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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1297 - I'm Really Not Your Brother (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Jiang Ji smiled slightly, "The system I am practicing is a brand new system of immortal cultivation, and becoming an immortal is relatively much easier.

But I can also feel my own smallness and weakness."

Even a mid Earth Immortal realm existence like him, Jiang Chi, felt that the realm of immortal cultivation was too small and weak.

He was an Earth Immortal.

But there were realms like Heaven Immortal and so on above.

There were more advanced and powerful ones as well, but he just didn't know about them.

After hearing this introduction from Jiang Qian, the Fierce Emperor suddenly felt bad all over.

Somewhat startled and shocked.

Up until today, she had only truly known that there was another kind of immortal cultivation system in this world.

And Jiang Xiao had even become an immortal.

Since when had it been this easy to become an immortal?

Didn't I say it was hard?

She was a little puzzled, had it started to change since this era?

A fairy, a real fairy?

Or an existence at the level of an Immortal Emperor?

Before I could ask, I heard Jiang Xiao continue, "Actually, your previous cultivation systems were all too backward, which is why becoming an immortal is so difficult.

Coupled with the reduction of the immortal substance, there wasn't much life span, which adds insult to injury."

In between the words.

Jiang Chi had already handed over his cultivation system and method to the Fierce Emperor, "This is my system and my cultivation method, if you find it useful, take it and use it."

"These...these are all things you have comprehended?"

For some reason, seeing those realms and cultivation methods that Jiang lacked, the Ruthless Emperor suddenly felt that a new door was opening towards him.

"Perhaps, this is the correct way to cultivate Immortality."

She pondered darkly, "In the past, our system was all about constant improvement, and it's actually still a bit old.

It is.

Compared to Jiang Daoist's brand new immortal cultivation system, the previous system seems very messy and complicated.

It seemed very powerful, and the various methods weren't actually as powerful as the spells he had created.

And the cultivation realm, whether it was the Great Saint or that Great Emperor, it all sounded good, mighty and domineering, looking down on the world and unstoppable ah.

But in reality.

Not even being able to solve the problem of one's own life span, even if the existence of the Life Forbidden Zone was only using a very flawed method to solve the problem.

But this problem hadn't been solved perfectly, and it just so happened that Jiang Daoist's method would solve it.

That's true immortal cultivation, that's truly competing with this field for life ah."

This moment.

The Fierce Emperor had all figured it out.

All those thoughts that were in his heart before were all false and meaningless.

"Daoist Great Talent."

Even if the Ruthless Great Empress boasted of her talent as an existence of unparalleled beauty, even if she had once failed in her natural aptitude, she had relied hard and fortunately on her own efforts to create the Heaven Swallowing Demon Skill cultivation.

Only then did she have the name of the Fierce Man Emperor behind her.

Her talent was unparalleled.

Then she felt that she was already great.

But now.

When compared to Jiang Ji, she instantly felt that she was nothing.

The Daoist friend before her who had already become an immortal was far too much stronger than him.

It definitely wasn't something ordinary people could compare to.

She was ashamed of herself.

Even if he was as strong as his fierce emperor, he felt that he was no match for Jiang Qian.

It was an invincible existence.

"Fallacious praise."

Jiang Chi smiled, "Actually, there are times when it's just reality that obscures our eyes, but as long as we have a richer imagination and dare to break the rules and the old system, we can definitely gain more benefits."

His words, however, left the Ruthless Emperor stunned, and he even nodded his head from time to time.

It seemed to agree with Jiang Qian's statement.

Feeling that he was right.

Daoism was just like that.

"This brand new immortal cultivation system is for you."

Jiang Qiao said, "I hope that one day, fairy, you will be able to carry this system forward."


The Fierce Emperor promised.

It was an obligatory thing to do.

She had already decided that she would choose to switch to the Immortal Dao system taught by Jiang Lack, and with her Heaven Swallowing Demon Skill, she believed that she could create a technique of her own.

Based on such various purposes.

The Ruthless Emperor was in an extremely happy mood, "By living that extra 1,600 years, I will have the confidence to become an Immortal within three hundred years, and an Earth Immortal within five hundred years.

One thousand years is enough time for me to become a strong person and for me to go to the River of Time to retrieve my brother.

This was the only thing I could do.

This moment.

The Fierce Emperor had never aspired to be as strong as she was today, even if she had once gone to take revenge on the Feathered God Dynasty, which she had annihilated by virtue of one person's strength.

Neither felt any pressure.

This time, facing the daunting task of retrieving my brother from the river of time, I must go all out."

It used to feel like.

It didn't matter if I became an immortal or not.

Just as long as he could wait until his brother's return.

But now it seemed he had to wait until his own brother returned.

Of course, it would require the efforts of her fierce emperor to do so.


When the Ruthless Great Emperor looked at Jiang Jian, ready to be grateful to him, she discovered that Jiang Jian was somewhat the same as the brother she remembered.

This couldn't help but put her in a bit of a trance, "Little Inan was able to find him by coincidence, could it be that he is also related to my brother in some way?

Or is he actually...?"

Such a thought was terrifying.

Even the Fierce Emperor didn't dare to believe it directly.


She asked tentatively, "I wonder how you know about my matter with my brother?"

"Heard about it."

Jiang Xiao had anticipated this and calmly said, "Although many years have passed since your incident, your fierce reputation back then is still out there even now.

Therefore, it's simple and easy enough to know about you.

You can know with a little bit of trickery.


Don't think too much, fairy, the reason I'm asking about you is also because of the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, and also because I want to come and make a few deals with you just.

Special offense."

"I don't mind if I do."

The Fierce Emperor shook his head, "I just feel that you resemble that brother of mine."

