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Ready translation 诸天大圣人 / Great Saint: Chapter 1294 - Exquisite Beauty Fairy - Ruthless (Seeking Subscriptions)

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Once upon a time, there was a saying in this world that 'one encounter with the Beginningless Dao becomes empty', meaning that the Beginningless Emperor was so powerful that he was already standing in the Dao's End of Head General.

And for the one in the Desolate Forbidden Land, he was called the Ruthless Emperor.

Ruthless Man.

How ruthless must it be to be called by that name.

Truly terrifying.


Jiang Chi wasn't afraid at all.

He was there to make a deal with the Fierce Man Emperor, not to take advantage of him.

Was he the kind of person that Jiang Sheng was?

Absolutely not.


"I'm a very upright person."

Jiang Qiao thought in his heart that he was different from others.

Moreover, Jiang Kou had no other intentions.

There was no way that he would take advantage of someone else's ruthless emperor.

It didn't exist.

Himself wasn't that evil yet.

Of course.

For Jiang Hou, the purpose of this trip to the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land was also very clear.

According to what he envisioned, there was no way that unforgiving and ruthless Emperor would give up such a good opportunity.

It wouldn't be worth it.

And by normal logical inference, that ruthless emperor wouldn't do that either.

It was knowing this.

That's why Jiang Xiao felt a lot better.

For a while.

His heart couldn't help but think, "Fierce Man, Fierce Man, will I, Jiang Someone, be able to see you this time?"

The first time.

He'd just never met the ruthless emperor.

Now there might be a chance.

A few days later.

Inside the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land.

That unstoppable ruthless emperor hadn't woken up yet, but Jiang Mo had already taken the lead in arriving in the sky above the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area.

"It's back here again."

Jiang Xiao muttered, "Let's go, let's go straight in, there are Desolate Slaves in here, but those Desolate Slaves aren't a match for you, Old Crocodile."


Crocodile Ancestor thought absent-mindedly.

He knew that there were Desolate Slaves in the Ancient Forbidden Lands, but he didn't really know if the Desolate Slaves were strong or not.

"Let's go straight to the Ruthless Emperor, shall we?"

Jiang Xiao said indifferently, "She's at the center of the Desolate Forbidden Area where there are some palaces, and she's sleeping there."

Of course.

Jiang Lack wasn't actually very clear.

The Fierce Emperor was sleeping, would he wake up?


He'd have to try it all to get it right, or else he'd be given the chance for nothing.

At this time.

Jiang Jiang continued, "If there are Desolate Slaves approaching, Old Crocodile, you should take action to deal with them."

Crocodile Ancestor: "........"

He had wanted to refuse, but realized he couldn't refuse Jiang Liao, so he finally relented.

It was just some Desolate Slaves.

He could still take care of them, though they were just some poor people, but it was just wrong to stand in their way.

That was a mistake.

The cold, murderous gaze swept over him, rolling like a violent storm.

Of course.

Jiang Lack's purpose in doing so wasn't to kill anyone, and he couldn't kill anyone either.


An ear-piercing cracking sound quietly sounded, and Jiang Xiao and his group swiftly headed towards the center of the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area.

The rules of that Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area were useless to them.

Under Jiang Hou's protection, no matter how mysterious and evil the rules of the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area were, it would be impossible to shake them.

That would have been impossible, but he, Jiang Chi, was an Immortal.

"Master, there are some palaces ahead, that should be the palace of the Ruthless Emperor."

The Crocodile Ancestor secretly guessed, his heart was actually shocked, secretly saying, "So that Ruthless Great Emperor has so many palaces, it turns out that she It's such a terrifying existence."

Where could this be compared to an ordinary person.

If it wasn't for Jiang lacking, he wouldn't dare to come here by himself anyway.

Nothing else.

It was mainly fear of death.

Not to mention that his Jiang Crocodile Ancestor was greedy and afraid of death, if it wasn't for his fear of death, his Crocodile Ancestor would have died an unknown number of times already.


It was better not to die.


