenly Deity's face back then, Jiang Xiao wouldn't feel afraid.


As soon as he dropped down, he saw a group of people rushing over, with the intention of being life and death enemies.

"These guys should be the forbidden guards of the legendary Immortal Tomb."

Jiang Jiang said, "Old Crocodile, these guys are in the poor man's hands.

Now, it's time for you to perform on stage."

Crocodile Ancestor: "......."


The Alligator Ancestor was a bit weepy and depressed.

It was really hard to calm down, so I couldn't help but think, "Gotta, I'm another one doing hard labor, and those things have to be killed by myself again."

Just how long would it take to kill all those things?

He didn't know.

But in the next moment, Jiang Qiao didn't care about him, he just took the little inan away from him and went nowhere.

By the time Jiang Chi reappeared, he had arrived at the entrance of a palace, and he looked coldly.

"The Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area has existed for many years, but there have been many people who have died here over the years."

Jiang Chi said, "Today, the poor dao has come here also for the sake of the ten thousands of people in the world, but also for those merit rewards."

This was a matter of immense merit, and to him this matter was very good.

To his liking.

"It's not difficult to bring down the Immortal Tomb Forbidden Area, but the first thing right now is to take care of the Eternal Celestial, he should have a lot of merits on him as well."

Well, make the best use of things.

This truth was very clear and understandable to him.

In order to clean up the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area, one had to take the lead in cleaning up the Eternal Celestial and collect all of his merits.

After salvaging a wave of World Origin Power first, as soon as the World Origin Power was in hand, he could proceed to take action against the Immortal Lings Forbidden Area.

It wasn't difficult anyway.

The Everlasting Heavenly Father never expected that he would be missed, or that he would be missed by Jiang Xiao.

He would have been hiding in this Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area, living his little life so comfortably.

Surviving until the end was victory, only waiting for that immortal path to arrive so that he could steadily go compete with others for the chance to become an immortal.

With the existence of this Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area, one didn't even have to die, one just had to live well.

Although the life span was not much longer, and although there was not much usefulness left.


He yet had the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Land.

As long as these forbidden lands existed, he could just live on until the end.

It wasn't impossible.


This Eternal Celestial Venerable did not expect that one day, he would be missed one day.

And it was still people sitting at home, misfortune would come from heaven.

It also came so suddenly.

I guess he hadn't thought of that either.

As Jiang Ji's gaze turned, he ruthlessly flicked his hand, releasing a terrifying stream of Immortal Yuan Mana.

It blasted out.

Rolling like that stormy rain hit.


In a moment, a terrifying light swept out, the magnitude not diminishing in the slightest.


If anyone had seen this scene, they would have only been shocked into a cold sweat.

However, no one saw it.

There was a clang.

The palace's door was then lifted open by Jiang Di, revealing the terrifying blackened death inside.

If a mere mortal saw this, they would also really feel terrifying.

Of course.

After seeing it, one would also feel a little horrified.

But at this time.

Because the palace doors were forcibly lifted open, it also directly caused that slumbering Eternal Celestial to be affected and be the first to wake up.


The Eternal Heavenly Deity's eyebrows furrowed, "Someone actually came to my Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area and directly smashed through my palace gates?"

If it wasn't for seeing it with his own eyes, the Everlasting Heavenly Father wouldn't have believed that someone would dare to spread the word in his territory.

"Could it be..."


The Eternal Celestial paused, "Wait, something doesn't seem right, what is going on with them?

Did the rules of this Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area actually not affect him, it seems like this person shouldn't be a weak person."

This moment.

The Eternal Celestial who had awakened to the truth had a black face.

Although it was already black and couldn't see the white clearly, it appeared even darker.

His eyebrows furrowed, and he secretly said, "It seems that it really is the good ones who don't come."

Jiang Jian's performance had already shown him that this was a ruthless person, and the kind that came looking for trouble.

He was a bit confused.

It was pointless for him to hide when things had reached this point, he couldn't continue to survive and could only come out to see what happened.


This Generation Eternal Celestial Reverend appeared thus.

He coldly looked at the other party, his gaze as cold as flame, "Although the rules of the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area didn't target you, and although you also look powerful, this seat is not something you can provoke."

The reason why he was called the Eternal Celestial was because he had lived a little longer than the others.

Of course.

The only direct result of this was that the Eternal Celestial was even more powerful than they had imagined.

At least many people couldn't see through it.

At this moment.

In the eyes of the Eternal Celestial Sovereign, Jiang Xiao was already a dead end.

There was no way to live.

Bullying him into a deep sleep?

"It's impossible, even if this seat is asleep, it will be awakened."

It was just as it was now.

He then had a calm face, as calm as tea.

Sitting and waiting for Jiang Lack to come to the door.

"He won't be a match for me, anyway, and this trouble was already set from the beginning to the end."

There was absolutely no possibility of changing it again.

At least.

It was like this in the eyes of this Eternal Celestial.

One Jiang Lack was simply not enough.

Not to mention carrying a little girl with him, it was clearly a drag.

It was a burden!

Based on this situation, he felt that Jiang Lack would not be his opponent.

So he calmly waited for Jiang Lack's arrival.

And right now.

After blowing open the doors of the Immortal Tomb Forbidden Palace, Jiang Hou rushed in at the first opportunity.

To him, this wasn't some dragon pond, nor was it as dangerous as the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths.


Just where Jiang Ji entered the palace's gates, an old, terrifying voice sounded like thunder.

Seeing Jiang Ji's eyebrows raised, "You are that Eternal Heavenly Deity, you want to suppress me even with you?"

"Get out!"

The mid Earth Immortal Realm breath around Jiang Xiao was like a terrifying ocean of energy pressure.

A time.

It was as if it was again with endless greatness.

It crumbled down towards that Eternal Celestial, and it looked like that Eternal Celestial was stunned.

It was actually a bit startling.

Of course.

There were also sounds of shock and swallowing saliva.

He had never thought that Jiang Xiao was so powerful.

"Wait a moment."

The Eternal Celestial's face changed drastically, "He's actually able to directly suppress me with this mighty pressure?"

What the fuck?

Who is this guy?

What does he want to do?

"I... I'm the Eternal Life Heavenly Father of the Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Area, an existence at the level of a big brother, but I've been suppressed by momentum pressure?"

Saying anything about it would just be a joke.

But it's truly unbelievable.


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