Jiang Qian, "..."

What the hell?

This is no joke.

He cried and laughed, "Ahem, fairy, any kind of joke can be made, but this kind of joke is not to be made freely.

Your brother and I can be said to have never met before, and I also didn't know about you and your brother before not knowing about your deeds.

So ah.

Don't you be imagining things, I'm not your brother."

Although he also wanted to be the brother of the Ruthless Emperor, it was obvious that he, Jiang Someone, was not ah.

That was the ironclad fact.


That Ye Fan could hesitate when confronted with this problem, but there was no way for him to hesitate.

It was simple.

Ye Fan was a person from this world, maybe he was the reincarnation of this ruthless emperor's brother.

But what was himself?

"I'm just a person who crossed over from the outside world, I'm just here to practice and steal benefits."

Jiang Mo secretly laughed bitterly, "Although this ruthless emperor's elegance is sufficient, and she herself is very beautiful and durable.

It can even be said that she is a magnificent beauty, but I always feel strange.

And, this ruthless emperor is a brother control ah.

Although I like it myself, but it's a shame that there's already a Huang Rong in Qingxuan Continent.

Forget it."

It's better not to nip and tuck.

You're just a passerby, in the end, just an ordinary cultivator.

Always leave.

Fierce Emperor: "........"


When this unstoppable and ruthless Emperor heard Jiang Xiao's words, he frowned, "Although you may not be my brother, but still..."

This time.

Jiang Hou was prepared.

Before she could finish her sentence, she said very bluntly, "Stop, fairy ah, we can actually discuss the Tao, why do we have to say something else ah."

Brother and sister kind of thing.


It's still okay if you talk about it with Inan.

It's okay to talk to the Vicious Emperor.

Then forget it.

You can't mess with a big brother.

Forget it.

I won't be cruel to myself.

"Am I that scary?"

Seeing how scared Jiang Xiao looked, the Fierce Emperor couldn't help but furrow his brows, "I'm very kind however..."

Immediately after.

The Ruthless Emperor began to brag about himself.

Jiang Lack didn't listen to a word of it anyway, and all those words were used to boast.

They were all meaningless.

In that case, forget it.

If it's not, it's not.

Jiang Lack's look of I'm really not, also made the Ruthless Emperor see that this guy was probably not really that brother from his own family.

If it was that brother from his own family, it shouldn't be him with this expression.


Discourse was really possible.

After all, Jiang Qian was a powerful mid Earth Immortal realm cultivator, and in a sense, his old man had already become an immortal.

And the Ruthless Emperor had yet to become an immortal.

Such a thing made her a little curious.

There might be many questions about cultivation, and it would be good to ask Jiang Xiao.

"Fellow Daoist, since you said you could discuss the Dao, why don't we discuss the Dao?"

The Fierce Emperor said with a lukewarm face.

It was as if he really wanted to discuss the Dao.

Jiang Ji heard the words, but he was stunned, "Discourse? You... you really want to discuss the Dao with me?"

That was interesting.

He suddenly felt that this fierce emperor was a bit less fierce.

I guess it was the fierce reputation spread by those outside, people probably didn't think that way.

It was probably just a bit more ruthless as well.

But, wasn't being ruthless to your enemy the same as being good to yourself?

So at this moment, Jiang Xiao suddenly felt that this ruthless emperor might be right, and only by being a little more ruthless could she survive in the hideous cultivation world.

Otherwise, she would have died and been reborn long ago.

That was a fact.

He admitted it.

"Fine, then I'll discuss with you, fairy."

As the saying goes, taking the strengths of others and mending one's own weaknesses, that's how it works.

As long as you can gain something, whatever you can gain.


Discussing with a powerful existence like the Vicious Emperor was also an excellent thing for Jiang Qian.

And so.

Next he began to argue with the Ruthless Emperor.

The Crocodile Ancestor was still outside the palace, battling those Desolate Slaves with great intent to kill them.

Of course, it was also considered a grind.


Not dying is honing.

To die is to die.

Little Inan, on the other hand, was playing on the side, and also didn't listen to the sermons preached by Jiang Qian and the Fierce Emperor.

Mainly because they couldn't understand it either.

"The Dao can be the Dao..."

Jiang Xiao was the first to speak up.

Although he was not the brother of the Fierce Man Emperor, he was the brother of little Inan.

It was the right thing to do to help the Fierce Man Emperor, in both sentiment and reason.

After she grew up and became even stronger, perhaps she could be proud of herself as well.

And then again.

Because Jiang Xiao felt that he was going to leave this world, sooner or later anyway.

Therefore, there was no competition, let alone hostility, between him and the Vicious Emperor.

As such, there was no need for him to hide it.

Discussing out all the things he knew, all in one go.

The Ruthless Emperor was also somewhat appalled, "So he's actually such a good person."

Jiang Qian naturally didn't know that he was actually issued a good guy card.

After speaking about his own Dao, he waited for the Ruthless Emperor to speak about her Dao.

After all, he hadn't even seen it himself.

This sermon lasted for three days and three nights.

It was only when the time was full that it dawned on Jiang Chi that time had passed.

He was equally rewarded.

Instead, he had gained a considerable amount of origin power as a result.

Of course.

That wasn't enough.

In addition to that, he also knew many things about the Vicious Emperor.

Another few days later.

Jiang Mo felt that it was time for him to leave, mainly because the Fierce Man Emperor could no longer salvage the origin power here.

After thinking clearly.

He then said to the Ruthless Emperor, "Immortal, the poor have been here for more than a month, so I'm leaving today."

"Where are you going?"

"The Immortal Mausoleum Forbidden Zone!"



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