Jiang Gu nodded and said, "It should be, I've already felt her scent, but that ruthless emperor seems to be as we predicted The same, he's still asleep."

"So...what should we do?"

Crocodile Ancestor glared and asked, "Since she's sleeping, doesn't that mean that people aren't free at all.

Wouldn't we be disturbing someone's clear sleep by going over there?"

"There's nothing we can do about it."

Jiang Xiao explained, "Whether it's this Ancient Desolate Forbidden Land or any other forbidden land, we're going to take a look at it.

It's just that he, the Ruthless Emperor, is special, and if it were anyone else, I wouldn't even make a deal and just destroy the forbidden land. "


The Crocodile Ancestor was somewhat horrified as he gazed at Jiang Lack and thought to himself, "When did your old man become so powerful?"

Anyway, he hadn't seen it before, but Jiang lacked such skills.

It was really powerful.


He had other doubts in his mind, "According to what the master said, that unstoppable and ruthless emperor is actually very powerful and special.

Then the question arises.

What exactly is special about her Fierce Man Emperor?"

In total, there were seven forbidden places.

The Desolate Ancient Forbidden Land was one of them.

What made her Ruthless Emperor more special?

Could it be that....

Alligator hadn't thought much else about it.

This time.

With just a mere gust of wind, and a flash of time, Jiang Xiao had already appeared in front of it.

In front of the palace were some squares with a number of Desolate Slaves on them.

They were all some poor and unlucky people.

They didn't even have their own sanity.

When they saw Jiang Lack and the others coming over, these Desolate Slaves were going to attack at the first opportunity.

As long as they took care of Jiang Lack, it would be better than anything, and they were outsiders and enemies.

This was the meaning of the Desolate Slaves' existence.

Just well.

With a slight wave of Jiang Chi's hand, a large portion of those Desolate Slaves fell, and the remaining ones were handed over to the Crocodile Ancestor.

The Alligator Ancestor didn't let Jiang lack of hope, those Desolate Slaves were no match for him at all.

"Little inan, come with me."

Jiang Chi said indifferently, "This time, I'm bringing the little inan over to see what she, the Fierce Man Emperor, thinks."

After all, Little Inan was the Dao Fruit of the Fierce Man Emperor ah.

In essence, they were actually the same person.

But again, because of time and space, it caused Little Inan to have become independent and become a real person.

Inside the palace.

The fierce Emperor of the First Generation was in a deep sleep, but she felt that something big was happening in the Desolate Forbidden Area.

So slowly woke up.

Frowning slightly, the situation outside was naturally known to her, but she didn't understand who had invaded.

For so many years, the Desolate Ancient Forbidden Area had been a taboo in general.

This was very clear to the Fierce Emperor, "The other side should be very clear as well, but they're still here, so..."

It should be a bad thing to come.

Just what is the other party's purpose in doing this?

She didn't want to understand.


Even if even the most powerful existence dared to disturb her slumber, they would have to pay a painful price to do so.

This was a stunningly beautiful, cold and arrogant woman, a woman who was like a nine-heaven fairy.

Her face was thin and shallow-lipped, her cold gaze as cold as the frosty ice beneath the nine heavens, looking coldly at Jiang Kang and the others outside the palace.

"Poverty-stricken Jiang Chi is visiting, I wonder if you would like to meet the Fierce Emperor?"

Jiang Chi faintly inquired towards the palace, there was a powerful air around him, ordinary that terrifying and tyrannical tsunami in general, with Jiang Chi as the Center, it began to spread out in all directions.

The terrifying power was like a storm sweeping and churning non-stop, and many of the Desolate Slaves that wanted to get close to it directly exploded apart.

Fierce Emperor: "........"

Isn't that breath and momentum a little too strong?

And she couldn't see through Jiang's cultivation, it was like a blur ah.

Something was different.

Originally, she had planned to blast out directly at Jiang Lack and the others, but now it seemed that Jiang Lack's group was strong.

Really terrifying.

Those Desolate Slaves, although she could directly shock them to death, couldn't do it with the ease and comfort that Jiang Lack had.

