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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1296 - The River of Time (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Ten strands is ten strands.


It really wasn't much anyway.

What was immortal matter in the eyes of the Ruthless Emperor was just ordinary Immortal Yuan Mana in his eyes.

As long as there was an aura, it could be constantly nourished.


Even if the Ruthless Emperor wanted ten strands, it wouldn't make much of a difference to him, it was just too little.

To be able to exchange ten strands of Immortal Yuan Mana for the origin of the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, Jiang was satisfied, "This should be considered a great benefit."

It was really good.

He was horrified by a few points.

It was so unpleasant.

Naturally, the Ruthless Emperor didn't know about this, and she said grudgingly, "Daoist friend is so courageous, one strand of this immortal substance can give one an extra hundred years of life, let alone a dozen strands just to be taken out."

She had obtained a total of sixteen strands.

In other words, she could live for an additional one thousand six hundred years.

To know.

A normal emperor would normally only live for a thousand years.

If they didn't have the means to gate blood to stop their life, if they didn't have the Life Forbidden Zone and other such ways to scrape by, if they didn't rely on their own exceptional talent to figure out many means.

Perhaps they would all have died.


Whenever a normal emperor could live for over a thousand years was already a great blessing.

Existences such as the Crocodile Ancestor who lived for a thousand or two thousand years with a Great Sage level of cultivation were really few.

It was also extremely special.

Because he spent most of his time being suppressed by seals, the flow of life force was slow.

That's why he was able to live so long.

It was truly a miracle within a miracle, an extremely special being.

That's why the Ruthless Emperor was so envious, so shocked and appalled that Jiang Ji was able to take out so many things at once, definitely not an ordinary person.

However, the Ruthless Emperor had not seen Jiang Chi before, nor had he ever heard of his existence before.

It was as if this person had appeared out of nowhere.

It was magical.

And terrifying as well.

It was actually a bit gobsmacking.

It was hard to stop being horrified.

Jiang Ji's gaze picked up, while he continued, "In the future, the peculiarities of the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land will also cease to exist, and the Immortal will be able to live for an additional 1,600 years, which is more than a thousand years, enough time for you to embark on the path to Immortality, enough time for you to become an Immortal.

Or even ascend."

These circumstances naturally occurred to the Fierce Man Emperor as well.

She nodded her head and said, "I understand all that you have said, but it is too difficult to ascend to immortality or even ascend to the upper realms."

Without experiencing it firsthand, one could not experience that kind of feeling.

There is not enough longevity.

Then there is only deep despair.

Whoever it was, even that once awesome Beginningless Emperor had to end up in a miserable state.

It could be described as miserable as well.

It was hard to accept.

Living for another 1,600 years was equivalent to living another lifetime.

The Fierce Emperor's heart was overwhelmed with joy, "After this matter is over, I will continue my closed-door cultivation, but there is one thing I have been worried about, I wonder if you can help me?"

Jiang lacked: "........"

"What is it?"

With a raised eyebrow, Jiang Qiao asked, "But let me say beforehand, if things are too difficult, the poor can't do it, so don't have a problem with me then."

"You definitely can."

The Fierce Emperor smiled coldly, "I trust you, Daoist, you can definitely help me."


Jiang Ji looked surprised and couldn't help but laugh and cry, "I don't even believe in myself, so where did you get the news from."


Since the Fierce Emperor had said so, he couldn't directly reject anything.

Immediately, he said again, "Alright, since the fairy has said so, the poor dao has no choice but to listen to it first."

There was nothing he could do about it.

The mood was bitter.

It seemed to be another difficult task, and he twitched his lips in depression.

The Fierce Emperor didn't care so much and just spoke up, "It's like this, I have a brother, once upon a time we...


Now that Ye Fan could very well be his reincarnation.

I'm about to continue my closed-door cultivation, and more of my time will probably be spent cultivating so that I have more time to wait for his return.

Therefore, I would like to ask you, Fellow Daoist, to take care of him, and if there is anything you need to help out with, I hope that you will facilitate it."


Jiang Jian was greatly relieved and secretly said, "So it's just this, that's easy to do."


He said, "Fairy, don't worry, I also know that Ye Fan you're talking about, it's fine to help out a bit.

However, I can't guarantee that I can protect him every moment of every day.

The fairy should also know that the poor man still needs to go to other life forbidden areas."

"Also to make a deal?"

The Ruthless Emperor curiously asked, "Those other Life Forbidden Zones aren't as easy to talk to as I am."

The implication was to remind Jiang Ji that the other Life Forbidden Zones weren't as easy to talk to as he was.

It was possible that no one would take care of him.

And it was also very likely that those immortal substances on Jiang Lack's body would be looted by others.

"I know."

Jiang Xiao smiled and continued, "That's why Poverty Dao has no intention of making a deal with them, and it's easy enough for Poverty Dao to ask for their Life Restricted Area."

The reason for making a deal with the Ruthless Emperor was simply because the Ruthless Emperor was different.

She was different.

And the others wouldn't have the same benefit.

People were different too.


The Fierce Man Emperor nodded, sort of acknowledging Jiang Xiao's statement.

As for whether his statement was true or not, it was unknown and the Ruthless Emperor didn't say much.

"In any case, thank you, Fellow Daoist."

The Fierce Man Emperor bowed slightly towards Jiang Ji, "You are helping me by taking care of Ye Fan for me."

This was something that Jiang Qian should accept.

That Ye Fan would be fine anyway.


