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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1295 - Making a Few Deals (Seeking Subscriptions)

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The purpose of coming to the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land was naturally there, and there were many.


The most important purpose among them was just one.

That was trading.

To make one, or multiple, transactions with the Ruthless Great Emperor.

One transaction was naturally not enough to satisfy the Vicious Emperor.

So Jiang Hou had prepared many.

"Eternal Matter?"

The Fierce Emperor was stunned and asked, "Is that the strand of Qi in your hand?"

She could feel that it was just a wisp of Qi.

"With your cultivation realm, as well as your eyesight and experience, you should be able to find out if this immortal substance is real or not, as well as if this strand of Qi can allow you to live for another hundred years."

Jiang Chi spoke in a calm tone.

He knew that the Fierce Emperor could see clearly, and understood what the Fierce Emperor needed.

To live an extra hundred years.

It meant an extra hundred years to prepare.

If she was lucky and became an immortal within those 100 years, it might be possible that it was her chance to do so.

After thinking of this.

Jiang Jiang continued, "This is what I want to trade with you, you can also take it over and look at it first."

"Aren't you afraid that I'll take it and run away?"

The Ruthless Emperor said indifferently, "You know, this strand of your Eternal Matter but it's true, it's also true that it can allow me to live for an additional hundred years, and you're willing to part with such a precious and magical item?"

This world.

There are not many long-lived substances left.

It's all scarce in the world.

There were already very few, and even a little bit of resources was considered rare.

Since there were so few, that meant that the Eternal Matter was precious, "But it's so precious, and he's even trading it?"

Are you listening to yourself?

This guy, seriously?

For some reason, the Ruthless Emperor always found it a bit weird and unbelievable to believe this.

"Do you not believe it?"

Jiang Guiao smiled slightly, "You don't think it's possible for me to actually take out the Eternal Matter to make a deal with you?"


The Ruthless Emperor nodded imperceptibly, and she did have that in mind.

Eternal Matter ah.

That was precious after all, not just any treasure, it was truly a little hard to understand.

Jiang Jian looked calm while continuing, "Don't worry, since the poor Dao has already taken out this strand of Eternal Matter, it is to be traded with you, you can even take it first."

He wasn't worried at all.

If that ruthless emperor only wanted to eat the black, then her pattern would be small.

It wouldn't matter.

"I believe you're taking it out to trade, not to amuse me."

The Ruthless Emperor said, "But what do you want from me, or what do you want to trade with me?"

The fact that Jiang was able to take out the Eternal Matter meant that he saw something in himself and wanted to exchange it.


What exactly was it?

She didn't know.

"Nothing else, the poor dao just wants to exchange feats and secret arts from you, I wonder if it's okay?"

Jiang Mo said indifferently, "I'm sure these things are not important to you, Vicious Emperor?"

"All the feats and secrets?"

The Fierce Emperor's eyebrows quirked, not inquiring.


Jiang nodded.

"That's not enough, at least two strands of Eternal Matter are needed."

The Ruthless Emperor suddenly said wryly, "After all, I have more techniques and secret arts, one strand is obviously not enough."


Jiang Chi, on the other hand, calmly said, "In that case, for the sake of the little inan, I'll give you another strand of immortality substance."

Between the words.

Two strands of Eternal Matter had been taken out by him and given to that Fierce Man Emperor.

He wasn't afraid of that Fierce Man Emperor taking it away directly, that unstoppable existence was indeed very powerful in this world, with an unparalleled talent.

But in reality.

It wasn't enough to see in front of him, Jiang Chi, so he wasn't afraid.

It was because of these certainties that Jiang Chi continued, "The Eternal Matter has been given to you, two strands are enough for you to live for an additional two hundred years."

"Fellow Daoist is very generous, this kind of strength and skill, and to even have such a precious and extremely precious thing like long-lived matter, it's a bit terrifying."

The Fierce Emperor couldn't help but appreciate it, relatively speaking, and Jiang Xiao's powerful nature made her feel a little bit dangerous.


The Ruthless Emperor began to make jades and didn't really dare to let Jiang Lack off the hook.

On Jiang Lack's body, he sensed a terrifying aura, a power that could make her fall.


She didn't dare to play any tricks for fear of angering Jiang Lack.

"This is all my techniques and secret arts, take it."

The Fierce Emperor said indifferently, "I'm satisfied with this deal, I wonder if you still need to make a deal with me?

I guarantee child thinness!"

Jiang lacked: "........"


At the news, he was stunned, "Is there a deal, there really is, but it's about little Inan, I already know her identity, so I want her to remain independent, what do you think?"

Little Inan and the Ruthless Emperor were already one and the same, and in a way they were.

And yet.

They could live independently again.


The Ruthless Emperor thought deeply for a moment before saying, "But I need three strands of immortal substance, I wonder if you are willing?"


Jiang Gou said indifferently, "Three strands is fine, but you may not interfere with Little Inan's life in the future."


These Fierce Emperors also agreed.

As for the reason and whatnot, the Ruthless Great Emperors did not say.

"You only said you wanted my techniques and secret arts."


"So now I want the rest of your merit methods and secret arts."

"A strand of immortal matter will do."


"Am I asking for too little?"


The two of them started bargaining with each other, saying that Jiang Jiankou was a bit startled.