What's more, the Ruthless Emperor also saw the little inan by Jiang Lack's side.

Wasn't that her Dao Fruit?

She was confused.

"Who is this man?"

In the heart of the Ruthless Emperor, a little surprised, she would never have imagined that one day she, the magnificent Ruthless Emperor, would also be Find the door.

That's a little strange.

She was stunned.

Upon hearing Jiang Chi's words, she frowned and said, "What Daoist friend said is extremely true, and come in for a chat."

Regardless of whether Jiang Chi was an enemy or a friend, she needed to get to know him well, otherwise....

"Many thanks."

Jiang Guiao smiled slightly and didn't say much else as he looked at the slowly opening palace doors.

He dashed in.

As for the danger, it was definitely there and it existed, but it was unimportant to him, Jiang Gao.

The little inan at the side hesitated and went in as well.

She always felt that there was an important matter that concerned her that might be about to happen.

Instead, the crocodile ancestor hadn't been able to enter yet, and was still being stopped by those Desolate Slaves, who were killing you and me.

For a while.

Rather, he was a bit surprised.

It was just that the crocodile ancestor's heart was also a bit weepy, how could this be?

Although all those Desolate Slaves were unimportant, and although his Alligator Someone's strength was enough to fight against them, what was it like to just be left out there like that.


The palace's doors were already closed.

Jiang Jiang was indifferently shocked as he looked at this ruthless emperor who was like a peerless female immortal.

"No wonder people can become a generation of desperate fierce people, just this cold and clear face is not something that can be compared to ordinary people."

Jiang Ji thought to himself, "This is the Fierce Man Emperor, it is truly extraordinary."

It was a very shocking feeling to Jiang Ji.

You know, the main reason why he, Jiang Someone, was able to have the skills he had today was because he had a vajra bracelet.

There were hangings.

And the Fierce Man Emperor.

She didn't.

However, she had used her own talent to create such a terrifying technique as the Heaven Swallowing Demon Technique.

Moreover, people's own talent was actually not strong at all, and based on this comparison, the Fierce Man Emperor was admired by Jiang Chi.

This was a true big brother.

On this side, the Ruthless Emperor was similarly sizing up Jiang Liao, a person she had never seen before.

The kind that never had.

"But when did such a strong man come out in the world?"

The Fierce Emperor's heart was a bit confused, "What exactly is this person's cultivation?"

She couldn't see through it, and she couldn't understand it.

There was a bit of an inexplicable look in her heart.

In her opinion, it was better for a strong man like Jiang Chi not to go to sleep than to cut himself off, but instead coming to her, there was some other meaning in it up.

Perhaps the other side should have had other ideas?

It's possible.

Jiang Xiao was in a somewhat complicated mood, "As expected, I'm still too far behind someone with an unparalleled talent like the Fierce Emperor. "

No more than that.

It was really no match.

As for where the difference lies, he doesn't know, as the saying goes: time is fate and chance is also fate.

There are some things that you can't just think about.

The Tyrant Emperor looked at Jiang Ji for half a day before turning his attention to the little inan next to him.

This was her Dao Fruit, and she naturally knew it, "Just why is she following this strong man surnamed Jiang?"

It looked like the relationship was pretty good.

According to the fierce emperor's expectations, the little inan should be following Ye Fan's side.

But now the situation has completely changed and become different.

It was a bit awkward.

The little inan didn't bump into Ye Fan, but instead ran into each other with Jiang Lack, and I don't know if it was good or bad.

After a while.

"You... Daoist who exactly are you?"

The Fierce Man Emperor was the first to ask, "What do you want to come to my Desolate Forbidden Land for?

With your cultivation realm, you can only go to any place in the world, right?"

"That's true."

Jiang Chi nodded politely and was not modest, "As for who I am, I've just told you.

The poor Taoist, Jiang Chi, is just a casual human cultivator.

As for the purpose of coming here.

Rather, there are several.

Which one do you intend to listen to first?"

Fierce Emperor: "..."


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