Looking at this ruthless emperor with a cold face, like that lonely and arrogant one, Jiang Kou couldn't help but remind, "Immortal, you actually have a better chance of seeing your brother after you become an immortal."


Upon hearing this, the Ruthless Emperor was stunned, "Fellow Daoist, I don't know how to say this."

You know.

She said, "I don't want to become an immortal, I just want to wait for you in the red dust.

You may not become immortal, but you must see your brother.

Even if it's just to see you once again.


Before that.

She all knew very well that it should be very, very difficult for her to meet that gentle and elegant brother who took care of her.

Even if Ye Fan was somewhat similar to that brother of hers.


Ye Fan was just Ye Fan ah.

He might be the reincarnation of his own brother, but he didn't have any memories of himself.

Even though the soul was, even though the origin was.

But the body wasn't anymore.

She is actually very miserable in her heart, otherwise there would not have been little Inan to go to that mortal world to hit the chance.

In fact, the little inan is the obsession evolved from her Dao fruit.

Although in the original story, Inan meets Ye Fan, which is a little comfort to the ruthless emperor.

But when Jiang Jiankou intervenes, Inanie follows him.

But Little Inan followed Jiang lack, hiding behind it and showing her cute little head.

She was somewhat afraid as she looked at the Fierce Man Emperor.

It seemed like she felt that the Fierce Man Emperor was dangerous, making the little inan's heart a little unsettled.

"Brother, who is this sister?"

The little inan inquired curiously, but at this time Jiang Xiao hadn't answered the words of the Fierce Emperor yet.

He had to explain first, "Is this sister pretty?"


"And do you like the little inanimate one?"


"So... how about you live with this sister from now on?"

"No, I don't want to, don't leave me alone, brother, I'm not leaving you."


Jiang was stunned.

The look was also appalled.

How could he have thought that little Inan would think this way.

This was supposed to be just a small test.

At this time.

The most shocked was actually the Ruthless Emperor, who was startled and somewhat out of her mind as she looked at Little Inan and Jiang Jian.

It was as if she saw the person she once was.

It was also as if she saw the same brother from back then.

She remembered clearly that when her brother was captured by the Feathered God Dynasty, he also told himself the same thing.

But she was also clear.

Ye Fan might be the reincarnation of her own brother, but she wasn't entirely sure.

Jiang Chi, on the other hand, basically couldn't be his own brother.

"Fellow Daoist, you just said that it's easier to see my brother after becoming an immortal, I don't know what you mean?"

The Ruthless Emperor wants to know, "Does he know something?

Or maybe he actually has a better idea?"

It was all possible.

After all, to be able to become such a strong person, Jiang Xiao was definitely not an ordinary existence, there must be something remarkable about him.

"It's simple."

Jiang Hou began to patiently explain, "After becoming an immortal, you will become different, your level of life will transform, you will become stronger, and your means will increase.

At the same time, you will be extraordinary in all your skills."

"Where so what?"

The Fierce Emperor shook his head and said, "Even if I did become an immortal, it wouldn't be that I would have more time to just wait for my brother to appear, in fact the status quo hasn't changed in the slightest from what it is now."

Still having to wait, still not knowing when my brother would show up.

"No, it's not the same."

Jiang Xiao continued to explain, "After becoming an immortal you will become very strong, and at this time you will jump out of the long river of fate.

In this river, you will be independent of the shore and sit and watch the clouds rise and fall.

At the same time, you will be able to go to the upper reaches of the river and see the things that once happened.

You'll also be able to display great magical powers and great means to retrieve people or things from the past with monstrous divine might.

Of course.

This already involves the Long River of Time, which is actually within the Long River of Destiny.

If you are powerful enough, you can bring your brother out of the long river of time from before he was captured by the Feathered God Dynasty.

Changing time as well as destiny is the most direct and effective way to do so."

Fierce Emperor: "......."

Jiang Ji's words stunned the Ruthless Emperor.


Still like this?

Why hadn't I heard about it before and thought of it?

She was stunned that she didn't understand.

It was too amazing and a bit too unbelievable for Jiang Gou to say.

It was terrifying.

"Don't you believe it."

Jiang Xiao said with a smile, "You know, if after becoming the strongest person in the world, you only need something from the living, such as a strand of hair, you can directly resurrect.

In addition, there is another way that after becoming the controller of the world, one can be resurrected in complete disregard of any rules.

This is because after death, no matter if the soul is gone or dies in some other way, it's actually just another way to exist in this world.

The controller of the world can then mobilize all the power of the world to bring it back from another state.

This is the legendary law of conservation of energy."


The Fierce Emperor became a bit horrified and couldn't help but ask, "Fellow Daoist, is this... is this real?"

Just now.

She had heard Jiang lack of three methods.


It was so many.

And all three of these methods had one thing in common, and that was to become strong, to become a monstrously strong person.

Even becoming an immortal might not be enough.

As expected.

In the next moment, Jiang Ji continued, "Poverty's current cultivation is the middle stage of the Earth Immortal Realm, but even now, in this world, I can eventually achieve the first method.

The latter two are not enough for me, so you need to become even stronger.

Your brother isn't half hopeless.

Also, it's possible that Ye Fan is also the reincarnation of his broken soul, so you must consider it carefully.

Of course.

None of this affects your ability to become strong, and only the truly strong have more ways to do that."


A long time passed.

Only then did the Fierce Emperor let out a small sigh of relief and said, "I understand, thank you for teaching me, I wonder if you could inform me of your cultivation system?"


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