It seemed that this woman was born to talk business, and it was so effective that he didn't even want to bargain with her.


Those were also over.

Next, Jiang Xiao began to think about whether or not he should talk to this ruthless emperor about Ye Fan's matter.

To know.

He knew much more than the ruthless emperor.

With these immortal substances, the Ruthless Emperor would be able to live for a few hundred more years.

Such time would make it easy for this ruthless emperor of unparalleled talent to cultivate and have enough time to become an immortal dao.


Becoming that supreme immortal was only a matter of time.

He looked forward to it.


He felt that he might not be able to wait for that day.

After all.

After the trip to the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land was over, he, Jiang Xiao, would have to go back to the Green Xuan Continent and continue his journey to cultivate immortality.

And now.

It was almost over.

"Fellow Daoist, please sit down."


After ending the transaction, the Ruthless Emperor also served tea to Jiang Lack, plainly earning a few hundred years worth of time.

It was also very valuable.

In her heart, she looked forward to it and prayed, "This time, with the strength of my cultivation, it should be much easier to become an immortal."


It should indeed be much easier this time.

The Fierce Emperor's heart even thought, "Maybe when I become an immortal, I'll have more ways to save my brother.

Instead of waiting.

Even that Ye Fan, he... he's just very similar, as if he's a reincarnation of his brother.

But even if he was reincarnated or not, he wasn't his brother anymore.

Not anymore.

They're not the same after all, brother's memories have me in them, but Ye Fan's memories don't."


The Fierce Emperor was still able to distinguish clearly, and was saddened by this.

"If one can become an immortal, then..."

Is it going to be a different marriage?

She didn't know.

But she had been looking forward to it, and had never given up.

After settling the deal and the matter of the little inan, Jiang Qian was contentedly drinking tea.

Tao Yi Emotions.

So pleasant.


The next thing he thought about was the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land, which was a bit weird, self-contained, with unique rules operating.

This was bad for the world, it was like saying that this place, in a sense, had actually gone out on its own.

It was bad.


If one could resolve a place such as the Desolate Forbidden Land, there would definitely be merit, i.e. a reward for the world's original power.

And there should be quite a few of them.

With this thought in mind, Jiang Xiao was going to try to discuss with the Ruthless Emperor, perhaps that Ruthless Emperor would give him the opportunity.

The Ancient Forbidden Land was good, but where was the Eternal Life substance that Jiang lacked granted.

After thinking of these circumstances.

Jiang Chi began to say, "Ahem, that Fairy Ye, there is one more thing that the Poor Dao would like to discuss with you.

If it's possible, you can also make a deal with Poverty Dao.

I wonder if it is possible?"


The first thing that came to the Fierce Emperor's mind when he heard Jiang Xiao's words wasn't the deal, but those Eternal Matter.

In other words, there might still be more Eternal Matter in Jiang's hands.

"If we can exchange with him, perhaps..."

The Fierce Emperor's mind began to think, "I can obtain more immortal substances ah.

In other words, I can actually live longer.

Only, I don't know what kind of things he needs to negotiate, if it's just something simple.

That shouldn't be possible..."

She knew very well in her heart that it was probably impossible.

The matter to be negotiated, as Jiang lacked said, was only very important and of great importance, otherwise it would be impossible to be so solemn.

After thinking about these things.

The Fierce Emperor also killed people to say to Jiang Chi, "Fellow Daoist, you can just say it and let me consult on it, it's not impossible to trade if it's possible."

As for how to make a deal, that was something that came later.

"Fellow Daoist, it's like this."

Jiang Jiang said, "Poverty Dao wants to trade the entire Ancient Forbidden Land with you, I wonder what you think?

After the deal, this area of the Desolate Forbidden Land still exists, but it doesn't have the characteristics of the Forbidden Area of Life."

"You want the rules of this forbidden area?"

The Fierce Emperor was surprised and asked, she seemed to know exactly what Jiang wanted and what was in her heart.


Jiang Ji nodded his head up undeniably, "Fairy is right, that's what I'm thinking.

As for how those rules are and whether or not they're useful to me, that's all up to me.


"I understand."

The Fierce Emperor nodded as she began to weigh the pros and cons of this, "It's not bad to make a deal with him, but the price you want this time can't be too low.

After all, the existence of the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area, which to some extent stops life for my gate blood, is considered essential for me to continue living.

Of course.

If I was able to trade more longevity substances in the hands of this person in front of me, then I would be able to live for a long time as well.

For such a long time, it would also be enough for me to become an immortal, enough for me to compete with others for the path to immortality, so it would be worth it.

The only thing I need to be careful of is that this Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area can't be traded too cheaply, or I won't have much to gain."

Trading definitely had to be done.

And so.

The Fierce Emperor began to say, "I wonder how you want to make this deal, friend?"


Jiang Qian nodded up in his heart, thinking, "It's good that you agree, if you don't, I'll have to spend more time talking about it."

"I wonder how many strands of immortal substance you want, fairy?"

Jiang Qiao asked very bluntly, "Just give me an accurate, yet undistorted, number directly."

He also didn't talk about those virtual ones, that would be a waste of time instead.

As long as the price was still relatively fair, he didn't even want to haggle.

The Fierce Emperor hesitated and thought about it before saying, "How about ten strands of Eternal Matter?"


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